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  1. Most monsters are far more dangerous when you're attacked by more of them. Keep in mind that you can defend only one opponent at a time. Use this to your advantage and attack single monsters with help of other heroes. Don't get sourrounded by monsters, that might be your death even if the monsters are not that powerful.
  3. --
  5. As we travelled through the dungeon tunnels we came to a big cave. In the light of our torches we saw several eyes glowing in the darkness, then the trolls attacked, silently as usual. We immediately dropped our torches and raised our shields to block the first attack, then we counterattacked. Soon the floor was wet with blood, ours and theirs. They were very skilled in blocking our blows and I am sure with inferior weapons we would have hacked on these beasts for an eternity.
  7. --
  9. Orcs ARE intelligent. Though some dwarfes mumble about a shared hivemind of the greenskins, there is no evidence for that. Orcs have speech and are capable to learn other humanoids language quite well ... if they want, what almost never is the case. They lack a written language though. Some of the more educated orcs use human letters to write down orcish texts. Its rumored that the orcs we encounter now and then are just barbarians of their own kind and that there is a more 'civilized' orcish culture somewhere. There are some clues that the orcs indeed had a written language, but the modern orcs is unable to read it as we are.
  11. --
  13. Once upon a time there was a little gnome.
  14. And as all gnomes he was a treacherous, greedy coward (and that's pretty treacherous, greedy and cowardish). One day in the middle of a deep forest the little gnome met a little girl wearing a pretty red cap. As the greedy gnome saw that she was carrying a bag full of finest bread and a flask of wine, he pretended to be starving and begged the little girl for food and water in a way anoying as only gnomes can be (and that's pretty anoying). But the girl was warned of treacherous gnomes by a valiant huntsman she met before and she quickly ran away from the greedy little gnome. The gnome became angry but was afraid to steal from her, because she might have been stronger than him. So he wandered into the woods cursing as only gnomes can curse (and that's pretty ugly). By chance he almost stumbled over a sleeping bard. Quickly figuring out the magical nature of the flute lying near the sleeping bard, he stole it as quickly as only a gnome can do (and that's pretty quick). Using the magic flute he lured a pack of wolves to the little girls grandmas house and let the beasts chase both into the wilderness and laughed wickedly as only gnomes can laugh (and that's pretty wicked). Laughing the gnome gulped the wine and swallowed the bread as fast as only gnomes can (and that's pretty fast). So he lived in the woods and molested squirrels happily ever after.
  16. -----
  18. The Awaking of the Gods BOOK TWO
  20. For a long time Fardos exhausted his enormous powers in futile activity. Finally he asked his companion for support in his
  21. attempts. Uman consented only too readily, but Zathroth, the dark one of the twins, refused himself. Thus Fardos and Uman
  22. strived together to attempt the CREATION - however their laborings were not rewarded with success again. Just like before
  23. everything was drained away as soon as they created it, and Zathroth laughed full of contempt.
  24. The power however, which Uman and Fardos spent, did seep away in the universe-filling void. Nobody knows
  25. whether it was this power that lured another entity to them, whether it aroused this godly being, or whether in a
  26. mysterious way it created this entity. In any event, suddenly the enormous entity Tibiasula rose from the void and
  27. examined the two other godly beings. Fardos and Uman welcomed Tibiasula as their sister and admired her, because she was
  28. the perfect unity of the elements. Zathroth however fumed with silent hate, as he didn't want to share the void with one more
  29. entity.
  31. ---
  33. The Great Creation BOOK ONE
  35. Uman in his wisdom recognized the possibilities, which revealed themselves to them here, and he asked Tibiasula join in the
  36. circle of the creators and help them with the task of the creation. Tibiasula agreed, because she also was fascinated by the idea
  37. of the creation.
  38. Uman, whose nature was to win secrets and gain insights, had relized what their error at the preceding attempts had been:
  39. Without a fixed pivot point there was no existence possible, and everything had to diffuse away as it was without direction and
  40. target.
  41. And to remedy that he invented TIME!
  42. In order to create the time, the Gods united their powers. Even Zathroth was fascinated by the idea of his other half and
  43. contributed a tiny proportion of his strength to the effort. The wise claim that it is to be due to his working that all time strives in
  44. the long run to decay and destruction.
