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  1. General Nuzlocke Rules:
  2.         -You may only catch the first pokemon encountered in an area, if you fail to catch it, tough luck.
  3.         -If a pokemon faints, it must be released or stored in the PC forever.
  4.         -Nickname each pokemon.
  5. Additional Rules:
  6.         -All battles should be in set mode.
  7.         -Dupes clause: If the first pokemon you find in a new route is part of an evolution chain you already have, you may skip it. This rule can be voided for pokemon with alternate evolutions (Eevee for example)
  8.         -No items in battle.
  9.         -No/Limited use of the Pokemon Center.
  10.         -No PokeMarts.
  11. Nuzlocke Spinoffs:
  12. .       -Wonderlocke: (Only possible in Gen 6) Very similar to a nuzlocke with the exception that all caught pokemon are immediatly wonder traded, additional rules can be added to avoid receiving too high level early game.
  13.         -Egglocke: You get six eggs from WFG/Link Trade, hatch those, and those are the only pokemon you can use.
  14.         -Wedlocke: Two pokemon of opposite genders are paired and they can battle only alongside its partner, if it has one. Switching Pokemon out in battle is allowed, but ONLY for the Pokemon's partner. When a team is at an odd number the new pokemon caught has to be of the gender that you have less of. Genderless pokemon are skipped.
  16. Other Self Imposed challenges:
  17.         -Monotype: All pokemon must share a type.
  18.         -Monocolor: All pokemon must be the same color. (This is usually judged by Pokedex classification)
  19.         -Survival: No Pokemon Centers or Marts allowed, its pretty much a challenge to see how far you can get with a team and items you find in the overworld. Unlike a Nuzlocke, If a pokemon faints it can be revived.
  20.         -Tier: Only use pokemon of a certain tier as classified by Smogon.
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