Living with Nightmare Moon Chapter 1

Aug 19th, 2015
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  1. >You are Anonymous.
  2. >Only human in Equestria…. blah blah same shit as always.
  3. >And we find you here, sitting on your couch in your cabin relaxing; honestly just being a lazy individual on one of your few days off.
  4. "This is the life."
  5. >But as with all things life hates you.
  6. >You were broken out of your thoughts by a loud knocking on your front door.
  7. “Anonymous isn’t here, if you’d leave your name and a brief message he’ll get back to you soon. Beeeeeeep!”
  8. >You bellowed the message hoping that whoever was at the front door got the drift.
  9. >The knocking only intensified after your brief quip.
  10. >Time to engage pissed off human mode.
  11. >If it's that faggot Thunderlane you'll flip shit, last time you found him trying to steal a pair of your boxers.
  12. >You can only tell a small pony so many times that you won't fuck him
  13. >Opening the door your actually surprised to find Celestia standing there
  14. >Leaning against the doorframe you try pull off the people's eyebrow as best as you can
  15. "Is there something I could do for you princess? I mean it's rare that I get such royal visitor's"
  16. >"Anon may I come in it's important we discuss this in private"
  17. >Stepping aside you invite her in
  18. >Settling in your modest living room cut right to the chase
  19. "So what's this all about"
  20. >"Nightmare Moon has returned"
  21. "Okay, and this involves me how"
  22. >"You're the reason she's back"
  23. "I'm not following"
  24. >"When you turned down my sisters advances she kind of lost it"
  25. "Well that's nice. It was good catching up, see yourself out and I look forward to your next visit and all that."
  26. >"Anon take this seriously! We're all in danger"
  27. "She is your problem, not mine. Do I have to remind you what happened when she 'courted' me"
  28. "By the way my therapist said I might get over my fear of jello soon in case you were wondering"
  29. >"If that's how you feel Anon, I can't compel you to seek refuge in Canterlot"
  30. >Damn straight, your a man. Aint no woman gonna tell you how to live
  31. "I have heard this stuff all before Celly, Twilight does it every week"
  32. "Oh no, some horrible ancient power is hell bent on destroying equestria"
  33. >You tried mimicking Twilight as best you could
  34. "It all works out in the end here. My actions have literally zero influence on the outcome of these things"
  35. >"I hope for your sake Anon that you are right"
  36. >Waving off her warning you made your way to your bedroom.
  37. "Have a good night sunbutt"
  38. >The next day
  39. >You woke up to some birds chirping outside
  40. >You always forget to put the mousetraps on the window sill
  41. >Getting up you began your usual morning routine
  42. >It's only when you stepped outside for the morning paper did you realize something was off
  43. >It was still dark
  44. >Checking your watch it said 8 in the morning
  45. >Looking around you noticed you weren't the only one confused by the lack of sunlight
  46. >Several ponies were walking around and talking amongst each other and pointing at the sky
  47. >Again not your problem
  48. >You were about to step back inside when the sky filled with storm clouds and lightning
  49. >"Anonymous the human show thy face and bow to your Queen of the night"
  50. >There slowly descending from the sky was a black mare with a blue swirling mane
  51. >She landed a few yards from your home
  52. "Yeah I would but I need to get ready for work so the answers no"
  53. >You walk back into your house and finish getting ready for the day
  54. >Damn ponies always starting shit
  55. >Going to your closet you fish out your emergency kit
  56. >Inside it were tools which didn't exist in this world, but saved your ass before
  57. >You had a feeling you'd need them again today
  58. >Making your way out of the house you passed moonhorse
  59. >Just remember Anon, don't pay them any attention and they'll just give up and move on to someone else
  60. >"Halt there peasant"
  61. >She just doesn't give up
  62. >Turning around you watched the mare stamp the ground with her hooves
  63. >It was adorable, she was throwing a little temper tantrum right here
  64. >You would stay and watch but work was what paid the bills
  65. >Just because the sun wasn't up didn't mean there weren't orders to fill.
  66. >A few minutes of walking and you were in front of the store
  67. >You started your own business shortly after getting to magic horseland
  68. >You weren't an inventor or genius but you did like to tinker with machines
  69. >So after you fixed a few contraptions around town you found the niche you could fill
  70. >Today's priority was to fix Octavias record player
  71. >The parts came in from canterlot before you closed yesterday
  72. >Making your way inside you changed the sign to 'Open' and went into the back to put your lunch in the fridge
  73. >Just as you closed the fridge door you heard the jingle of the bell on the front door
  74. >Stepping into the storefront you saw the black mare
  75. >Remember Anon, maybe she stopped being a bitch and actually has a job for you
  76. "Welcome, how can I help you Ma'am?"
  77. >Her head swiveled looking at the various knick knacks you had placed on the shelves
  78. >"Peasant, thou had ignored a decree by your new Queen. Now you will come with us or we shall use force if needed"
  79. >You sighed, and picked up the broom leaning against a wall
  80. "Nope, now you leave me no choice"
  81. "I have the right to refuse service to pony, griffin, or species I deem unruly"
  82. >With that you actually proceeded to shoo the dark pony from your store with the broom
  83. >She backed up either from fear or confusion, you didn't care by which
  84. >"What are you doing.. Stop that... fine fine I'm going"
  85. >With a final turn she left your store
  86. >Standing outside she glared at you pretty heavily.
  87. >She'll get over it, now back to work.
  88. >Working all day you got a lot done
  89. >Octavias record player would be ready as soon as the sealant dried
  90. >She was hesitant to leave it with you.
  91. >But you promised her that you could fix it .
  92. >Locking the door to your shop you cast a glance at the sky
  93. >Still dark, many ponies walked around .
  94. >You saw the dark mare peer into your shop several times each time disappearing the moment she noticed that you saw her
  95. >No time to think about the oddity, today was pizza day
  96. >Walking to the small pizza shop you pondered what toppings you should get
  97. >Coming up to the parlor the familiar sign that read "Dough Tosser's Famous Pies" came into view
  98. >The pony lived up to his name.
  99. >In all honesty you couldn't fathom how he managed to toss the pizza dough with hooves
  100. >Maybe some questions are better left unanswered
  101. >You placed your order with the mare at the counter
  102. >Two slices with red peppers, onions, olives and various other veggies
  103. >Sitting in an empty booth you closed your eyes and relaxed while waiting for your food
  104. >You were brought out of your little respite when the chatter in the place went dead quiet
  105. >Opening your eyes and following everyone's gaze you saw the mare who caused you some headache
  106. >Seeing you she made her way over and sat across from you
  107. "No please go ahead and sit"
  108. >Please let her pickup on your sarcasm
  109. >"I don't need your permission human"
  110. "So any particular reason you've been stalking me today?"
  111. >"I'd hardly call it stalking, if you had simply heeded my words earlier the present situation would make sense"
  112. >At this point a scared looking mare inched to your table and set your food down
  113. >The moon mares eyes were glued to your food
  114. >You were getting soft
  115. "Here"
  116. >Pushing over your second slice you picked up your own
  117. >She picked up the slice with her magic and took a hesitant bite
  118. >Her eyes lit up when she tasted the various flavors
  119. >You guessed she liked it since that slice disappeared quickly
  120. >Setting down your half finished slice you asked the question that was now on your mind
  121. "So now that were sitting here calmly, explain the situation to me"
  122. >"She told me to give you this"
  123. >She floated a letter over to you
  124. >The royal seal adorned the letter
  125. >Opening it up you read it line by line
  126. >"Anon this is a matter that only you can fix"
  127. >"We tried purging Nightmare Moon from my sister"
  128. >"The elements have been unable to revert her"
  129. >Oh you were going to get her for this
  130. >She wanted your help even when you told her this wasn't your problem
  131. >You'd play her game, but you were a free agent and your time was going to cost her some bits
  132. >Getting up and walking over to the cashier you paid for your food
  133. >Turning back to your new project
  134. "Well come on, time to go"
  135. >She sprang up
  136. >"It took your ape mind long enough to realize that you should heed your betters"
  137. >Oh you can't wait to send Celestia the bill for this one
  138. >The walk back to your cabin gave you some time to think
  139. >Celestia basically dumped her sister/Nightmare Moon on you
  140. >Since she thought it was your fault that she changed into the evil which was supposedly banished by the elements of harmony you were going help turn her back
  141. >Well that's fine maybe once Nightmare Moon realizes how boring and easy going you are she'll change back just to get away from you
  142. >And since she's going to be staying with you you'll just tack on the rent and food to the bill you're going to send her big sister.
  143. >Arriving at your home you opened the door for your new guest
  144. >"You surely jest"
  145. "What is it now?"
  146. >"Thou cannot suggest we stay in this hovel"
  147. "No problem, there's a hammock in the back"
  148. >You closed the door behind you.
  149. >No one ever said you had to be nice to her
  150. >Besides didn't she try to enslave the world. What made anyone think that you were qualified to deal with this.
  151. >The tell-tale sign of magic encircling the doorknob told you she reconsidered her choice
  152. >You watched her enter and sneer at the interior.
  153. "Well now that your here, your bed awaits."
  154. >Pointing at the couch you headed to the closet to get her a comforter and sheets
  155. >"We think not, for one of our stature only a bed will suffice"
  156. >Your deadpan look shut her up quickly
  157. >"We have rethought our previous statement, this will suffice"
  158. >Walking to your bedroom you closed your door
  159. >You fell asleep quickly
  160. >What time is it?
