Feb 14th, 2017
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  1. Redwall By Narnia Anon RC 1.0.0
  2. Relentless Riddles +200
  3. Ursus Arctos Horribilis +600
  4. rolling for location Roll(1d8)+0:5,+0 Total:5 I appear to have landed in the TV series
  5. Abbey-Dweller free.
  6. Bird: red tailed hawk-300
  7. Aerial Acrobat free for bird
  8. The Scourge-100
  9. With Open Arms Free for Abbey-Dweller
  10. JITTAGALL -300 discount for Abbey dweller
  11. I Am That Is-600
  12. A Little Light In Every Heart -300
  13. Companion Import: Monique -50
  14. Sturdy Haversack free for everyone
  15. Infinite Cheese Free for Abbey-Dweller
  16. Booty -50
  17. Abbey Kitchen-100 discount for Abbey dweller
  18. Monique
  19. Abbey-Dweller free.
  20. Bird: red tailed hawk-300
  21. With Open Arms Free for Abbey-Dweller
  22. Sturdy Haversack free for everyone
  23. Infinite Cheese Free for Abbey-Dweller
  25. The plan: genetically engineer appropriately sized non-sapient goats without horns As livestock for predatory birds, snakes and cats, thus removing people from the food chain. Convert Asmodeus Poisonteeth into several dozen pairs of mouse size boots and give them to the local Abbey, forcefully reform/psychotherapy for Cluny the Scourge so that he can put his leadership to good use instead of evil. Chill with basil, enduring basil's constant wordplay about my singing, save the sparrows from general ironbeak making a special point of going full combat troll on him in front of his soldiers. Let's roll for combat with Lord Arctos
  26. Roll(1d100)+0:87,+0 Total:87 , well , I was never that good with dodging the omega beam. So that one hits me. Do I have time to counterattack. Thanks to rolling counter? Roll(1d100)+0:83,+0 Total:83 . This is all three of my bodies in war form Mind you , and he one hit me. Five lives left, pulling him into my world the Clampett demon swarm along with starlight sentinels seems to work a lot of the time for these big boss fights. So let's try thatRoll(1d100)+0: 57,+0 Total:57 . The good news is I didn't die. The bad news is five of the starlight sentinels did, how long before they can be remade?Roll(1d100)+0:
  27. 47,+0 Total:47 okay so that's like five jumps. Now I have a lot of control here can I drown him in solid stone?Roll(1d100)+0:35,+0 Total:35 okay, it looks like I've got is lower half immobilized unfortunately his upper half has omega beams
  28. let's see if my sparring partner can help back me up here
  29. theian121: Roll(1d100)+0:90,+0 Total:90
  30. oh that's right my mightiest foes have had things like perfect defenses and conceptual bull crap Saitama Is down! TAKESHI, healing beam on OPM now! 92 . The beam doesn't reach! Contingency greater teleport to the animal Crossing town hospital and he is safe, Tina has a wand of universal fire that she hardly ever gets to use. I think this is suitably desperate times Roll(1d100)+0: 14,+0
  31. Total:14. This bear is now a lot of charcoal . The charcoal is now Carbon dioxide , I have a relative scale, 300 foot bear vaporized and brought to very near absolute temperature Mixing with the atmosphere of my inner world.
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