MagiReco Another Story 6.1

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  1. Unknown Whereabouts
  3. 6.1.1
  4. [gray screen]
  5. Sayaka: *"Miracles and magic do exist."*
  6. *That's what I told my childhood friend, Kyousuke, whose hand couldn't move anymore...*
  7. *And then, I became...*
  8. *A magical girl!*
  9. [Sayaka and Kyubey show up]
  10. Sayaka: "Can you really grant any wish I ask for?
  11. Kyubey: "It's alright. Your prayers will undoubtedly be answered."
  12. Sayaka: "I see... Alright. Then..."
  13. "Go ahead. I've decided to do it."
  14. Kyubey: "Here, take this... It is your fate."
  15. Sayaka: "Agh!"
  16. [back to gray]
  17. Sayaka: *However, it's also all because of that person...*
  18. *It all began when I met her...*
  19. [Mami appears]
  20. Mami: "That uniform... I see, you're also Mitakihara students."
  21. "Second-years?"
  22. [back to gray]
  23. Sayaka: *When I met Mami-san, I learned of the existence of magical girls...*
  24. *She opened the door for me...*
  25. *And she taught me what it means to "wish"...*
  26. *But even so...*
  27. [in a restaurant]
  28. Sayaka: "Mami-san went missing!?"
  29. Madoka: "Yeah..."
  30. Sayaka: "T-then, is that why she hasn't come to school!?"
  31. Homura: "Yeah..."
  32. Sayaka: "W-why!?"
  33. Madoka: "Well..."
  34. "I think it started with when she went to Kamihama City..."
  35. Sayaka: "...Kamihama?"
  37. 6.1.2
  38. Madoka: "Well..."
  39. "I think it started with when she went to Kamihama City..."
  40. Sayaka: "...Kamihama?"
  41. "Why was Mami-san going to Kamihama?"
  42. Madoka: "Um..."
  43. "You went to Kamijou-kun's concert, right?"
  44. "It was a long way away, so you took a few days off..."
  45. Sayaka: "Yeah..."
  46. "So you're saying that something happened during that time?"
  47. *Madoka and Homura told me what happened while I was away...*
  48. "Rumors... doppels... and the Wings of Magius?"
  49. "What on earth is going on in Kamihama?"
  50. Homura: "We really wanted to find Tomoe-san, but..."
  51. Sayaka: "That Kamihama magical girl..."
  52. Madoka: "Iroha-chan..."
  53. Sayaka: "She sent you some news?"
  54. Madoka: "...She said she couldn't sense Mami-san's presence in Kamihama..."
  55. Sayaka: "What? What's going on!?"
  56. Madoka: "We decided we had to tell you as soon as you got back..."
  57. "And I also have something to ask you."
  58. Sayaka: "What?"
  59. Madoka: "Until we hear back from Iroha-chan..."
  60. "Please don't go to Kamihama alone!"
  61. Sayaka: "..."
  62. Homura: "There are all sorts of things we don't understand in Kamihama..."
  63. "If you go there alone, you'll surely be in danger!"
  64. Sayaka: "...But..."
  65. Madoka: "When we go to Kamihama, the three of us will all go together!"
  66. Sayaka: "Madoka..."
  67. Homura: "I-I think so too!"
  68. Sayaka: "..."
  69. "Madoka... Homura... I..."
  71. 6.1.3
  72. Sayaka: "Madoka... Homura... I..."
  73. "...I haven't been a magical girl for very long..."
  74. "Even if I went to such a dangerous place... you know?"
  75. Madoka: "Sayaka-chan, you aren't...!"
  76. Sayaka: "I'm still not very good at fighting or at magic..."
  77. "So I won't go on my own."
  78. Homura: "Miki-san..."
  79. Sayaka: "...However, I also have something I'd like to ask of you two..."
  80. Madoka: "Something you want?"
  81. Sayaka: "Umm..."
  82. "I want you to take me to Kamihama!"
  83. Homura: "Ehh!?"
  84. Madoka: "Sayaka-chan, why!?"
  85. Sayaka: "I know already!"
  86. "I know we should wait until we hear back from this Iroha girl..."
  87. "But... but..."
  88. "I can't just wait around here!"
  89. Homura: "But Miki-san, right now, Kamihama is..."
  90. Sayaka: "You've gotten that across perfectly well."
  91. "Familiars and witches that are surprisingly strong..."
  92. "And on top of that, doppels and rumors..."
  93. "And then magical girls fighting against one another?"
  94. "It's all jumbled up inside my head now, honestly..."
  95. Madoka: "..."
  96. "Me too..."
  97. Homura: "I haven't been able to make sense of it..."
  98. Sayaka: "...But even so, I can't just wait here."
  99. Madoka: "Why, Sayaka-chan?"
  100. Sayaka: "Because..."
  101. "Because of my wish!"
  102. [battle]
  103. Homura: "Your... wish..."
  104. Madoka: "But wasn't that to heal Kamijou-kun's..."
  105. Sayaka: "That's right."
  106. "But that's not all."
  107. "I wanted the power to always be able to protect the people I cherish..."
  108. "That's also part of my wish!"
  109. "With that power, I want to protect both of you, and also Mami-san!"
  110. Madoka: "Sayaka-chan..."
  111. Sayaka: "Heh, a weakling like me, saying that!"
  112. "...But still, that's how I feel..."
  113. "So please!"
  114. "I want to see with my own eyes at least a little of what Kamihama is like!"
  115. "I can't just wait here doing nothing!"
  116. Madoka: "..."
  117. "...Okay!"
  118. Homura: "Kaname-san..."
  119. Sayaka: "Really!?"
  120. Madoka: "Yeah... we can't just sit still here..."
  121. "If something happens to Mami-san while we're waiting..."
  122. "We'll regret it forever!"
  123. "At least we can look around and gather some sort of clue!"
  124. Sayaka: "Madoka..."
  125. Homura: "Yeah, let's go!"
  126. Madoka: "Homura-chan..."
  127. Sayaka: "Homura..."
  128. Homura: (Certainly, as Miki-san said, we can't just wait around...)
  129. (...And also, I need to solve the mystery of Kamihama as soon as possible!)
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