  161. >Peering at your clock it read 12:09
  162. >Something was off.
  163. >Well for one thing you don't have feathers
  164. >But those are feathers draped along your chest
  165. >Turning your head you were met with Luna's face.
  166. >Her breathing calm and peaceful
  167. >Sleep overtook you again
  168. >But in the back of your head you knew something odd was happening in this magic filled world.
  169. "Ah.. ahhh.. Achoo"
  170. >Something was tickling your nose
  171. >Groggily you opened your eyes
  172. >Blue
  173. >Why blue?
  174. >Moving your hand up to your face it was met with a a weird substance
  175. >It almost felt like silk
  176. >What the hell is going on?
  177. >Too many questions first thing in the morning and not enough coffee.
  178. >Brushing the intruder off your face you noticed two things
  179. >One, you were not alone in your bed
  180. >Two, the uninvited guest decided to use you as a makeshift pillow
  181. >Looking to find the identity of the culprit it was pretty evident who the offender was
  182. >Her black coat and blue mane was a dead give away
  183. >Moving your hand you placed it on her shoulder and began trying to wake her
  184. "Wake up Nightmare"
  185. >"Your queen needs five more minutes"
  186. >You can't be serious
  187. >Some evil ruler of the night, bested by not being able to sleep in
  188. >Well you knew the necessary actions that had to be taken to wake someone like her up
  189. >Both your hands travel to her sides and began tickling her
  190. >Her sudden screams and laughter invaded your bedroom
  191. >She tried rolling away from, but forgot that you were Anon 9 time reigning tickle king
  192. >Rolling with her you continued your assault
  193. >At this rate your neighbors would start to wonder what was happening in your bedroom
  194. >At this point she was still trying to control her laughter as tears came down her face
  195. >Hmmm interesting so evil rulers can laugh and cry
  196. >Standing up you gave her a chance to catch her breath
  197. "Well now that you're up get ready for breakfast"
  198. >She gave you a look that was somewhere between I hate you and I will eat your entrails
  199. "Pout all you want but lazy ponies end up missing their breakfast"
  200. >As you walked to the kitchen a single thought ran through your head
  201. >It was going to be a good day
  202. You made yourself a cup of coffee and started to prepare breakfast, simple eggs and toast
  203. >When Nightmare decided to grace you with her presence she sat down at the table and lay her head down on top of it
  204. >”Your Queen does not appreciate being woken in such a barbaric manner”
  205. >Rolling your eyes at the half asleep alicorn you decided to play nice for now
  206. “Be glad I didn’t get the bucket of water”
  207. >”You wouldn’t dare”
  208. “The only reason I didn’t is because I don’t want my bed to smell like wet horse”
  209. >And there’s the glare
  210. >Anyway back to cooking
  211. >Placing the bread in the toaster you pushed the handle down
  212. >Check the eggs, coming along nicely
  213. >You turned to Nightmare
  214. “Do you want orange juice or coffee?”
  215. >”Orange juice”
  216. “Orange Juice what?”
  217. >Wow she might actually blow her top at this rate
  218. >”Please”
  219. “See that wasn’t so bad, next we’ll see if you know your table manners”
  220. >”If I ever return to power I will ensure you rot in a dungeon for the rest of eternity”
  221. “Ahhh promises, now eat”
  222. >You placed her plate on the table and took a seat across from her
  223. “After breakfast you should wash up, we have a long day ahead of us”
  224. >”And what pray tell do you expect us to do?”
  225. >Grinning like the asshole you are you braced for her reaction
  226. “Well since you’re going to be staying here were going to make sure you do your fair share”
  227. “So congratulations on becoming my new assistant at the store”
  228. >”Aaaaaaaaaahh It’s Nightmare Moon!!!”
  229. >Wait for it
  230. >”Baang!!”
  231. >There’s the door
  232. >After much whining and pouting by Nightmare you dragged her to the store
  233. >Well at least you were dispelling many Ponies preconceptions about her
  234. >How many evil villains have temper tantrums in the middle of town because they have to go to work
  235. >The downside however is she has a knack for scaring of customers
  236. >When you arrived at the store you had to think about what Nightmare could actually do
  237. >She probably could handle many repairs easily but definitely lacked the patience and soft touch
  238. >So you decided to put her at the front of the store
  239. >Sales and taking orders from customers
  240. >Probably the easiest thing to e done in here
  241. >So far she made three fillies cry and two grown stallions faint
  242. >Not bad for a first day
  243. >Walking to front it was time to re-evaluate what the problem was
  244. “So how are ya fairing Moonie?”
  245. >”These simpletons flee at our very site”
  246. “Hmmm”
  247. >Walking in front of her you surveyed what you had to work with
  248. “Alright I have an idea so work with me here”
  249. >Reaching over with both hands you gripped her helm
  250. >Delicately you raised it of her head
  251. >Not bad, she was really an attractive mare
  252. >Alright last step
  253. “Now this might be different but I want you to try smiling”
  254. >”We don’t smile”
  255. >Lifting your hand and wiggling the fingers your grin returned
  256. “Oh I think I can fix that”
  257. >A look of pure fear replaced her scowl, the next second she took off to the back of the store
  258. >Business was slow, no doubt due to your new involuntarily hired assistant
  259. >Some of the ponies still came in to pick up their repaired items
  260. >You could barely contain your laughter when you saw Nightmare force a smile
  261. >Man she was fighting it
  262. >The ponies that witnessed it had to be traumatized
  263. >You saw their knees buckle and some simply go as stiff as a board
  264. >But she was trying, and that was all you could ask for
  265. >Looking at the clock on the wall the hands showed it was noon
  266. >The outside was still covered by darkness
  267. >Twilight had come in earlier and explained that it was only the town that was covered in darkness
  268. >Something about Nightmare’s presence causing it in a contained area
  269. >Peaking your head through the doorframe to the front you spied Nightmare
  270. “Lock the front door, it’s time for some lunch”
  271. >”It’s about time”
  272. >You watched as she locked the door and flipped the sign
  273. >Grabbing the two lunch boxes you headed to the back door
  274. >”And where are we going?”
  275. “Right out here”
  276. >You pointed right outside
  277. >Holding the door open she passed by you with her head held high
  278. >Outside was a simple picnic table
  279. >Sitting down you unpacked both your lunches
  280. >As you both dug in you had to contain your smile
  281. >Anyone passing by would probably laugh at this absurd scene
  282. >A human and villain having a cheery lunch
  283. “Oh I was meaning to ask earlier, what would you like for dinner?”
  284. >”Pizza”
  285. “We just had it yesterday”
  286. >”Well it was quite enjoyable”
  287. “And if you keep eating you’ll get fat”
  288. >She looked down at her barrel
  289. >It didn’t matter what world you were in, girls always cared about their weight
  290. >”Very well, we shall reconsider our choice”
  291. >Yu watched as she remained deep in thought for the remainder of your lunch
  292. >As you both finished you packed up the remains and headed back inside
  293. >The rest of the day passed with little fanfare
  294. >As you both stood in front of the store and you locked the door you turned to her
  295. “So any decision on dinner”
  296. >”We desire something simple, but due to our lack of knowledge on modern cuisine it’s difficult to make a choice”
  297. >It was true. Luna only just recently reverted with elements help
  298. >Now Nightmare Moon who was trapped just as long was experiencing the world
  299. “I think I know something you might like”
  300. >Walking back home you both stayed quiet
  301. >It was uncomfortable
  302. >There was really nothing for you to say
  303. >She was stuck with you and you were stuck with her
  304. >That and you still didn’t understand the situation completely
  305. >Celestia said that the elements failed
  306. >And she was charging you with returning her sister to normal
  307. >A genius you were not but you were sure that Sunbutt was hiding something
  308. >The meal was a nice eggplant parmesan
  309. >Moonie dug in without even asking what it was
  310. >It brought a smile to your face
  311. >From what you knew Nightmare Moon was born from Luna’s depression
  312. >She was sad that ponies didn’t appreciate her nights
  313. >And when Nightmare Moon attempted to usurp control and create a permanent night she was jailed in the moon
  314. >Then no sooner as she escaped the elements banished her
  315. >She definitely didn’t get out much
  316. >All this was starting to give you a headache
  317. “So tomorrow the store’s only open for half the day so I can get some shopping done”
  318. >”Is that so”
  319. “Yup, want to come with?”
  320. >She looked surprised at that question
  321. >Then she smiled, not like the forced one’s from earlier
  322. >It was a genuine smile
  323. >”We would like that”
  324. >You prepared her sleeping area after dinner
  325. >This weekend you were going to clean out that spare bedroom
  326. “Sleep well nightmare”
  327. >”Good night Anonymous”
  328. >You opened your eyes and glanced at your clock
  329. >A little before midnight
  330. >You needed some water
  331. >Walking to the kitchen you checked on your guest
  332. >There laying on the couch was Princess Luna, not Nightmare Moon
  333. >Celestia was definitely not giving you the full story
  334. >But you were good at figuring things out
  335. >This was a horrible mistake
  336. >Why did you ever think bringing Nightmare shopping was a good idea
  337. >The day started in a normal fashion
  338. >Well as normal as having a former villain as roomie goes
  339. >Her initial protest of being your shop assistant had disappeared in day
  340. >And after closing the shop early you both headed to the market
  341. >Most ponies were apprehensive of your companion
  342. >But that wasn't what had you on edge
  344. An Hour ago
  345. >"Anon, there is a vile mare here asking to speak with thee"
  346. "Does she happen to have a name?"
