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  1. I/ActivityThread( 1856): Pub sms:
  2. I/ActivityThread( 1856): Pub mms-sms:
  3. I/ActivityManager( 1638): Start proc for service pid=1935 uid=10048 gids={1028}
  4. V/MmsConfig( 2312): tag: int value: defaultSMSMessagesPerThread - 500
  5. V/MmsConfig( 2312): tag: int value: smsToMmsTextThreshold - 4
  6. V/MmsConfig( 2312): tag: bool value: enableMultipartSMS - true
  7. V/MmsConfig( 2312): tag: bool value: enableSplitSMS - false
  8. D/MmsSmsDatabaseHelper( 1856): [MmsSmsDb] tableName: threads hasAutoIncrement: CREATE TABLE threads (_id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY AUTOINCREMENT,date INTEGER DEFAULT 0,message_count INTEGER DEFAULT 0,recipient_ids TEXT,snippet TEXT,snippet_cs INTEGER DEFAULT 0,read INTEGER DEFAULT 1,type INTEGER DEFAULT 0,error INTEGER DEFAULT 0,has_attachment INTEGER DEFAULT 0) result: true
  9. D/MmsSmsDatabaseHelper( 1856): [MmsSmsDb] tableName: canonical_addresses hasAutoIncrement: CREATE TABLE canonical_addresses (_id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY AUTOINCREMENT,address TEXT) result: true
  10. D/MmsSmsDatabaseHelper( 1856): [getWritableDatabase] hasAutoIncrementThreads: true hasAutoIncrementAddresses: true
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