  45. The powers of the godly bundled themselves to an enormous power greater than any in existence before. It began to
  46. crystallize itself in the void to an enormous spiral. Higher and higher it mounted up, became firmness, pivot point, direction and
  47. aim of existence! And in such a way the crystal column of time grew upwards and was from then on the unmovable center of
  48. creation.
  50. ---------------
  52. The Great Creation BOOK TWO
  54. But even at the culmination point of the creation Zathroth bundeled all his destructive powers to a weapon and pushed it with
  55. all the strength that he could muster into the heart of Tibiasula, whose existence he did not want to endure any more. And as the
  56. divinity was weakened by the creation and without suspicion and resistance, the deadly attack penetrated to the core of her
  57. being and destroyed her.
  58. The elements - fires, water, earth and air - were jerked out of their harmony and landed at the base of the column of time.
  60. ------
  62. The Birth of the Elements BOOK ONE
  64. Schocked Uman and Fardos tried to grab hold of the dispersing being of Tibiasula, but it was about to slip out of their hands
  65. like their creations before. They wove a powerful spell, the spell of the creation, in order to bind Tibiasulas essence to the
  66. column of time. As Zathroth laughed loudly, in his vain triumph, he did not understand their words, and so the secret of creation
  67. and life stayed hidden from him forever.
  68. They however wove the fleeting elements to powerful strands. Althought they did not succeed in uniting them again but the
  69. individual parts became something new, the first real creation.
  70. Thus the living part became Tibia, born from the element earth, Sula became the sea washing around it. Air rose over the
  71. creation and layed itself like a protecting blanket over the creation, and the fire seeped under it and began to warm it up.
  72. Behold: Each of the separate parts of the god was full of life and divinity! But none of the elements possessed the spirit of the
  73. Tibiasula, but they were wild and impetuous, following always the impulses which corresponded to their nature.
  75. ----
  77. The Birth of the Elements BOOK TWO
  79. And Uman and Fardos were chagrined about the dastardly deed or Zathroth. They decided to create from the elements
  80. something new, similar to Tibiasula. For a long time they looked for a way of achie this end. Finally Uman found a solution: the
  81. birth, which created live from live. One of the Godly had to unite with one of the elements and could thus create a new entity.
  82. Thus Fardos and the Fire united, and the Fire bore two children, Fafnar and Suon, the Suns of Tibia. Suon of calm and
  83. considerate nature. But Fafnar, its sister, was self-willed and stubborn. She rose vainly over the elements and began to scorch
  84. them. Therefore Suon also rose up in order to stop his sister. A wild struggle started and pretty soon it turned out that Suon
  85. was the stronger one of the two. So Fafnar fled under Tibia into the parental fire, but Suon wanted his sister to promise him
  86. never to scorch the other elements again.
  88. ---
  90. The First Creatures BOOK TWO
  92. Brog however laughed over the dragon, which he had create, because he roamed over Tibia and was a terror to the few
  93. other creatures. Brog was fascinated by this created being and its terrible children, although they showed him neither loyalty nor
  94. respect. Thus Brog created further life, imitiating his shape, in order to please him, and so the cyclops entered the world.
  95. Zathroth however was angered, because he thought the cyclos stupid and awkward. Too little trouble did they spread in the
  96. world, because they quarried in Tibia for metals and enjoyed to process it with fire and force. They were too few for his likes,
  97. because they hardly grew in numbers.
  98. Thus Zathroth reprimanded his blockheaded son and ordered him to create new life. For he himself still could not understand
  99. the secret of life. Under his guidance the first trolls, numerous and vexatious, developed but still without the malicious cunning,
  100. which Zathroth desired. Next father and son therefore created the orcs. And the orcs turned out just like the dark God wanted
  101. them. They flowed over Tibia, spread out and began to devastate it.
  103. ----
  105. The War over the Creation BOOK ONE
  107. Uman was distressed by the actions of his dark side, and he asked Fardos to help him with his attempt to separate from his
  108. bad side. For a long time they manipulated and pulled on the essence of Uman-Zathroth, but only to detect that this unitity was
  109. destined for eternity.
