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  1. Who are you we are from theaustralian defence forces we got , ordered to come clean and to provide an overview in relation to what we have done here.
  2. Who are you people? We are from the tribes, we were brought up in uganda, tribes we work for the nasdaq boys we offer spiritual healing and the aspects of kabbalah and death through our spiritual work.
  4. Originally kenya, malaysian kenya, some are kenya some are in malaysia how did you get into Australia, I got here through a visa student program, I studied sciences sports, sciences, 1998 2000, i have been living around Australia and have been moving around the place.
  6. I did it in notre dame fremantle. I'm from malaysia, i was brought up here, and i got into the game through our chinese contacts, i became a natural healer naturopath for the chines.
  7. Then they got me into spirituality and mind games and got me to do white poison and white curses .
  9. Im from brunei i was following him in 1998 we used his head in perth to spy and to use his head to catalogue all the people in perth. I used work for the french in indonesia, then i got moved here then i was recruited by nasdaq wall street through contacts that i knew, they all were loking for spiritual healers and spiritualists black magic people. I got here illegally in Australia originally after the Vietnam war.
  11. The ones that attempted to rape her when she was younger,then have been using people like that to rape people in order to create the rape networks in sydney they have been doing it here again this is the fourth time that they have been caught, they have been doing it to children again. Threat eliminated.
  13. I am from holland i lead the dutch magic black magic security group this is not what they were meant to be doing i am investigating the aspect, i was just coordinating their efforts here in sydney i didnt even know that they were doing this i got sent here by the milosevic crew. How many people have you murdered in your life dutch man? We did willhem on his bike in perth for the bikies since he was owing them alot of money, the hydropinics dutch man, we did some other peple, osman gangor from perth i sent him on a holiday in the united states they wanted his big head aswell. And the other children that we sent from perth that are all signal receptive that have relocated to canada, and the united states are the ones that are being used by the kabbalists. They use Australians since they are less prone to being noticed in america.
  15. I have also sent other peple from other countries into america and europe, and i have been sending people to find more people that are signal receptive to send them here into australia to create the death dutch man,
  17. The death dutch man, is a ring with different groups all on death and have psychological issues due to drug abuse and suicidal tendencies and criminal behaviours, you create them into the octopuses that you normaly do and then you string them around in the city, after that they are used to target more individuals and more people until you get something like san diego like mexico where anyone and everyone can be dealt a death blow or a death card and after that they are able to sell murder for hire services
  19. I worked in yugoslvavia in bosnia we started it there through alcoholics and heroin addicts, we did some work in burma, then we got busted for that, we did some work in sri lanka during the uprsiging, and we did some things in the philippines there creating those networks and then flooding the place with meth and creating games of rings of meth dealers and gangsters
  21. Then in the philippines we introduced the mexican death cartel, and thats why they were killing people in the philippines as they were causing issues for their signals and causing deaths and targetted killings of philippines intel personnel in order to mimick them in order to pretend to be them . i was organizing it planning it all from here in Melbourne victoria, my call sign here is captain planet after he died.
  23. I came from sweden facility, program was the spetsnaz green spetsnaz, 100-1128-231198-1183 DUN.  whats the first numbers of your serial number? 10001  what do the 10
  24. They are the same aspects of agents of change but we are based more so in organizations where we need the intellect and the capacity to able to fit in we are the ones that are driving the changes within the united nations intel and driving it to its disorder.
  26. 100 the one hundred serials are the original ones for the united nations the cooperative delegates that they created,
  28. One at a time give us the first digits of your serial numbers
  30. 1002341
  31. 1001311
  32. 1002931
  33. 1013318
  34. 102938
  35. 100129
  36. 1190011
  37. 31368
  38. 65178
  39. X1001341
  41. These facilities are from the united nations banks , they are the ones that came out a little odd in relation to their thinking, the ones that came out of sweden those are the ones that got converted to doing dumb stupid things after the ones that were set free.
  43. Who is making these units go insane and make dumb irational decisions? We are attaching security and support personnel in order for them to function more creative people, the females women, and the love and the hate and the emotional changes in relation to our programs and added the aspect of security of death and white spirituality and who the switzerland security group the united nations requested an update to their security model after we created the issues around them and we offered the aspect of upgrading their security models to our the swiss model.
  45. That's where it all came from it allowed us to create military contractors and contractors and make groups of intel in the world acts as a proxy that is the aspects of norweigan thinking when you are added to the swiss masonry groups
  46. We have some mutes some fucking octopuses and we have some death personnel hidding.
  48. Northrop security  kentucky tx. We are here stealing information, intended to establish yourself in australia. What kind of issues are you causing here, killed some people, we killed them from profit, we created the gangland issues, we tried doing it down the in cronulla, and we then went into cocaine dealing, all those lebs that are using cars to deal its the aspect in america thats how we do it.
