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  11. Venturing into the cyber jungle had it's hardships, but it needed to be done in order for us to raise the alarm on something that the rest of the world seems to have forgotten. GhostShell's new project focuses on Africa, mainly, for the time being, South Africa and to some extent other countries from the continent, such as Algeria, Nigeria, Kenya and Angola.
  14. Background history on South Africa's political and social crisis from this century:
  16. The appropriate timeline to start off this would probably be in 2007 when RSA's president at the current time, Thabo Mbeki was removed from office by his own people from the African National Congress, after spikes in protests entered a new all time number in the country. Shortly after, Jacob Zuma took over with a rather high popular appeal in the elections of 2009, although, not long after he got seated, the protests kept coming, since the promised changes didn't. Interesting enough, he's also the man that faced fraud charges towards money laundering, several other shady complaints, including a rape. He's been declared not guilty from all of them, but it does sorta make you wonder, doesn't it?
  18. The very same year, South Africa faced up to over 1 million new job cuts because of the economic meltdown from the previous year. At least half the population is said to live on less than R322 (44 $USD) per month, all while racism and inequality still holds a firm grip on the country with the average African man earning around R2,500 per month compared to R20,000 for the white one. But of course the major concern is the all time high status between the rich and poor, practically, the middle class almost being wiped out, leaving room for the rich to keep getting richer and the poor to keep getting poorer.
  20. Thus, the protests keep rising, the health and education branches of the country end up suffering the most, which places people to resort to petty crimes and violence. Without a proper health system, the average life expectancy in South Africa went from 62 years in a study back in 1992 to 48 years in 2010. The absence of education lead a lot of africans to secure their financial status through illegal means, but that's only just the beginning.
  22. Because of that very same loss in education, we've now seen an even greater rise in rape cases throughout the country. On average it is said that at least half the female population have already been raped at least once, with statistics showing that every 7 seconds a woman is being violated.
  25. South Africa is but a grim past, present and sadly future holding a reminder that your very own countries could turn up like it someday if your leaders are left unguarded and unwatched by the rest of the people. If the boundaries between the working class and the elite keep getting further apart, then you already have an example as to what will happen.
  27. With that being said, Team GhostShell has decided to take matter into it's own hands. We have been in contact with people from South Africa throughout all last year, mostly talking and getting as much information on the current situation over there, as possible. In the end, it was decided that a new Anonymous branch needs to be created to enforce the peoples will in the country and form an open bond with the rest of the world, just so that anyone can know at all times the current events that happen there. The process is still going through some changes, but we will get there.
  29. Introduction message:
  31. In Suid-Afrika dinge het erger geword sedert Mandela uitgetree. Die bendes het 'n sterker, groter en meer ongenaakbaar wees as ooit. Ons rus op ons LORAL se dat ons 'n "vry nasie" is egter alles wat gebeur het, is die armes armer en die rykes het ryker geword. Maatskappye soos Anglo American het uitgedun ons groot natuurlike hulpbronne en ons plaaslike werkers betaal het langs tot niks. In 'n gevolg dat hulle kwaad geword het wat lei tot verskeie stakings wat kreupel ons ekonomie. Maar jy moet dink, tref mynbedryf Pah! 'N vinnig ontwikkelende land soos Suid-Afrika moet in staat wees om dit af te skud met alles wat 1ste wêreld belegging wat hulle kry! Maar korrupte politici van beide die ANC en die DA het die land in 'n stygende ekonomiese ramp!
  32. Toe het Wall Street gebeur wat my geliefde land gesink in 'n volle op die ramp. Maar weer 1 wêreld lande het tot ons redding deur te belê meer geld in ons land wat natuurlik almal het in die bou van Zumaville wat is 'n hele miljard rand onderneming wat se doel was 'n hele stad te maak in die middel van nêrens gebaseer op Zuma se idee van 'n ideale stad.