  347. >You were finishing up a simple whack-a-diamond-dog game for Cheerilee
  348. >The kids in her class must have been vicious
  349. >Several of the wooden heads were completely gone
  350. >Some even looked like they were chewed off
  351. >"I am not here to bicker with you Nightmare Moon"
  352. >Well looks like the Princess of Friendship herself decided to grace you with her presence
  353. >You watched her enter the back of the shop
  354. "How have you been Twilight, I haven't seen you in a while"
  355. >"Dealing with random problems throughout equestria"
  356. >"And from the look of things you have your hoov... hands full as well"
  357. "It's not a big deal, but Celestia's going to get a pretty big bill when this is over"
  358. >Your comment earned you a deadpan stare
  359. "So I'm going to assume this isn't a social visit"
  360. >"No it's not, Princess Celestia informed me of the circumstances of your mission"
  361. "That's nice, maybe now you can tell me because she told me diddly"
  362. >"Not my place to do that, but I did bring you this"
  363. >Floating over to you was a bound scroll
  364. "Tell me this is step-by-step instruction for removing villain based pests"
  365. >Twilight grinned at you, you didn't like it.
  366. >She looked like a cat that played with the mouse before it ate it
  367. >"it will make sense when you read it"
  368. >With that Twilight left
  369. >Slowly you opened the scroll and read it's contents
  370. Back to the Present
  371. >You were going to get back at Twilight
  372. >It had taken you weeks to formulate a plastic substitute
  373. >A little longer and you would make lego's
  374. >Lego's which you would dump all over her castle floor at night
  375. >She would learn real pain
  377. >Nightmare and you stood in front of the store
  378. >You honestly dreaded this
  379. >Unfortunately for you this needed to be done
  380. >Walking into the store you approached the cream colored mare at the counter
  381. >"Welcome to Ponyville Pharmacy, how can I help you today?"
  382. "Uuuumm yeah, were going to need the things on this list"
  383. >Placing the scroll in front of the mare you felt your face grow hot
  384. >The mare unrolled the scroll and skimmed through its contents
  385. >Raising her eyes back to you with a questioning look you simply pointed at Nightmare behind you
  386. >"I'll be right back with your items"
  387. >She giggled as she trotted off
  388. >Never again
  389. >Not in this world or the last will you ever again buy feminine hygiene products
  390. >Wasn't this against the Geneva convention for guys or something
  391. >As soon as the mare returned with Nightmare's supplies you hurriedly paid and left store
  392. >"What was that all about?"
  393. >Still clutching the bag you didn't even look at Nightmare
  394. "There are things I don't want to ever remember, let's just add our visit to that store to the list"
  395. >"You're certainly blowing this out of proportion"
  396. "Well it's your stuff so next time you're getting it yourself"
  397. >You threw the bag to Nightmare and watched as she caught it in her magical grip
  398. >She opened the bag and took a glance at it's contents
  399. >Her reddened cheeks only solidified your previous statement
  400. >"Quite"
  401. >Well now that that's over time to go to the next stop
  402. >Veggies and Fruits
  403. >The outside market was the best place in town to get fresh veggies
  404. >Back on earth you really never ate healthily
  405. >That all changed here
  406. >Having learned to cook your own meals and lack of any transportation you slimmed down a bit
  407. >You weren't exactly six pack fit but you weren't fat either
  408. >Moving from stall to stall you purchased everything you'd need for the next week
  409. >Of course you doubled your usual quantities
  410. >The entire time Nightmare was peering over your shoulder watching your exchange with the various stall owners
  411. >Many of the ponies were frightened and tried to make themselves invisible as she looked on
  412. >Oh well you were here to get some green goodness
  413. >Lettuce, cucumbers, all the good stuff
  414. >Next fruits
  415. >The fruit stand was manned, wait would it be manned or ponied
  416. >Whatever, it was run by a older mare
  417. >She always had a soft spot for you
  418. >"Anon dearie, what can I get for you today?"
  419. "Some peaches and kiwi would be nice"
  420. >"Coming right up"
  421. >Your attention went straight to Nightmare as she walked up intrigued by the stand
  422. >Her magic gripped a banana and lifted it into the air as she closely inspected it
  423. >"Pray tell citizen what manner of fruit is this"
  424. >Has seriously never seen a banana?
  425. >"Oh honey that's a banana, have one on the house"
  426. "Here let me"
  427. >Reaching over you gripped the fruit and pulled it free of her magic
  428. >Peeling it halfway you held up it to her so she could grab it
  429. >She eyed the fruit suspiciously and sniffed it
  430. >Her tongue extended and she took long lick along the banana
  431. >Your jaw nearly hit the ground at what you were witnessing
  432. >Nightmare seemed to like the taste as she took the banana into her mouth and started to suck on it
  433. >Her lips pursed around the fruit as she closed her eyes
  434. >Looking around you watched the few stallions at the market being dragged off by their marefriends from this spectacle
  435. >A moan from Nightmare made you gulp nervously
  436. >Boy she really liked that banana.
  437. >After your embarrassing time at the market you returned home
  438. >Setting the groceries down you started sorting through the various bags
  439. >Nightmare continued watching you as you put everything away
  440. "You know this would be a lot faster if you helped"
  441. >"It looked like you had everything covered"
  442. >Her gaze never left you
  443. >It also felt off having her just watch you
  444. >She wasn't glaring or scowling at you
  445. >Her gaze was more calculating
  446. >You shivered, something was off with this mare.
  447. "So any preference for dinner?"
  448. >"How about some alfredo"
  449. "Good idea, go set the table then relax till it's done"
  450. >"I most certainly will not, someone of my stature"
  451. >You cut her off by holding your hand up
  452. "Set the table or no dessert"
  453. >"Fine"
  454. >You were starting to figure her out.
  455. >Deny her sweets and she'll do anything you want
  456. >You went back to cooking
  458. A little while later
  459. >You both sat at the dinner table enjoying the simple mushroom alfredo
  460. "So do you like it?"
  461. >"The taste is adequate"
  462. >Man this mare changed her moods more than wind vane changed directions
  463. >At one moment she could be shy and polite, then turn to cold and short
  464. >The rest of your dinner passed in silence
  465. >And after taking both your plates to the sink you went to the living room to relax on the couch
  466. >Nightmare followed and sat next you
  467. "You can go ahead and use the shower first if you want"
  468. >Way to break the silence anon
  469. >"I'll do just that"
  470. >And she's gone
  471. >Sitting there relaxing you replayed the events of the past few days
  472. >Going from living a simple quiet life to reforming a former villain and restoring the light to ponyville
  473. >A sudden bang and yelp coming from the bathroom brought you out of your thoughts
  474. >Running as fast as you could you arrived at the bathroom door
  475. >Turning the knob didn’t work, she must have locked the door from the inside
  476. >You rammed your shoulder into the door
  477. >Eventually breaking through the wooden barrier you stopped dead in your tracks
  478. >Laying wet and groaning in the tub was Nightmare
  479. >Her body glistening from the water still spraying down on her
  480. >Your eyes scanned down
  481. >Oh sweet jesus
  482. >Turning around you felt your face turn completely red
  483. “Are you okay Nightmare?”
  484. >Don’t turn around, don’t turn around
  485. >”Uhhgh I’m fine, my hooves slipped in this blasted tub”
  486. “Well that’s good, just let me know when you’re done”
  487. >You were going to need a nice cold shower after seeing her like that
  488. >After the little debacle with Nightmare everything calmed down
  489. >Your bathroom door would need replacing, but you’d tak that on to the ever growing bill you would send to Celestia
  490. >Going to the kitchen you still had some things to take care of before you turned in for the day
  491. >Grabbing the bread, cheese and other assortments you began making both yours and Nightmare’s lunches
  492. >Absentmindedly you were about to put a banana in her lunchbox when memories of the market flashed back into your mind
  493. >Putting the offending fruit back into the bowl you went with a regular apple for the moon horse
  494. >She should lay off the bananas for a while
  495. >Putting the final touches on you placed both of the lunches in the fridge
  496. >Now that that’s done you had one task left
  497. >The guest room
  498. “Nightmare can you come here for a minute”
  499. >”What is it human, I am quite busy”
  500. >Now you were curious
  501. >Stepping into the living room you saw the mare staring out through the window
  502. >Walking up beside her you looked at where her gaze fell
  503. >There was a couple on a stroll
  504. >The stallion and mare were walking slowly close to each other smiles on their faces
  505. “Busy spying on random ponies huh”
  506. >”I.. uh…they..”
  507. >At a loss for words her face went completely red
  508. >Alright enough embarrassing the poor mare time to get her bedroom ready
  509. “Anyway come help me clean out the guest bedroom”
  510. >”Are we having guests over”
  511. “Nope, it’s so you can have your own room. Unless you want to stay on the couch”
  512. >She walk right past you and headed towards the guest room
  513. >When you caught up with her she was already floating the rooms contents out with her magic
  514. >With Nightmares magic cleaning out the various boxes and abandoned projects went quickly
  515. >”Where should I place these?”
  516. “Set them by the kitchen counter and I’ll take them to shed later”
  517. >You got the extra set of sheets, pillows, and a blanket for her bedroom
  518. >Setting it on her bed you looked around
  519. “We should get something for this room, it looks pretty bare”
  520. >”We do not require trivial items or decorations”
  521. “It’s your room Nightmare, while you’re here let’s make it at least feel like home”
  522. >When you looked at her after surveying the emptiness you were a little surprised
  523. >Her eyes stared into your own
  524. >It’s like she was searching for something
  525. “Okay knock it off”
  526. >You never liked when girls did that
  527. >It’s like they could read your mind.
