WPFlights for all device (M8 and 8X too) and all carriers

Feb 14th, 2015
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  1. <ArrayOfUpdateProgramProvisioning xmlns:i="">
  2.   <UpdateProgramProvisioning>
  3.     <ProgramName>Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones</ProgramName>
  4.     <Trains>
  5.       <UpdateProgramTrainProvisioning>
  6.         <Description>This will set your device PhoneManufacturerModelName to RM-976_1098. This will allow you to get Windows 10 Preview on your device (assuming you have enough storage). After setting this, set your flight to the desired option</Description>
  7.         <Eula>
  8.           &lt;Paragraph FontSize="57.5" LineHeight="57.5" FontFamily="Segoe WP Semilight" FontWeight="Light" CharacterSpacing="-10"&gt;confirm&lt;/Paragraph&gt;&#xD;
  9.           &lt;Paragraph&gt;This is an experimental HACK. It very well may brick your phone. You take all responsibility for these actions.&lt;LineBreak /&gt;&lt;LineBreak /&gt;&amp;#8226; You may void your warranty (check with your device/service provider)&lt;LineBreak /&gt;&amp;#8226; It is not intended as a substitute for your primary means of telecommunications.&lt;LineBreak /&gt;&amp;#8226; In some circumstances, you may not be able to place calls (including calls for emergency services).&lt;LineBreak /&gt;&amp;#8226; It may damage your device, causing it to stop working permanently.&lt;LineBreak /&gt;&amp;#8226; You may experience increased data charges.&lt;LineBreak /&gt;&amp;#8226; You might experience crashes, security vulnerabilities, or data loss. &lt;LineBreak /&gt;&lt;/Paragraph&gt;
  10.         </Eula>
  11.         <FlightId>1</FlightId>
  12.         <KeysToAdd>
  13.           <RegistryKey>
  14.             <KeyName>System\Platform\DeviceTargetingInfo</KeyName>
  15.             <Subkeys/>
  16.             <Values>
  17.               <RegistryKeyValue>
  18.                 <Name>PhoneManufacturer</Name>
  19.                 <Value>NOKIA</Value>
  20.                 <ValueType>1</ValueType>
  21.               </RegistryKeyValue>
  22.               <RegistryKeyValue>
  23.                 <Name>PhoneHardwareVariant</Name>
  24.                 <Value>RM-976</Value>
  25.                 <ValueType>1</ValueType>
  26.               </RegistryKeyValue>
  27.               <RegistryKeyValue>
  28.                 <Name>PhoneManufacturerModelName</Name>
  29.                 <Value>RM-976_1098</Value>
  30.                 <ValueType>1</ValueType>
  31.               </RegistryKeyValue>
  32.               <RegistryKeyValue>
  33.                 <Name>PhoneMobileOperatorDisplayName</Name>
  34.                 <Value>CV IT</Value>
  35.                 <ValueType>1</ValueType>
  36.               </RegistryKeyValue>
  37.               <RegistryKeyValue>
  38.                 <Name>PhoneMobileOperatorName</Name>
  39.                 <Value>000-IT</Value>
  40.                 <ValueType>1</ValueType>
  41.               </RegistryKeyValue>
  42.             </Values>
  43.           </RegistryKey>
  44.         </KeysToAdd>
  45.         <KeysToDelete/>
  46.         <TrainName>Set to Italian Lumia 630</TrainName>
  47.         <FlightUid>B9642D35-1EFA-450F-9923-3A4F03A51210</FlightUid>
  48.       </UpdateProgramTrainProvisioning>
  49.     </Trains>
  50.   </UpdateProgramProvisioning>
  51. </ArrayOfUpdateProgramProvisioning>
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