  110. But a small part of Uman-Zatroth, a godly fragment separated itself due to this pulling and strugglig, and it assumed the shape
  111. of Kirok, which one would call the crazy one. Kirok was from precipitous, scizophrenic nature. On the one hand he was
  112. brilliant and creative, on the other hand one he was ludicrous and full of folly. Thus Kirok became the protection patron of the
  113. scientists on the one hand, and the jesters and jokers on the other hand.
  114. Meanwhile the gruesome children of the dark gods raged more and more savagely, and the devastation of the world
  115. continued without cessation. Some of the other gods did not want to witness anymore, how their creation was troubled and
  116. subjected by the creatures after the spirit of Zathroth, and some decided to do something about that.
  117. Crunor created the wolves in order to protect his forests against the orcs, but these were too numerous! Only in the deepest
  118. forests and in wild herds the wolves learned to defeat their bipedal opponents.
  120. ---
  122. The War over the Creation BOOK TWO
  124. Basteth wanted to come to aid her cousin, but her creatures, large and dreadful as they were simply could not walk ashore.
  125. She was only able to send the snakes, but they were too weak, and the orcs too powerfull. Thus she gave them pus from her
  126. festering face wounds as dangerous poison. But too bad! Still the bad orcs, equipped with cyclop weapons, were too powerful
  127. and too malicious.
  128. But when the Orks threatened to cover Tibia almost completely, the dragon came! They had decided that only they
  129. themselves were to be the true and absolute rulers of Tibia. They did know no mercy in their rage! With fire and magic
  130. they annihilated the orcs, devastated their cities and drove them into the underworld. Even the cyclops, which hurried
  131. furiously to the battle, and auxiliary troops from enslaved trolls were no match against the fiery anger of the dragons. Enormous
  132. cyclopic cities were laid into ruins, unbelievable forging factories were lost for all eternity, and until today the cyclops are upset
  133. about the orcs because of these losses.
  135. ---
  137. The War over the Creation BOOK THREE
  139. But on the other hand, many dragons fell due to the onslaught of the enormous hordes of orcs and their allies. Until today
  140. none of the old peoples has recovered from the great war. Tibia was completely scattered with the corpses of the great battle,
  141. and all life threatened to be suffocated thereby.
  142. There the gods decided that Uman should unite with the earth in order to create a godly being, which would take care of the
  143. dead. But Zathroth used a deception and appeared to the earth as its other side, Uman, and conceived in his place a being.
  144. This was the birth of Urgith, the master of the undead.
  145. And immediately the dead ones began to raise themselves on his calling, and they all were his creatures. Like the orcs before
  146. them, now the undead covered the body of the mother Tibia, and his children, the rats, were Urgith's messengers and scouts.
  147. Then however Uman and Tibia united, as it had been agreed upon, and Toth was born. Toth became the guardian of the
  148. dead ones and sent his large worms which began to devour the undead. For a long time the struggle lasted and again no end
  149. was to be foreseen.
  151. ----
  153. The War over the Creation BOOK FOUR
  155. The good Gods created and threw race after race into the struggle about the world. All of them were defeated! Almost
  156. everyone of the old races, which we know only as the Ancients, was defeated and buried by the sands of the time, because
  157. they were no match to the agressive rage and the emotionless intrepidity of their opponents.
  158. According to our knowledge, only the delicate elves in their cities deep in the forests and the dwarves in their fortresses deep
  159. under the mountains survived the corpse wars, although at some campfires rumors are spread about other races, created by
  160. both sides for this unholy war, and of which some individuals are said to still be around.
  161. Just as strong and powerful as these peoples were, they were one-sided and of little flexibility. Worse still: Some creatures
  162. succumbed to the temptations of Zathroth about power and great knowledge. They switched sides, and rumor has it that the
  163. most powerful of the Ancients were hurled out of this world by the good Gods for their betrayal to suffer eternally in the sphere,
  164. which was created in order to punish them for their misdeeds, and changed to what nowadays is called the daemons.
  165. All their magic, which was probably given to the old peoples in excess, could not make them victorious, and they and their
  166. buildings disappeared gradually from the face of Tibia.
  168. -----
  170. The Creation of Humans BOOK ONE
  172. There the Gods created the first human, Banor, the godly warrior! This entity was filled by the godly power and was full of
  173. courage and responsibility. After his image and with parts of his body the Gods created him attendants, Humans.