  528. >Looking at your watch it was getting late
  529. “Finish making your bed Moon, we have a normal day tomorrow”
  530. >”Very well”
  531. >As you walked out you smiled, she was something else
  532. “Goodnight Nightmare”
  533. >”Goodnight Anon”
  534. >You went to bed that night optimistic for the day to come
  535. >Opening your eyes you checked the clock on the bedside table
  536. >Barely past midnight
  537. >All this waking up in the middle of the night, you should probably go see a doctor
  538. >Getting up you headed to the kitchen for a glass of water
  539. >You stopped however next to Nightmare’s room
  540. >Through the door you heard a soft whimpering
  541. >Slowly and quietly you opened the door
  542. >”Please it’s so cold”
  543. >That’s not right it was a pretty normal temperature in your house
  544. >”I don’t want to be alone”
  545. >Ok that’s a bit different
  546. >Walking up to the bed, the fact that it was Luna laying there instead of Nightmare didn’t phase you any more
  547. >Kneeling next to her bed you brought you hand to her cheek
  548. “It’s okay you’re not alone”
  549. >You spoke as quietly as possible, with any luck she wouldn’t wake up, kick your ass, and call you a creeper
  550. >Luck was not on your side
  551. >Luna’ eyes snapped open
  552. >No sooner had they locked on to yours did you see the transformation
  553. >It was almost instantaneous
  554. >”Anon”
  555. “Ye..eah”
  556. >”Since I am a guest in your home, I’ll give you to the count of three before I disembowel you”
  557. “Noted”
  558. >Running to your room you locked the door.
  559. >Pushing the dresser against it you lay back in bed
  560. >So you saw it yourself. Nightmare and Luna were the same pony. And when Nightmare slept she changed back to Luna
  561. >You were going to write a letter to Celestia tomorrow
  563. >Your eyes were bloodshot
  564. >Staying up watching the door in fear of your life while clutching a pineapple as a weapon was not a way to get a good night’s rest.
  565. >Currently you sat in the kitchen clutching your coffee mug and taking short sips
  566. >This mare was going to be the death of you
  567. >At some points she was nice, heck you’d almost go as far as say cute
  568. >Then other times you were certain that you would wake up strapped to a board with her deciding whether to cut off one head or the other
  569. >Maybe you should see if they had bipolar meds here
  570. >She would be a poster child for
  571. >”Good morrow Anonymous, I trust you had a pleasant nights rest”
  572. “Yeah, swell”
  573. >No time to think about it now
  574. >You had a store to open in an hour and whether or not Moon wanted to murder you, you had orders to finish
  575. “We’ll be leaving soon, make sure you have don’t forget your lunch”
  576. >”Do you take me for a forgetful filly”
  577. “You don’t want me to answer that”
  578. >”And you don’t want me to show you the places I can put this with magic”
  579. >She held a familiar looking pineapple with her magic
  580. > et tu pineapple?
  582. Later that day
  583. >And there’s the last piece
  584. >You put a light coat of paint on the small birdhouse
  585. >Apparently Angel bunny, one of Fluttershy’s pets decided to commandeer the bird home as a war base
  586. >She promptly fainted upon seeing Nightmare manning the store front
  587. >Looking over to the couch you had in the back
  588. >Yup she still unconscious
  589. >”Will most ponies ever get over their fear of me?”
  590. >Eyeing Nightmare who stood in the doorframe you pondered her question
  591. “In time yes, but you can’t give up. You have a lot riding against you Nightmare, and I’m not going to sugarcoat it”
  592. “But if you are really willing to show them that you’re not the one to be feared then I’ll stay to the end”
  593. >Man that was cheesy, but it was true
  594. >Nightmare approached you
  595. >And gave you a chaste kiss on the cheek
  596. >”Thank you”
  597. >Smiling you went back to work and Nightmare returned to the front of the store
  598. >”Oh and Anon, if you tell anyone about what just happened..”
  599. “Got you loud and clear”
  601. >The bird home sat drying on the table after the new coat of paint you applied
  602. >Looking at the clip board you marked it off
  603. >What’s next on the list?
  604. >Rarity’s ponyquin, it was burned up pretty bad by Sweetie’s latest attempt at a Cutie Mark
  605. >Alright let’s see what we have to work with
  606. >Taking off the cover, the thing was in pretty bad shape
  607. >Most of the wood was charred, the wire bent.
  608. >Shouldn’t be too hard, sand the wood down and put a new coat of lacquer on it
  609. >Replace any wire you can’t bend back into shape
  610. >Grabbing the tools and materials you rolled a seat over and began your work
  611. >”Oh dear, where am I?”
  612. >Looks like Flutter has come to finally
  613. >Standing up you walked over to the shy mare
  614. “Go easy there Fluttershy you fainted earlier”
  615. >Kneeling by the couch you patted her head gently
  616. >”How long have I been sleeping, oh no my animals”
  617. >Always worried about your animals huh
  618. “Not long, but relax for a second. I’ll get you some water”
  619. >Grabbing a cup and the bottle of water you returned to the pegasi
  620. >Giving her the full cup she eagerly downed the cool water
  621. >”Thank you but I must return, my poor animals are probably worried sick”
  622. “Just take it easy and don’t rush too much”
  623. >Giggling she rose slowly into the air
  624. “And Fluttershy, you don’t have to worry about Nightmare.”
  625. >”But she’s scary”
  626. “She can be, but she really is trying to be a better pony”
  627. >”I’ll try”
  628. >With that Fluttershy gave you a quick hug and went out the back door
  629. >One pony at a time you’d show the town that Nightmare deserved a second chance
  630. >Growling behind you however indicated you were not alone
  631. >Turning around you saw Nightmares head looking at you from the doorway
  632. >”Do you always hug your customers Anonymous?”
  633. “Fluttershy’s a friend”
  634. >”Just a friend?”
  635. >You weren’t a smart man but it almost sounded like she was jealous.
  637. >Not bad for a day’s work.
  638. >The bird house was dried and ready for pickup
  639. >Rarity’s job however was going to take a bit longer
  640. >Some of the wood was burned too deeply. Trying to save the current stuff would probably be futile.
  641. >You had some extra lumber back at home, you’d just bring it with tomorrow
  642. “Nightmare go ahead and start closing up”
  643. >The shuffling and click of the lock told you she had the front covered.
  644. >Focusing on putting away all your tools you cleaned up your work space
  645. >”The front is secure”
  646. “Thanks Nighty”
  647. >”Nighty, the gall commoners have when addressing their superiors astounds me everyday”
  648. “Yeah, yeah, stick it in your poofy hair”
  649. >Walking out the back with your companion you locked the door
  650. “Head home, I’ll grab the food tonight”
  651. >She raised an inquisitive eye at your statement
  652. “Pizza, what toppings do you want?”
  653. >Nightmare’s entire demeanor changed upon the mention of the round delight
  654. >”Peppers and olives”
  655. “Okay, I’ll see you at home”
  657. >Walking home you held the box containing the large pie
  658. >The smell wafted out of the box and into the cool night air
  659. >Damn it smelt good
  660. >You bought a bottle of soda to go with
  661. >Come to think of it has Nightmare ever tried soda before?
  662. >Was soda around a thousand years ago?
  663. >This could be entertaining
  664. >Your house came into view as you walked through town
  665. >It’s only been a few days and she changed so much
  666. >Add that you sent the letter out to Celestia before picking up the pizza
  667. >Maybe this whole ordeal was actually going to end well
  668. >You got your hopes up
  670. >The moment you entered your house they got shattered in more pieces that spike’s pride
  671. >Nightmare was standing on your couch levitating the table lamp and several potted plants
  672. >Twilight was doing the same thing but using most of pots and pans from the kitchen
  673. “So did I miss anything important?”
  674. >”This heathen intruded and refused to leave”
  675. >”I told you I needed to speak with Anon, but you told me to go back to whorse island”
  676. “Twilight, please put all the stuff back. I promise I’ll come and see you tomorrow morning.”
  677. >”Please do, it’s important”
  678. >You saw Moon stick out her tongue at Twilight as she left through the door
  679. “As for you”
  680. >”I was merely protecting this abode from the intruder”
  681. “Put that stuff down, the pizza will get cold”
  682. >The smile Nightmare had was infectious
  683. >You couldn’t even stay mad at this mare
  685. HeliAnon !iCgcZlzXtY 08/21/15(Fri)20:29:04 No.24397697▶
  686. >After a long day you lay in bed
  687. >All this craziness, at least nothing was broken.
