Golden Opportunities

Dec 7th, 2016
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  1. >It was late at night
  2. >Luna's moon hung high in the air
  3. >Spike and Starlight had gone to bed hours ago
  4. >Your entire castle was dark, silent, and still
  5. >Moonlight illuminated your room along with the very dim light orb that was hanging above your head
  6. >You were sprawled over your bed
  7. >A mountain of pillows surrounded you on all sides
  8. >Each joint and pressure point was supported by pegasus feather-stuffed pillow-y goodness
  9. >You had a very nice blanket that Mr. Cake had knitted for you for your birthday draped over you
  10. >To your left was a small cup of cocoa
  11. >To your right was a bowl of carrot chips
  12. >It had been a long, long day of princess-y duties
  13. >You were tired, and you knew that staying up this late wasn't going to do you any favors because you knew that you were going to have to get up bright and early for another long, busy day
  14. >But you couldn't sleep
  15. >Tonight, you were indulging in your new favorite nightly pastime
  16. >In your hooves was a notebook
  17. >To any that looked at it, it would have appeared to be just a regular old, plain notebook that anypony could right in
  18. >But that wasn't exactly true
  19. >This notebook was special
  20. >Magical if you will
  21. >This notebook was the twin to the one that you had given your buddy Sunset Shimmer, who was living in humanland
  22. >It allowed you to be able to communicate to each other, and communicate you did
  23. >For months the two of you had been talking
  24. >From your thoughts to feelings to friendship lessons, the two of you wrote back and forth about everything and anything
  26. >And you really liked that
  27. >You had always wanted a pen pal, and with a little magic you had gotten yourself one that lived in a different dimension
  28. >It might have been a little colty but so what?
  29. >It wasn’t like you were showing it to everypony!
  30. >...
  31. >That being said, there was a little problem with this whole penpal thing
  32. >Alicorn or not, princess or not, you were still the same quizzical little booknerd that you had been since you could walked
  33. >You liked to learn things
  34. >Study them
  35. >Take them apart and see how they worked
  36. >You liked to look at cultures, science, religions, biology, norms, anatomy, and ideas and everything in between
  37. >And sweet sun was the world that Sunset found herself in DIFFERENT
  38. >Only a single sentient raced lived on that world
  39. >Humans, they called themselves
  40. >And sweet Luna were they not only different but WEIRD
  41. >There were a lot of things that fascinated you about this newly discovered race
  42. >For one, they had developed a bunch of fancy doohickeys like cars and planes and these tiny computers called cell phones
  43. >All of the humans also wore clothes everyday all day, even when they were home
  44. >They walked differently, they talked differently
  45. >They way they they used things was different, as was the way that they held things
  46. >The list went on and on and on
  47. >It had been jarring during those few days there when you had been trying to get your crown back, but you had only seen the TIP of the iceberg
  48. >If what Sunset said was true, this world, their dimension was completely different from yours at the most fundamental levels
  49. >...No
  50. >Not different
  51. >Things there were more… raw, less controlled
  52. >Harmony did not rule all
  53. >In fact, if you didn’t know any better, you’d have said that chaos was more at work there
  54. >There was magic, but it was... different
  55. >There were monsters in the seas and in the forest, but they were different from the ones here
  56. >Wilder, more dangerous, rarer, DIFFERENT
  57. >And then there were the cultural differences
  58. >...
  60. >Whoo filly were there cultural differences...
  61. >From what Sunset had told you, and the books and various other documents that you had INSISTED she send you--since you had initially thought that she was full of horse apples when she told you this-- the gender ratio wasn't skewed
  62. >There were almost an equal amount of mares and stallions
  63. >Publically herding was looked down upon and sometimes even considered taboo
  64. >Males were the breadwinners, while the females were the ones that stayed at home
  65. >Stallions, men, whatever you wanted to call them; they were the dominate race
  66. >Nearly every position of power, governmental or otherwise, was filled by men
  67. >Since the dawn of time, every war ever fought was fought by men
  68. >From music to science to war, everything was, and is, led by men
  69. >Sure, Sunset insisted that women were beginning to have more of a say in things--just like with stallions here at home-- but even so human males were still the ones that had the teats in the family
  70. >And that bucking BLEW you away
  71. >Never in your wildest dreams could you imagine anything like this
  72. >The thought of having an aggressive, marely, hardworking colt ALL BY YOURSELF was beyond your wildest dreams
  73. >It was unlike anything that you had ever read or heard about
  74. >No novel, no sociological experiment, nothing ever came close to something like THIS
  75. >And it only got strangers with each thing that your friend told you
  76. >Stallions not being able to find a mare?
  77. >Stallions supporting a mare and not the other way around?
  78. >Court's ruling in favor of mares and not stallions, especially when it came to foals?
  79. >It didn't happen
  80. >It COULDN'T Happen
  81. >It was impossible
  82. >Unthinkable
  83. >But, by the luck of the fates, your bacon-haired friend had found herself such a world
  84. >And sweet Celestia almighty were you having a field day learning everything that you could
  85. >Everything
  87. >Sunset, of course, had been more than happy to fill up your void of knowledge in every way that you wanted
  89. >N-No homo...