  50. They are all dead? One or two survived rest are dead
  52. We overstayed our visas and we got special passes and information in relation to our identities were kept secret reason being we were contracted through nasdaq north star security to do some work for the army and the adf in relation to creating death star and the aspect in perth that we did we apologize.
  54. We went there to hide after coming here and attempting to establish ourselves, we went back to perth and we started attempting to create the death star there through the use of the public, we ended up killing two people because they were evidence to our activities there , then we got caught we got interrogated in perth and they kept us imprisoned. They flew us here back for interrogation and final execution.
  56. Specialists we are the death specialists we create the death networks in the world in order to promote social stability issues and then we create gangs and other aspects like they have in america black american gangs chinese gangs and then we get them to deal our drugs and then we get them to fight each other and bribe government bribe police.  Through blackmail activities we start using the death rings for blackmail activities.
  58. Next one none left all fucking fell.
  60. We are from israel we worked in armenia and georgia we came here to hide from our activities we are death specialists on the world we go around doing things like this we kill torture rape incest everything blackmail .
  62. Where do you al get fundings from we get it from western union transfers, ew get it from drug dealings operations, and we get them from high profile crimes, armour guard hold ups, we get them from international sources .
  64. All dead plus some indirect, they had to fucking go, they are not fucking normal man they have been doing odd things to people in perth and odd things to children like attempting to get them to go blind or something like.
  66. Got them all  how did you import these blind people in australia through yachts through german transport cargo .  where are you keeping these blind people, we kept them in the basement of our houses for communications. And what facility did the come from they came from the rome program that they had alot of their assets were sold off right after they went broke during the 80s.
  68. Who funds you all wallstreet funds all
  69. Where are you i havent been fed i need some money i went out in the street and the police picked me up.thats what they do to people that are homeless when they fuck their lives up they conver them into the homeless network and use it to spy on people and use it to attack others in society.
  70. I need a lawyer asap, ive been forced to do this and i dont want to do it they are just keeping us hostage here for the network i am blind and deaf. Where are you ? i am up the road from him i am in one of the high tower buildings they haven't sent anyone here for days someone had to help me out of the house in order for me to find out what was happening. I am here now with someone that is translating for me. Which country are you from i am from malaysia. Ok
  71. Where are the other blind people communicate to them tell them  this 1 + 1 = 3 incorrect but true that it is incorrect.
  73. False and false is true.
  75. Where are you all from we are illegals from malaysia, hong kong, i am from china originally vietnam we came here illegally and we are paid to sit around to monitor their network. I am 57 61 68 49.thanks for releasing is, we need to provide some information those people that were here have left, they left to singapore and a few left to indonesia, i have been taking orders from them from indonesia from a few they have been asking what was going on and are thinking of coming back in order to see what happened with their operations , i told them everything was going fine and that they all left .
  77. Thers a few that are have thinking issues they are the ones that are the issues most of them have brain traumas from accidents, they all quit after not getting paid they said they would get paid from overseas but they never transferred the money . who was involved in rocking ham elisha ly we were there helping them do it.
  79. We are from atlanta we are the north american specialists in relation to signals we are the ones that administer these demonic children and the demonic aspects of the signals strains we are the black knights movements where we attempt to release demons into society and have super heroes fight them off and as a consequences of our signals and conciousness research we created special weapons teams of psychopathic murderers that we released in the world as to create the aspect of the world changes that we need to support americas 21st century doctrine.
  81. We trained and retrained people in pscyhological demonic warfare, we sold the business and the model for global supremecy to the american defence forces and the us state department. Theirmission is to infilitrate countries and then cause havok and chaos in terms of their signals operations while maintenaning anonimoty . they then take control of the signals through means that we have taught them throughout their whole lives on how to subject and mirror people on signals and them mimick them and in order to gain their authority or signals identity.
  83. Its a matter of locking on fiding out a few targets a few photographs, then a matter of getting in close proximity to the target and victim, after that the information access gathering from their daily lives and daily activities is catelogued and the aspect of electronic media is of the target is taken in on a daily basis. Once enough of information has been retrieved from the person they are put through financial distress and finacial issues, put through psychological family issues and are isolated in relation to the aspect of being the target once that is complete. Then the given aspect is that they are either used for some specific purposes in society or they are disposed of in a manner that allows a signals clone a special agents of change or a special agents of interest to take charge of their daily activities on the signals networks.
