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  3. #### MAIN DEV TEAM ####
  4. -Gambit_1 (project lead and main AI,AE and SCAR coder)
  5. -Kekoulis (main 3D artist)
  6. -Fragjacker (main 3D artist)
  7. -Latko Latissimus aka Satko (main FX artist)
  8. -Thudmeizer (AI coder,sound engineer,voice actor coordinator and the reason for the name of our Team)
  9. -dontask4470 (sound engineer,voice work scripterwriter and creator of some of the custom tracks the mod has)
  10. -unsociallobster (creator of the Unification menu textures and of the new loading screens,coordinator of the beta tester team)
  11. -Miros (3D artist and campaign coder,one of the main devs of the Nid mod as well)
  12. -Fuggles (coder and one of the main beta testers/advisors)
  13. -Corncobman of the Corncobman's Fan mod (FX artist,coder and one of the main beta testers)
  14. -I_Chammple of the RAGE mod (for valuable testing and balance advising)
  18. -Joazzz (for his valuable advice and immense assistance with many of the models,including the new Warhound,the Fellblades and the Gargarant)
  19. -L. G Lupton(aka Luppy131) for the Necron Seraptek Heavy Construct model.
  20. -Alexandre Cadinot(aka Augure) for the original Culexus Assassin model.
  21. -Mirage Knight 32 of Firestorm Over Karauva(FOK) (for many retextures,custom badges,banners and colour schemes-a true Honorary Unification dev)And of course,the mod in general for its great contribution to our Community.
  22. -Anfisa (for the idea and addon for the improved Dark Eldar shader as well as many of the assets that has created and allowed to be used.And for being a damn good friend of ours)
  23. -Deathwatch78 (for his updated Chaos Warhound model,FX and in general,being a great battle-brother in arms.)
  24. -Matthew Vanston (one if not,the main Voice Actor of Unification and its mods.His contribution is beyond measure,both with his voice and his support.)
  25. -Norwegian_Loki (years of 2D work and testing)
  26. -Enlargingcloud from the DOW2 Elite mod for his help.
  27. -Kill_Bot (for creating the trailer)
  28. -Havoc_Un1t aka Warsmith (For his great model help,assistance and advice over the years as well as allowing his Dark Prophecy assets to be used in Chaos Daemons by us)
  29. -mdcertainty (for much assistance in texturing and advising.Your legacy lives on brother!)
  30. -Eranthis of the Redux mod (while Eranthis and Kekoulis agreed to each have their own take to finish the Sister HD remake,it was Eranthis' initiative that started the project and credit must be given.In addition,for the new HQ sound FX for the WH_AS)
  31. -asterix120 aka Братішка (Helped adding many Survival and Last Stand Race profiles)
  32. -jONES1986 (a pillar of our Community-and the first creator of the Objective Points mod)
  33. -Jaguar-Lord (for help with main menu textures)
  34. -Battelkrusr of the Salcampaign(ex-Salcols) mod (scriptwriter and lore advisor)
  35. -Roderick (lore advisor and testing)
  36. -New and SpeedRay from the excellent Russian community, who allowed us to implement (import) their awesome NoFog hack in Soulstorm! You can now enjoy LONG distance games at will, without being annoyed by the fog.
  37. -Caldaris (one of the first YouTubers to showcase Unification through his YouTube Channel).
  38. -Whiteshield (for the idea and early adaptation of the blue Tau blood)
  39. -Our families and friends who supported us during the development.