  90. >And that had lead you to your SECOND problem
  91. >Sunset, for all intents and purposes, had found herself in a mare's wet dream
  92. >It was only natural for her to... share her experiences
  93. >All of them
  94. >In detail
  95. >//I swear to Celestia it was AMAZING, Twi. I didn't have to get him dinner or take him out or ANYTHING! All I did was spread my legs and he was eating me out!//
  96. >You let out a chuckle as you watched the letters appearing in your notebook
  97. >Reaching for your quill, you began writing yourself
  98. //I can only imagine.//
  99. >//The best part is that the other girls act like they don't even WANT a guy! There's TONS of single, good-looking guys running around the school that they won't even LOOK at!//
  100. >Sunset's hoofwriting began to get a little sloppier, like it always did when she got excited and started writing faster
  101. >//And you can do anything to these guys that you want! You can take them home, fill them with drinks, and do ANYTHING!//
  102. >The text continued on for a sentence or two before they were erased
  103. >You nuzzled your cheek against your pillow, waiting for your friend to collect her thoughts
  104. >//You can blow them, grab their ass in public, talk dirty to them, even SIT on their faces if you want! Every single guy I've been with has eaten me out without ASKING. I'm up to my teats in cock and it's the BEST!//
  105. >You gently frowned
  106. >More than once you've heard the other girls complaining how hard it is to get a colt to go down on them
  107. >And sitting on a colts face?
  108. >Wew filly...
  109. >Tapping the tip of your quill against the paper, you began to write
  110. //So how does a human taste?//
  111. >//It depends on what they eat, just like back home I guess. Usually it’s a little salty tho//
  112. >You licked your lips
  113. >That wasn't the first time that you had asked that question
  114. >You had asked Sunset all of that and more
  116. >Much, much, MUCH more, multiple times
  117. >But, for some reason, you couldn't help but ask it again and again
  118. >Why? You honestly didn't know
  119. >You were just blue-beaning yourself after all
  120. >You've never KISSED a stallion, much less BLEW one…
  121. >...
  122. >Or SAT on one’s face…
  123. >Wew...
  124. >A quiet sigh escaped your lips
  125. >Who the hay knows...
  126. >Maybe you were just trying to live vicariously through her...
  127. //Do they eat you out until you cum?//
  128. >//Yep! They'll usually stay down there all day if I want! It's awesome!//
  129. >Your wings ruffled against your sides
  130. >You sucked in a lungful of air, trying to ignore the pang of jealousy and want that flared up in your stomach
  131. //Well, I'm happy that you're having such a good time. It sounds amazing.//
  132. >//It is. I feel like a filly in a candy store.//
  133. >...
  134. >You don't know WHY you do this to yourself every night...
  135. >You always end up feeling lousy by the end...
  136. >Your ears flatten against your skull
  137. >Dipping your quill back into the pot of ink that hovered in the air via magic, you were about to bid your friend goodnight when new text began to appear
  138. >//Hey, isn't it about time for the mirror to activate again?//
  139. >Your brow furrowed slightly at the question
  140. //...I think so. Why?//
  141. >//You should come on over and stay with me for a couple of days. That way we can get you some grade-A cock.//
  142. >You very nearly swatted your pot of ink out of the air in surprise
  143. >You did knock over your cocoa, and it was only through the grace of Celestia that you didn’t burn yourself
  144. >Cursing loudly, you began magicking yourself a towel as you continued to write
  145. //WHAT?!//
  146. >//Yeah, you could stay at my place, we could look around a bit and find you a guy to mess around with for a couple of days.//
  147. >Your face reddens while you teleport your now empty cocoa mug to the kitchen
  148. >...
  149. >Buck...
  150. >It was going to be a pain in the flank to get this stain out...
  152. //I can't. I'm too busy.//
  153. >//No you're not, you liar.//
  154. //Hey, unlike SOMEPONY, I have a job to do.//
  155. >//You're a princess, Twi. You can take the day off whenever you feel like it.//
  156. //It's not that simple, Sunset.//
  157. >//Yes it is. You're just being a baby. A big, scared baby.//
  158. >Your chest puffed out and your eyes widened
  159. >This time you accidentally spill your carrot chips, but you barely notice it
  160. >Right now you’re getting ready to tear this filly a new one
  161. //I AM NOT A BABY! YOU'RE A BABY!//
  162. >For about a minute Sunset doesn't write anything back
  163. >Huffing, you wiggle around on your bed, a big smile on your face
  164. >HAH!
  165. >You bucking showed her!
  166. >She was the baby!
  167. >A big, scaredy BABY!
  168. >You were about to close the notebook--drop the mic if you will--but before you could text began to appear on its pages yet again
  169. >//Twi... You're one of the best friends that I've ever had. You're like a sister to me. A weird, dorky little sister.//
  170. >Aw...
  171. >That was reall--
  172. >Hey now!
  173. >//I know how it is in Equestria. I know how the stallions are there; I know how other mares are around the stallions. I even know how lonely it can get because you have to know somepony or suck a lot of teat to be even CONSIDERED in a herd. It's shitty, and I know that you know it’s shitty.//
  174. >...
  175. >It...
  176. >It's not that great honestly...
  177. >//I'm not asking you to go nuts like I've been doing. You're not that kind of mare. Still though, I think that it would be nice if you found a guy here and had some fun.//
  178. >You slowly began to deflate as the text continued
  179. >//Most of these guys aren't the backstabbing, shitty pricks in Equestria. A lot of them are nice, open, simple guys. The kind of guys that you need to grab with both hands and hold them close so that they don't get away. There's tons of them. TONS.//
  181. >...
  182. >//If it'd make you more comfortable, the two of us could pick out a guy together and spend a couple of days with him.//
  183. >...
  184. >Your quill floats back over to the paper, seemingly having a mind of its own
  185. //...Really?//
  186. >//There's a reason that I haven't really wanted to go back to Equestria, Twi, other than all of the friends that you helped me make here.//
  187. >...
  188. >Whoo...