  85. Once that is complete the matter of inter acting and acting to be the existing target on the signals is carried out, its an implant we have progressesd the given aspect of patents from the ex soviets and east germans, we have included psychological warfare, anger, different segmented special weapons support teams of emotives, we have the aspect of frea, of saddness , the aspect of depression the aspect of happpiness and the aspect of love and hate with different teams, they are segmented compartmentized until they are needed.
  87. Its an aspcts of psychologically controlling people in society that need to be and that are of a target , its mainly for profits, its an aspects of psychological warfare developed in the militatyr that we have made public and access given to public individuals that have the capacity to purchase these programs and products. They do things like gain influence gain aspects of competition and removal of competition through these hidden programs. Or we could take and turn their competition into complete psychological wrecks in relation to our programs its marketed more so to people that want a more of an advacend toolset to better themselves in life and to better their families and groups of special intersts .
  89. They also use us and our programs and services to , gain the trust of important people in society, gain access to their families and inner circles and allows for inter marriage and inter breeding of different families through these marketd products, psychological marketing and placements. These programs were specifically marketed for the genreal public and for use for the general public reason being is that the world has become so competitive in relation to achieving aspects of wealth and selt value. And these programs and products that we use allows for people to gain a better competitive advantage in life.
  91. We use it to support professionals that pay for our services, professionals that are of large companies ceos , and aspects of the board, and we use and sell these programs to aid us in amplification of our signals and conciousness through meetings and dealings with major contracts and major projects. It gives us all an edge in relation to competition its just business jewish buisiness thats all it is.
  93. The other aspcets of where we use thse programs is to undermine and take control of government of military of intelligence of the structures of society, of epople in society we use these programs primarily to establish a state a conciousness state that we market and produce and on sell to individuals and other groups that need the network capacity for their operations and dealing the aspect of that it is that just its capitalism and we are all entiteld to the aspect of creating products and services that people want to purchase and buy.
  95. The other macro aspect of these programs is totatelariansm in relation to social control at the conciousness level, the aspect of the programs and groups that we have developed and tested here in australia and around the world the results and the scientific studies that we have falsified in relation to the aspect of sociology. We were granted special assignment rights in relation to utilizing these programs in vicotria as a study, and over the ocurse of those years we managed to integrate ourselves very well with the signals networks and personnel in australia. They are all buying jewish movies, all are into jewish philosophy, all are eating kosher food, are studying the kabbalah, and stuff like that its just the aspect of social engineering the aspect of ongoing issues with us in the world and in america.
  97. We are jewish what do you expect all we want is to make money as fast and as much as possible in any way, its part of our philosophy, its part of who we are we are takers, we are price cutters, we sell when we sell, we buy when someone else undersells, and we onsell when its not the market price., we are jewish in all the way thats how you make money in the world, fuck people fuck everyone else its jews who run the world. We have every right to have our own philosophy reason being is that every other intel group hsa their sort of nationalistic philosophies and we have our own thats how we identify ourselves thorugh our philosophies.
  99. The aspect of our philosophy is the ruling class of the world, we want to achive that thorugh any means possible and in relation to that to establish jews as the primary authortians in the world through any means, the control of government military, technology law all aspects of engineering architecture. And the means to get there we have started a revolution in terms of technology and now its the aspect of going through and subduing countries societies cultures into the jewish traditions and ways . thats the basic aspect of the philosophy tis philosophy is the zion
  100. We are engineers and philosophers from the united states we came here with the group that we need their heads fixed . how did they end up like that all mentaly fucked? Well the reason being is some people in the us wanted some demonic children and we saved these idiots but i rather not call them that reason being is that they did not have a choice they were subjected to that in relation to the aspect of what our programs in the us put them through and we definately can see an improvement in relation to their thinking and cognitive mentality .
  102. We are from boston massachusets, we are just conducting a few experiments in relation to them , where are these children from? They were hybrids with some of their parents and normal people here aswell, they developed lets say too much psychological imbalances and multiple personality disorders in relation to the way their minds work, we just couldnt comprehend the reason to the aspect and some people wanted them to do the demonic stuff.
  104. We flew in here two days ago , on private flights in relation to our activities the security services and the aspect of that its all highly classified. These dna how would you create these hybrids, well we use specific dna banks like biogenetics, and we have catalogued and isolated the given strands of dna that allows people to be signals receptive, and from there we used some people from the public remoted them into donating some of their sperms and eggs for medical examiniations and from there we create a vast strains of different strains of dna intelligence dna strains. Meaning that what it would take in nature over generations it has been done in the lab within a few months, cross polinating and cross polinating different dna cells.