  33. Sodra ons korrupte politici ons gedompel in 'n armoede-geteisterde land. Ons burgers wat voorheen arm was so swak dat misdaad was hul enigste kans op oorlewing. Sodat die bendes gegroei en gegroei en as die kompetisie vir misdaad groter en groter geword het, het hulle 'n veel meer ongenaakbaar wees as ooit tevore. Hulle betaal geen betrekking tot die vrou en kinders verkrag soos sy gaan uit die mode. Dit is deels ons reg stelsels skuld as hulle nie 'n hoë koers van verkragting oortuigings wat 'n potensiële verkragter baie meer liggies te verkrag. Spesialiste sê dat indien die verkragtings in tronke is die aantal verkragtings elke jaar sal verdubbel.
  34. Nou wanneer ek neem 'n loop af in die straat van my geliefde Suid-Afrika wat oorleef het soveel Ek het my rug om te kyk vir 'n luik. As ons ons korrupte kwaadwillige regering hou 'n 1ste wêreld land sal dom genoeg wees om ons te red? Die antwoord is nee hulle sal nie. Maar span GhostShell sal, het ons opgemerk hoeveel jy in die behoefte van 'n verlosser nie bang is van die wet wat "veilige" Toegang en dit aan jou gee. Saam met anonymouses # OpSAfrica span spook dop sal ontslae te raak van korrupsie, maak al die kennis gratis en help om Suid-Afrika uit van misdaad, korrupsie en armoede. Saam kan ons 'n beter Suid-Afrika vir jou.
  35. Ons staan saam
  36. Gedeel deur nie
  37. Ons is legio
  38. Ons is die span spook dop en Anonymous saam
  39. Ons is 'n hackers ultimatum
  40. Ons is aktief!
  42. English
  44. In South Africa things have become progressively worse since Mandela stepped down. The gangs have become stronger, bigger, and more ruthless than ever. We rest on our Loral's that we are a free nation however all that has happened is the poor have become poorer and the rich have become richer. Companies like Anglo American have decimated our vast natural resources and have paid our local workers next to nothing. In a result of that they have become angry leading to multiple strikes that have crippled our economy. But you must be thinking, strikes mining industries pah! A fast developing country like South Africa should be able to shake that off with all that 1st world investment they are getting! But corrupt politicians from both the ANC and the DA have put the country into a spiralling economic disaster!
  45. Then wall street happened which sunk my beloved country into a full on catastrophe. But once again 1st world countries came to our rescue by investing more money into our country which of course all went into building Zumaville which is a whole billion rand enterprise thats goal was to make a whole city in the middle of nowhere based on Zumas idea of a ideal city.
  46. Once our corrupt politicians plunged us into a poverty stricken country. Our citizens which were previously poor became so poor that crime was their only chance of survival. So the gangs grew and grew and as the competition for crime grew bigger and bigger they became more ruthless than ever before.  They pay no respect to woman and children raping like its going out of fashion. This is partly our judicial systems fault as they do not have a high rate of rape convictions which makes a potential rapist much more lightly to rape. Specialists say that if the rapes in prisons were recorded the number of rapes each year would double.
  47. Now when I take a walk down the street of my beloved South Africa that has survived so much I have to watch my back for a mugger. If we keep our corrupt malicious government will a 1st world country be dumb enough to save us again? The answer is no they wont. But team GhostShell will, we have noticed how much you are in need of a savior not afraid of the law who can acces secure information and give it to you. Together with anonymouses #OpSAfrica team ghost shell will rid you of corruption, make all knowledge free and help South Africa out of crime, corruption and poverty. Together we can make a better South Africa for you.
  48. We stand together
  49. Divided by non
  50. We are legion
  51. We are team ghost shell and Anonymous together
  52. We are a hackers ultimatum
  53. We are active!
  56. ________________________________
  59. After two months of investigations, Team GhostShell has finally managed to fingerprint the entire top business infrastructure of South Africa, tracing some of it's activities to other countries across the continent. As always, we will provide you with a glimpse of that world, so that everyone else can do their own research and draw their own conclusions from it. Although this time around, the goal was not to release a large portion of data, we will still provide you with enough non-disclosure accounts and records from a variety of businesses; corporations and governments.
