Charon-chan gets molested (one shot)

harblador Mar 29th, 2014 (edited) 1,381 Never
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  1. >It's so cute.
  3. >I want it.
  5. >I need it.
  7. It lightly brushed the disembodied hand every time she made the trip. Her braid was so long, so beautiful, so obscene. The hand yearned to grab it with all its might. He could feel the vibration coming from the boat. Her patently unfunny jokes, the groaning of the boat, the stunned silence of the passengers. He could even catch a hint of her form from the wind behind her.
  9. As the braid gently wafted across his palm, he struck. He grabbed onto her hair with all his might, hoping to either be pulled up from the black water of pull her in with him. The braid slowly tightened as she carried on, unaware. Her horrid punchline was cut short as she fell back into the black water, her head suddenly pulled back by her hair.
  11. The hand slowly worked it's way up her braid as she struggled in the dark water. She could barely keep herself on the surface - there was no way she could resist being pulled in. He savored the feeling of her wet, slippery hair on his fist. He wrapped it around his forearm - really his entire body - and released it again to pull her closer. This was the best feeling he'd had in millenia.
  13. Finally he could feel her skull brush against his hand. He deftly maneuvered her head around, placing his fingers on her cheek. She spat black water as he caressed her face. It was even more beautiful than he had dared to imagine. His fingers sailed across her features.
  15. He felt her tiny mouth gasp for air. He ran his fingers up the gentle curve of her nose, and gently brushed her wet, glistening eyebrows. He could feel her breath and surprised stuttering on his forearm. Below her eyes he felt small, puffy pads, circled by shallow grooves. They felt like heaven under his wet fingertips. He thought he could be happy just touching her like this forever, but he knew it would not last. He had to go all the way with her.
  17. He forced himself to leave her perfect face behind, and grabbed her hood. He slowly made his way down her neck. It was slender, almost bony. He could feel the blood and air move up and down inside. He paused to feel the slow drums on her neck, but shook himself to action. He worked his down to her shoulder.
  19. He could feel the warmth of her armpit even as the cold water splashed all around her. The contrast between her radiating warmth and her cold, wet clothes made him shiver. But he had to press on. He worked his way down to her elbow. Touching it made her yelp and stiffen up even more than usual. His pulse grew more rapid with each movement. Finally her passed her delicate wrist, with its pounding siren song. He was finally there.
  21. With shaking hand, he slowly maneuvered his hand to hers. He almost lost grip of her, but managed to pull her back. He slowly pushed his fingers into her wet slits, one by one. As their fingers interlocked, he could feel more and more of her warmth. It was finally happening. With all his fingers in place, he could het go of the thumbhold her had on her. He slid his trembling thumb on hers. Up - her short, but perfectly formed thumbnail. Down - into her inviting pit. He paused to probe the webbing. Finally he pushed his thumb down. He was almost there.
  23. With a complete grasp of her delicate, beautiful hand, he pulled it in. As he felt their palms touch, he was surprised to feel her grasp his hand back. He felt waves in the water as she pulled her head closer. He passed out from the pleasure as she lightly kissed the back of his hand.
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