  189. >How did this go from blowjobs to being this heartfelt and heavy this quick?
  190. >You dryly swallowed, feeling your stomach tightening
  191. >It sounded like a great plan...
  192. >Too good to be true in fact
  193. >And you HAD seen just how nice the guys in Canterlot High had been when you were there, even though you were there for just a couple of days...
  194. >...
  195. >No...
  196. >You can't do something like that
  197. >You were a princess
  198. >Things were expected of you
  199. >You couldn't just go on some adventure to get your cunt filled!
  200. >You were better than that
  201. >Sighing again, you nodded to yourself
  202. >You were just going to have to politely refuse
  203. >That was the right thing to do
  204. >The sensible thing
  205. //You'll make sure that everything goes alright?//
  206. >//I promise that the two of us will have the time of our lives.//
  207. //But what if I suck? What if I can't get the guy off?//
  208. >//Twilight, you can be the worst lay in the world and the guy wouldn't say a thing. Most of them are used to girls being shitty in bed.//
  209. //Really?//
  210. >//All you'll need to do is TRY and you'll do a million times better than most of the girls here.//
  212. //Give me a couple of days to get everything ready then.//
  213. >//REALLY?! Awesome! I'll make sure to get a room ready for you!//
  214. //Thanks. I'll make sure to tell you when I'm coming so you can pick me up.//
  215. >//You won't regret this, Twi.//
  216. //I can't wait. See you then.//
  217. >There...
  218. >A nice, thoughtful decline that-- wait...
  219. >...
  220. >Frowning, you rechecked what you had just written
  221. >...
  222. >Oh shit...
  223. >//Hey, I gotta get to bed, but I'll be seeing you. Have a good night, Twilight.//
  224. >You sat up in your bed
  225. "I-I didn't-- why would-- what--"
  226. >Your wings ruffle again as the ever-so-slight glow from the notebook disappears, signaling that Sunset had closed her notebook
  227. >...
  228. >Buck you up right up the bucking flank...
  231. ~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~
  234. >To both your surprise and horror, it had been far easier than you were expecting to get a few days off
  235. >Princess Celestia had happily given them to you, saying that you had been working yourself like a dog for the last couple of months and needed a break
  236. >It had also been shockingly easy to get out of the castle
  237. >All you needed to do was tell Spike and the girls that you were needed on some vague, solo friendship mission and they hadn't questioned you further
  238. >Spike was even helpful enough to send Cadence and Shining a letter telling them that you were coming to the Empire so that you could use the mirror for a couple of days
  239. >For... reasons
  240. >The only one that seemed remotely suspicious about what you were doing was Cadence, but it was that playful kind of suspicious
  242. >The kind where your mom KNEW that you had cider tucked under your pillow but wasn't going to call you out on it because she respected you having enough teats to steal the stuff
  243. >All-in-all it had taken three days of preparation, a hoofful of lies, and a promise that you'd be home before the mirror died out again and you found yourself back in the land of the humans
  244. >Back in Canterlot High with a grinning Sunset
  245. >Back in your weird skirt and SHOCKINGLY lewd clothes around a whole bunch of people also wearing shockingly lewd clothes
  246. >And you were FREAKING
  247. >THE
  248. >BUCK
  249. >OUT
  250. >Why the HECK would you agree to something like this?!
  251. >Y-You couldn't do something like this!
  252. >You could b-barely TALK to guys, and now you were going to do this?!
  253. >Whatthebuckiswrongwithouyfilly?!
  254. >You'reacoward!
  255. >Cowardscan'tdosomethinglikethis!
  256. >...
  257. >Still... you were in too deep now
  258. >You were through the portal, Sunset had made up a room for you--a room that she told you you probably wouldn't be using, while smiling a VERY toothy and knowing smile
  259. >You might have been a scardy cat but you were no liar, and you sure as sugar didn't run away with your tail tucked between your legs
  260. >...Usually
  261. >Which was why, on a Friday, at around oneish, you found yourself sitting next to Sunset in Canterlot High’s cafeteria
  262. >Your bacon-haired friend was chowing down on her food as if she hadn't eaten in a month
  263. >You were picking at your... "meal", too nervous to eat
  264. >The cafeteria was crowded
  265. >You could see students milling around, talking, laughing with each other
  267. >All around you were guys
  268. >Dozens of them
  269. >Guys of all shapes, colors, and sizes
  270. >Many of them were dating, you knew
  271. >But a lot weren't
  272. >A lot, a lot
  273. >You were a mare sitting in the middle of a big room full of young, hot, SINGLE stallions
  274. >Sunset, inhaling her last handful of fries, let out a happy groan
  275. >...
  276. >Despite yourself, you jumped
  277. >Holy honey seed were your nerves fried
  278. >"You don't know how much it means to me that you decided to come, Twi," she said, slapping you on the back. "Even though I love the other girls to death it's nice just sitting down and relaxing with another mare, you know?"
  279. >Your eyes darted nervously around the room
  280. "Y-Yeah. Happy to be here," you said, smiling as best as you could
  281. >Sunset gave you a warm smile
  282. >"Relax, Twi, everything's going to go great," she said, giving your shoulder a squeeze. "There's no need to freak out."
  283. "F-Freak out? Who's freaked out?" you asked
  284. >Sunset said nothing, simply nudging her head toward your hands
  285. >Looking down, you saw that you were holding your unopened carton of milk so tightly that it looked ready to burst
  286. >...Huh
  287. >You released the breath that you didn't know you were holding
  288. "S-Sorry, I'm just a little nervous," you said with a small smile
  289. >Sunset gave your shoulder a squeeze
  290. >"You don't need to be," she promised. "I'm telling you, this is going to be great. No guy is going to say no to a pretty girl like you.
