Inheritor of Chaos - Chapter 14, Golden dream

Aug 23rd, 2017
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  1. >You slowly open your eyes and rise from your slumber at the sound of various clocks simultaneously
  2. “Agh… my head hurts. Next time I’m bringing the Alberto Alpha with me…”
  3. >As you slowly recover from your fatigue of not having any clone around, you let out a small yawn and stretch your tiny colt hooves.
  4. “Mmmnnn… I feel as if I drank too much alcohol and I magically moved to somewhere else… probably Tijuana, it’s always Tijuana.” You said with annoyance while you scratched the back of your head with your hind hoof.
  5. >As you started to become more aware of your surroundings, you noticed something odd about the place you were currently at.
  6. >You weren’t at the cloud that Discord created or in El Dorado anymore, instead you were sitting on a very comfortable stone bench.
  7. >This was way too elegant for your standards.
  8. “What the- I don’t remember having this bench in my island! Or… Am I in some other place? Where in the…?“
  9. >You slowly get up from the bench and look around you. You were in some big ass garden; there were many flowers with red and yellow colors, mostly yellow; it looks as if someone maintains this place on a daily basis to make everything look perfect.
  10. >But still… where were you? Did Discord leave you in this place? It… doesn’t look too chaotic, well, despite the hard air stream, everything looks too normal.
  11. >Like, too normal for Discord. If you were him, you would make the roses… rainbow colored or some shit like that and make circular paths around the place.
  12. >There is also the probability that he is simply tricking you.
  13. “Where in the hay I am now?”
  14. >Wait a moment.
  15. >…
  16. >Did you just say an implied vulgar pony word again?
  17. >Ugh.
  18. “Dammit, I’m getting too used to pony words…” You say while taking a look around while walking by the garden. “Give me some time and I’ll be forgetting that I was a human too… hah, whatever. I gotta see what this place is or where I am.”
  19. >Oh yeah baby, it’s scouting time!
  20. >Time to make some goggles appear on your head and a telescope with a map of this place alongside something to eat since you were a bit hungry.
  21. >You close your eyes to concentrate and…
  22. “Hnnng…”
  23. >Despite focusing, nothing happens.
  24. >Not even the half telescope appeared …
  25. “Hmm? Am I still powerless about my clones not being near me? How odd. I thought, since I’m already awake, I could do some chaotic magic… oh well, there goes my idea to change the flowers into tamales.”
  26. >You shrug it off like you do with everything and keep walking through the garden.
  27. “Man, this place sends chills down my spine… and the wind is so strong, it feels like I’m inside a freaking tornado.”
  28. >You notice that the garden had a direct access to a beach. Nothing too peculiar or detailed, it was just a normal looking set of stairs and a normal looking beach; the sea itself looked dubious tho… the waves look dangerous probably due to the wind
  29. “Uh… not a beach I would enjoy.” You say while continuing walking across the garden.
  30. >Are you in some sort of resort? An island? You have no idea of where you were… but you are getting tired of walking.
  31. >Or are you? You don’t feel /that/ tired.
  32. >Then again, why the fuck you can’t do chaos magic? Is there something that Discord hasn’t told you about your magic? Or maybe you’re out of juice?
  33. >You keep walking and wondering about this weird garden. But you were starting to get bored of walking around.
  34. >Who knows? Maybe you were walking in circles.
  35. “Man, this garden is starting to feel like a maze… better get a scouting spot instead of horsing around.”
  36. >Pun totally intended.
  37. >You turn your head around to try and see if you could get to a high place to survey the area, but no luck.
  38. “Aw, mierda.” You kick the ground in annoyance. “…Wait a minute, where are my translated dialogues? Is there something wrong?”
  39. >Now this is weird. You didn’t expect it to get /this/ bad with your magic.
  40. “Como sea…”
  41. >As you turn around in defeat, you find what appears to be a pavilion that seemingly appeared from out of thin air.
  42. >It was probably in the middle of the garden, with white pillars that combined with the garden and what not.
  43. “Uh… why am I feeling vertigo in my ass all of the sudden? There’s something odd about it and so out of place.”
  44. >Your left ear perks up as you hear jingle bells near your left side.
  45. “Uh?” You look at the direction of the sound but spot nothing.
  46. >Your right ear perks up as another set of jingle bells started to sound next to you.
  47. “Wha-?”
  48. >When you turn to your right, you spot a majestic golden butterfly flying near you.
  49. >Long time no see, Miss butterfly!
  50. “Oh hi! You… you’ll need a name if you plan on continuing following me, buddy.” You touch your chin with your hoof while thinking. “Hmmm… what name to call you… uh, Mariposa is butterfly in English, so… Mariposa… Mari… Maria? Yup, Maria suits a butter-“ As you keep talking to yourself the golden butterfly starts to fly away in the direction of the pavilion.
