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  1.     Heavy arrives at the market place. Its cold and a little foggy. The informant is in red, she said she'd find him. Heavy makes his way around the market trying not to look to suspicious. He finds small cafe and sits out side near the street, the server offers him some tea, he declines. As he dwells there Heavy begins to surveys his surroundings, likely thinking of where he can find a weapon or how he is going to get out of there should things turn bad, they almost always do. The informant sits behind him in another chair, she orders a cup, she accepts the servers offer for tea drops a small burlap bag on the floor beside her chair. She finishes her tea and says to no one in particular “I hope the soldiers to the south do not do not have to fight today, it looks like its going to rain and being by that damn it may just over flow and could cause terrible trouble for our troops, god bless them.” she gets up and leaves with out the bag. Heavy waits a few minutes before sliding the bag under his chair with his foot. As he does so, a small squad of neg-steve soldiers drive up in a armored car and stop in the middle of the road directly behind heavy. They get out and are given orders to survey the area, they're obviously looking for someone, likely our hero. As they disperse from the middle of the road, heavy quickly looks in the bag. Inside he finds a combat knife, a colt 1911 with 2 extra clips, a small map of the area and two bottles of water. He gets up, tosses the bag over his shoulder and heads south, he'll check the map for the damn when hes out of town.
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