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Aether II changelog

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Nov 4th, 2016
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  1. ///1.7.10-1.6///
  2. *It's the time of giving! Presents are everywhere! Wrap a gift of happiness, or TNT, to your friends and spread the love!
  3. *Added lots of new accessories! Will you control snowballs of death or make your punches even deadlier?
  4. *Added two new companions to assist you in your holiday adventure!
  5. *Lots and lots of fixes and optimizations!
  6. *Added the Lucky Bell accessory, which increases the chance for a mob to drop a present.
  7. *Added the Candy Ring accessory, which negates hunger depletion.
  8. *Added the Continuum Bomb item, which creates a festive explosion of continuum!
  9. *Added the Frostbound Sprite companion, which generates infinite snowballs!
  10. *Added the Daggerfrost Locket accessory, which makes snowballs do 1 heart of damage.
  11. *Added the Totem of Clairvoyance companion, which gives the player night vision.
  12. *Added the Skyroot Ring accessory, which creates a 10% chance for blocks to drop doubles.
  13. *Added the Bone Ring accessory, which adds +1 attack damage to the wearer.
  14. *Added presents, which can be crafted by wrapping any item in wrapping paper.
  15. *Added a new record, "Silent Flight" by Jon Lachney.
  16. *Added new holystone decorative blocks.
  17. *Added new menu splashes.
  18. *Fixed donation skin choices not being visible to other players.
  19. *Fixed dungeon mobs dropping Sentry stone with the wrong metadata.
  20. *Fixed mods not being able to access dropped accessories on death.
  21. *Fixed high steps potion effect affecting other mods.
  22. *Fixed a bug where the config file may not generate.
  23. *Fixed duplication bugs with Skyroot Swords.
  24. *Fixed Aechor Plants incorrectly consuming buckets.
  25. *Fixed beds not working in the Aether dimension.
  26. *Fixed companinions not removing their effects on death.
  27. *Fixed a bunch of harvest level registrations on tools.
  28. *Entity optimizations.
  29. *World generation optimizations.
  30. *Flying through Aerclouds no longer interacts with the player.
  31. *Made it impossible to sneak on Quicksoil, fixes players being flicked into space and server crashes.
  32. *Removed Skyroot Bowl recipe and changed Skyroot Bucket recipe to planks in a regular bucket's form.
  33. *Made Cold Fire punchable and much less laggy.
  34. *Changed the Ambrosium Torch recipe to craft 6 torches.
  35. *Tweaked Labyrinth loot.
  36. *Changed Continuum Orbs to be stackable, up to 64 now.
  38. ///1.7.10-1.5///
  39. *Parties have seen a ton of fixes! The sidebar HUD now updates correctly, and the player menus now correctly update.
  40. *The Cloud Network has been completely rewritten! Yes, really! That means you won't get that pesky "NullPointerException" when you join cloud servers anymore.
  41. *The Slider fight has revisited it's more classic days! We've tweaked how the Slider reacts with multiple people, and made him no longer break blocks.
  42. *We've also listened to you guys and tweaked the Cockatrice and Tempest to be a bit easier. Tempest lightning damage has been reduced a bit, and the Cockatrice poison needle's nausea effect is now shorter
  43. *Rendering issues, such as when you have Optifine installed, have been mostly (if not completely) resolved!
  44. *Dungeon generation has been optimized to help reduce server load and improve performance
  45. *Updated all the translations.
  46. *Lightning Knives and Tempest Lightning damage has been halved.
  47. *Ice Pendants no longer destroy water streams.
  48. *Pickblock now returns a spawn egg on Aether entities.
  49. *Whitelisted and offline mode servers can no longer be added to the Cloud Network.
  50. *Made the Labyrinth Totem's drone sound quieter.
  51. *The Hammer of Notch now correctly applies damage.
  52. *Disabled the Aether Portal in the Nether.
  53. *Cleaned up the Cloud Network GUI.
  54. *Added a configuration option for the Aether Biome ID.
  55. *Registered all Aether entities as mod entities. (entities in old worlds will be removed)
  56. *The Slider no longer destroys the boss room.
  57. *The Slider boss room's door now reseals while fighting.
  58. *Parties are now limited to 4 players.
  59. *The Slider now drops a maximum of 16 lightning knives in one stack.
  60. *All party members are now required to be in the boss room before the Slider fight can begin.
  61. *Made Dungeon generation faster.
  62. *Fixed the "request pending" bug when trying to add players to a party.