  61. The point of it is to find and see for yourselves the connections these entities have with one another, how they conduct themselves on the financial playing field but also economically speaking, how they actually do business world-wide. The data here ranges from government, banking, mining, petroleum, management, networking, transport services, construction, education/academics, other enterprises.
  63. This project also ended up coinciding with one of our off-scene black operations regarding the oil industries in North Africa. Ties with the CIA have been made inside Angola and as such we'll release a small teaser about it as well to promote this.
  65. We are all ghosts living inside the shell.
  68. African Reinsurance Corporation - Mirror1:  http://textsnip.com/3588e8 Mirror2: http://paste.bradleygill.com/index.php?paste_id=3638 Mirror3: https://pastee.org/yjed6/preview
  70. Woolworths Holdings Limited Part 1 - Mirror1: http://textsnip.com/5355b6 Mirror2: http://paste.bradleygill.com/index.php?paste_id=3640 Mirror3: https://pastee.org/4bbpv/preview
  72. Woolworths Holdings Limited Part 2 - Mirror1: http://textsnip.com/785ae4 Mirror2: http://paste.bradleygill.com/index.php?paste_id=3641 Mirror3: https://pastee.org/jp64t
  74. Woolworths Holdings Limited Part 3 - Mirror1: http://textsnip.com/9de735 Mirror2: http://paste.bradleygill.com/index.php?paste_id=3642 Mirror3: https://pastee.org/dr33p
  76. Woolworths Holdings Limited Part 4 - Mirror1: http://textsnip.com/4e4d71 Mirror2: http://paste.bradleygill.com/index.php?paste_id=3644 Mirror3: https://pastee.org/sdgu2
  78. Woolworths Holdings Limited Part 5 - Mirror1: http://textsnip.com/16a3bc Mirror2: http://paste.bradleygill.com/index.php?paste_id=3645 Mirror3: https://pastee.org/utysg
  80. Woolworths Holdings Limited Part 6 - Mirror1: http://chopapp.com/#kwlcq6d3 Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNccpKT Mirror3: http://dumpz.org/417569/
  82. Woolworths Holdings Limited Part 7 - Mirror1: http://chopapp.com/#qf0gpvi2 Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcICwe Mirror3: http://dumpz.org/417571/
  84. Woolworths Holdings Limited Part 8 - Mirror1: http://chopapp.com/#n5j3121l Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcIBg9 Mirror3: http://dumpz.org/417573/
  86. Woolworths Holdings Limited Part 9 - Mirror1: http://chopapp.com/#lajjacxa Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcccov Mirror3: http://dumpz.org/417575/
  88. Woolworths Holdings Limited Part 10 - Mirror1: http://chopapp.com/#kctmnlew Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcccK2 Mirror3: http://dumpz.org/417578/
  90. Woolworths Holdings Limited Part 11 - Mirror1: http://chopapp.com/#fqk5yutk Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNccYdP Mirror3: http://dumpz.org/417579/
  92. Woolworths Holdings Limited Part 12 - Mirror1: http://chopapp.com/#fo84nlsy Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcoB60 Mirror3: http://dumpz.org/417581/
  94. Woolworths Holdings Limited Part 13 - Mirror1: http://chopapp.com/#mafw568j Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNco8bE Mirror3: http://dumpz.org/417583/
  96. Woolworths Holdings Limited Pat 14 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/5de43c0524 Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcHyws Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?7yx5khvqjno0
  98. Woolworths Holdings Limited Part 15 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/6842eb95f2 Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNccDxN Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?1y75r22l8cay
  100. Woolworths Holdings Limited Part 16 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/ebe30024fa Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNccAF1 Mirror3 A: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?gi0f5y56azb8 Mirror3 B: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?n6soavdp184z
  102. South African Diamond Corporation - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/4aed220f0b Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcHdWH Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?y9foeuevcoag
  104. African Mining Part 1 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/4dab5c62bb Mirror2: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?lsh7uxvs6bgk Mirror3: https://pastee.org/9qjry/preview
  106. African Mining Part 2 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/2f2b88d1ef Mirror2: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?qthw6yhbtwuc Mirror3: https://pastee.org/fh77r
  108. BEE Network - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/00c3e9b5c5 Mirror2: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?u6zem91ln400 Mirror3: https://pastee.org/vkk9a/preview
  110. Allied Technology International - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/1fe26eb4cc Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcbhrE Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?mtjremawvcv2 Mirror4: https://pastee.org/hu7dm/preview
  112. I Llovo Boulevard (I llovo Corporation) - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/59f2675419 Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcnDFa Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?um5ew4lok7re
  114. Genesis Insurance Brokers - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/fe7e1618b8 Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcnA89 Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?xfh6plxxvkym
  116. Omni ID Company Part 1 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/f26b9b167a Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcbV9S Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?7g1snfsctqzy
  118. Omni ID Company Part 2 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/42117322fa Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcbS37 Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?9swt9kkmqnus
  120. Ornico Marketing - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/5f69a408dc Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcbMN4 Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?rfr6dih0yo3l
  122. Moolmans Africa Mining Corporation - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/6d53b1a285 Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcbE6b Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?xb8hz6r07x27
  124. Angola's National Diamond Corporation - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/9304502afb Mirror2: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?u9wxqsth5ls4 Mirror3: https://pastee.org/cbxnb/preview