  51. >Oh shit! Better catch up with her!
  52. “Maria! Wait for me!”
  53. >You start trotting in direction of the golden butterfly.
  54. >Or, as you call her now, Maria.
  55. >Despite the strong winds, she flies really well; even you were struggling to gallop any faster.
  56. >Maria gets to the pavilion first and as you enter it, someone was waiting for you in the pavilion.
  57. >Or well, more like somepony.
  58. >Drinking from a white cup of tea and sitting while smiling gladly at you, was a mare with ginger-blonde mane, light white coat, and blue eyes. She had a bow adorned in her mane, a choker and she was wearing a ball gown-like dress. Everything she was wearing was dark brown, although the ball gown-like dress was more blackish and had yellow lines in the form of wings.
  59. >The golden butterfly, Maria, was nowhere to be found though.
  60. >”Ah… welcome.” The mare takes a sip from her cup and continues smiling at you. ”I see you’ve come to my private tea party, young Prince.”
  61. >You were about to speak, but those words she said… young prince? You don’t remember if Discord publicly said that you were the successor to the throne yet, but that strikes you out of nowhere.
  62. “Uhm, hello?” You awkwardly wave your hoof at the mysterious mare.
  63. >She slowly raises her hoof and points in front of her where a chair was.
  64. >”Please, be my guest and take a seat.”
  65. >Well, since you don’t have anything else to do… why not? You like to talk with strangers.
  66. >Uncle Incognito always told you that talking with strangers was rad. You miss that son of a bitch.
  67. >Also she looks like the calm kind to talk with… maybe she can tell you what this place is.
  68. >You try to fly with your chaotic magic… aaaaand faceplant the floor.
  69. >…Right, your magic isn’t available thanks to your fatigue… that you no longer feel! Damn, way to look like a fool in front of a new pony you just meet!
  70. >You shrug off your fall and thankfully, the mare doesn’t say anything about it, so you just climb to the chair and sit in front of her.
  71. >The table had a tea set that was ready to use.
  72. >And she was just staring with a smile that was… starting to get creepy. It was almost a grin, you think.
  73. >”Would you like some tea?” She asks, holding the teapot with her hooves.
  74. “Uhmm… sure.”
  75. >As you watch her serve the tea, you notice something really, really, REALLY, odd. This pony is an earth pony, but… there is something so odd that you can’t get your sight off.
  76. >The cup of tea that she was filling… it was floating with a yellow aura around it.
  77. >Was there somepony else in this garden? Discord told you that unicorns and alicorns were the only races who could cast magic… well, and you too, but it’s because you’re special.
  78. >A very kind of special, of course.
  79. >The gentlemare pony handles you the teacup, golden aura still surrounding it.
  80. >As you get it with your hooves, the golden aura disappears.
  81. “Uhm… thanks.” You take a sip from it, it tasted good. “Say… is there somepony else in this garden? Or… under this table?”
  82. >She stares at you holding a tiny grin while placing two hooves under her chin.
  83. >”You are my only guest for the moment, we’re alone right now.”
  84. >…okay, you’ll be direct with her now.
  85. “So… that golden aura, was it yours then?”
  86. >The mare nods.
  87. >Incredible, another chaos user?
  88. “So… you have chaotic magic too? Do you know Discord?”
  89. >”Ah… so the questions has begun.” She giggles a bit. “I can assure you, I do not have chaotic magic, at least not as I know of. And no, I do not know the Spirit of Chaos nor I do need to know him.”
  90. >Okay, the answers just raise more questions!
  91. “Then did you kidnap me? Because I don’t remember ever being in this place before!” You stand from your seat and look at her. “Come on! Tell me the truth! I’m already missing doing havoc and chaos with my father!”
  92. >”Tch, tch, tch.” The mare holds with a golden aura a golden smoking pipe. “Havoc? Chaos?” Her voice was filled with so much sarcasm. “I don’t want to sound rude with a guest, but you’ve only done one thing chaotic in your whole new life.”
  93. >How did she?
  94. >You stare with a confused expression at her.
  95. “…Who are you?”
  96. >You felt that the wind in the garden was getting stronger, like a storm was brewing.
  97. >The sky was filled with black clouds and you could see the waves of the angry sea starting to violently crash against the rocks of the near beach.
  98. >”Introductions can come later.” The mysterious mare stands from her seat, golden smoking pipe at her side. “Those are not important, young prince. What is important… is that you…”
  99. >She… disappeared for a second in a golden flash, not leaving a track of where she went.
  100. “…?”
  101. >You don’t have words for that, she just suddenly-
  102. >You hear the jingle bells again, this time coming from the right side.
  103. >As you take a look to your right, you almost shit your imaginary pants as the mysterious mare was near your face… a wicked grin on her face.