  63. *Fixed a few bugs when players disconnect in a party.
  64. *Fixed some bugs where you could attack party members.
  65. *Fixed Aether mobs not activating the "Monster Hunter" achievement.
  66. *Fixed an issue where mined Holystone Furnaces would drop with the incorrect metadata.
  67. *Fixed an issue with cauldrons.
  68. *Fixed an issue where Aether mounts ignore player input.
  69. *Fixed not being able to remove items on the Altar with an empty hand.
  70. *Fixed a block duplication bug with dungeon blocks.
  71. *Fixed a EXP duplication bug when using Silk Touch on Skyroot Pickaxes.
  72. *Fixed some duplication bugs with Orange Trees and Skyroot Doors.
  73. *Fixed a crash when a Valkyrie Lance hits a nonliving entity.
  74. *Fixed an issue where Aechor Plant poison couldn't be harvested.
  75. *Fixed sword durability issues.
  76. *Fixed the Skyroot Sword duplicating entity inventories.
  77. *Fixed an issue where hitting a party member would still damage an item.
  78. *Fixed the Unbreakable tag not working on accessories.
  79. *Fixed a bug where you would be put inside blocks using a Dungeon Totem.
  80. *Fixed Aerogel render.
  81. *Fixed boss victory sounds not working.
  82. *Fixed a bug where the Sentry Guardian would continue attacking dead players.
  84. ///1.7.10-1.4///
  85. *New [[Dungeon Pillar]] and [[Carved Dungeon Pillar]] blocks, which have replaced the previously generated [[White Gold Pillar]] and [[White Gold Pillar|White Gold Carved Pillar]] blocks in the [[The Slider's Labyrinth|Slider's Labyrinth]].
  86. *[[Slider Labyrinth Totem]]s have changed in visual appearance, from a light-cyan color to violet in color.
  87. *[[White Gold Pillar]] and [[White Gold Pillar|White Gold Carved Pillar]] blocks no longer naturally generate in the Slider's Labyrinth, making them only obtainable now via commands, creative mode, or inventory editors.
  88. *Fixed some health bugs
  89. *Fixed lots of multiplayer bugs
  90. *Fixed teleportation bugs
  91. *The [[Multiplayer|AOS]]<ref></ref> server is now back up
  93. ///1.7.10-1.3///
  94. *Added new improved textures to dungeon mobs.
  95. *Made [[Gloves]] enchantable.
  96. *Added Japanese, Spanish, Russian, Finnish, and Korean language support.
  97. *HEAVILY buffed [[Zephyr]] spawn rate to increase difficulty.
  98. *[[Aerbunny|Aerbunnies]] now dismount when inside a block.
  99. *Made the [[The Aether|Aether World]] burnable.
  100. *Moved spawning system to Gilded Games Util (v.1.7.10-1.7).
  101. *Changed [[Skyroot Bucket]] recipe.
  102. *Altered [[Continuum Orb]] item whitelist.
  103. *Improved Thai Translation.
  104. *Reverted Zephyr spawnrate buff in favor of player lives lasting longer than 30 seconds.
  105. *A load more bug fixes (See Aether Wiki for full list.)
  106. *Fixed slow Aether mounts on [[Quicksoil]]
  107. *Fixed the Lancin’ and Dancin’ achievement
  108. *Fixed placed Aether Leaves decaying
  109. *Fixed broken Enchantment multipliers on elemental swords
  110. *Fixed the Aether’s portal generation
  111. *Fixed missing texture for Purple Crystal Leaves on different languages
  112. *Fixed [[Aercloud]] entities
  114. ///1.7.10-1.2///
  115. *Added language support for Dutch, German, and Thai
  116. *Added config options for dimension, potion, and biome IDs.
  117. *Reduced the size of the [[Aether]]'s assets, decreasing loading time
  118. *Removed Aerwhales temporarily due to a serious performance issue.
  119. *Fixed Silk Touch bug with [[Aether Grass]]
  120. *Fixed [[Orange Tree]]s not dropping more [[Orange]]s on [[Enchanted Aether Grass]].
  121. *Fixed [[Skyroot Bucket]] recipe.
  122. *Fixed ticking [[Altar]] and [[Incubator]] crash
  123. *Fixed crashes with String and Pressure Plates.
  124. *Fixed accessory rendering.
  125. *Fixed crash when [[White Gold Pillar]]s have invalid metadata.
  126. *Fixed [[White Apple]] duplication bug.
