Last Single Man in Town Chapter 3

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  1. It was early in the morning, and Yuuka Hisakawa was in her office, pleasuring herself with her new dildo. She moaned lustfully each time she filled herself with it, and her hips moved uncontrollably as it impaled her. Her clothes had become hot and restrictive, but she was too preoccupied with her building pleasure to bother removing them.
  3. “Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!!!” she cried sweetly as she felt herself coming ever closer to her orgasm. “Almost~! There! Yes!” She was almost there! “YES! CHANCE! YES! N-NO! FUCK!” she yelled before pulling out the dildo, and throwing it at the wall. It hit the wall with a wet smack, and Yuuka began to bang her head against her desk in frustration. “I was so close! Why can’t I cum?!” She stopped banging her head, and rested it against the desk as she groaned, “I need to get laid…”
  5. It had been over a month since she had given Chance his office, and her company had kept her incredibly busy since then. She had been so busy in fact that she hadn’t even had enough time to talk herself into any threesomes. As a modern career woman turned youko she thought she could just tough it out, but it turned out that was a grave mistake. At first she began to feel restless, then she began to masturbate more than she already did, then she had strong urges to debase herself for the slight chance of even seeing a dick, and now she was so frustrated that masturbating no longer offered any relief. In fact she felt like it had made the problem worse. She needed to have sex, but a threesome wasn’t going to fix this. No, she wasn’t going to find relief by sharing a man with some bimbo. She needed her own man. Her own specific man.
  7. “Chance…” she moaned as she gripped her desk. Her claws dug deep gouges into the wood as she asked, “What would you think of me if I came into your office, ripped off our clothes, and had hot steamy sex for all the world to see? What would your face look like when you cum inside me for the tenth, no one hundredth, no one thousandth time?! I want to see it so bad!” She began to giggle creepily, breathe heavily, and drool on her desk as she imagined the sight. After a minute Yuuka realized what she was doing, and sat up suddenly. She then noticed the claw marks she left in her desk, and sighed, “Crap…” It was getting harder to keep up her air of professionalism. But no matter how much she wanted to throw Chance to the ground and ride him like he were a wild stallion, she had a reputation to uphold. She traced her claw marks with her finger, wondering how she was going to fix this problem, when she heard someone snoring softly.
  9. “That’s none of your business Gale,” Yuuka said as she glanced over at her dormouse secretary. Today Gale was wearing a pink nighty, and was sleeping spread eagle which granted Yuuka a clear view of her matching panties. Yuuka also noticed that Gale’s short, brown hair still had a bad case of bedhead, which irritated the professional youko to no end. Gale snored a retort, and Yuuka said, “I know you do, but I’d still like to have a bit of privacy. So what brings you into my office so early in the morning?” Gale simply snorted, and rolled onto her side to use her hands as a makeshift pillow. “Are you serious?!” Gale mumbled something in her sleep, and Yuuka began to smile excitedly. “So she’s finally finished it. This is perfect! Cancel all of today’s and tomorrow’s appointments, and get everything booked as soon as you can! And don’t forget to invite Chance, and don’t take no for an answer!” Gale yawned adorably in response, and she disappeared when Yuuka blinked. Now that she was alone, Yuuka giggled giddily as she began to search through her laptop’s files. She quickly found her favorite video file, and double clicked it to bring up the video player. A video of Chance eating lunch in his office from various angles began to play, and the youko quickly took off her clothes. This plan needed her to be calm and collected, so she needed to try to deal with her sexual frustration again. She smiled as she watched Chance undo his pants, and she began to touch herself while pretending that he was touching her instead. “Oooh~! I hope you’re ready for me Chance~! Because you’ll be mine by this time tomorrow~!”
  10.                     -----------
  11. Chance was currently uncomfortable. It had been a slow day at the office so far, so he was happy to help Verena when she came to his office, and asked him to give her some pointers. Unfortunately the adolescent looking lich insisted on sharing a chair, and had managed to wedge herself between his legs. While he did his best not to touch her, Chance was aware that her butt was pressing against his crotch, and that she was naked underneath her robes. He also noticed the faint scent of lilac perfume, which seemed to keep him from focusing on anything except her body against him.
  13. “So Verena…” he eventually said.
  15. Verena stopped typing, and asked, “Yes Chance?”
  17. “Are you sure you’re comfortable sitting like this? It wouldn’t be that big of a deal if I got another chair.”