  104. >With her strong magic grip, she grabbed your mane and pulled you closer to her face.
  106. >You… you could only freeze in terror when you looked at her eyes… her expression… her voice… it all jumped from zero to a hundred in a second.
  107. >W-Who is this mare?
  108. “R-Release me!” You struggle and fall to the floor. “Agh!”
  109. >Agh, your head is starting to hurt... not from that fall, but from something else.
  110. >The mysterious mare was no longer near you, she was standing where she was moments before, coming closer with an expression so twisted that you couldn’t believe it existed.
  111. >Was her kindness and happiness a façade?
  112. >”Your so called chaos magic… is nothing but a sleight of hand.”
  113. >As you get up, the mysterious mare disappears and reappears behind you, putting her hooves on your shoulders.
  114. >“You call yourself the son of a God… you want power… you desire that power… ”
  115. >She came closer to your right ear and started whispering to you.
  116. >”I can help you if you help me…”
  117. >You take a gulp and your tiny tail starts to shiver a bit.
  118. >H-Hopefully this doesn’t end in something sexual.
  119. “What do you want from me?” You don’t even turn to see her or move.
  120. >You feel as if you’re… being cornered by a predator.
  121. >”You’ll eventually know.” She moves onto the middle of the pavilion and… a big bubble appears in the middle of the gazebo. It was probably her doing. “As for now… why don’t we take a look at something for good memories?”
  122. >Inside the bubble… were you. You were in a tower and you were shooting cannon balls and-
  123. >…
  124. >You… you recognize this.
  125. *BOOM*
  126. >It was the time you attacked the town, thinking they were all changelings. The latter result in them to be the townponies that were fighting against your father.
  127. >You see yourself laughing and having fun while shooting toward the near town.
  128. >You could even hear the background song that played as you did your chaotic activities.
  129. >Too bad you’re not feeling anything by watching this… and you don’t remember being this… crazy. It was kind of neat, tho.
  130. >This was the route you were aiming for, chaos, cruelty, and havoc… but you only did that work once.
  131. >And you didn’t know they weren’t changelings, so that’s what probably this mysterious mare is saying, that you need to do something yourself that is truly chaotic.
  132. >You need more power.
  133. >But where to begin with?
  134. >The mysterious mare holds a dark grin as she watches you while you’re thinking.
  135. >Did she know what you were thinking?
  136. >”Ever wondered… what is perfection?” The mysterious mare asked.
  137. >Perfection? For what you know, no one is perfect as we all have something that makes everyone different.
  138. >Or maybe she is asking that because she knows you want to be something beyond Discord… more than him, more than a God.
  139. >You secretly desire that, despite your pride towards Discord.
  140. >Not like you want to betray Discord, he’s cool and funny… but you really wanna see where you can go… where you can be.
  141. >Be the greatest villain, have everypony look up at you, realize they’re nothing compared to you.
  142. >See yourself grow to become a true villain.
  143. >Yes, you desire power.
  144. >No, you don’t want to be perfect.
  145. >You shake your head as you look at the mysterious mare.
  146. “No, I haven’t nor I need to know.” You say with a tiny smile staring at her. “But thanks for asking anyway.”
  147. >You were kind of trying to be sincere, despite being the son of chaos, maybe you needed to lie a little.
  148. >Damn! You keep forgetting your chaos rises as you provoke mischief everywhere, lies count too.
  149. >”Hmm, no need to hide your feelings, young Prince.” The mysterious mare holds your chin with her hoof. “Everyone desires something… and I invited you to this private tea party so I could make a deal with you.”
  150. >The mysterious mare holds with her magical yellow aura a golden butterfly on her left hoof and a red crimson butterfly on her right hoof.
  151. >”Here is the deal: Pick the golden butterfly and you’ll have a step near becoming what Discord is… or more.” She then looked at the red crimson butterfly. “Or pick the red butterfly… and give up, everything will feel as if it was a dream.”
  152. >Pfft, as if you don’t want free powers.
  153. >With a grin in your face, you point at the golden butterfly that her aura was holding.
  154. “Was there ever any other choice? I don’t give up that easy… I rather die.”
  155. >The mysterious mare starts laughing very slowly as she makes the red crimson butterfly disappear.
  156. >By disappear you mean fucking disintegrate in the air.
  157. >”Wise… wise colt.”
  158. >You walk towards her and hold your hoof towards her right hoof that was holding the butterfly in place with her yellow aura.
  159. >You wanted to pick the golden butterfly as if it was a treasure from The Legend of Zelda, you could hear the sound as you picked it up. Instead, the golden butterfly flew quickly around you.
  160. >And then it divided in two!
  161. >They were flying relatively fast and when they stopped… they went directly to each of your flanks, right inside your cutie mark.
  162. >You moan slightly.