  128. ///1.7.10-1.1///
  129. *[[Baby Pink Swet]]s do not die in water now
  130. *Removed [[Neptune Armor]]'s ability of surviving in water.
  131. *[[Swets]] no longer give you incorrect jelly type.
  132. *[[Skyroot Bookshelf|Skyroot Bookshelves]] will now work around Enchanting Tables.
  133. *Fixed Achievement crashes on servers
  134. *Fixed name issue with [[Berry Bush]]es
  135. *Fixed pick block and drop of [[Holystone Furnace]]
  136. *Fixed [[Purple Aercloud]]s not generating in the Aether.
  137. *Fixed [[Aerwhale]]s not spawning in the Aether.
  138. *Fixed rendering issue with [[Neptune Armor|Neptune Leggings]].
  139. *Fixed a crash for "Floating Block".
  140. *Fixed Aether Achievements menu overriding all other pages.
  141. *Fixed delay with [[Aerbunny|Aerbunnies]]
  142. *Fixed [[Golden Oak Tree|Golden Oak]] drop bugs with [[Valkyrie Axe]].
  144. ///1.7.10-1.0///
  145. *Updated to 1.7.10
  146. *New GGUtil system
  147. *New [[Skyroot Bookshelf|Aether Bookshelves]], [[Holystone Furnace]], and [[Skyroot Trap Door|Trapdoor]] blocks added
  149. ///
  150. *[[Blueberry Lollipop]], [[Gummy Swet|Blue Gummy Swet]], [[Swet Jelly|Blue Swet Jelly]], [[Candy Corn]], [[Cocoatrice]], [[Gummy Swet|Dark Gummy Swet]], [[Swet Jelly|Dark Swet Jelly]], [[Gummy Swet|Golden Gummy Swet]], [[Swet Jelly|Golden Swet Jelly]], [[Icestone Poprocks]], [[Jelly Pumpkin]], [[Orange Lollipop]], [[Stomper Pop]], and [[Wrapped Chocolates]] items added.
  151. *[[Slabs|Aerogel Slab]], [[Stairs|Aerogel Stairs]], [[Walls|Aerogel Wall]], [[Slabs|Divine Carved Stone Slab]], [[Stairs|Divine Carved Stone Stairs]], [[Walls|Divine Carved Stone Wall]], [[Slabs|Divine Sentry Stone Slab]], [[Stairs|Divine Sentry Stone Stairs]], [[Walls|Divine Sentry Stone Wall]], [[Slabs|Icestone Slab]], [[Slabs|Sentry Stone Slab]], [[Stairs|Sentry Stone Stairs]], [[Walls|Sentry Stone Wall]], [[Slabs|Holystone Brick Slab]], [[Stairs|Holystone Brick Stairs]], [[Walls|Holystone Brick Wall]], [[Slabs|Holystone Slab]], [[Slabs|Mossy Holystone Slab]], [[Skyroot Bed]], [[Skyroot Door]], [[Skyroot Fence Gate]], [[Skyroot Ladder]], [[Skyroot Sign]], [[Slabs|Skyroot Slab]], [[Walls|Skyroot Wall]], [[White Gold Pillar]], and [[White Gold Pillar|White Gold Carved Pillar]] blocks added.
  152. *A new companion added, named [[Death Seal]].
  153. *[[Mouse Ear Caps]] and [[Gloves|Leather Gloves]] are now dyable.
  154. *[[Swet]]s now come in three different colors (blue, golden, dark/purple), and now drop assortments of jellies nad sugar.
  155. *Gloves now grant punching damage bonuses.
  156. *Rare Aether music disk added, featuring frightening music.
  157. *Beds now work in the [[Aether]], including the new Skyroot Bed.
  158. *Loot drops balanced in the [[Slider's Labyrinth]] chests
  159. *Lowered mini-boss count in the dungeon from five to three
  160. *Hundreds of bugs fixed!
  161. *Spawn rate of hostile mobs (such as [[Zephyr]]s and [[Cockatrice]]s have been nerfed further.
  162. *Fixed choppy [[Slider]] boss movement
  164. ///1.6.4-3.41///
  165. *Cloud Servers now show the mods loaded on that server.
  166. *Added a refresh button to the Cloud Network
  167. *Added an Options tab to the social Tab Group for customizing Coin Slider, Parties and Notifications.
  168. *The social Tab group no longer remembers the last selected tab, meaning it opens the Chat Tab every time.
  169. *Color coding is now possible with Cloud server information.
  170. *The [[Slider's Labyrinth|dungeon]] HUD no longer renders outside of dungeons when teleporting.