  688. >Turning off the lights you close your eyes and drifted off into dreamland
  689. >The door to your bedroom opening caught your attention
  690. >In the moonlight you made out the shape of Nightmare approaching the bed
  691. >As she climbed into bed with you, you started coming to your senses
  692. “Nightmare what are you”
  693. >”Shhhh”
  694. >You felt her tongue take a teasing lick of your neck
  695. >She trailed soft kisses down, pushing the comforter off you
  696. >her lips nipping at your skin as she kept going down past you abdomen
  697. >Her hooves hooked your waistband and pulled down your boxers
  698. >You felt her breath on your member
  699. >”Such an odd shape”
  700. >Your breath caught as you felt her take a long lick from the base to the head
  701. >This felt amazing
  702. >Her tongue wrapped and coiled around you
  703. >It only took seconds and you were at full mast
  704. >A fact which was not lost
  705. >”Seems like someone’s enjoying themselves, so why don’t you repay the favor”
  706. >Nightmare repositioned herself so her plot was above your face
  707. >When she brought it down you were greeted by her marehood
  708. >Your arms gripped her flanks as you took a lick of her folds
  709. >Nightmare moaned and returned to trying to get your entire length down her throat
  710. >Lapping at her folds you were rewarded with her nectar
  711. >Her winking clit received the same treatment
  712. >Pinching it with your teeth elicited a particularly large moan and a torrent of juice
  714. >No sooner had that happened that Nightmares plot was replaced with her face
  715. >Her tongue in your mouth fought for dominance
  716. >”In me.. now”
  717. >Lining herself up she plunged down
  718. >So tight, good god she was tight
  719. >Like a vice made of velvet
  720. >Rocking her hips she continued her attack on your mouth
  721. >Her insides were like fire as she rode up and down on our shaft
  722. >Gripping her flanks you started to meet her half way
  723. >How long were you at it you don’t even know
  724. >Now Nightmare had her ass raised and you held on for dear life as you slammed your hips against her
  725. “Nightmare I’m so close”
  726. >”Do it inside me”
  727. “You sure”
  728. “Don’t you dare pull out”
  729. >It was all the confirmation you needed
  730. >You felt the familiar build up of pressure
  731. >With one final slam you exploded inside her
  732. >Rope after rope painted her insides
  733. >Nightmare must have been close as well, you felt her insides grip you as a her mare juice erupted from her entrance
  734. >Collapsing next to her you grabbed the mare and pulled her into an embrace
  735. “So what brought this on?”
  736. >You gave her a quick kiss on the lips
  737. >”It’s time to wake up”
  738. >You woke up in a cold sweat
  739. >Well this dream was different
  741. >Drinking your coffee you sat at the table
  742. >The dream was still fresh in your mind
  743. >”Good morrow, Anon look at the beautiful darkness of a new day”
  744. >Someone was in a good mood
  745. >Trotting over she sat in front of you with her own cup of joe
  746. >Giving you a smile she began taking slow sips from her mug
  747. >Your face grew red as images from the dream last night entered your mind
  748. “I have to go see Twilight this morning. I’ll see you at the store”
  749. >You almost ran out of the house
  750. >Surely that didn’t raise any suspicions whatsoever
  752. At the Crystal Castle Thingy
  753. >”He said he’d be here this morning”
  754. >”Calm down Twilight, if he said he’d be here he’ll be here”
  755. >The purple dragon tried reassuring the pacing alicorn
  756. >You walking through the front doors alleviated her worries
  757. “Morning Twilight”
  758. >”Good Morning Anon, follow me”
  759. >Twilight led you to the throne room, the place looked like a knights of the round table rejection room
  760. “So what’s so important that my pots and pans almost became deadly projectiles yesterday”
  761. >”Your letter to the Princess”
  762. “Oh she got it, did she say anything about the observations”
  763. >”She did, based on your observations whenever Nightmare Moon rests, Luna’s consciousness assumes control.”
  764. “Well that’s good, right? That means Luna is still in there along with Nightmare”
  765. >”Yes, it would make sense since it seems Luna has still been overseeing ponies dreams”
  766. “That’s good”
  767. >….
  768. >Oh shit!
  769. “What do you mean overseeing dreams?”
  770. >”Well Luna watches over everypony’s dreams to ensure evil doesn’t corrupt them”
  771. >Fuck your life
  773. >You entered the store cautiously
  774. >If Nightmare was the other personality of Luna, and she saw what you dreamed about you were in some deep shit
  775. >Seeing Nighty standing by the front counter reading the paper didn’t put you at ease, something was wrong
  776. “Anything happen while I was gone?”
  777. >”Not really, a pony named Lyra dropped off a strange contraption but that’s about it”
  778. “Ok, thanks for opening the store again”
  779. >She waved her hoof dismissively. Something was definitely up, no snide remarks about how you should owe her
  780. >Watching her closely you made your way into the back
  781. >She was plotting something, and when you least suspect it she would strike
  782. >You were sure of it
  783. >Or you were extremely paranoid and this was going to lead to a nervous breakdown
  784. >Working through the morning you made some good progress on Rarity’s project.
  785. >You’d look at what crazy gizmo Lyra brought you this afternoon.
  786. “Nightmare, want to have lunch inside today. It is pretty hot outside”
  787. >”That would be adequate, I will grab the lunches”
  788. >Maybe you were just being overly paranoid, she was acting nice and even if it was a bit out of character for her she wouldn’t put on this much of an act
  789. >Or wait this long for revenge
  790. >Right?
  792. >Sitting at the work table you munched on the simple cheese sandwich
  793. “So the weekends coming up, want to go do something?”
  794. >”Such as?”
  795. “How about a picnic or swimming, you’ve been working hard so I think you need a break”
  796. >”We shall consider your offer”
  797. >So much for making idle banter
  798. >”If you are done with that I did have something for you to try”
  799. >Your spider senses are on fucking fire!
  800. “Oh, its fine you didn’t have to get me anything”
  801. >”Oh but we insist”
  802. >That evil smile, you gulped in fear
  803. >She knew
  804. >Moments later a small container was in front of you
  805. >Closing your eyes you waited for the inevitable death
  806. >”What are you doing, you know it’s rude to not accept a present from a Royal”
  807. “Uhh, th.. thank you”
  808. >You picked up the small container and opened it
  809. >Wait what is this stuff
  810. >No its.. jello
  811. >Memories flashed through your head
  812. >Luna in a leather outfit throwing you in vat of jello
  813. >Swinging a riding crop and telling you she’d lick you clean
  814. >Hello darkness my old friend
  816. >My back hurts, why does my back hurt?
  817. >Eyes open
  818. >Nope, go fuck yourself Anon, we’ve seen too much bullshit today
  819. >Even your body parts were rebelling against you
  820. >Sitting up you realized you were on the couch
  821. >And Nightmare was sitting next you skimming the newspaper
  822. >”Welcome back to the world of the living”
  823. “How long was I out?”
  824. >”An hour or so”
  825. “Listen Nightmare I”
  826. >She cut you off with a hoof
  827. >”Anon, I’m only going to say this once. And then since I am a merciful queen, shall forget this happened”
  828. >You nodded still silent
  829. >”If you ever have such inappropriate dreams about myself, I shall personally make you a eunuch”
  830. >Instinctively your hand covered your junk
  831. >”Do we have an accord”
  832. >You nodded
  833. >”Excellent, I shall reopen the store”
  834. >You’d probably need more therapy sessions when this was all over.
  836. >Sitting up in your bed you thought about the events of the day
  837. >Waking up from e very sexually charged dream
  838. >Learning that Nightmare’s and Luna’s minds were connected enough that they knew what the other witnessed
  839. >Being threatened with castration
  840. >Pretty exciting
  841. >And provided you didn’t diddle Nightmare in your dreams it would be business as usual tomorrow
  842. >Then this weekend you would take Nighty on a mini vacation
  843. >Closing your eyes you drifted off to the dream world
  845. >”Anon hurry up or you’ll be late”
  846. >Late? Late for what?
  847. >”Holy crap your suits all kinds of messed up”
  848. >Why am I in a suit?
  849. >What kind of mess am I in now?
  850. >Looking around several ponies were running around
  851. >Bouquets of flowers lined the walls
  852. >What was this, a church?
  853. >Anon get up there
  854. >Being pushed by a mob of ponies you were deposited at the altar
  855. >Wait a minute, I can’t be getting married
  856. >I don’t even have a girlfriend
  857. >The music of ‘Here comes the bride’ began playing
  858. >From the doors in the back a mare in a flowing white dress bagan walking towards the altar
  859. >Soon she was standing facing you
  860. >Nervously you lifted the veil
  861. “Nightmare?”
  863. >Waking up in a cold sweat must be the new hip thing to do cause you were doing it a lot now
  864. >Throwing the covers off you pondered the latest in a set of bizarre dreams
  865. “Nightmare’s going to probably kick me in the nuts for that one”
  867. Be Nightmare Moon
  868. >You saw the most recent dream Anon had this eve
  869. >A wedding with you as the bride
  870. >Cheeky human, to even think that you would consider him as mate
  871. >He wasn’t exactly bad looking, but he did grind your nerves more than even Celestia
  872. >Walking into the kitchen you saw the human looking worse for wear
  873. >His eyes bloodshot he nursed his usual mug
  874. >Pouring yourself a cup as well you floated the mug and placed it on the table
  875. “I had a very interesting dream last night”
  876. >You saw him stiffen at your statement
  877. “Would you like to hear about?”
  878. >”No I’m okay, I’m just going to go get ready for work”
  879. >You saw him stumble over his own feet trying to flee
  880. >Oh what fun you would have with him today
  882. >Honestly the dark toned mare was going to cause your sanity do disappear
  883. >The walk to the store that morning was awkward for you
  884. >Not being able to look her in the eyes was becoming an annoyance
  885. >If there was one thing you hated the most it was being scared of uncertainty
  886. >Casting a glance at Nightmare, you noticed she was trotting right next you
  887. >Sporting a serene smile she maintained pace with you
  888. “I’ve been meaning to ask Nightmare, do you maybe want a book or something when you’re working the front”
  889. >She quirked an eyebrow at your question
  890. >”I do not recall seeing any literature within your store”
  891. “Well I really don’t have any books there, but we could stop by the library”
  892. >Nightmare seemed to mull over your suggestion
  893. >”Some light reading would be welcome”
  894. >Looks like you and Nightmare were going to make a small detour before heading to work
  896. >You had to give it to Twilight she was taking this pretty well
  897. >”Anon, what made you think that bringing her here was a good idea?”