  174. Nobody knows, which Gods brought their powers into the recent creation, and some say that Zathroth spoiled also this
  175. creation. Yes, some even state that the good Gods created a twin for Banor, which should embody the powers of magic,
  176. whose raw form however was stolen by Zathroth, and he had manufactured from it the first daemonic lords to lead his
  177. attendants from hell.
  178. Whichever it might be, in any case the humans took on the fight against the crowds of the undead and probably against the
  179. dragons, orcs and their unholy attendants, too, and Banor was a glorious leader for mankind.
  181. ----
  183. The Creation of Humans BOOK TWO
  185. Thus the age of the wars of the unliving began. The battles were furious and bloody and for along time no side was
  186. apparently winning. Uman gave humans the art of magic and instructed them in the magic crafts. But even the sorcerers could
  187. not turn the tables. Some of them turned thereupon away from Uman and called Crunor their lord, in order to serve from then
  188. on as druids for the forces of the life. Together with the godly world tree Crunor they created many of the creatures, that
  189. populate the wilderness today, although a variety of these creatures was extinguished in the wars of that time.
  190. Banor however chose the noblest of the mortal ones, Kirana, as its wife, and she bore him Elane, which possessed as much
  191. virtue as combat and magical powers. And she became the first of the noble paladins. Until our times the leader of the paladins
  192. is in honors to her a woman and assumes the honorary name Elane.
  194. ---
  196. The Creation of Humans BOOK THREE
  198. All this however could not turn the war luck against the dark hordes. Whereever Banor appeared personally to lead the
  199. armies of humans, they triumphed, but on the other battlegrounds they were too often crushed by the dark crowds.
  200. Thus Banor asked the gods to help him and the gods in their infinite wisdom created the portal of the souls. By means this
  201. mystic of gate souls from planes of existence far, far away of Tibia could be called in order to assume the shape of heroes.
  202. With these champions as leaders the humans turned the tables in the great war. They alone under all the mortals had the
  203. possibility of becoming similar to Banor, uniting power and cunning. Thus the hordes of undead and their terrible leaders were
  204. slowly but inexorably overwhelmed.
  206. ----
  208. Tibia's Renewal BOOK ONE
  210. The heroic powers were just about to seal the defeat of the darkness by steel and manapower but the wars had persisted for
  211. too a long time. The world was fragile, the boundaries between the worlds cracked by the enormous powers, which had been
  212. employed. Already the armies of the older races were readying themselves to recapture from the humans what the old ones
  213. regarded as theirs. Already the children of the darkness, hardly troubled by the undead, risen again to new powers, were
  214. waiting to spread chaos over the world. Already the dragons sharpened their talons on their rock, in order to rise again into air
  215. to devastate the world in a fiery nightmare. Already the victorious armies of humans threw possessive looks on new targets.
  216. Already the daemons hammered on the walls of their breakable prison.
  218. ----
  220. Tibia's Renewal BOOK TWO
  222. There the Gods on both sides stopped. They looked down upon the desintegrating world, and they decided an armistice,
  223. because they all wanted power over the creation, not its complete destruction. Thus the Gods threw the charm of the new
  224. beginning over the world! Only gradually the recovering sections of the old world started to rise from the nebulas of time,
  225. awakened the old races and old frights back to life. It is said that the city of Tibia was the first to rise again, barren of almost all
  226. life, without all magic, on a tiny island, deserted and almost devoid of life ... and nevertheless full of age-old secrets. And soon
  227. afterwards life returned to the world.
  228. Also via the portal of souls old and new heroes found their way to Tibia. Gradually larger sections of the old world emerged
  229. from the nebulas, further natures and miracles. But the world is still far from its former splendour and size, and we live in times
  230. of change. What today is still natural, may as soon as tomorrow be only a legend, what today is still fantasy, may already
  231. tomorrow be reality.
  232. But hear ye and listen: Bad spirits also arrived and still arrive by the portal in our realm, in order to do mischief in human
  233. shape. Thus one has to face many dangers, and often the world appears to be cruel and hostile.
  235. -----
  237. The rat - I fear we brought this pest with us on the isle and they soon increased in numbers. You might encounter the rats nearly everywhere, though they prefer to live undergound.
