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  1. Dear santa,
  3. I don't know if you will hear me out, or if your even a real person. Yes I know I'm just a brat and I shouldn't speak to you. But still I hear about you and wounder. Some say you don't meerly give out gifts for Christmass. They say you grant wishes.And well I supposse what I'm trying to say is, even if it's the only thing I've ever yerned for my entier life, I'll only pester you for one thing if it's possible. I'd like somebody...anybody to actually love me. No I don't mean the false love ever one around here seems to be putting up for me. I feel like every one just puts upwith me and  puts on a show just to keep me happy. The truth is it dosen't make me happy. I just want some one to like me for... well me.I don't want some one who puts up an act just so that their image looks better. I want some one who cares enough to ask me how I feel. Some one who cares enough to make everything better. Some one who I can just look at and smile no matter how horrible I feel. I want some one to read me stories. To be able to hold me tight, and say that they will watch and protect me. To hold me when I cry. Some one to take the time to play when I get lonely and to be a friend and find the silver linning. Some one who won't make fun of me.
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