  898. >As well as could be hoped for anyway
  899. >”You are going to apologize to those guards”
  900. >Casting a glance towards the wall two guards, which were previously posted outside lay crumpled against a wall
  901. >Unsurprisingly when they saw Nightmare and yourself approaching the crystal castle they promptly stood ready to face her
  902. >It was almost brave if not for the fact that you could see the shaking in their pony legs
  903. >Then when they realized that their show of force wasn’t working they said goodbye to the world of the woken.
  904. >Naturally to spare them the joys of sleeping outside you picked up both the guards and carried them inside with you.
  905. >Nightmare scoffed as you both entered
  906. >”If my guards had ever shown such fear, they would be banished to the wastes”
  907. >But let’s get back to Purple butt being mad at you
  908. >Yup just look at that glare and scrunch
  909. “Not my fault this time, your guards just had a panic attack”
  910. >You gestured at the two guards, who now in their unconscious state snuggled against each other
  911. “All we came here for is some books, Nightmare said she’d enjoy some light reading while she works in my shop”
  912. >If there was a way to get anyone on Twilights good side, it was to show her they were fans of a good book
  913. >Speaking of which, where was your terrorizer?
  914. “Listen Twilight, I’m just going to help her grab a book or two and we’ll be out of your hair”
  915. >”Fine, but make sure she doesn’t damage them or you’ll be buying me the replacements”
  916. “Don’t worry so much, I’ll make sure she doesn’t eat them or use them as toilet paper”
  917. >Walking away from Twilight you started the search for the mare in question
  918. >A few minutes of searching yielded no results
  919. >Where was she, coming upon the next section you read the plaque
  920. “Equestrian History”
  921. >Stepping forward you resumed your search.
  922. >This time your efforts were rewarded
  923. >Nightmare was scanning the shelves filled full of books and scrolls
  924. “Find anything good?”
  925. >”History can’t ever be only classified as good”
  926. >You raised an eyebrow at that
  927. >”It is merely a record of past events, events as seen from the eyes of the victors”
  928. “I’ll just take that as a yes”
  929. >”Quite, now hold these”
  930. >When you left the library your arms were crammed full of books
  931. “You can’t seriously expect me to believe you’re going to read all these”
  932. >”Despite your misplaced doubt I happen to enjoy learning various subjects”
  933. >Rolling your eyes you adjusted the books yet again, some were close to falling
  934. “On the bright side you won’t be too bored up front”
  936. >Nightmare definitely had a grudge against you about the dreams you’ve been having
  937. >How did you come to this conclusion?
  938. >Simple really, firstly being made to carry all of her chosen reading material
  939. >And secondly because she told you
  940. >”These delusions you entertain that you would ever even grace the presence of our wedding makes me laugh”
  941. >It actually got annoying with how high and mighty she got with this
  942. >”And since we can’t simply fetch a new commoner due to our sister choice we shall simply have you do our bidding as a payment”
  943. >She was indebting you for your subconscious thoughts
  944. >You’d humor her for now, but if she got out of hand with this you still had your bag of goodies for dealing with problem equestrian villains
  945. >But you needed to get back to work
  947. >Using your trusty set of pliers you bent another strand of copper.
  948. >This ponyquin of Rarity’s turned out to be a bigger undertaking than you originally expected
  949. >Twisting the end to get rid of the sharp point you got your miniature torch
  950. >The little gadget was powered with magic, hot enough to melt most metals and only cost you three hours of being grilled by Twilight about the human world
  951. >Setting the pliers on your trustee bench you picked up the solid wooden block and a pattern gouge
  952. >Applying pressure you started shaping the block to form a head piece
  953. >”Anon, it’s almost lunch time, finish up what your working on”
  954. “Yes, mother”
  955. >Your quip resulted in something solid hitting you in the back of the head
  956. >One final firm passage with the gouge and you set your tool down
  957. >Blowing over the recent work you watched the wooden shaving fall
  958. >Placing the wooden piece down you stood up and dusted yourself off
  959. >You heard the click of the front door, and the noise of the sign being flipped from open to closed
  960. >Heading over to the fridge you grabbed both of the lunchboxes and headed outside
  961. >Walking over to the wooden table which was set behind your shop you set down the lunches
  962. >Leaning back you stretched your arms over your head
  963. >Hearing a pop you let out a satisfied grunt
  964. >The sky was still dark, but when you looked around it seemed as if it was starting to shrink over the town
  965. >Another question you’d have to bring up to the princess in your next letter
  966. >A few moments later you were joined by Nightmare at the table
  967. >The glow of her magic surrounded her lunchbox and floated it towards herself
  968. >No matter how many times you saw it magic in this place still amazed you
  969. >Ponies didn’t have arms, but unicorn had magic which worked just as well
  970. >Pegasi could use their wings and handle things provided they were not extremely heavy
  971. >Thinking about the earth pony race it seemed if they got a bum rap
  972. >Neither being able to fly or use magic, they had to do everything using their hooves and brains
  973. >Wait why’s Nightmare looking at you all funny
  974. >”Are you going to eat or just sit there with the idiotic expression on your face”
  975. >You must have been lost in thought for a bit
  976. >Opening your lunch you brought out the container with the rice and steamed veggies
  977. >Man this stuff was good
  978. >Simply seasoning with salt and pepper made this a simple but delicious meal
  979. >You and Nightmare ate in relative silence
  980. >Mind you it wasn’t a bad silence, it was actually quite welcome
  981. >It didn’t feel like you had to say anything, just simply enjoy the outdoors while eating lunch
  982. “So have you given any thought on where you want to go this weekend?”
  983. >Looking thoughtful, Nightmare floated another spoonful of rice to her mouth
  984. >”It has been ages since I last had an opportunity to swim freely”
  985. >So the lake it is
  986. “We’ll pack tomorrow, and leave the day after then”
  987. >A nod was all you received from Nightmare as she chewed her food
  988. >A few more minutes later you packed up the two lunchboxes and headed inside
  989. >Nightmare walked back to the front of the store as you stowed the boxes away and set yourself back to work
  990. >You thought about the mini vacation you were about to embark on you started to prepare a mental checklist
  991. >Blankets, towels, food, a tent, sleeping bags, and some lanterns.
  992. >Maybe you could get your hands on some fireworks to light off at night.
  993. >Most of the food you could make yourself, probably get the rest from sugarcube corner.
  994. >The plan started to form in your head as you worked
  995. >You always did pride yourself on your ability to multitask.
  997. >It had been maybe an hour since lunch when you heard the storefront door open
  998. >”Good afternoon welcome’s to the Repair Shop, hello Fluttershy I’ll tell Anon you’re here”
  999. >Wow she was even being more polite than ever before
  1000. >Soft hoof falls preceded Fluttershy’s entrance
  1001. >”Good afternoon Anon”
  1002. “Hello Flutters, I have the birdhouse all finished for you”
  1003. >”Oh thank you so much, the poor little bird family was worried sick about it for days now”
  1004. “Well you know I’m happy to help, just next time tell Angel that he’ll be helping rebuild it if he breaks it”
  1005. >”Oh Anon, you know he’s just young. He doesn’t understand how his actions affect others”
  1006. >That bunny knew too well, he caused more damage around Fluttershy’s place than Discord
  1007. >”Thank you again Anonymous”
  1008. >With that you helped Fluttershy pack the birdhouse into her saddlebag
  1009. >She waved goodbye as she left.
  1010. >”Have a nice day Miss Moon”
  1011. >”You as well Fluttershy”
  1012. >Well now this was just unimaginable, Nightmare was being polite to others
  1013. >Then again this was Fluttershy, you didn’t think there was a creature alive that didn’t warm up to the shy yellow mare
  1014. >She was just too adorable
  1016. >Using the different files you continued to carve the wooden block
  1017. >Grabbing some sandpaper, you pressed it against the wood and moved it with the grain
  1018. >With a little more work you’d be ready to stain it
  1019. >Time however was not on your side, the clock on the wall read six.
  1020. >Ok, you were surprised Nightmare didn’t come bothering you about finishing for the day.
  1021. >Standing up you felt the strain in your neck.
  1022. >You were definitely at it for a while.
  1023. >Walking to the front you saw something surprising.
  1024. >Luna’s face was firmly planted in the book on the counter
  1025. >She must have fallen asleep while reading
  1026. >Walking over to her you placed a hand on her shoulder
  1027. >Gently shaking her awake you prepared yourself for her inevitable reaction
  1028. >”What the…. Huh?”
  1029. >Her head snapped to attention
  1030. >The almost immediate transformation from Luna to Nightmare occurred
  1031. “It’s time to go home Nightmare”
  1032. >Yawning with a hoof to her mouth she closed her book
  1033. >”What time is it?”
  1034. “Just past six, close up and we’ll head home”
  1035. “Okay”
  1036. >She must have been still half asleep
  1037. >It didn’t take long to put all your tools away and grab the lunchboxes
  1038. >With a still drowsy Nightmare you started your trip home
  1040. >The cool air of the evening felt good against your skin
  1041. >Nightmare looked like she was ready to fall back asleep
  1042. >Trotting next to you, she kept bumping against you
  1043. >She would correct her track only to eventually end up bumping back into you due to her drowsiness
  1044. >After a minute she settled just walking while half leaning against you
  1045. >You’d bet everything you have that in her right state of mind she’d never allow herself to do something like this
  1046. >Several ponies who were also heading home for the day observed you
  1047. >The mares giggled and the stallions smiled knowingly
  1048. >If they only knew that this mare was more likely to beat your butt that act like this unless she wasn’t in her right mind
  1049. >Eventually you both made it home.