  238. Mostly harmless, they tend to destroy food supplies and can become dangerous in greater numbers to the bad equiped human.
  240. The snake - The poisonous snakes hide in the woods and near the northern swamps. They usually can be found at the shores more often then in the isles centre. They are not too dangerous to a adventurer with some basic equipment. If poisoned it is a wise decision to run straight to the monk who guards the soul vortex, where everyone enters the world of Tibia, and ask for healing.
  242. The spider - Similarly dangerous as the rat, the spiders were found by the first explorers of the isle and are native to Rookgard. They live above and beneath ground and tend to live and hunt in packs to increase their danger.
  244. The wolf - There are some smaler wolf packs on this isle. Wolves are fast, tough and dangerous. Often they are the hunters and not the hunted on this island. It is a good decision to engage them in combat only with decent equipment and try to fight them only one on one.
  246. The troll - Though intelligent in a limited way, the cowardish trolls are not a threat to our small outpost. They are able to create and use some basic equipment and quite tough to lesser weapons and unskilled fighters. Follow the advise to have mastered some basics in shielding, before you challenge even one of them.
  248. The bear - Bears are hard to beat! Keep that in mind before challenging one. If you are unexperienced and have no good equipment, retreat is the tactic of choice. Best kill them in small hunting parties and use terrain to your advantage.
  250. --
  252. The orc - The green skinned orc is intelligent and able to use weapons and armor. They are warriors of some power and very dangerous in greater numbers. We are lucky not to have encountered any of the more dangerous orcs like warriors or berserkers on this isle.
  254. The poison spider - Roughly only slightly tougher then the ordinary spider it can poison you. Try to avoid such fate since they usually live far from our base and you might not make it to our local monk for healing.
  256. The bug - The bug is not that dangerous. More an annoyance then a threat to an adventurer of some experience. It might become a lethal threat to a perfect rookie. With some preparation they should not be worth to bother about.
  258. The deer - Deers are a fine supply for food and are non-agressive animals and try to flee on sight. It might be difficult to catch them and you might easily enter the territory of a local predator while chasing them.
  260. The rotworm - A creature of decay that lives underground like its small cousin, the earthworm. Its toothed maw is a formidable weapon and rotworms have torn more then one adventurer to pieces. A horde of them might kill anyone, so great caution is advised while encountering them.
  262. Other beasts - It is certain, that other beast live in the dungeons of our isle. But they are not numerous enough to become recognized yet. If you encounter any unknown beast it is certainly dangerous and a potential lethal enemy. Don't underestimate them.
  264. The wasp - fast and deadly to the unexperienced. Their speed makes them dangerous, even more in high numbers
  266. ----
  268. Dungeon Survival Guide
  270. Don't explore the dungeons before you tested your skills in the training cellars of our academy. You will find dungeons somewhere in the wilderness.
  271. Don't enter dungeons without equipment. Especially a rope and a shovel will prove valuable. Make sure you have a supply of torches with you, while wandering into the unknown.
  272. It's wise to travel the dungeons in groups and not alone. For more help read all the books of the academy before you begin exploring.
  273. Traveling in the dungeons will reward the cautious and brave, but punish the reckless.
  275. ----
  277. Tactics handbook - Use training to your advantage. Avoid fighting more than one enemy at the same time. Be careful while chasing an enemy because you might get hurt by his allies or by other monsters and can't defend yourself while targeting him.
  278. Target only the closest enemy or you'll become confused and might not be able to defend yourself against other attacks.
  279. Different enemies require different tactics. Some are better to be fought in an aggressive way; some should be fought in a defensive way. Which attack style you choose also depends on your equipment. If you wear only light armour, there is probably no point in fighting defensive and the other way around.
  281. --
  283. The fauna of rookgaard.
  284. One of the native trees of this isle is the rookiepine.
  285. This tough tree grows almost everywhere and can withstand the common storms in the harsh winter.
  286. Another tree you can find is the dwarfenoak. The smaler cousin of the tibian oak is a fast growing tree and so the most common wood supply on rookgaard as well as on the continent.
