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  1. 1:00 PM Question… what does the first div do?
  2. 1:01 PM merkelchen: Is the explination in the linked post unclear?
  3. 1:01 PM scassany_maricadie: Did he fucking stutter?
  4. 1:01 PM Kahanis_inkunen: no
  5. 1:01 PM merkelchen:
  6. Currently deployed somewhere, currently doing the things listed here : The First Division - Our most experienced pilots with our best doctrines and on day one the highest funding of any combat SIG in the Alliance.   Deployments, dread bombs, small gang combat, gate camps, expensive ships, higher skill requirements, and try hard activities.  Often times the Alliance's combat SIGs already engage in these activities and we have worked with them extensively already to create mechanisms to deploy The First Division along side them to supplement their numbers and provide our pilots with access to fronts they may not be involved in otherwise.   We are not a vanity squad, we are not a culture club, we are one of the biggest Corporations in Eve online providing their pilots with an outlet for their Doctorate level education.  
  7. 1:02 PM Kahanis_inkunen: ok, the unclear part is how is it different from reavers/sv?
  8. 1:02 PM i went to the forum post… except that it is for experienced pilots… i don't quite get the others..something like Space Violence?
  9. 1:02 PM merkelchen: We do things all combat sigs do I suppose, undock spaceships and shoot things
  10. 1:02 PM tangopapa7: To me it seems similar to Space Violence byt its KF orientated?
  11. 1:03 PM Kahanis_inkunen: also, are you tz-locked or not
  12. 1:03 PM but with "highest funding"
  13. 1:03 PM merkelchen: Everything is TZ locked to EU/US unless it specifically an AU org
  14. 1:04 PM scassany_maricadie: We have the best funds
  15. 1:04 PM Kahanis_inkunen: merkelchen: no, like sv is effectively eutz-only, reavers are ustz only. does kf1 suffer from that or not?
  16. 1:04 PM tangopapa7: Sounds like something I could get into doing - need to get my ass more active though been slacking because of work and stuff
  17. 1:05 PM question again..  how about the cumulative num of paps? Adashboard doesn;t seem to hav that…
  18. 1:05 PM merkelchen: No not really at the moment as we are deployed with a bunch of other groups that have double TZ Coverage
  19. 1:05 PM Kahanis_inkunen: ok, so why a new group then?
  20. 1:05 PM tangopapa7: Why not
  21. 1:06 PM merkelchen: Because both SV and Reavers answer to the Alliance and are run by alliance directors and provided alliance funding and do what the alliance tells them to do and we can do whatever we like with more money than God
  22. 1:06 PM cos we hav too much isk
  23. 1:07 PM amir_tzash: God, Allah, Bob... whomever your deity of choice is.
  24. 1:07 PM Kahanis_inkunen: well, the "answer to alliance part" doesnt seem to matter that much for a line member
  25. 1:07 PM i think ultimately if its fun people would join
  26. 1:07 PM merkelchen: This time right now where we have essentially every combat squad/SIG in the alliance deployed to the same 2 regions is not the greatest representation of normal peacetime.
  27. 1:08 PM merkelchen: Everything is homogenized
  28. 1:08 PM "and a cloaky torp bomber" i jus read this… aww...
  29. 1:08 PM Kahanis_inkunen: ok, so why create a new group now, if this group will be a member of zungen_ops anyway?
  30. 1:08 PM crypticfox_picard: its pretty much a minor war footing
  31. 1:08 PM crypticfox_picard: it wont always be
  32. 1:08 PM merkelchen: Because not everyone is in SV or Reavers and we wont always be along side them
  33. 1:08 PM Kahanis_inkunen: why create a new group now
  34. 1:09 PM merkelchen: Its a 7 month old post
  35. 1:09 PM merkelchen: And because I want to
  36. 1:09 PM yeah since last year
  37. 1:09 PM merkelchen: Shit was boring as a motherfucker then and the krabbing was starting to rot the org and not everyone was deployed and fighting so we took it upon ourselves to find something to do
  38. 1:09 PM Kahanis_inkunen: tbh, reading that post only, it looks very much like a vanity squad.
  39. 1:09 PM does 1DIV  hav their own sub forums?
  40. 1:10 PM merkelchen: A vanity squad is a group that 1 personality runs as a culture club
  41. 1:10 PM amir_tzash: Part of the "new" sig was that it gave some of the more seasoned KarmaFleet members something more to do outside of the Alliance wide things.  Kept it sort of in house.  While KarmaFleet is a more "new pilot" corp, we've grown up a bit.  The veterans needed something more.
  42. 1:10 PM can i apply although i can't fly torp bomber?
  43. 1:11 PM Kahanis_inkunen: so, sv fits the definition perfectly? Run by kendarr, who is the most popular fc there btw.
  44. 1:11 PM i think 25paps thingy should not be a problem for me although i've no idea where to get that data
  45. 1:11 PM merkelchen: Asher came to me like 8 months ago and said "I need more numbers up North we are getting blobbed.   Can you deploy some people but not your entire Corp that would get too much attention"   We had been talking about starting a tryhard group with our own funding and doctrines for a long time so the time was right.
