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  1. In Syria, there is awlays war, Always people dying, but there is always someone to try and keep the people in a positive mental state in such horrible times, one of these people, Al-Hamid Sayed.
  3. Al-Hamid being a father of five, a husband to a loving wife, also happened to be a conscientious objector, a man who only cared about his family and his faith. Al-Hamid was the speaker at his local mosque, and recited the words of the Quran at the mosque, It would always be full of those who were faithful the ongoing holy war would soon, come to an end.  Its just another day, and Al-Hamid and his family wake for another day in Syria, their part of the city is untouched from the conflict, but the influence of the Islamic State Militants is growing, and on this day he had woke, was June 8th, 2020, This day would change the world forever. Al-Hamid woke to the sound of screaming, his 5 children and wife, in one room, screaming in terror, as he enters, three men are there, black cloth clothing, military trousers, holsters with pistols in them. He knows who they are, and what they stand for, Al-Hamid is told that he must join with this group, to take back Syria, for Allah and Prophet Mohammed. Being apposed to ISIS, he refuses, without delay, his family are massacred infront of him, all but one child, a son, he is left, They then offer the father again, to join their cause, he looks at his son, smiles with a tear in his eye, but this tear was not for his son, this tear was for the three ISIS Soldiers among him, the tear was due to what actions Al-Hamid, a conscientious objector, would do. Al-Hamid dived at one of the men, grabbing a pistol from his holster, before the other two could aid their fellow brother, Al-Hamid shoots him in the face, upon then turning around and shooting the other two. It was so quick, you could have blinked and missed it. One of the ISIS Soliders laying on the ground, pleads for Al-Hamid to help him in the name of his faith, Al-Hamid, looks at the soldier with remorse, grabs his hand, looks into his eyes, and for a moment, this man thought that Al-Hamid was to aid him, but Al-Hamid grabbed the Soldier's Combat knife, and stabbed him in the neck.
  5. Al-Hamid's only remaining child, witnesses all of this, and runs out of the home out of fear of what he seen is father do. Al-Hamid chases his son to stop him from danger, But within a flash, a loud bang occurs and suddenly there was silence for a moment.
  7. A bomb had been dropped on the city, a city that had not seen conflict as of yet. After the first bomb, Many more came. Al-Hamid was one of the few survivors in the whole of the city, even his last remaining child, killed by this bomb.
  9. 3 Months later, word got out of the actions Al-Hamid did that day, Taking out three ISIS Soldiers, thos who opposed their actions, came to Al-Hamid, a man of words, for guidance, But he had only hate in his heart, And with one of the men who came to him, Al-Hamid explained he wanted revenge, on both the Western Devils, and the Islamic State.
  11. Before he knew it, One person on his side became two, Two became four, four became eight, and before he knew it, he had slowly grown his own group. Within a year, Al-Hamid had created a group strong enough to tackle the syrian army and what was left of ISIS, as they were either mostly destroyed, or most of their followers had joined Al-Hamid instead.  ISIS were then gone, Never heard of again, All killed or drove out, but Al-Hamid, a year after that day his family were massacred, wanted more, and more, And then moved in on the Syrian Military. The Military didn't stand a chance, the Military who wouldnt even protect his people, he tried to convert as much as he could, to join his side rather than kill them all. He had influence none Others had seen. By late 2022, Al-Hamid, from a simple speaker at a mosque, a man who was disgusted by violence, Had created possibly one of the strongest fighting groups within the middle east, He named them 'The Islamic Liberation Front' Liberating those who could not do it themselves.
  13. Al-Qaeda got word of what he had done, and wanted to get involved, They wrote a letter, stating he had crossed a line with them, with what he had done in Syria, And that if he did not disband the group, he would be a prime target. He ignored the letter and instead, Sent a few of his most initative spies to Afghanistan.
  15. Within a month, his spies had mixed in with Al-Qaeda, and kidnapped, beaten, then videod the execution of a commander. This was Al-Hamid's reply. Al-Qaeda responded with war.. But unfortunately for them, The influence was so high for the ILF, Al-Qaeda had its own internal war, its own soldier's killing eachother if they would not join the ILF.
  16. This was Al-Hamid's chance to move in on the sorrounding countries, this was his chance to move from the Syrian State he had taken. His influence moved into Iraq, Then Iran, Azerbaijan, Then Afghanistan. Their population as a Insurgent group, grew more and more, more than any group had ever gotten, even the Taliban.
  24. THE NATO
  26. After years of conflict with the the Centeral Eastern Asian Alliance, Both NATO and CEAA stand down from their war, due to the ongoing problem with the ILF.
  27. Unfortunately for the NATO, within the treaty, it stated they could not enter China, So when trying to exit Mongolia,
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