  40. And of course,all of our fans and supporters!You all rock in your own way!
  44. #### VOICE ACTORS ####
  45. Kabalite TrueBorn -- Andreas Somville
  46. Kabalite TrueBorn Dracon -- George Exley
  47. Beast Master -- Tanner Wallace
  48. Beast Master Extra -- Tiana Camacho Grey
  49. Razorwing Jetfighter/Voidraven Bomber -- Alfabusa
  50. IG Medusa -- Robert Martens
  51. Banner/Standard Bearer (Company Standard) -- Fred Jenkins aka Montag
  52. IG Imperial Knight -- Alexis Kane aka NormQueenAlexis
  53. Eradicators -- Benjamin Bolton
  54. Eradicators Sergeant -- Kartoffel
  55. Loyalist Warhound Titan -- Eric Allaire
  56. Chaos Warhound Titan -- Andreas Somville
  57. Ork Stompa -- Ty Konzak
  58. Ork Gargantuan -- Chris O'Brien
  59. Imotekh the Stormlord -- Matthew Vanston
  60. Trazyn the Infinite -- George Excley
  61. Xun'Bakyr -- Cari Sholtens
  62. Night Scythe/Doom Scythe -- Craig Hawthorne
  63. Triarch Praetorians -- Andreas Somville
  64. Deathmarks -- Matthew Vanston
  65. Immortals -- Matthew Vanston
  66. Ctan NightBringer -- Matthew Vanston
  67. Ctan Deceiver -- Matthew Vanston
  68. Ctan Void Dragon -- Matthew Vanston
  69. Destroyer and Heavy Destroyer -- Piggo
  70. Ophydian Destroyers -- Matthew Vanston
  71. Destroyer Lord -- Piggo
  72. Lychguard -- Renegade Paladin
  73. Lord -- Matthew Vanston
  74. Annihilation Barge -- Matthew Vanston
  75. Ghost Ark -- Renegade Paladin
  76. Doomsday Ark -- Renegade Paladin
  77. Necron Constructs(Attack Scarabs, Builder Scarabs, Wraith, Doomsday Monolith, Monolith, Gauss Pylon,Obelisk, Tomb(and Canoptek) Spyder,) -- Matthew Vanston
  78. Pariah -- Puvi
  79. Shadow Spectres -- Bryan Larkin
  80. Shadow Spectres Exarch -- Stig Sydtangen
  81. Wraithblades -- Craig Hawthorne
  82. Revenant Titan -- Jezdamayel Hacknblast
  83. Breacher Team -- Jojo (Capt Jojo)
  84. Breacher Team Shas'ui -- Matthew Vanston
  85. Swordfish -- Ziggy
  86. XV85 Coldstar Enforcer-Armour Crisis Commander -- StringStorm
  87. XV95 Ghostkeel -- Ki McKenzie
  88. KV128 Stormsurge -- Tim "Bulwark" Pedersen
  89. XV104 RipTide -- Tim "Bulwark" Pedersen
  90. XV107 R'Varna -- Tim "Bulwark" Pedersen
  91. XV109 Y'Vahra -- Ki McKenzie
  92. Darkstrider (El'Myamoto) -- Seb Bell
  93. Mutilators -- Tim "Bulwark" Pedersen.
  94. IDH Interceptor Squad -- Burkdoll.
  95. IDH Interceptor Justicar -- Kartoffel.
  96. IDH Purgation Squad -- Goat/Histor.
  97. IDH Purgation Justicar -- Benjamin Bolton.
  98. IDH Purifier Knight Of The Flame -- Benjamin Bolton.
  99. IDH Terminator Justicar -- StellarElite.
  100. IDH Paladin Paragon -- Raven2236
  101. IDH GK Brotherhood Champion -- Williamson Knox.
  102. IDH GK Ancients: Brotherhood Ancient/Paladin Ancient -- Ki McKenzie.
  103. IDH Strike Squad Justicar -- HistoryRepeating
  104. Astor Sebbathiel -- Cari Sholtens
  105. Pious Vorne -- Stefanie Hazen
  106. WH Dominion Squad -- Trina Deuhart
  107. WH Dominion Squad Superior -- Mindi Stone
  108. WH Dominion Squad Imagifer -- Stephanie Swan Quills
  109. WH Dominion Squad Imagifer Extra -- Tiana Camacho Grey
  110. WH Banner Bearer -- Maria Micklasavage
  111. WH Priest -- Infested Potato (Andrew Strohman)
  112. WH Death-Cult Assassin -- Shakyra Dunn
  113. WH Inquisitor (Radical) -- Seoras Exley
  114. WH Inquisitor (Radical) [Extra] -- Infested Potato (Andrew Strohman) // Cari Scholtens [FEMALE ROLE]
  115. WH Inquisitor (Purist) -- James Burkdoll // Lauren Joy VA [FEMALE ROLE]
  116. WH Canoness -- Cari Scholtens
  117. WH Inquisitor Lord -- Craig Hawthorne
  118. WH Prioress -- MarieK
  119. WH Rhino -- Stephanie "Violita" Davenport
  120. WH Prioris Pattern Exorcist -- Brandi Stone
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