  291. >You looked down at yourself
  292. "...I'm pretty?" you asked
  293. >"If I were a guy I'd be all over you," Sunset said, gently taking the milk from your hands and setting it down in front of you
  295. >...
  296. >She didn't say no homo...
  297. >Shaking your head at the thought, you once again looked around the room
  298. >You began eyeing the guys
  299. >Picking out a potential...
  300. >Mate?
  301. >Rut buddy?
  302. >Pillow friend?
  303. >Whatever they called it...
  304. "Sooo... do you have any advice?" you asked
  305. >Sunset, keeping her hand on your shoulder, began looking at the crowds of guys with you
  306. >"I wouldn't go for the popular guys over there," she muttered in your ear with a frown, pointing out a group of guys. "They might be cute and confident but most of them are NUTS, and not only that, a couple of them have... something."
  307. >You raised an eyebrow
  308. >Sunset grabbed at her crotch
  309. >Your eyes widened
  310. "Ohhh..."
  311. >"Yeah," the red-haired girl continued, making a face. "Flash over there gave Rarity chlamydia."
  312. >She shivered
  313. >"She was getting treatment for it for a MONTH..."
  314. >You shivered to yourself
  315. >Alright...
  316. >No Flash then...
  317. "Anything else?"
  318. >"Remember, the guys here are like the girls back home. That means that a lot of times they're not as... clean as you'd like them to be sometimes..."
  319. >You made a face
  320. >You were WONDERING what the smell was...
  322. >Ew...
  323. >"I've found that you can tell how clean a guy is by how neat his clothes are," Sunset continued. "So look out for that..."
  324. >Nodding, you let your gaze wander from one guy to the next
  325. "Remember, I don't want to take a stallion from his marefriend..."
  326. >"I'll make sure to point out if any of them are dating or weirdos or anything else bad," your friend promised. "I know pretty much everyone in the school, so that shouldn't be too much of a problem."
  327. "And after I pick one?"
  328. >Sunset's smile turned a little more predatory
  329. >"The two of us will go over there and we'll work our magic on him."
  330. >Magic?
  331. >Why the heck would you--
  332. >...
  333. >Ohhh...
  334. >Different magic, Twilight
  335. >Different magic...
  336. >You nodded again
  337. >Alright...
  338. >You just needed to find an attractive, respectable, single stallion that would like somepony like you
  339. >...
  340. >Wew filly...
  341. >Wew...
  342. >For the next ten minutes you looked around
  343. >You looked at a table full of guys with weird leather jackets and funny looking haircuts
  345. >You looked at fat guys, skinny guys, jocks and nerds and kids to ache-riddled that you had a hard time discerning what the ACTUAL color of their skin was
  346. >Time and time again you were JUST about to point a guy out to Sunset, but time and time again you stopped yourself
  347. >Whenever you found the perfect guy another better one would appear
  348. >The first it was a guy with a strong jaw
  349. >The next was a chubby guy with the prettiest blue eyes that you've ever seen
  350. >Another was a guy with a pretty smile
  351. >On and on and on it went
  352. >You were a mare with the most particular of problems
  353. >One that many would KILL for back home
  354. >There was an embarrassment of riches in this cafeteria
  355. >There was too many good ones
  356. >You couldn’t decide who to pick!
  357. >A quiet huff escaped you
  358. >Come on!
  359. >Lunch is going to end any minute!
  360. >If you didn't pick one now you're--
  361. >That was when someone caught your eye
  362. >There was a guy sitting by himself at a table near the snack line
  363. >Like most of the other guys, he was wearing a t-shirt and his hair was cut pretty short
  364. >He was too short, not too tall, not too fat, not too muscular, and he had these pretty green eyes
  365. >You licked your lips
  366. >He was cute...
  367. >Cute as a button in fact
  368. >Like most of the other stallion men that you had been looking at
  369. >But there was one thing that he had that they didn't
  370. >In his hands was a book
  371. >A very big book
  372. >A book that he appeared to be a quarter of the way finished
  373. >While that wasn't that big of a deal the look that he had on his face was
  374. >You could see his eyes scanning the pages excitedly
  376. >There was a small, pleased smile on his face
  377. >His eyes were bright and happy, but also clouded
  378. >He was fidgeting in his seat
  379. >He held onto the book as if he was a sacred artifact
  380. >You had seen the look on his face before, seen ponies fidget in that same way
  381. >It was how someone who was completely immersed in a good book acted
  382. >Quietly, you drummed your fingers against the table, a small, hopeful smile coming to your face
  383. >That one liked to read
  384. >A lot, if you had to guess
  385. >YOU liked to read
  386. >A lot
  387. "What about him?" you asked, pointing to the mystery person. "The one sitting all by himself with that book?"
  388. >Sunset followed your hand
  389. >When she saw that guy that you were pointing at she hummed, her eyes narrowing
  390. >While she pondered, you looked back at the stallion
  391. >Unf...
  392. >Guy nerds were the BEST...
  393. >"Huh... I actually don't know him," she confessed after a moment
  394. >Leaning back in her chair she looked over at another table
  395. >"Hey, Sandalwood! Come over here for a second!"
  396. >You looked away from the cute guy for a second to see a giant, dreadlocked stallion making his way toward you with a smile on his face
  397. >Evasivemaneuversfilly!
  398. >You sunk into your chair as he grew closer, trying to look as small and as insignificant as possible
  399. >Sunset, ignoring your shenanigans, grabbing the colt by his arm and pulling him into the seat next to her
  400. >You gasped, your head snapping back up
  401. >Whatthehaydidshejustdo!