  171. *Fixed an annoying bug which would stall the game upon open the Cloud Network
  172. *Fixed a '''huge''' bug with our custom Spawn Manager, which would spawn a large amount of mobs such as [[Aechor|Aechor Plants]].
  173. *Fixed an issue where the [[Aether Portal]] teleport sound would play globally for all players on a server.
  174. *Fixed an issue with Cloud information line separators on other OS's other than Windows.
  176. ///
  177. *Hostile mobs are now much less frequent in spawning areas.
  178. *[[Skyroot Fence]]s can now be crafted again.
  179. *Some balance changes to [[Slider's Labyrinth|dungeon]] loot.
  180. *An exploit with [[Blue Aercloud]]s, which allowed Survival players to fly has been patched.
  181. *Fixed a memory leak with animal spawning within in the [[Aether]] dimension.
  182. *Fixed a major issue where Dungeon spawners wouldn't spawn hostile mobs.
  183. *Fixed some placement issues with Cloud information
  184. *Floating blocks that drop from [[Gravitite Tools|Gravitite tool]] abilities now drops the correct block metadata.
  186. ///
  187. *The Cloud Network has been added. This feature displays to you all active Aether II server's around the world, keeping you more in touch with the [[Aether]] community. If you own an Aether II server, keep in mind that it will also be listed on this network unless you manually disable it within the server configuration file.
  188. *A new Blue [[Deadmau5 Ears]] variant has been added.
  189. *Added a Player List tab to the social tab group.
  190. *[[Aerbunny|Aerbunnies]] can now reproduce and have offspring like other Vanilla animals.
  191. *Players can no longer sneak to prevent falling off of [[Quicksoil]] and [[Quicksoil Glass]].
  192. *The last selected tab in a Tab Group is now remembered.
  193. *[[Moa]]s no longer lay [[Moa Egg|eggs]] while mounted.
  194. *Moas now lay eggs at a very decreased rate.
  195. *[[Aechor Plant]]s now spawn like mobs rather than animals.
  196. *[[Aether Portal|Portals]] no longer generate in the Overworld when a player falls off of the Aether.
  197. *The "crafting" text has been re-added to the Accessories tab GUI.
  198. *Mounts now stay in place when owned by a player.
  199. *[[Treasure Chest]] block has been removed.
  200. *[[Skyroot Crafting Table]]s can now be broken efficiently with axes.
  201. *The [[High Step]] potion effect now works correctly (with Fleeting Wisps).
  202. *[[Blue Aercloud]]s now correctly bounce players who are on a mount.
  203. *Fixed respawning issues within [[Slider's Labyrinth|Dungeons]] where players would teleport to a flatland void.
  204. *Fixed bug where leaving a Dungeon could sometimes teleport players to The Nether.
  205. *[[Gloves]] now render correctly when blocking with a sword and when the player is invisible.
  206. *Deadmau5 Ears now render in their correct position.
  207. *Fixed a depth-rendering issue with name tags on [[Companions]] and [[Baby Moa]]s.
  208. *Fixed a crash
  209. *Fixed an issue with shift-clicking items in the [[Incubator]] GUI.
  210. *[[Valkyrie Lance]]s no longer take damage while in Creative.
  211. *Fixed a crash with using [[Neptune Armour]].
  212. *Fixed the [[Dart Shooter]] recipe.
  214. ///
  215. *Added seven new [[Companion]]s
  216. *Added [[Flying Cow]]s
  217. *Added [[Flaming Sword]]
  218. *Added [[Skyroot Door]]
  219. *Added [[White Rose]]s
  220. *Added [[Divine Sentry Stone]] and [[Divine Carved Stone]] variants of [[Sentry Stone|Sentry]] and [[Carved Stone]]
  221. *Added two new [[Moa]] donator skins
  222. *Implemented bonemealing for [[Orange Tree]]s and [[Berry Bush]]es
  223. *Added tooltips for [[Aether]] items with special abilities
  224. *Updated to Minecraft 1.6.4
  225. *New textures for the [[Zanite Block]], [[Icestone]], and [[Quicksoil Glass]]
  226. *Buffed spawn rate of passive mobs
  227. *Accessories and donator perks moved to inventory tabs
  228. *Parties and notifications moved to chat tabs
  229. *Revamped dungeon system
  230. *Capes removed to correspond with Mojang EULA changes
  231. *[[Zephyr]]s were nerfed
  232. *Lots of bug fixes (like a lot...)
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