  1050. >You led Nightmare straight to bed and tucked the mare in
  1051. >You were feeling pretty tired yourself, but there were a few things left to do
  1052. >Heading to the kitchen you began prepping tomorrow’s lunch for the two of you
  1053. >Grabbing some pasta you decided to make some sautéed veggies with pasta.
  1054. >You enjoyed cooking, heck just working with your hands brought you a sense of pride
  1055. >In essence you were equestria’s only handyman, in both senses of the word.
  1056. >Putting the final touches on the two lunches you stowed the lunchboxes in the fridge
  1057. >Grabbing a bottle of water, you brought it to your lips.
  1058. >A quick swig and you capped the bottle.
  1059. >Time for a shower and then to bed.
  1060. >Grabbing a towel and some underwear you headed to the bathroom.
  1061. >Turning the shower on you adjusted the knobs to get that perfect mix
  1062. >Stepping in you let the water just wash off the day’s grime
  1063. >You had to be careful, if you stayed here for too long you’d end up falling asleep in the shower.
  1064. >Some shampoo and soap later you rinsed off and stepped out of the shower
  1065. >Wiping yourself down you put on your undies and headed to your bedroom
  1066. >You ended up just collapsing onto the bed.
  1067. >Laying your head on the pillow you relaxed
  1068. >Your thoughts turned to what dreams may come when you drifted off to dreamland
  1070. >Standing on a hilltop surrounded by fields of green seemed strange to you at first
  1071. >Looking around it was green as far as the eye could see
  1072. >Sitting down in the grass you felt a cool breeze sweep against you
  1073. >This was peaceful
  1074. >It was a dream, it had to be. Slightly different from the ones you’ve been having but a dream nonetheless
  1075. >Something or someone was watching you. It didn’t take a psychic to figure it out, it was your mind after all
  1076. “I know someone’s there, why don’t you just come out”
  1077. >You waited for a response, but only received silence
  1078. >It didn’t bother you, if someone wanted to try harming you in this dream they had many opportunities to do it
  1079. >Casting a glance around you, your eyes stopped on a shadow floating behind you
  1080. >It didn’t have a solid form to it but judging by its general shape you knew who the intruder was
  1081. “How are you Luna?”
  1082. >No response, it didn’t move or make any acknowledgement that you were speaking to it
  1083. “I know you’re there Luna, and if I’m right Nightmare is there as well”
  1084. >Still nothing, she probably could only observe and not interact
  1085. “Well at least I won’t get any threats tomorrow from this dream huh”
  1086. >So is this what schizophrenics act like? Simply talking to themselves
  1087. >Leaning back until you were laying down you enjoyed this peaceful dreamscape
  1088. >Wondering what the day would bring you felt yourself jolt awake
  1090. >Rubbing the sleep from your eyes you made your way to the bathroom
  1091. >Opening the door you were met with a still tired looking Nightmare
  1092. >With a toothbrush still in her mouth she turned to you
  1093. >”Morning Anon”
  1094. “Morning Nighty”
  1095. >She moved to the side, making space so you could brush your teeth as well
  1096. >You could almost laugh at this.
  1097. >Walking up to the sink you grabbed your toothbrush and spread some toothpaste on the bristles
  1098. >Side by side you and Nightmare brushed your teeth
  1099. >Gargling with some mouthwash you started out of the bathroom
  1100. >Looking over your shoulder you saw Nightmare applying some light makeup
  1102. >Entering the kitchen you set the kettle and began making the nectar of the gods
  1103. >Taking out the two lunches you started getting everything together for the oncoming day
  1104. >The whistling of the kettle got you moving again prepping two mugs. You poured the water into the grounds and filtered the mixture into them.
  1105. >The remainder of the boiled water was used to make some oatmeal for breakfast.
  1106. >Placing the bowl of cooling oatmeal and mug of coffee at Nightmare’s spot you sat in your own.
  1107. “Nightmare, breakfast is ready”
  1108. >”Coming, just give me a second”
  1109. >No royal voice, or condescension. Who said miracles don’t happen
  1110. >Grabbing a spoon you dug in, tasting the oatmeal it was pretty bland
  1111. >Getting back up you headed to fridge.
  1112. >The oatmeal needed something, looking around the shelves and moving some contents aside you found a small container with blueberries
  1113. >That’ll do the trick
  1114. >Returning to your seat, you tipped the container and dumped some of the blue morsels into the oatmeal
  1115. >Stirring the contents of the bowl you brought a spoonful to your mouth
  1116. >Sweet and tangy, perfect if you do say so yourself
  1117. >The sound of hooves on the wooden floor alerted you to Nightmare’s presence
  1118. >She crossed the kitchen area and took a seat across from you and dug into her breakfast
  1119. >Gulping down the rest of your breakfast and coffee you picked up the plate and mug and headed to the sink
  1120. >You’d do the dishes tonight
  1121. “Are you excited about tomorrow?”
  1122. >”Hmmm I’ll make a judgment on the level of excitement once were actually there”
  1123. >Finishing her own breakfast you saw her plate and mug join yours in the sink
  1124. “Why don’t we get going”
  1126. >Most of Ponyville was covered by the morning mist
  1127. >A few scattered ponies could be seen going to work
  1128. >On the horizon you could see the beginnings of Celestia’s sunrise
  1129. >Just like the past few days the patch of darkness which blocked the light of sun had grown smaller
  1130. >You had a feeling this was in some way tied the changes that were happening with the mare by your side
  1131. >Opening the door to your store you let Nightmare enter
  1132. >She walked to her usual spot and floated a book from the stack behind her to the counter
  1133. “So which one are you reading today?”
  1134. >With her magic she lifted the book again so you could see the title
  1135. >’Equestria through the years’
  1136. “Well I won’t keep you from your quest for knowledge you highness”
  1137. >Walking to the back you saw the corners of her mouth turn up in a smile.
  1138. >Sitting yourself down on the stool you brought the wooden ponyquin head up to your eyes
  1139. >Looking it over you tried finding any obvious imperfections
  1140. >Nothing looked off, then again looks can be deceiving.
  1141. >Opening a drawer on your workbench you reached in to fish out a piece of high grit sandpaper
  1142. >Where the heck was it
  1143. >Biting your tongue your hand fumbled inside the drawer
  1144. >Dang, nothing. Did you already go through your whole supply?
  1145. >Sighing you got up. Looks like you’d be heading to Hay’s hardware before you got started
  1146. >When you reached the front you found Nightmare deeply engrossed in her book
  1147. “Nightmare, I have to grab some sandpaper from the hardware store. You’re in charge”
  1148. >She gave you a mock salute without even looking up
  1149. >Shaking your head you made your way outside
  1150. >This vacation would probably do her some good, she was likely loosing her mind if her actions during the last few days were any indication.
  1151. >Walking down the dirt path, you kicked random rocks that littered the walkway
  1152. >You should have checked if you were running low on anything else before leaving
  1153. >Oh well, you’d make a list when you got back.
  1154. >Seeing the sign of the hardware store you picked up your pace
  1155. >Good thing Hay always opened as early as you did
  1156. >Giving him a good morning wave as you entered you headed to the woodworking section
  1157. >Your eyes scanned the selection of various sheets of sandpaper
  1158. >Low grit, low grit, ahh there we go high grit.
  1159. >Grabbing two large sheets, you tucked them under your arm
  1160. >Taking a quick look you hoped something else would come to mind while you were here
  1161. >Come on brain, back me up here
  1162. >Not remembering anything you made your way to the cashier
  1163. >You and Hay had a lot in common, both enjoyed wood work and craft projects
  1164. >Hay rung you up and after dropping some bits on the counter you were on your way back
  1165. >Or would have been if not for someone yelling your name
  1166. >”Anon!!! I’ve been looking for you everywhere”
  1167. >A purple blur rushed into your view
  1168. “What’s wrong Twilight?”
  1169. >”Princess Celestia, she said she needs to speak with you right away”
  1170. “Okay, just let me lock up the store and tell..”
  1171. >”There’s no time, just hold still, I’ll teleport us to the castle”
  1172. “Twilight do..”
  1174. “…n’t”
  1175. >Do you know the feeling when you are charged with static electricity?
  1176. >You can feel the hair on your arms stand on end
  1177. >That’s what it feels like to be teleported
  1178. >Well also you forgot to add the nausea, a large shock, and headache
  1179. >Leaning against the closest wall you tried to make the room stop spinning
  1180. “Twilight, remember when I told you don’t like being teleported?”
  1181. >”Oh yeah, but this is important”
  1182. “Last question, how good is your cleaning service?”
  1183. >”I’d have to say pretty good, why?”
  1184. >Bending over you emptied this morning’s breakfast right at the purple princess’ hooves
  1185. >She jumped back trying to avoid it
  1186. >She failed, hopefully this would help her remember for next time
  1187. >”This is so disgusting, let’s go to the other room”
  1188. >Righting yourself you used your sleeve to wipe your mouth
  1189. >Twilights face was starting to green slightly
  1190. >She was probably someone who puked if they were around someone who did as well
  1191. >Following the retreating mare you entered another room
  1192. “So I thought we were going to see the Princess?”
