MB Block React Unmounted Error

Apr 9th, 2020
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  1. Warning: Can't perform a React state update on an unmounted component. This is a no-op, but it indicates a memory leak in your application. To fix, cancel all subscriptions and asynchronous tasks in the componentWillUnmount method.
  2. in SlotComponent (created by Context.Consumer)
  3. in Slot (created by slot_fill_Slot)
  4. in slot_fill_Slot (created by __experimentalBlockSettingsMenuFirstItemSlot)
  5. in __experimentalBlockSettingsMenuFirstItemSlot (created by Dropdown)
  6. in div (created by MenuGroup)
  7. in div (created by MenuGroup)
  8. in MenuGroup (created by Dropdown)
  9. in div (created by NavigableContainer)
  10. in NavigableContainer (created by ForwardRef(NavigableContainer))
  11. in ForwardRef(NavigableContainer) (created by ForwardRef(NavigableMenu))
  12. in ForwardRef(NavigableMenu) (created by Dropdown)
  13. in div (created by Animate)
  14. in div (created by ForwardRef)
  15. in ForwardRef (created by Animate)
  16. in Animate (created by Popover)
  17. in PopoverDetectOutside (created by WithFocusOutside(PopoverDetectOutside))
  18. in div (created by WithFocusOutside(PopoverDetectOutside))
  19. in WithFocusOutside(PopoverDetectOutside) (created by Popover)
  20. in Unknown (created by FocusReturn)
  21. in div (created by FocusReturn)
  22. in FocusReturn (created by Context.Consumer)
  23. in WithFocusReturn(Component) (created by WithConstrainedTabbing(WithFocusReturn(Component)))
  24. in div (created by WithConstrainedTabbing(WithFocusReturn(Component)))
  25. in WithConstrainedTabbing(WithFocusReturn(Component)) (created by Popover)
  26. in bubbles_virtually_fill_Fill (created by slot_fill_Fill)
  27. in slot_fill_Fill (created by Popover)
  28. in span (created by Popover)
  29. in Popover (created by Dropdown)
  30. in div (created by Dropdown)
  31. in Dropdown (created by DropdownMenu)
  32. in DropdownMenu (created by BlockActions)
  33. in div (created by ToolbarGroupContainer)
  34. in ToolbarGroupContainer (created by ToolbarGroup)
  35. in ToolbarGroup (created by toolbar_Toolbar)
  36. in toolbar_Toolbar (created by BlockActions)
  37. in BlockActions (created by WithDispatch(BlockActions))
  38. in WithDispatch(BlockActions)
  39. in Unknown (created by WithSelect(WithDispatch(BlockActions)))
  40. in WithSelect(WithDispatch(BlockActions)) (created by BlockSettingsMenu)
  41. in BlockSettingsMenu (created by BlockToolbar)
  42. in div (created by BlockToolbar)
  43. in BlockToolbar (created by BlockContextualToolbar)
  44. in div (created by NavigableContainer)
  45. in NavigableContainer (created by ForwardRef(NavigableContainer))
  46. in ForwardRef(NavigableContainer) (created by ForwardRef(NavigableMenu))
  47. in ForwardRef(NavigableMenu) (created by NavigableToolbar)
  48. in NavigableToolbar (created by BlockContextualToolbar)
  49. in BlockContextualToolbar (created by BlockPopover)
  50. in div (created by Animate)
  51. in div (created by ForwardRef)
  52. in ForwardRef (created by Animate)
  53. in Animate (created by Popover)
  54. in PopoverDetectOutside (created by WithFocusOutside(PopoverDetectOutside))
  55. in div (created by WithFocusOutside(PopoverDetectOutside))
  56. in WithFocusOutside(PopoverDetectOutside) (created by Popover)
  57. in bubbles_virtually_fill_Fill (created by slot_fill_Fill)
  58. in slot_fill_Fill (created by Popover)
  59. in Popover (created by BlockPopover)
  60. in BlockPopover (created by WrappedBlockPopover) backend.js:6:2315
  61. r moz-extension://81632c9a-8718-42b2-aab4-c1f3f956390d/build/backend.js:6
  62. warningWithoutStack
  63. warnAboutUpdateOnUnmountedFiberInDEV
  64. scheduleUpdateOnFiber
  65. enqueueForceUpdate
  66. forceUpdate
  67. fill_FillComponent
  68. commitHookEffectList
  69. commitLifeCycles
  70. commitLayoutEffects
  71. callCallback
  72. invokeGuardedCallbackDev
  73. invokeGuardedCallback
  74. commitRootImpl
  75. unstable_runWithPriority
  76. runWithPriority$2
  77. commitRoot
  78. runRootCallback
  79. flushSyncCallbackQueueImpl
  80. unstable_runWithPriority
  81. runWithPriority$2
  82. flushSyncCallbackQueueImpl
  83. flushSyncCallbackQueue
  84. discreteUpdates$1
  85. discreteUpdates
  86. dispatchDiscreteEvent
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