  126. Angola's Oil field industries, CIA teaser (spot the 4 obvious databases; vulnerable link has been posted alongside the server layout, retrieve the names, locations and time/dates from db "cia" and trace it back to Washington; the rest we'll leave as a surprise) - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/3f0673a107 Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcxxDt Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?6osmgn1avw9l
  128. South African Express Petroleum - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/d460321956 Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcxrMb Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?73qw5aurpc67
  130. State University Part 1 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/4e749354c1 Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcarTq Mirror3 A: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?nwk2399jtvv7 Mirror3 B: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?wnkaciqaqo2t
  132. State University Part 2 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/a5472f22ad Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcaebt Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?f902cm698x59
  134. State University Part 3 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/f3cc568df2 Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcmPoN Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?q054a0fese6g
  136. State University Part 4 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/00982423d0 Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcxK4c Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?40vgwx72o7x6
  138. State University Part 5 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/f0a949be81 Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcxIZg Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?ao35sawdbazv
  140. State University Part 6 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/d9227b1540 Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcxGIy Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?14iqne1y433v
  142. State University Part 7 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/d47706ff04 Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcxDWx Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?bbr6kn7xivcl
  144. State University Part 8 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/405441b41e Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcx8i8 Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?l0ueozurocz6
  146. State University Part 9 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/5e2d2bf7f8 Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNca6ya Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?mvio1siz9693
  148. State University Part 10 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/f0fc3fbecf Mirror2: http://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcZzxi Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?lu6hle94apco
  150. State University Part 11 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/46f82d2b85 Mirror2: http://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcZyXp Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?ce7hzlme9gz7
  152. State University Part 12 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/f1fab43286 Mirror2: http://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcZuFW Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?wy1g5vsov265
  154. State University Part 13 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/bb1a0cb8dc Mirror2: http://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcZqZd Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?p5pghjrthpjn
  156. State University Part 14 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/652269ff9e Mirror2: http://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcwpqG Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?eo3pefdz2gjf
  158. State University Part 15 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/ba119d4e5e Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcwlFP Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?q2cq1tuu4mle
  160. State University Part 16 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/af117a8fda Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcljCN Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?zje08bamfqvm
  162. State University Part 17 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/c1b43f4d90 Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcwfu6 Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?nwgsgbkgl8yy
  164. State University Part 18 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/ff3af43940 Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcwbtT Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?3ex23vi0lty2
  166. State University Part 19 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/6a6ccdaecd Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcZQ2L Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?ezozd0dmxmbj
  168. State University Part 20 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/917e2a35b5 Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcwSdM Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?k4qiy5uo0yad
  170. State University Part 21 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/73401cb8d3 Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcwN8o Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?n0hc5m5ltit2
  172. State University Part 22 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/be1d090c6f Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcwIcn Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?qsas0sakwlqb
  174. State University Part 23 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/85d5f1f374 Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNclT8d Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?0ld7l3ifa3iq
  176. State University Part 24 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/77f370a765 Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcZ4or Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?ildhf52ce3jq
  178. State University Part 25 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/c2dd4a1b95 Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcZ0Kw Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?jw7zvfkwasdd
  180. State University Part 26 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/4a1a492b1b Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcw6me Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?b4c02yizpwqj
  182. State University Part 27 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/b89b3982c8 Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcw1mn Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?vwg16dwvpcdc