  19. “This seating arrangement continues to be adequate.”
  21. “A-are you sure?” Chance almost pleaded.
  23. “Indeed,” Verena confirmed. “A second chair is not required.”
  25. “Great…” he sighed. He then leaned back into his chair, and closed his eyes in frustration. He wanted to tell her that he was uncomfortable with this, but he couldn’t argue with the youthful looking lich.
  27. “Do you require rest Chance?”
  29. “No, just resting my eyes.”
  31. “Good, because I would like you to inform me on how to use the youtubes.”
  33. “Alright…” Chance sighed before he reopened his eyes. He then had to rub his eyes to make sure he wasn’t seeing things. Gale had appeared on his keyboard with her butt pointing towards them. Her nightie had ridden up, which left her panties on full display. Verena didn’t seem to notice that Gale had appeared, and she continued to type away on Gales’ butt. “Maybe I really am tired…”
  35. “Is something wrong?” Verena asked before noticing that she was trying to type on a cute bottom instead of a computer keyboard. “What are you doing here?” Gale snored, and Verena frowned slightly. “Is this true?”
  37. “What’s true?”
  39. “The interloper is here to invite you to have dinner with Miss Yuuka Hisakawa,” Verena explained. “She has also said that this rendezvous has been planned for quite some time.”
  41. “Dinner? Oh right! The boss lady did say she wanted to take me out for dinner a while ago. I almost forgot,” Chance admitted.
  43. “Romantic?”
  45. “No. It’s supposed to be a reward for being a good employee if I remember correctly.”
  47. “I see…” Verena said before she got up, and floated towards the office door.
  49. “Where are you off to?” Chance asked inquisitively.
  51. Verena stopped at the door and answered, “I have remembered that there was something of great importance that needed my attention. Thank you for the lesson Chance, but I must go.” She then quickly left the room before Chance could ask any more questions.
  53. “Ok…” Unsure about what to make of Verena’s odd behavior, Chance turned his attention back to the dormouse snoozing on his keyboard. It was then that he noticed a pamphlet stuffed down stuffed down the back of Gale’s panties. He was pretty sure that it wasn’t there before, but that didn’t stop him from taking it. “What’s this? Be at the front of the building by 4:30pm. Formal clothing is optional. Oh! These are instructions for dinner! So I’m guessing she’s hoping to go tonight? Chance waited for an answer, but Gale only snored in response. “Ok… So you could tell Yuuka that I’m free tonight, and I’d be happy to have dinner with her tonight?” Gale mumbled incomprehensibly in response, and Chance wondered if that was all he needed to do. He didn’t talk to the dormouse all that much, but he didn’t think anyone else did anything special when talking to her. As he thought about if he should repeat himself, Chance found himself drawn to Gale’s rump. Everything about it and the dormouse it was attached to was inconceivably cute, and something in the back of his mind told him that he needed to pull down her underwear. Almost despite himself, Chance gently pushed Gale’s fuzzy, but limp, tail out of the way, and began to slowly disrobe the mouse girl. His heart raced at the excitement of doing something he wasn’t really sure he wanted to do, but couldn’t stop for whatever reason. He began to grow impatient, and he gave Gale’s panties a sharp tug to reveal a post-it note. It read, ‘Currently on break. Disturb at your own risk <3!’ That snapped Chance out of his stupor.
  55. “M-maybe I should go see if anyone need help with anything!” he said as he quickly stood up. He practically ran out of his office, but that wasn’t enough to disturb Gale’s peaceful slumber. However he did notice that her snoring sounded more disappointed than usual.
  56.                     -----------
  58. After work, Chance found himself walking on the busy downtown sidewalks. It hadn’t been hard to find the high rise apartment building Yuuka wanted to meet at, but finding a parking spot downtown was still a pain. He had to park his car a couple blocks away, and he contemplated on how odd it was that the small inconveniences of modern life persisted after the arrival of the fantastical mamono. He eventually made it to the apartment complex, only to find that the warm weather and slight exercise had made him sweat a little.
  60. “I hope Yuuka will let me use her shower,” Chance said to himself as he entered the high rise’s modern, stylish lobby. He took a moment to find the front desk manned by an elf and a man, and approached them. As he got closer, he noticed that the elf look distracted, and her face and ears were red with embarrassment. He didn’t know why she was acting like that, but he guessed it had something to do with her co-worker standing uncomfortably close to her, as if he was trying to hide his arm behind her.
