Favorite Quotes

May 31st, 2015
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  1. "And of course our holy lord and saviour Jesu- I mean Concep! Thank you so much for letting me join KREIG in those early days. Imagine my surprise when I discovered a loyal cult of your own personals [edited]- i mean followers, when I came back. However, as we began to interact more and more often, I began to see the allure of your EXTREMELY BRIGHT and STUNNING personality and eventually decided to convert myself to the faith of our beloved leader, as so many had before! As I stand now Concep is love, concep is life! Yes! Praise concep! #concepismywaifu #concepsempaipleasenoticeme!" -ExcaliburSaber
  3. "yo i'll meet you there you scrub. be there or be square" -PandaRole
  5. "you just made my ammorack wet" -PandaRole
  7. "Concep is like a Mastiff, he doesn't need to be all barky and loud. He just kills you. And the rest of your team." -Anachro12
  9. "The truth hurts." -Concep
  11. "Yes, you are a troll. Troll like behavior = troll. You won't own up to it, if you did, it would just be a mistake, and then you aren't a troll. But you defend your comments, so troll it is. The officially endorsed WG Troll" -Masteel_1 claiming I'm a troll
  13. "Concep is the last person on the forums I'd ask for a hug, but I would ask for his advice." -SonnetVolta
  15. "Did BHM change his channel to "The Urine Stream"?" - Rocket
  17. "one two three four I declare a flame war! five six seven eight fill the threads with all the HATE!" -PandaRole
  19. "[Concep is]The leader of the number one clan in NA, famed for his lack of restraint in all matters of temper" - Deranged_Paradox
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