  1193. >”Indeed you were”
  1194. >Turning to the source of the voice you found Princess Celestia approaching you
  1195. >Her warm smile slightly settling your stomach
  1196. >Maybe it was one of her special talents
  1197. “So what’s so important I had to lose my breakfast”
  1198. >”I came here to thank you Anonymous”
  1199. >What?
  1200. “Anything specific or just a general thank you”
  1201. >You were confused by what this mare was on about
  1202. >”I honestly couldn’t believe you had succeeded, but rest assured your help will not go unrewarded”
  1203. >Stepping closer to her, you picked up one of her hooves and clasped it in your hands
  1204. “I can say this with all sincerity Princess”
  1205. >Your eyes locked with hers
  1206. “I have no idea what you’re talking about”
  1207. >It was Celestia’s turn to be confused
  1208. >”Luna, who else”
  1209. “I don’t follow, I mean yeah she’s there but her and Nightmare are improving slowly”
  1210. >Celestia looked to Twilight and back to you the confused expression evident on her face only grew
  1211. >”Anon, Luna appeared in her chambers maybe an hour ago”
  1212. “She did what now? You have to be mistaken Nightmare was in my store not even half an hour ago”
  1213. >Nightmare, oh no!
  1214. >Turning on your heel you ran from the room
  1215. >Most of the guards jumped out of the way when you came running through the hallways
  1216. >You had to get back to the shop
  1217. >If Luna had returned did that mean that Nightmare was gone?
  1219. >Your lungs were on fire
  1220. >Figuratively not literally anyway
  1221. >Ponies watched you as you ran like a madman to your store
  1222. >Please be there
  1223. >Reaching the front door you jerked it open
  1224. >She was at the counter
  1225. >The book you saw her reading not too long ago lay open at her spot
  1226. >Maybe she’s in the back, running to your work space your eyes surveyed the room
  1227. >Empty save for the projects and your tools
  1228. >She was gone
  1229. >You don’t remember you actually felt this sad.
  1230. >Nightmare may have started as a result of Luna’s feeling, but she was a living being as well
  1231. >One with her own fears and dreams, did that not count for anything
  1232. >This wasn’t right, it wasn’t fair
  1233. >The toilet flushing caused you head to snap up
  1234. >When the door opened and Nightmare stepped out you couldn’t believe it
  1235. “You’re here”
  1236. >She looked confused at your statement
  1237. >”Yes, why wouldn’t I be?”
  1238. >She barely had a chance to finish her sentence before you had her in a hug
  1239. >”Anon what’re you doing?”
  1240. >You just held her in an embrace
  1241. >Her mane tickled your nose, but at this point you considered it the best feeling in the world
  1242. >”Did I miss something while you were out”
  1243. >Breaking the hug but still holding her at arm’s length you smiled at her
  1244. “I’ll explain on the way”
  1246. >After locking up the shop, you and Nightmare headed to Twilights castle
  1247. “So from what Celestia told me, Luna appeared back in the castle not too long ago”
  1248. >”And due to your loyalty to me you came to ensure our safety”
  1249. >There’s the ego, she’d never let you live down the fact that you were worried about her
  1250. “I’ll admit I was worried”
  1251. >”Your fealty to us is noble, thus we shall forgive you for touching us without permission. This time”
  1252. >Lifting her head high you laughed. Relieved that your friend was safe
  1253. >As crazy as it sound to say she was your friend
  1254. >Arriving at Twilights castle the guards let you in
  1255. >And they didn’t even faint this time. You were so proud.
  1256. >Navigating your way through the halls some of the guards you rushed by gave you worried glances
  1257. >Probably due to your rapid departure earlier
  1258. >When you reached the doors of the room you burst out of earlier you took a deep breath
  1259. “You ready”
  1260. >”As ready as I’ll ever be”
  1261. >Opening the door you entered first, Twilight turned and you saw relief settle on her face
  1262. >”Anon, what was that all about?”
  1263. >The question died as Nightmare stepped into the room behind you
  1264. >”What.. how.. Princess how can she be here if Luna is back?”
  1265. >Celestia had a similarly shocked expression, but it just as quickly turned into one of happiness
  1266. >”It seems that Nightmare Moon has gained enough of her own will to become as real as any of us”
  1267. >Celestia walked around Nightmare examining her, raising a hoof she poked her flank
  1268. >”Stop that”
  1269. >With a giggle Celestia withdrew her hoof
  1270. >”My apologies sister, it is just intriguing but this whole set of events turned out better than I could have ever hoped”
  1271. >”Oh I’m sure, you probably hoped that I would get blasted apart again”
  1272. >”No such thing my worry for Luna’s safety was great, but believe me that I never meant you any harm”
  1273. >Nightmare must have been convinced with Celestia’s words because she didn’t press any further
  1274. >”So are you ready then sister?”
  1275. >”Ready? Ready for what?”
  1276. >”To come with me to Canterlot, you are my sister and as such a Princess of Equestria. So will you join in ruling this kingdom with myself and Luna”
  1277. >You smiled at this scene. Nightmare not only gained a freedom she had never known, but now she also had a family
  1278. >Twilight was tearing up at the scene, reaching into your pocket you gripped a tissue and handed it to her
  1279. >She mouthed a ‘thank you’ and resumed watching the touching scene
  1280. >Nightmare looked at you
  1281. >Searching her eyes you saw a lot of varying emotions
  1282. >Hope, fear, joy, sadness
  1283. >Placing a hand on her shoulder you gave her a reassuring grip
  1284. “Go meet your new family, and just don’t forget about us peasants here in Ponyville”
  1285. >The smile she gave you was something truly beautiful
  1286. >There was true happiness behind it
  1287. >You could have sworn you even saw some tears in her eyes
  1288. >”Then let us be off”
  1289. >A quick flash of light and they were gone
  1290. >You should be sad that she was gone, but to tell the truth you were happy for her
  1291. >She found a place in the world, a place with those that loved her
  1292. >”Thank you Anon, you did something truly amazing”
  1293. “I know, I’m pretty awesome huh?”
  1294. >”And as humble as Rainbow”
  1295. >You both chuckled
  1297. >Waving goodbye to Twilight you starting your trek back to the store
  1298. >Boy it was going to be boring with Nightmare gone
  1299. >And you might have gotten a little spoiled with having someone minding the front while you worked in the back
  1300. >Opening the front door you looked to the pile of books Nightmare had began reading.
  1301. >Might as well get those returned since you weren’t going to read them
  1302. >Picking up the stack you headed into the back.
  1303. >Setting them on one of the benches you sat on a stool
  1304. >That’s when it hit you that your planned mini vacation with Nightmare was over before it had even a chance to begin.
  1305. >Guess it’s business as usual then.
  1306. >Pulling out a quill and roll of parchment you began writing your letter.
  1307. >You didn’t get anything done today
  1308. >Honestly your mind was elsewhere
  1309. >The events of the morning replaying in your mind
  1310. >During lunch you ate by yourself, Nightmares lunchbox sat untouched in the fridge a testament to the fact that she in reality was gone
  1311. >Jotting the final notes on the scroll you rolled it up
  1312. >Grabbing a red wax candle you made the seal on it
  1313. >A Large ‘A’ adorned the seal
  1314. >Might as well lock up early and stop by the post office to mail it
  1315. >Grabbing the two lunchboxes you shut off the lights
  1316. >Casting one last look over the shop you exited and locked the door
  1317. >It was still early, barely past three in the afternoon
  1318. >The sun was out, the remnants of the darkness that engulfed the town had disappeared shortly after Nightmare left
  1319. >A short walk later you were at the post office
  1320. >You probably could have gone and asked Spike to send it for you but this time you just wanted it done without any questions so you could head home
  1321. >After a few minutes of waiting patiently in line you walked up to the counter and set the scroll down
  1322. >”Who’s the recipient?”
  1323. “Princess Celestia”
  1324. >She looked at you as if you grew a second head
  1325. “Listen just send it, it’s not a joke”
  1326. >”Okay sir, that’ll be 3 bits, would you like delivery confirmation with it”
  1327. “No it’s fine”
  1328. >Fishing out the bits you set them on the counter and left
  1329. >Only thing left to do is to head home
  1330. >Your mind was blank throughout the walk
  1331. >Reaching your small home you opened the door.
  1332. >Looking around the place seemed more empty than usual. Setting the lunchboxes down you went to your bedroom and just dropped yourself on the bed
  1333. >Closing your eyes you let the stress of the day wash away and fell asleep
  1335. In Canterlot
  1336. >Anonymous the Human
  1337. >He did more than you could have hoped for
  1338. >You only wished your sister returned to you
  1339. >You entrusted her to him
  1340. >Now you had Luna back and then something amazing happened
  1341. >Nightmare Moon, she was there as well
  1342. >The evil you sensed before radiating off of her, all gone
  1343. >You thanked whatever deity brought the human to your kingdom
  1344. >”Your Higness, there is a message for you from Anonymous the Human”
  1345. >One of the guards held a scroll in his wing
  1346. “Bring it to me please”
  1347. >Quickly coming over you griped the scroll with your magic and broke the seal
  1348. >Your eyes moved quickly through the text
  1349. >Disregard your previous words, Anon was an evil monster.
  1350. “Guard, go to the treasury and get me one of the clerks”
  1351. >”Yes your highness”
  1352. >You had to give him credit for being brave
  1353. >Not too many creatures would have the guts to send you a bill.
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