  62. “H-hello! How c-c-can I mmm~ h-help you?!” the elf asked as Chance arrived at the front desk.
  64. “I was hoping I could meet up with Yuuka Hisakawa,” Chance said as he did his best to ignore the wet, sticky sounds coming from behind the desk. He had been around mamono long enough to recognize what the two of them were doing, and he decided to keep quiet to avoid mortifying the already embarrassed elf. “Could you give me her room number, and let her know that I’m coming?”
  66. “N-no~! I meeean yes! Just a aaah! M-moment p-please!” The elf began to type away at her computer, but she would constantly have to stop to catch her breath or moan. Chance did his best to look away as casually as he could, and he reminded himself of all the new inconveniences the mamono had brought with them. He also assumed that the man behind the desk had magic fingers considering how much the elf seemed to be enjoying herself.
  68. “Is that you Chance?” a familiar voice asked. Chance turned to see his boss walking out of an open elevator. Yuuka was wearing coral lipstick and champagne eye shadow that made her look more stylish than she usually did, and softened her usually stern face. She also wore a black, backless dress that hugged her every curve, and allowed her three, perfectly groomed tails to move about freely. As she approached, Chance could hear the sound of her fashionable high heels against the stone floor. She pushed up her bifocals and said, “You’re here early. I was just coming down to wait for you.”
  70. “I figured that it’d be a good idea to come a little earlier than I needed to,” Chance explained.
  72. “That’s fine. I don’t mind men who cum early, as long as they get me to where I want to go,” Yuuka replied with a flirtatious smile.
  74. “O-ok” Chance stuttered, unsure of how to take the youko’s response. “Hey, since I’m here early, would it be ok if I use your shower before we head out? I kind of worked up a sweat on the way here.” Yuuka’s emerald eyes flashed with mischief and lust at Chance’s proposition. Thoughts of having him naked in her shower ran through her head, and she began to feel conflicted. As much as she wanted to sneak into the shower with him, it wasn’t part of the plan. Going ahead with her plan would mean ending the night with passionate, bestial sex fueled by the aphrodisiacs and stamina enhancing potion Verena had concocted. On the other hand she could start having sex right now, with the only downside being that Chance might not be able to last as long without the potion. She had heard that mamono gave off some sort of energy that would increase her partner’s stamina, but Yuuka wasn’t the kind of woman who made decisions based on mere hearsay. She also had her reputation to consider.
  76. She began to mentally kick herself as she said, “You could, but the restaurant gets pretty busy. If we leave now, we might be able to sneak in early.”
  78. “I guess that’s true,” Chance reluctantly agreed. Yuuka smiled as she walked up to his side, and wrapped her arm up with his.
  80. “Then we better get going.”
  82. “O-ok,” Chance stuttered before they both began to make their way out of the lobby. As they got to the door, the elf shrieked in pleasure as she orgasmed, and Chance turned his head to see what was going on. Yuuka used this opportunity to stealthily sniff his shirt, and sighed as she felt her nerves calm slightly. It was then that she decided that she had made the right decision.
  83.                     ----------------
  85. La Viande Pouritte was a well decorated building halfway across town from Yuuka’s apartment complex. Their limo stopped in front of a path that was lined with old fashioned lampposts, and well-groomed shrubs and trees before a valet opened their side door. The valet closed the door after they exited the limo, which immediately drove off to go park. Yuuka linked arms with Chance once again, and they began to make their way towards the restaurant. Chance marvelled at the gardens that flanked the path, and the large, luxurious, French fountains they housed. As they got closer to the restaurant, Chance noticed a group of well-dressed people waiting to get inside.
  87. “It looks like I’m a little underdressed…” Chance muttered after seeing the expensive clothing the people in the crowd wore.
  89. Yuuka giggled and said, “I think you need to take a closer look Chance. You may not be the most formerly dressed, but you far from being underdressed.” He looked closer at the crowd, and noticed that some of them were actually wearing covered in body paint instead of wearing form fitting clothing like he had originally thought.
  91. “I don’t know how I feel about being out dressed by naked people,” he admitted.
  93. “I wouldn’t worry about it Chance,” Yuuka advised. “Besides I’m bringing you here as a reward for your hard work, not because of how sharply you dress.”