  163. “Aaay, que cosa!”
  164. >You shake a bit while they enter your cutie mark.
  165. “Oh… so this is why I was feeling vertigo in the ass moments ago…”
  166. >Your cutie mark starts to shine, then blink in a golden aura.
  167. >You feel… weird.
  168. >Is this what virgins feel when they have sex? …Hopefully, this doesn’t mean you’re no longer one because, man they just raped your ass then.
  169. >It's not gay if butterflies enter your flanks, right?
  170. “Ugh……”
  171. >Your vision suddenly becomes blurry for a second and your mind fills with various flashbacks.
  172. >Flashbacks of your old world.
  173. >Earth.
  174. >México.
  175. >In a blink of an eye you could see your whole previous life and what happened when you became a colt.
  176. "Hehe..."
  177. >And all those memories were making you laugh… as if it was something fun to watch, to remember… how you gave up on being a human and transcended into a pony.
  178. >You could see that night in the b** when you were talking with your best ***end, Ar****, speaking about your fam***, how your wi** had le** you for ano*** g**.
  179. >You could even s** the t*** that Di***rd was d**ving when you both cras*** in some build***! And it made you laugh! Everything did! It was the same laughter you had when you were attacking that town in the forest!
  180. >It was the most maniacal laughter you could ever get... despite the laugh that of a colt that could sound like a kid playing Doctor with a girl that doesn’t know what’s going on…
  181. “Heheh… haha… haha! Hahaha!”
  182. >And so, after some seconds, your laugh stops for a bit but you can still feel as if you heard the best joke in the world.
  183. >”Enjoyed the old memories?” The mysterious mare said with a chuckle.
  184. >A mirror appeared in front of you, the golden aura of the mysterious mare was holding it.
  185. >”See something different in you, young prince?”
  186. >You looked at yourself in the mirror.
  187. >Not only you looked damn crazy with a grin that said you were insane as fuck, but… your right eye wasn't green anymore, it was yellow.
  188. >This… type of yellow seemed familiar.
  189. >You stepped closer to the mirror to have a better view, only for the mirror to broke and shatter on the ground.
  190. >It didn’t surprise you, you were still holding your laughter.
  191. >”Only one… that means you aren’t accepting everything that is happening at all.”
  192. “Hahaha… what?”
  193. >Is she referring to your one and only yellow eye?
  194. “I do accept anything that is happening! Jajaja! I stopped caring once Discord shared his powers with me! Jajaja!”
  195. >The mysterious mare suddenly disappeared from your view, despite that; you could hear her voice echoing in the garden.
  196. >”Tell me, young prince… is this reality, or is it a dream? Do you accept it, or not? Are you guilty… or innocent?”
  197. >This… was real, right?
  198. >…
  199. >Maybe this was a dream after all.
  200. >You can’t collect your thoughts that much with the tiny laughter you had left.
  201. >But there is something you want to say about that statement she just said.
  202. “Guilty, of course!” You say holding a cheeky grin while staring above. “I’m sooooooo guilty! I am the inheritor of the throne! And one day I surely will ascend into something beyond Goddess! Just watch and see! Jajaja! Jaja… JA…”
  203. >Your cutie mark was back at normal and your laughter finally stops.
  204. >The mysterious mare chuckles.
  205. >”So be it.”
  206. >Another set of jingle bells could be heard from near the garden.
  207. >Your head feels heavy… everything so… dizzy…
  208. >The waves from the beach in the solitary island become wild as they can be heard crashing into the rocks.
  209. >The sky, filled with the sound of thunders and the strong wind, started to combine with the sound of the waves on the beach.
  210. >And so, it started to rain.
  211. >”Find Dawn Tea, then find me… he will judge your future acts as I judge your present.”
  212. >The jingle bells were becoming heavier to listen to as if they came close to you.
  213. “Agh… my head…”
  214. >”One day I will teach you about it… that joy, that passion! I de-finitely would like to see the world of chaos you would give birth to, just once! Kihhihihihihihhi, hyahyahahahahhaa!”
  215. >As you hear barely her words and laughter, your exhaustion got the best of you and you faint in the middle of the pavilion.
  216. >A single golden butterfly flying around your sleepy colt body.
  217. >The butterfly disappears and the mysterious mare takes it place, re-appearing and holding you with her hooves.
  218. >She holds a single smile of compassion while petting your mane.
  219. >”From this day forward, you have the right to hate everything.”
  220. >The rain begins to stop.
  221. >”From this day forward, you are now the golden prince, Anon.”
  222. >Slowly, the sky starts to clear.
  223. >”And, one day, you will destroy everything, revive anything.”
  224. >The waves begin to calm and the strong air stream stops.
  225. >”When that happens...”
  226. >The mysterious mare fades into the realm that is the garden like maze.
  227. >You finally wake up.
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