  46. 1:11 PM i'm in sv but i've only went on one fleet
  47. 1:11 PM Kahanis_inkunen: oh, that.
  48. 1:11 PM Kahanis_inkunen: why not fold into reavers then?
  49. 1:11 PM it wasn't that fun..
  50. 1:12 PM crypticfox_picard: because reavers is a seperate group with its own distinct culture, docterines, time zone, and stuff
  51. 1:12 PM merkelchen: Is contrarian your natural state?
  52. 1:12 PM merkelchen: Because this could take a long time
  53. 1:12 PM Kahanis_inkunen: y not just accept that th decisio wasn't entirely rational?
  54. 1:12 PM merkelchen: We are not SV, we are not reavers, we are exactly what we want to be.
  55. 1:12 PM Kahanis_inkunen: no, i just dont understand the major difference.
  56. 1:13 PM major dif is the leader is diff and this is a karma only SIG i think
  57. 1:13 PM amir_tzash: At the risk of sounding mean... which I do not want to be... then don't apply.
  58. 1:13 PM Kahanis_inkunen: and look at autz squads
  59. 1:13 PM merkelchen: There is a massive and major difference at a time when we are not deployed alongside those two groups.   Using this moment in time as a way to suss out the difference between 3 of the 8 orgs that are all staging and set in the same 2 regions is going to be pretty complex.
  60. 1:13 PM amir_tzash: If another SIG or Squad suites you mroe, then do that.
  61. 1:13 PM merkelchen: Why isnt SV just in reavers?   Why isnt bomberwaffe just in black ops?  Why isnt black ops just in SV?
  62. 1:14 PM merkelchen: Because they are all different and working in concert right now
  63. 1:14 PM Kahanis_inkunen: sv isnt in reavers because of tz
  64. 1:14 PM crypticfox_picard: there is more then that
  65. 1:14 PM merkelchen: So is it not legal for SV to work in US TZ and reavers to work in EU TZ
  66. 1:14 PM tangopapa7: All the SIGs do their own sort of thing - they have their nieche
  67. 1:14 PM Kahanis_inkunen: it is legal, but they just dont do it
  68. 1:14 PM merkelchen: Why not
  69. 1:14 PM crypticfox_picard: even if there was no time zone difference reavers and sv would still be quite different
  70. 1:14 PM Kahanis_inkunen: cause they dont have fcs/members
  71. 1:14 PM merkelchen: So why dont they combine themselves
  72. 1:14 PM merkelchen: And then ahve them
  73. 1:14 PM merkelchen: Why have different names
  74. 1:15 PM Kahanis_inkunen: no reason then
  75. 1:15 PM crypticfox_picard: why not just do everything though mainfleet then, why even have squads?
  76. 1:15 PM merkelchen: Precisely
  77. 1:15 PM merkelchen: can u vouch for me? XD
  78. 1:15 PM crypticfox_picard: why divide anything if its more efficient to do it in one group
  79. 1:15 PM tangopapa7: Would be boring without the sigs and squads to do stuff
  80. 1:15 PM merkelchen: Because they are all different and all do their own things and right now thats really hard to tell because of the nature of this deployment
  81. 1:15 PM tangopapa7: Plus not everyone likes mainfleet or can get on them
  82. 1:16 PM tangopapa7: So the squads appeal to those people
  83. 1:16 PM merkelchen: But as an Alliance sized corp we have more than enough bandwidth and ISK to be able to provide an outlet for our PVP pilots who like more micro gang stuff to have fun that doesnt detract from any of the other dozen or so alliance initiatives in any way.
  84. 1:16 PM crypticfox_picard: other thing that I think you are understating is the difference in culture and non-directly gameplay related things
  85. 1:16 PM crypticfox_picard: different sigs and squads have different attitudes, different culture
  86. 1:17 PM merkelchen: And now like a dozen of the people who deployed with us as KF1 pilots are now brand new reavers pilots
  87. 1:17 PM crypticfox_picard: even if they seem on the outside to be real similar, they may be quite different for the actual members
  88. 1:17 PM merkelchen: So its a nice foot in the door for some of the other orgs we fly with
  89. 1:17 PM crypticfox_picard: sv and reavers is a perfect example
  90. 1:17 PM crypticfox_picard: they seem like they are just eu and ustz versions of pretty much the same thing
  91. 1:17 PM crypticfox_picard: but they are very, very different culturally
  92. 1:18 PM tangopapa7: Indeed they are
  93. 1:18 PM tangopapa7: I've only ever been in SV but I know how different reavers are
  94. 1:18 PM crypticfox_picard: even if magically time zones stopped being a thing sv and reavers wouldn't want to merge into each other
  95. 1:19 PM merkelchen: crypticfox_picard: the point of me asking that line of questioning was lost on you friendo
  96. 1:19 PM merkelchen: I know those orgs intimately well and understand why they are not the same
  97. 1:19 PM crypticfox_picard: I was talking to kahanis not you
  98. 1:21 PM crypticfox_picard: I have no doubt that you know why different sigs and squads exit merk
  99. 1:21 PM crypticfox_picard: exist*
  100. 1:22 PM nolak_ataru: hm
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