  402. >A part of you wanted to get up and yell at your friend for marehandling a colt like that--because you were a gentlemare--but you thought better of it
  403. >Easy Twi...
  404. >Sunset's been here longer than you
  405. >You also knew her
  406. >She wouldn't abuse a stallion
  407. >...
  408. >This was probably just a human thing
  409. >Yeah…
  410. >That was probably it...
  411. >While most colts you knew would throw a hissy fit if somepony grabbed them like that this stallion let himself be pulled around without complaint
  412. >"Whatcha need, Sunset?" he asked, his head cocked to the side
  414. >Sunset crouched down a bit in her seat
  415. >He crouched down with her
  416. >"Do you know who that is over there?" Sunset asked, pointing over to the guy you picked out
  417. >Sandalwood looked over at the guy just as he let out a quiet giggle and turned the page in his book
  418. >Hnnng!
  419. >"Yeah, I know him. That's Anon," Sandalwood said without a second thought
  420. >"Anon?" Sunset parroted, milling over the name.
  421. >Sandalwood nodded
  422. >"Yep, I have woodshop with him; he helped me make a table a couple weeks ago. Real quiet kid."
  423. >Sunset looked "Anon" up and down with a critical eye
  424. >"Do you know if there's anything wrong with them?" she bluntly asked. "Is he weird or creepy or anything like that?"
  425. >Sandalwood's nose scrunched up in thought
  426. >He was quiet for a few seconds before he shook his head
  427. >"I don't think so," he said. "He's just a quiet, shy kid. I think Norman once told me that he likes to work wood or something like that..."
  428. >Grunting, Sunset nodded and gave the big colt a smile
  429. >"Thanks for the help, Sandle," she said, lightly punching his arm. "It means a lot."
  430. >Sandalwood perked up, clearly appreciating the praise
  431. >"Don't mention it, Sunset," he said with a smile, getting up from the table. "Hey, I got some chicken nuggets that I still need to eat so I'll see you later."
  432. >"See you later, Sandal. Tell Daisy that I said hi."
  433. >...
  434. >That was it?
  435. >It was that easy?!
  436. >It wouldn’t have been that easy!
  437. >The two of you watched as the big stallion walked away, Sunset smiling and your jaw on the floor
  438. >"I told you, Twi, it's the easiest thing in the world to talk to guys here,” Sunny said, nudging you with her shoulder.
  439. >Your head slowly bobbed up and down as you watched Sandalwood sit back down
  440. >Huh...
  441. >He didn't ask for anything, he didn't talk your ear off, Sunset didn’t have to do any verbal gymnastics to keep him from getting prissy...
  443. >...
  444. >It was like talking to one of the girls...
  445. "...I guess I can see why you'd want to stay here," you found yourself saying
  446. >Sunset let out a chuckle, giving you another little nudge
  447. >"See? I told you," she chirped.
  448. >You licked your lips, the anxiety in your belly slowly turning into excitement
  449. >You were going to do this weren't you?
  450. >You were going to go over there and talk to that stallion and...
  451. >"Twilight. Milk."
  452. >Looking down, you saw that you were squeezing your milk carton again
  453. "Oopsie," you said, once again letting it go
  454. >This time you had squeezed it so hard that milk had come out from torn parts of the catron
  455. >This meant that you had to wipe your now milky hands against the sides of your pants
  456. >Ew…
  457. >This stuff comes from cows…
  458. >Cows you didn’t know...
  459. >As you wiped the mystery milk from your hands you leaned toward your friend
  460. "So how are we going to do this?" you asked
  461. >You watched as Sunset stood up straight, puffed her chest out, and began to toy with her air
  462. >"Just follow my lead and we'll have this guy to ourselves for the whole weekend," she told you, grinning. "Now listen, here’s what we’re going to do..."
  465. >Be Anon
  466. >It was lunch time, and you were reading a book that you had been trying to get your hands on for the last month
  467. >Motherfucking War and Peace!
  468. >The great novel about Napoleonic Russia
  469. >Complete with a bunch of crazy russian well-to-do's
  470. >Kek
  471. >They really DID tie that police officer up to that bear...
  472. >Taking a bite of your sandwich--being very careful not to get any breadcrumbs or peanut butter in your mighty novel--you quickly turned the page
  473. >You really hope Nikolai comes out all right...
  474. >"Hey Anon!"
  476. >You jumped, very nearly dropping your book
  477. >Did someone say your name?
  478. >Who the hell would be talking to YOU?
  479. >...
  480. >And why the heck did that sound like a GIRL for a second?
  481. >Looking up, you saw Sunset Shimmer making her way toward you
  482. >THE Sunset Shimmer
  483. >The girl that was the evil queen bee of the school, then a demon, then an angel, then finally one of the most popular girls in school
  484. >...
  485. >God was she pretty...
  486. >"Anon!" the bacon-haired girl said, making you jump once again
  487. >She...
  488. >She was talking to you?
  489. >You?
  490. >Why the hell would she be talking to you?
  491. >You blinked owlishly, leaning back in your chair a bit
  492. >Sunset was still making her way toward you, and not only that she was giving you a bright, cheery smile
  493. >Behind her was the equally pretty Twilight
  494. >The one who had come to Canterlot High a couple of months back before mysteriously disappearing
  495. >Not the girl with glasses that sat across from you in calculus
  496. >She looked nervous
  497. >She had her arms pressed against her chest and her eyes were darting around the room
  498. >Her face was also a little red, and you could see her biting her lip cutely
  499. >It also looked like she was sweating too
  500. >...