  184. State University Part 28 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/0a1fca9659 Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcvxx6 Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?4zozzffajrkl
  186. State University Part 29 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/50abc8761e Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcl7XF Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?6wm1qmmtfgei
  188. State University Part 30 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/b7683a763d Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcvnX1 Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?ufaq7f1bbnc3
  190. State University Part 31 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/37087c193c Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcvkFz Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?uitm334fqitc
  192. State University Part 32 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/e6eadbdc3e Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcYZ5s Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?s3b164lzmflo
  194. State University Part 33 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/cb7634c273 Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcYQbC Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?zeqhvcyfawoe
  196. State University Part 34 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/945600bce8 Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcYNLB Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?s4itmgd81vcx
  198. State University Part 35 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/2bd555f46d Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcYJC5 Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?9nxo2xaiivmi
  200. State University Part 36 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/2022973e8d Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNckuM2 Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?x7zdlnk9cq9y
  202. State University Part 37 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/5f50126621 Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcvFIF Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?8r0rmv3u5m2m
  204. State University Part 38 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/1a97cf3817 Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcYA25 Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?3dohzpzefgtw
  206. State University Part 39 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/9aba615994 Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcuy58 Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?sx89crihwjhx
  208. State University Part 40 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/9ec380a0ae Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcuqEy Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?8fejymwjq8a6
  210. State University Part 41 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/4b81393841 Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcuo9W Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?6g38tzsf2i3j
  212. State University Part 42 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/07e81fb5ca Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcY4Wa Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?qr0jq5qg7u15
  214. State University Part 43 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/2689cd40a8 Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNck5YI Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?o5guj63t6ypv
  216. State University Part 44 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/79d4e419be Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcubQl Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?co2jj2na7iwm
  218. State University Part 45 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/984e7cc31a Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNd6FF1 Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?71k7aj6pb047
  220. Westcol College - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/de8bafb878 Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNd68hl Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?czizcax99kfe
  222. The Inc Company (managing the big RSA newspapers, bought & paid media) - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/c5d99ccbee Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcuZiX Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?gksm65be8az2
  224. Sasol Corporation - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/fdd30fcafc Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcuTnn Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?bqz0m7j9gp9w
  226. Kenyan Business Directory Part 1 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/82ea8bedb2 Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNd5yOE Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?aluiftp60jam
  228. Kenyan Business Directory Part 2 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/7c202f4994 Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcjQhv Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?yys12da5ueuj
  230. Kenyan Business Directory Part 3 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/a4a85f1d07 Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcuEc5
  232. Kenyan Business Directory Part 4 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/730fdc5f44 Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNd5j17 Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?xxiyfyyb9nx8
  234. Kenyan Business Directory Part 5 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/2ff0a4b17a Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcu8gL Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?s9yo06uc69yv
  236. Kenyan Business Directory Part 6 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/a60639bfb8 Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcu3vD Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?whyzkccau9d6
  238. Kenyan Business Directory Part 7 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/135f315ce5 Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNd5U9S Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?aqxfrw7vjs05
  240. Algerian Government website - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/27575e56a8 Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNd5REx Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?cjqsiw19l9hm
  242. PressOffice linked to BidOrBuy, South Africa's largest online store - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/357a00eb31 Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNd5OLO Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?ljggsul5dcxv
