further into arguement

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  1. 9:30 PM] Awoo_desu, Forsaken Admiral:
  3. [9:30 PM] BB557: lmfao
  4. [9:30 PM] Awoo_desu, Forsaken Admiral: Heres him calling me retarded to instigate further
  5. [9:30 PM] BB557: literally i told yalll to stop
  6. [9:30 PM] BB557: look at the third message
  7. [9:30 PM] shiz: drama drama drama
  8. [9:30 PM] Que? Soy Doggo?: Just because I posted a "picture" does not mean that i actually mean that. So you're saying if I posted a go commit die, it's real?
  9. [9:30 PM] Awoo_desu, Forsaken Admiral: proving my point as i said, that he is ending the arguement with instigating words as a way to make drama progress.
  10. [9:30 PM] Jamitzuu:
  11. [9:31 PM] BB557: OMG WTF IS THIS
  12. [9:31 PM] Jamitzuu: Do u like it
  13. [9:31 PM] shiz: drama drama drama
  14. [9:31 PM] BB557: HELL
  15. [9:31 PM] BB557: YEAH
  16. [9:31 PM] Randomness (fully gay): @Que? Soy Doggo? No, i am saying that considering what you said before, you aren't very credible with not meaning the "autistic" shit
  17. [9:31 PM] Some random person: Ngl we really need to shut down #memes-and-images until tomorrow lol
  18. [9:31 PM] shiz: #memes-and-images is now locked
  19. [9:31 PM] Fritz aus dem bundestag: Coolio, you'll all stop now.
  21. [9:31 PM] Awoo_desu, Forsaken Admiral: @Que? Soy Doggo? You said, and I quote, "Alright, I am ceasing this officially. You might want to block @Awoo_desu, Forsaken Admiral due to him being retarded"
  22. [9:31 PM] BB557: XD
  23. [9:31 PM] Fritz aus dem bundestag: .slowmode 3s
  24. [9:31 PM] BOTUnbelievaBoat:
  26. Space#3980
  27. :check: Slowmode for #memes-and-images has been set to 3 seconds.
  28. [9:31 PM] BB557: awhhh
  29. [9:31 PM] Jamitzuu: @Awoo_desu, Forsaken Admiral wanna see a pic of my uncle
  30. [9:31 PM] nova: ah yes
  31. [9:31 PM] shiz: 1st phase
  32. [9:31 PM] BB557: i want to @Jamitzuu
  33. [9:31 PM] nova: slowmode
  34. [9:31 PM] Jamitzuu: Ok
  35. [9:31 PM] Fritz aus dem bundestag: .punishments 264530789809651717
  36. [9:31 PM] BOTUnbelievaBoat:
  38. zDoggo#1813
  39. Case #1847 - mute - P1 Emoji spam, and flooding.
  40. Warned: 0 | Muted: 1 | Kicked: 0 | Banned: 0
  41. [9:31 PM] BB557: bruh
  42. [9:31 PM] Jamitzuu:
  44. [9:31 PM] Jamitzuu: Beautiful
  45. [9:32 PM] Awoo_desu, Forsaken Admiral: and not to mention how dog was one of the few that instantly sided with jamitzuu without being involved with the arguement.
  46. [9:32 PM] shiz:
  47. [9:32 PM] BB557: hottie
  48. [9:32 PM] shiz:
  49. [9:32 PM] Randomness (fully gay): @Awoo_desu, Forsaken Admiral Calm down for a sec awoo
  50. [9:32 PM] Fritz aus dem bundestag: Awoo, drop it.
  51. [9:32 PM] BB557: why is that so distorted
  52. [9:32 PM] Randomness (fully gay): Like breathe, it's being handled
  53. [9:32 PM] Randomness (fully gay): No need to carry this on further
  54. [9:32 PM] Randomness (fully gay): from both sides
  55. [9:32 PM] Fritz aus dem bundestag: This drama constantly involving you is slowly becoming tiresome.
  56. [9:32 PM] Jamitzuu: :punch::sunglasses:
  57. [9:32 PM] BB557: please unslowmode after arguement done
  58. [9:32 PM] Randomness (fully gay): I say to stop the drama and fucking Space keeps it going
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