  501. >Huh...
  502. >She looked exactly the same as the other Twilight...
  503. >Were they cousins or something?
  504. >Long lost twins maybe?
  505. "Anon! Hey, earth to Anon!"
  506. >Jerking your gaze back toward Sunset you found yourself closing your book
  507. >While other-Twilight looked tense and nervous, Sunset looked completely at ease
  509. >Her hips swayed back and forth with each step
  510. >Her head was held high
  511. >Her eyes were shining brightly
  512. >There was a confident, slightly cocky smile on her face
  513. >Your mind began to race and your stomach began to tighten
  514. >What the heck did you do?
  515. >Was she coming over here to blast you with that rainbow cannon thing?
  516. >She could do that now right?
  517. >If she WASN’T trying to do that--you hoped that she didn’t at least. That shit looked like it HURT-- what was she coming over here for?
  518. >Girls didn't talk to you, much less girls like her
  519. >...
  520. >Oh shit
  521. >She WAS going to use her rainbow cannon thing on you wasn't she?
  522. >Or maybe she was going to use it on someone behind you?
  523. >Maybe one of the teachers
  524. >They might be trying to blow up one of the lunch ladies
  525. >Lord knows that a few of them could use a magical cannon to the face...
  526. >You were thinking so hard as to WHY both Sunset and other-Twilight were walking over to you that you didn't notice them standing on the opposite side of your table until Sunset let out a giggle
  527. >"Hey, would it be alright if we sit down?" Sunset asked. "We need to talk to you for a minute."
  528. >Jumping for a third time, you looked at both girls as quickly as you could without breaking your neck or looking like a spaz
  529. “Whatzat?”
  530. >Sunset giggled again
  531. >"Do you mind if she sit down for a sec, Anon?" she asked again, placing her hands on the table and leaning toward you. "Me and Twi here need to ask you something really import--"
  532. >"You look very nice today!" Not-Twilight blurted out. "I think that it's really neat that you read books. I like to read books too! You're eyes are really pre--urk!"
  533. >Sunset, without breaking eye contact with you, elbowed the girl beside her in the ribs
  534. >"Don't mind Twi here. She spent the whole night flying from Las Pegasus to here so that she could see her cousin, so she's a little loopy," she said, giving the purple-haired girl a look.
  536. >...
  537. >Okay...
  538. >Not one to be rude, you smiled up at both girls
  539. "It's, um, fine," you said. "And yeah, the two of you can sit down if you want."
  540. >You did your very best to keep your smile on your face as the two sat down
  541. >Don't you be a fucking weirdo, Anon
  542. >They just want to have a conversation
  543. >People talked to each other all the time
  544. >There was nothing weird about it
  545. >YOU were being the weird one by thinking that they were going to blow you up using their freaky magic
  546. >This wasn't anything unusual
  547. >Just stay calm
  549. >Both Sunset and Twi took their time sitting down
  550. >And when they sat down they made a show of making themselves comfortable
  551. >Sunset in particular was wiggling up a storm while she unzipped her jacket just a bit so you could see a bit of cleavage
  552. >...
  553. >Not that you WERE looking...
  554. >"So how are you going today, Anon?" she asked, leaning across the table toward you
  555. "I'm doing fine," you answered politely. "How are you two doing?"
  556. >Twilight jumped, which made you jump slightly
  557. >"I'm doing very well, thank you for asking!" she said a little too loudly, only to get another nudge in the ribs by Sunset
  558. >"I'm doing great, Anon, thanks for asking," Sunset said, leaning forward a bit more
  559. >You nodded, though the movement was a bit jerkier than you would have liked
  560. "Good," you said. "Awesome. Great. I’m happy for you."
  561. >...
  562. >10/10
  563. >Nailed it
  564. >With that, you expected the conversation to lapse into an awkward silence, but, to your surprise, it didn’t
  565. >Sunset's smile widened, and she leaned forward a little more so that her face was just a few inches from yours
  567. >"Anon, not to pry or anything, but are you doing anything this weekend?" she murmured, her hair spilling around her face
  568. >Puff... no
  569. "U-Um, I might be kinda busy," you said, leaning back a bit. "Why?"
  570. >Your heart skipped a beat when Sunset leaned toward you just a little more
  571. >You could smell the perfume--a mixture of cinnamon and vanilla-- that she wore
  572. >If you would have looked down you would have gotten a front row seat to a pair of beautiful, flawless breasts
  573. >But you didn’t
  574. >YOU. DIDN’T.
  575. >"Well, if you weren't busy, me and Twi wer--"
  576. >"Twi and I--"
  577. >"ME and TWI were wondering if you'd maybe like to come over to my place and watch a couple of movies or something."
  578. >...
  579. >...
  580. >...
  581. >Wat?
  582. >You quickly opened your mouth to ask what the HELL she was talking about, but your tongue seemed just a little bit broken
  583. "Dsfkjbskjbdw?"
  584. >"I know that this is kind of sudden," Sunset continued, ignoring your garbled nonsense. "But it's going to be a long weekend and Twi over here doesn't want to be stuck in my house alone with me the whole time."
  585. >"Hey! That's not true, Sunset! You know that--"
  586. >"AND, since I don't know you very well, and really DO want to get to know you because you seem like a really sweet guy, I thought that maybe you'd want to join us?"
  587. >Still smiling, Sunset sat back down in her chair, allowing you to breath again
  588. >"If you can of course. I know that it's kind of sudden and weird to ask you out of the blue like this."
  589. >...
  590. >...
