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  1. <tackat> the problem with this patch is mostly
  2. <tackat> that there isn't really a solution that will play nice with the rest of the code
  3. <tackat> but we need the solution that is least invasive
  4. <tackat> from what I get we have several options
  5. <tackat> another option would be to reuse the same widget instead of stacking
  6. <tackat> of course that would require to somehow restore the previous state when switching back - I don't know how feasible it is
  7. <tackat> it might be the option though that is more elegant
  8. <tackat> we have another problem:
  9. <tackat> if we want to print at high resolution
  10. <tackat> ideally we'd like to turn on a higher geometry for the widget behind the user's back
  11. <tackat> print that and get back to the previous "session"
  12. <tackat> could this code be reused for this use case?
  13. <pgabor> In this code I store everything what is used in one session in a HistoryElement
  14. <pgabor> and
  15. <pgabor> this means you can do almost everything with it, it just not rendered for the user, and does not interact with the UI.
  16. <pgabor> So you can create a copy of the current session
  17. <pgabor> Do what you have to do
  18. <pgabor> Then destroy it (or keep it, and when next needed just update it)
  19. <pgabor> If I understood correctly what you want
  20. <tackat> yep that's exactly what we need
  21. <tackat> You know being able to reuse code for different use cases
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