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Fate/Zero S1 Drama CD Drawing Direction Notes

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Mar 18th, 2012
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  1. Try to do your drawings in landscape (to be specific, a 1280x720 resolution would be ideal for video purposes).
  3. 1) Kiritsugu and Irisviel speaking (which will display up until Kiritsugu strikes Irisviel).
  4. - Kiritsugu on the left and Irisviel on the right, facing each other, full-body shot (i.e. not torso-up). Bear in mind Irisviel is quite a bit shorter than Kiritsugu.
  5. - Optionally, we could have Irisviel start with her eyes closed, then have her open them when she first responds to Kiritsugu.
  6. - We could even make things more interesting by having Kiritsugu look at and face Irisviel as he speaks, while Irisviel simply replies to him without looking at him (e.g. from our perspective, Kiritsugu facing 3 o'clock at Irisviel, while Irisviel faces 6 o' clock at us).
  8. 2) Kiritsugu strikes Irisviel.
  9. - We'll probably need two shots for this; the first one depicting Kiritsugu striking Irisviel, and the second one depicting Irisviel falling onto the floor.
  11. 3) Kiritsugu and Irisviel resume their dialogue.
  12. - The perspective should be the same (or similar) as in the first section (Kiritsugu can therefore just be copied over), except Irisviel is on the floor hurt, looking up at Kiritsugu (propping herself up with her elbow or both arms, with maybe a bruise on her cheek). Though she is hurt, her expression should be confident as she counters Kiritsugu's argument (but not spiteful).
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