  591. >...
  592. >Words!
  593. >Think in fucking words, Anon!
  596. "I, um, well, I-I don't know," you shimmered, utterly failing to keep yourself composed. "It sounds really nice to--"
  602. >Your head damn near hit the ceiling when the bell suddenly went off
  603. >Sunset looked toward the bell, her brow furrowing
  604. >”Horse apples…” she mumbled under her breath, before looking back at you with a smile
  605. >"How about we exchange numbers and you can text me later to see if you're up for it?" she asked, pulling out her cellphone. "That way, if you want to spend a couple of days with us I can text you my address."
  606. >As your fellow students began to mill out of the cafeteria you found yourself exchanging phone numbers with one of the prettiest girls in school
  607. >And not only that, but she immediately texted you to make sure that neither of you messed the other's number up
  608. >...
  609. >You didn't know what... THIS was
  610. >It was surreal
  611. >Something that only happened in your dreams when you ate way too much dark chocolate before you went to sleep
  612. >But not only was it happening, but both Sunset and Twilight looked HAPPY that it was happening
  613. >Not that fake, plastic happy that girls were so good at but happy
  614. >Genuine, warm, tingly happiness that made your heart skip a beat
  615. >...
  616. >You were going to be murdered weren't you?
  617. >This was some crazy cult thing like in those stories that you read on the news
  618. >These girls were leading you, their selected sacrifice, to your doom
  619. >You were going to be murdered super hard
  620. >"Alright!" Sunset chirped, slipping her phone into her pocket and standing up after everything had been saved in both of your phones. "The two of us will be waiting to hear from you."
  621. >You found yourself standing as well
  622. "I-I'll let you know if I can some after school," you told her with a weak smile, beginning to collect your books
  623. >As you did that, Sunset walked around the table
  625. >...
  626. >What was she--
  627. >Before you could so much as blink she wrapped her arms around you and pulled you into a hug
  628. >You twitched in startlement
  629. >You could feel her arms wrapping around your back and her fingertips brushing along your spine
  630. >Her hair was ticking your nose and face
  631. >The perfume that you smelled earlier was now all that you could smell
  632. >"Thanks Anon," she said, giving you a little squeeze. "I hope we get to see you later today."
  633. >You went ramrod stiff, not even thinking about returning the hug
  634. "SDfnsjnjnk..."
  635. >Sunset, chuckling under her breath, held the hug for a few seconds before breaking it and stepping away
  636. >W-Wew…
  637. >You were going to have to pinch yourself when neither of the girls were looking so you could tell whether this was a dream or not
  638. >...
  639. >Pleasedon’tbeadream
  640. >Tucking a lock of her hair behind an ear, she looked over at Twi
  641. >The purple girl, as red-faced as could be, quickly rose from her seat and made her way around the table
  642. >In less than ten steps she was standing in front of your equally red-faced self
  643. >"C-Can I did a hug too, Anon?" she quietly asked, looking up at you from underneath her bangs. "Please?"
  644. >Hnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggg!
  645. >Even though you felt a little light-headed for some reason you nonetheless smiled, spreading your arms out wide
  646. >A smile broke out across Twi's face, and with a happy squeal she leapt into your arms, nearly knocking you over
  647. >”Thankyousomuch!” the girl cried, squeezing you tightly
  648. >Where Sunset was about your high, Twilight was smaller than you
  649. >Small enough that she was nearly able to rest her head under your chin while she held you
  650. >...
  651. >Or you held her…
  652. >...
  653. >Guys were supposed to hold girls right?
  654. >This time you didn't just stand there stupidly
  655. >You found yourself returning the hug, and returning it happily
  656. >It wasn’t everyday that a cute girl wanted to hug you after all
  657. >Still though, your arms were ready to fly away from her body the moment that she wanted to break the hug
  659. >Seconds ticked by as you waited for this moment, but Twi didn't budge
  660. >In fact, at about the minute mark, her grip around you seemed to tighten
  661. >She let out a pleased hum, pressing more of her soft, nice-smelling body against you
  662. >You twitched yet again when she began to nuzzle the nape of your neck
  663. >From beside you, Sunset let out a nervous, slightly exasperated chuckle
  664. >"Alright, Twi, how about we stop the hugging so that Anon can get to class huh?" she asked, giving the back of her friend's shirt a tug
  665. >Twilight jumped in your arms
  666. >She quickly broke the hug--almost accidentally headbutting you in the process--her eyes wide and her face as red as could be
  667. >"S-Sorry! Sorry! I'm really--erk!"
  668. >Grabbing her friend by the arm, Sunset began to drag her away
  669. >"Hopefully we'll see you late, Anon!" she called over her shoulder. "Remember to text me!"
  670. "A-Alright! I'll call you!" you called, quickly picking up your books and hugging them to your chest like some japanese school girl
  671. >...
  672. >As they left through the main doors of the cafeteria you couldn't help but let out a sigh
  673. >What the hell did you just get yourself into?...
  675. >"Sweet Celestia almighty, Twilight! I thought that you were going to be bad that I didn't think you were going to be like THAT! This world might give you a little more leeway for these kinds of things, but you can't just--"
  676. >You just hugged a stallion!
  677. >A stallion that wasn't your dad or brother or one of your friend's family members!
  678. >You had hugged an attractive, nice-smelling male that you didn't even know!
  679. >And not only that, but he had HUGGED YOU BACK AND NUZZLED YOU WHEN YOU NUZZLED HIM!
  681. >...
  682. >At least you think he nuzzled you back...
  683. >You were a little distracted with how nice he smelled, so he might not have...