  244. FreightForwarders (transport) - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/81b682c1d1 Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcti2M Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?qn91xury2hlh
  246. PostNet Internet Services Part 1 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/3e1fef4c12 Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcifGV Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?f7temsdeibqv
  248. PostNet Internet Services Part 2 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/f6e2bbd862 Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNciX8q Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?lip66y6l38tl
  250. PostNet Internet Service Part 3 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/c2d50594e5 Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNd4yVJ Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?q0bkhtj00827
  252. PostNet Internet Services Part 4 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/5505cb477d Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNctIwQ Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?26yden3c6xkg
  254. PostNet Internet Services Part 5 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/4e91d440cb Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNci8zJ Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?8pomyo1jj0fn
  256. PostNet Internet Services Part 6 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/a5daaa8926 Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNd4Xb0 Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?i1jysns8ytiu
  258. PostNet Internet Services Part 7 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/05992d5d9c Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcsjT2 Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?g3w58acb13me
  260. PostNet Internet Services Part 8 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/efda641020 Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNchT88 Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?hyldafmffpne
  262. PostNet Internet Services Part 9 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/c100506bcf Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNd432o Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?hwkojdya9yn8
  264. PostNet Internet Services Part 10 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/981e263b2e Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcsPqf Mirror3: http://www.everfall.com/paste/id.php?y8g0nktmqnbx
  266. PostNet Internet Services Part 11 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/3a41e8a7c0 Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNchC2j
  268. PostNet Internet Services Part 12 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/3aa9523d0a Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcs8zk
  270. PostNet Internet Services Part 13 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/f288b353d5 Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcs4tD
  272. PostNet Internet Services Part 14 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/835490eb42 Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNd3hVB
  274. PostNet Internet Services Part 15 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/cc390ad8c6 Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNd3XUi
  276. PostNet Internet Services Part 16 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/a2c4ff07bf Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNd3NXa
  278. PostNet Internet Services Part 17 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/caf4b16fe5 Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcrhKU
  280. PostNet Internet Services Part 18 - Mirror1: https://privatepaste.com/e72acd3518 Mirror2: https://friendpaste.com/1OZc7BrY1a6gPWhfNcgd3n Mirror3:
  282. _________________________________
  285. If you're from South Africa and you have a personal crisis, here are some places that might be of interest: http://www.southafrica.info/services/crisishelp.htm
  287. South Africa Info provides information on various places that offer services for people in need, from helplines on diverse topics like rape, alcohol, drug addiction, mental health, depression, abuse among others. The National counseling line is 0861-322-322. National Aids helpline is 0800-012-322. The one for gender violence is 0800-150-150. Check the website for additional info as well as the name of the official websites that deal with such things.
  289. Crimes can be reported and shared here: www.reportacrime.co.za
  291. Some of these sites that we've researched are vulnerable to different types of cyber attacks so we went ahead and emailed them about it. Hopefully they will update.
  293. For outside volunteers here's a way on how you can contribute on the field: http://www.i-to-i.com/south-africa/
  295. Also you can check out the African Medical and Research Foundation to learn more about the on growing issues and problems that South Africa is currently facing: http://www.amref.org/
  299. Side notes*
  301. We've noticed that PasteSite has currently closed their services for new pastes, due to "resource usage rising higher than I can manage" which we know that's bullshit. It would be quite embarrassing if we didn't check our leaking platforms now and then to see if any significant changes have been made. Same thing happened to PrivatePaste last summer when we hit China, a DDoS attack followed on it for three days straight, then it got contacted by Wall Street after the IT leak and it went out of commission for over a month. Scaring the owners of these places will only make things worse. It would seem that even the gist from Github now requires an account to use the bin. Epic!
  303. Just for the record, TGS uses these types of paste sites on purpose, because they're easy to manage. Anyone can report bad content on them and they get removed after a couple of days, one week tops. But if you guys prefer, we can switch over to chinese and russian doxbins hosted on multiple networks with anti-ddos protection at any given time. It'll also be a good opportunity for more shady characters to get their hands on the data as well. It's your choice. For now, we're saying goodbye to the old pastebins, you've all been great and welcoming the new batch for 2013.
  305. _____________________
  308. Follow:
  311. http://www.youtube.com/user/OpSAfrica?feature=watch
  313. https://twitter.com/Opsafrica13
  315. https://twitter.com/Anonymous_ZA
  317. https:/twitter.com/TeamGhostShell
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