  106. Then we put them through surrogate mothers, that give birth to them we pay them well we collect the children and then we raise them as our own others are unfortunate and end up in facilities for the special class of control and signals rooms, that as ive heard is of the past, well it still happens, but we like the aspect of whats happened here in australia and we want to come clean on our issues aswell. In relation to some of our programs that has caused issues, we released a few of them into the public to have sexual intercourse with normal people, and that seemed to have generated a large influx of signals multi personality disordered people in america, and we have been looking at ways of resolving that mainly through adhd prescriptions.
  108. But given this new philosophy and the aspects of what we understand it seems that its just a simple logic switch witch allows us to adddress situations that we have had issues prior to this and allowed us to reallocate alot of our funding on someting more productive and less of waste in terms of the stupidity that we all were doing and that was daisy chaining our thought processes.
  110. And why do certain people need to be imprisoned in these facilities, well we hate to admit it but we have been doing cross hybridization with the signals dna strains of animals, wolves, chimps, and other strains of signals. And we just wanted to see the effects, and some of those people have long gone, they developed alot of difficult disease and degenerative minds and brains that did not function that well, in reality it came down to the aspect of the cells not mutating correctly they were breaking strands within its celular membranes and the aspects of the foetus came out a little odd, it turned out that the aspect of the signals and strains more closely related to monkeys and there wre some experiements done but the aspect of those experiements are long gone they have not done anything not that htye know of, but they are aware that there are groups that have been doing dna modification with the biological enginereing firms in relation to patenting new life forms,
  112. And as i would say it wouldnt be a surprise if such aspects did come out through in relation to the cross dna hybridization between the aspects of human genes and naimal genomics, the issue is a challenging one, there are people that have an aspect of issue with controlling life and an aspect of wanting to understand more so what certain aspect of molecules do not interact. And the only aspects is after they created the first hybrid of a chimp and a wolf, and saw the aspects of the reactions and learning capacity of the hybrid of the chimp and the wolf, they thought that they could do the same aspects to humans.
  114. They have there are some people that are classified as test subjects and that behave normaly and have the aspect of naimal signal dna strains within their dna, they are usualyy the ones that are market off the lists that are within the areas of highly classified areas, the aspects of that they use them to propagate through more of the signals and use them as amplification anger hatred and aggressiveness and fear they use it for those purposes in humans as it makes them well they thought that it would make them more aggressive in relaton to their pscyhology, and after that occured, they went ahead with the given psychology issues for warfare and termed itthe program beowulf
  116. There are certainly a few of those within high positions within wallstreet as we are closely monitoring their progress, one aspects that they are lacking is social skills and they are highly introverted, thats the only aspect the cross wolf dna strand and humans, and the other aspects is that they are really curious in relation to the aspects of what changes signals to this, the string theories in your head inter realtion with the subatomic resonant frequncies of matter inter oeprating inter relating with whta the real explaintaitn of reality is the mind is a computer, only certain people through their environment circumstances are nurtured to a way to accept certain things in a certain way and others are more ingrained towards more binary mechanical points, and then thers the aspect of raitonality and randomness that sets man straight and tells him that he is no god.
  118. I dont know much of the aspect of cross mutating dna with other species of animals, i know the aspect of cross polination and the aspect of polination in biology that nature does through bees, i probalby understand the aspect that if intelligence has been isolated in relation to biology at the dna level and the aspect of categorization and the aspect of concentration and centralization to the point that man controlled and possiblely has had his eyes set on controlling the cross hybridaization of intellgence at the biological level, well it would have been an aspect of development and psychology. The aspect of controlling cross hybridization is in essence based on dualism the institutionalization of life. The institutionalizatin of life, if you see it as a mass production envinroment where the aspect of development nutrients and the aspect of mechanical binary thought of inputs that has no variance as much as normal parenting offers, then that aspect would be a danger to the ver aspect of what civilization is, well it turns to te aspect of information and the aspect that humans and people create information, and if you want uniformity in all aspect of insitutionalization and if you want efficiency in terms of controlling every aspect of measurement to the inputs of what it is to be human, then therefore the aspect of the human self and the aspect of conciousness is nothing else than a product placement of an environment that has not allowed their own aspect and freewill to create to think to learn to adapt to .. thats where the issues is, the aspect of the change in perspective and the aspect of creating the predestined point of one or a group of ones behaviours and their self infilcted specialization and segmentation, civilization does not need to be controlled in a segmented way at the conciousness level, no one has given you right to do that.
  120. And as sure as hell you dont have the right to use people and their lives as control systems and platform to control others at the conciousness level with no motive other than for profit. And no rationality in relation to your of reason of justification.
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