  687. >THEY WERE--
  688. "Ow!"
  689. >You winced as something flicked your ear HARD
  690. "Motherbucker!"
  691. >Spinning around, you saw Sunset looking at you with a furrowed brow and puffed out cheeks
  692. >...
  693. "What?" you asked, rubbing your ear
  694. >"You were trying to mark him with your scent?" Sunny demanded
  695. >...
  696. >Oh shoot
  697. >Your eyes widened in alarm
  698. "W-What?! No! O-Of course not!"
  699. >You did
  701. >You marked him with your scent ALL OVER
  702. >Now ALL of the other girls in the school knew that he was YOURS
  703. >YOURS
  704. >You did it just like your momma told you
  705. >Poking the inside of her cheek with her tongue, Sunset crossed her arms
  706. >"Good, but even if you HAD tried it wouldn't have worked," she said. "Human noses aren't strong enough for something like that to scare off a female."
  707. >BUCK!
  708. "G-Good thing I didn't do it then h-huh?" you asked as Sunny dragged you down the hallway
  709. >"Well, other than you making it... weird it looks like you picked an alright guy," Sunset admitted, waving at a group of students who called out to her. "He looks cute, and from what I could tell he cleans himself up pretty well."
  710. >A shiver ran up your body as an idea came to mind
  711. "Hang on, we forgot to ask him if he was dating anypony!"
  712. >"He's not," your friend automatically said, leading you down a flight of steps
  713. >You frowned while also trying not to fall down said steps
  714. >Because it was a MOTHERBUCKER walking down steps with only two legs
  715. "And how do you know?" you asked
  716. >"I know," Sunset simply said, leading you toward her locker. "Now, we got a lot to do. I have things to buy, you need a crash course in human mating rituals; maybe we could take a quick trip to the mall to get some fancy underwear since I probably don't have anything in your size..."
  718. >Your brow furrowed
  719. "Wait... we're going NOW?" you asked
  720. >"Of course we're going now," Sunset answered, quickly opening her locker and pulling out her backpack."
  721. "But we can't do that!"
  722. >"And why not?"
  723. "Because it’s the middle of a school day!"
  724. >Sunset snorted,
  725. >"All the two of us need to do is go to the nurse's and say that we have cramps and they'll let us go," she said, waving a hand dismissively
  726. "Oh..." you said, looking down at your feet. "Sunset?"
  727. >Your friend stopped looking through her backpack
  728. >Her blue eyes flicked up to you quizzically
  729. >"Yeah?" she asked
  730. >You tugged nervously on your skirt
  731. "...How do you know that he'll come?"
  732. >A grin came to Sunset's face
  733. >"Come to the bathroom with me and I'll show you."
  736. >You ran through the hallway as fast as you could
  737. >You were going to be late
  738. >You were going to be late and Mr. Cranky was going to tear you a new one like he always did when you were late!
  739. >Don't you ring bell!
  740. >Don't you fucking ring!
  741. >As you ran, you thought about what the heck happened back in that cafeteria
  742. >...
  743. >What was that even?
  744. >The two of them wanted you to go to Sunset’s house to hang out?
  745. >Why?
  746. >What did they want with a guy like you?
  747. >THAT was the million dollar question...
  748. >A more cynical part of you was expecting it all to be a joke
  749. >The second that you texted her she'd start making fun of you
  750. >That or the second that you went to her "house" there'd be a dozen guys there ready to beat your ass
  752. >...
  753. >And there was still that sacrifice thing that you had first thought about
  754. >...
  755. >But they seemed to actually want you to go though
  756. >And they HUGGED you
  757. >That Twilight girl seemed really happy that you were considering going too!
  758. >Nearly running into the wall as you turned the corner, you let out a groan
  759. >Goddammit...
  760. >Why did you have to deal with something like this on a Friday?!
  761. >You weren’t built for this kind of stress!
  762. >You were twenty feet from Mr. Cranky’s room when you felt your cellphone vibrating
  763. >Brow furrowing, you slowed to a stop and pulled it out
  764. >It was from Sunset
  765. >She had sent you a picture
  766. >...
  767. >Looking down at your phone your stomach sank
  768. >This was it...
  769. >She was going to tell you that she was kidding...
  770. >That she'd never want to hang out with a loser like you...
  771. >Excetera, excetera
  772. >...
  773. >Welp...
  774. >May as well get it over with...
  775. >Bracing yourself, you opened up the text
  781. >Your books fall out of your hands
  782. >You stumble backwards until your back touches a wall
  783. >You leaned against that wall, trying your hardest not to fall over
  784. >Your face becomes red, your mouth suddenly becomes very, VERY try, and you even get a little lightheaded
  785. >Looking down at your phone you see a selfie of Sunset and Twi
  786. >Sunset had an arm around a kerfuffled, blushing Twi, pressing the girls so close together that their cheeks were touching
  787. >The bacon-haired was making a kissy face at the camera
  788. >...
  790. >Oh, and did you forget to mention that they were COMPLETELY FUCKING TOPLESS!
  794. >Beneath the picture were five words: ‘Hope to see you soon~’
  795. >...
  796. >With a shaky breath, you managed to tear your gaze away from your phone just as a door slammed shut
  797. >Mr. Cranky did it, you knew
  798. >He always closed the door the minute that the bell rang so whenever a shut came in late EVERYONE would see them
  799. >But you weren't worried about that
  800. >You couldn't find yourself giving less of a shit about that, or anything else school related at that moment
  801. >Letting yourself sink to the floor, you sighed explosively
  802. "...Please don't let this be a death cult thing. Pretty, pretty please…"
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