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  1. Version 0.6.0
  5. Introduced a new progression system: Runeforging. The Lands Between are now rich with new collectibles in the form of Rune Pieces, found around obscure and hidden edges of the world. Restore a Great Rune and present twenty Rune Pieces to Finger Reader Enia to unlock the Runeforging system.
  7. Runeforging allows to forge twenty Rune Pieces into Binding Runes, a new category of item which grants passive boosts when in the inventory. These range from stat increases to improvements in various values like spell costs, poise damage or movement speed.
  9. Each restored Great Rune unlocks a wider variety of Binding Runes to choose from, themed in accordance to the Demigod whose power binds them.
  11. Binding Runes may be broken back down into their Rune Piece constituents, so that they may be re-allocated via Runeforging.
  13. Starting in NG+, an Ascended selection of Binding Runes becomes available, extending character progression beyond the Rune Level cap.
  15. Reaching the level cap of 200 now allows to purchase further Rune Pieces at the Site of Grace in lieu of leveling up. Bosses in NG+ will also drop Rune Pieces.
  17. Gameplay:
  18. Jump attacks performed when falling from a height beyond 3 meters are now considered "plunge attacks" which deal increased damage, increased poise damage, and have enhanced staggering abilities, often pancaking lesser enemies. Not to be confused with classic Dark Souls plunge criticals.
  20. The Longtail Cat Talisman now additionally prevents the character from performing landing animations when falling from greater heights, allowing for faster traversal. It also increases plunge attack damage.
  22. Inflicting deathblight and madness now causes enemies to flinch in the same way that afflicting frostbite or bloodloss does.
  24. Fortunes:
  25. Fortune effects have been updated and streamlined. Read the description of each Fortune to find out what was changed.
  27. Added many new status icons to Fortune effects.
  29. Spells:
  30. Added two new spells in the cold sorcery school, Glintstone Snowdrift and Moonchill. They can be acquired by providing a sorcery vendor with the new item Ranni's Scroll, which can be found by completing the new "Falling Sky" painting located in Redmane Castle.
  32. Many updates to spells to improve underperforming ones in small ways.
  33. - Increased hitbox size of Frozen Lightning Spear, Burn O Flame!, Death Lightning, and Litany of Proper Death to make them more consistent.
  34. - Slight damage increases to some spells like Glintstone Cometshard, Adula's Moonblade, and Magma Shot.
  35. - Slight speed increases to some spells like Carian Greatsword and Beast Claw.
  37. Fixed an issue that caused the Fire's Deadly Sin damage over time effect to not scale damage based on Faith. The Faith and Intelligence scaling of Fire's Deadly Sin, Carian Retaliation, and Starlight has also been improved to scale more effectively at 20, 40, 60, and 80 of their respective scaling stats.
  39. Adjusted Magma sorcery requirements. The Faith requirements are now more of a flavorful suggestion, and Intelligence requirements are more in line with the Gelmir Glintstone Staff. This also applies to the Blasphemous Blade.
  41. Generator spells are now marked with a blue tear on their icon, signifying their FP restoration.
  43. Consumables:
  44. Greases and Drawstring Greases were merged into one. Greases now apply to both weapons simultaneously (if they are viable buff targets). Greases now use the fast Drawstring Grease animation, and last for 30 seconds.
  46. Dramatically lowered the resource costs of crafting Greases. Drawstring Greases and Roped Pots have been removed from the crafting system, but remain in your inventory until used.
  48. Drawstring Greases around the world have been replaced by regular Greases. Strings around the world have been replaced by Human Bone Shards and Eyes of Death. Demi-Humans no longer drop Strings. Strings can safely be discarded from the inventory.
  50. Enemies:
  51. Moved the Dectus Medallion from Fort Faroth to Fort Gael. Fort Faroth has regained its Dragonbarrow tier scaling. Also increased the strength of Battlemage Hughues to match Dragonbarrow scaling.
  53. Fixed two vanilla bugs that would cause some boss attacks to deal double damage. Fixed Rennala's Star Shower attack hitting twice per individual projectile. Fixed Rykard's phase 1 ground attack hitting twice.
  55. Fixed a bug where the Fire Giant would regenerate more health than intended on harder difficulties. Also cut the healing each Godskin enemy in the Godskin Duo fight receives in half.
  57. Draconic Tree Sentinel lightning strikes now display indicator visuals to inform the player. The Erdtree Avatar in northern Liurnia has also received some visual updates to the magic geyser effect it has.
  59. Other:
  60. Added a new site of grace to the Shack of the Lofty area.
  62. Added a double spiritspring jump to the west of the Shaded Castle, creating a new path to Mt. Gelmir. Added a quintuple spiritspring jump behind the Church of Vows, creating a faster path up and down Liurnia's cliffsides.
  64. Completing any painting now awards 10 Signs of the All-Knowing in addition to the standard loot it normally gives.
  66. The "Resurrect bosses" menu at Roundtable Hold has been expanded to cover all bosses in the game.
  68. The Witch's Glintstone Crown will now appear broken if received after siding with Jerren against Sellen.
  70. Fixed the "aim punch" bug.
  72. Fixed jump attacks not chaining to the correct R1 followup attack.
  74. Fixed the Torrent jump sound being cut off, for good this time.
  76. Added some potential fixes for Blaidd getting stuck at the Radahn Festival.
  78. Updated the title screen with a new official logo.
  80. Updated the in-game UI with a new Reforged color scheme and accents.
  82. Issues with the UI have been addressed. FP costs for weapon skills will now display their full numbers, stat scalings like A+, B+, C+ etc. now display correctly, and the Spirit Ashes summon area indicator has been restored.
  84. Added more status icons for common effects such as Torrent restrictions, movement speed and damage bubbles.
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