  287. Only botanist can distiguisch the dwarfenoak from the strang rookguard banannatree. On rookguard there is an oaklike plat which fruits resemble Bannanas in shape and tase that much. noone can make out the difference of the fruits. To all persons without knowledge in botanology the only hint to find a bannanatree is the witheblossom flower that often seems to live in a kind of symbiosis with the cherry tree.
  288. The dragontongue plant is easily spotted by its deep red blossoms and rumored to be an usefull reagent in varrious alchemical potions.
  289. The swamplants re that numerous and various that we didn't have a chance for an extensive calssification.
  291. --
  293. The Knights:
  294. Knights are unparraleled in close combant. They are masters of most weapons and the shield. A skilled knight can inflict enormous damage even with the lesser weapons
  296. --
  298. The druids:
  299. Druids conenctrate on the magics of nature and acquire great healing powers. They also adept in the use of some offensive and protective spells.
  301. --
  303. The paladins:
  304. Paladins are great archers and also their spears hardly miss their marks. They are able to cast some minor spells of healing and protection.
  306. ---
  308. The sorcerer:
  309. Sorcerers are masters of magic. They posses an enormous arsenal of spells of protection and destruction.
  311. --
  313. The citys of the continent:
  315. Fibula is a small village on an isle southwest of the mainland. Its under the rulership of the Thais monarchy. Its rumored that beneath this isle are caves and dungeons of unknown but certainly ancient origin.
  317. On the mainland is the city of Thais, ruled by the wise and just King Tibianus. His explorers found the new soulvortex on this isle and build this base to protect and train the incoming heroes.
  319. In the far northwest is the city of Carlin, that is ruled by amazons. The stuborn so called queen refuses to accept the rulership of the Thais monarchy over the whole continent.
  321. At the great bay, east of Thais lies a rotten town of criminals. Little is known about it and only the most ruthles people even think about travelling there.
  323. The dwarfen town, north of mount sternum, the central tibian mountainmassive, is the home of the tibian dwarfs. If you are looking for smiths of unparraleled skill you should travel there.
  325. Farer north, at the northern shores you find the elven city of Ab'Dendriel. There live the elves, masters of nature and masterhunters.
  327. ---
  329. Magic
  331. There are two kinds of spells: rune-spells, and spontaneous spells.
  332. Rune-spells are cast on blank runestones and some mana is used up in this proces. This stones can easily be carried around and store the specific spell. It can be used at any time, and only some require further investment of mana.
  333. Spontaneous spells are cased in the heartbeat they are needed and take effect instantly. Most of these spells are spells of healing but some of them are agressive and some even have more astonishing effectes, as invisibility, illusionary shapechage etc.
  335. --
  337. The Soulvortex
  338. Its said that in ancient times, the gods created a great vortex to allow the souls of spirits from 'beyond' enter the realm of Tibia. Through this vortexportal many great heroes were able to manifest themselves on Tibia. In their new bodys they fought againt the forces of destruction. But also agents of destruction and evil entered the world through this portal. More and more the dark forces used the portal to spread over Tibia and to annoy, disrupt and subvert the brave people of the world. Some of the evil spirits remained long enough in this world to wreak even more havoc on the good people of Tibia. Destruction of all that others had built, slaying of new manifested souls as soon as they left the vortex.
  339. The gods watched in grief what had become of their great accomplishment. And one day Uman and Banor combined their awesome forces and split the vortex. One strand now aimed to the isle of rookgaard, the other one remained aimed on the temple of Thais.
  340. From this day on the newborn heroes awakened on the holy and protected isle of rookgaard and only the stronger and better prepared souls could travel to the continent.
  341. Guided by omens an expedition of brave warriors from the thaian order of the knights of noodles traveled the perillious seas the the remote isle of rookgaard and discovered the new soulvortex.
  342. Soon this base was built and this fine academy founded.
  344. Praise the gods and our King.
  346. --
  348. My travels.
  350. As the orcs approached I've hidden myself in the bushes near the lake. I did hardly dare to breath as they met only some inches from my nose. I thought my wild beating heart might betray me to this murderous beasts.
  351. I overheared the greenskined brutes. 'charach' (or so) one said and the other responded the same way, then they began to chat in their strange language, certainly talking about some gruesome plot against mankind. Talking they wandered away and after they vanished from my view I quickly got up and headed to Thais as fast as I could.
  353. --
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