  95. “Are you implying that I don’t have a sense of style?”
  97. “I’m not saying anything of the sort. Although… Seeing you in body paint would be a stark improvement.” Yuuka laughed, while Chance chuckled nervously at her teasing. When she finished, Yuuka noticed that Chance was still looking at the naked mamono, and felt a twinge of jealousy. “A bit of advice Chance, you shouldn’t be staring at other women when you’re on a date.”
  99. “Ah! S-sorry,” Chance apologized as they reached the end of the line. “Wait… This isn’t a da-”
  101. “Miss Hisakawa!” a gruff voice suddenly called out, interrupting Chance. They both turned to find a poodle-like cu sith dressed like a French maid running towards them. She had a posh air about her, which made her gravelly voice seem all the stranger. “You surprised us when you said you were going to be here early, but your table is ready!”
  103. “Thank you Princess,” Yuuka answered. “I hope we didn’t cause too much trouble.”
  105. Princess curtsied before saying, “Of course not! We made sure that your favorite table was free in case something like this happened. Now if you and your…” Princess paused as she caught a glimpse of Chance. She stared at him for a moment before frowning. “Please follow me.” She then led them into the building.
  107. “Looks like you’re a pretty big shot around here too,” Chance commented.
  109. “I wouldn’t think so,” Yuuka calmly replied.
  111. “On the contrary!” Princess barked. “Miss Hisakawa is one of our most important investors, and one of my master’s favorite friends!”
  113. “Oh stop it~! You’re embarrassing me~!” Yuuka half-hearted pleaded, although it was clear that she was enjoying the praise. “Besides your master call everyone his favorite friend.”
  115. “But he means it with you Miss Hisakawa! He also says, must to my shame, that you’re THE best at sucking co-”
  117. “That’s enough of that,” Yuuka quickly interrupted. “I’d prefer it if you didn’t say anything that would hurt my image in front of my employee.”
  119. “As you wish miss,” Princess sighed as they entered the dining area. The room was large, filled with tables, and made Chance feel like he’d stepped into a French castle. While the room had some artificial lighting, it was mostly light by candlelight, which gave the place a romantic, and sophisticated atmosphere. There were also small groups of musicians interspersed throughout the room who played calm, classical music. Princess led them to an out of the way table underneath a painting of a young couple on the beach.
  121. “This is a pretty swanky place!” said a clearly impressed Chance.
  123. “I’m glad we’ve managed to surpass a commoner’s ‘high’ expectations,” the cu sith responded dryly.
  125. “Harsh…”Chance complained as he sat down.
  127. “Never mind her,” Yuuka said as she sat down as well. “She can have a bit of an attitude problem.”
  129. “I’ve noticed…”
  131. Princess cleared her throat, and gave out a couple menus as she said, “Here are your menus. What would you like to drink?”
  133. “I’ll have some water please.”
  135. “Just water?” Yuuka asked. “Don’t you want anything else? You don’t have to hold back just because I’m paying for it.”
  137. “Thanks Yuuka. I might get something else later,” Chance assured.
  139. “In that case I’ll have some water too, but get us a bottle of Merlot for later.”
  141. “Very well. A bottle of Merlot and our finest mineral water for Miss Hisakawa, and some tap water for the commoner,” Princess said with a curtsy before heading towards the kitchen. With the cu sith gone, Chance and Yuuka began to peruse their menus in silence. Princess eventually came back carrying a couple glasses of ice water, and an expensive bottle of wine. “Have you decided on what you would like?” she asked as she placed everything on the table.
  143. “Hmm… I’ll have the matelote with a side of potatoes with raclette cheese,” Yuuka said before closing her menu, and handing it back to Princess. “What about you Chance?” Chance quickly looked over the menu on more time in an attempt to find something that might be edible.
  145. “I’ll uh… Have the… Chicken Marengo?” he hesitantly ordered. He didn’t know what half the words in the menu meant, so Chance decided to try his luck with the chicken. He handed Princess his menu, and the cu sith once again left for the kitchen. Yuuka drank some of her water, while eyeing out the bottle of Merlot. While it looked like an untampered bottle of wine, she knew it had Verena’s potion mixed inside. It had taken a while to make since the lust potion components apparently didn’t react well with the volatile components of the stamina boosters she requested, but the lich had managed somehow. Now all Yuuka needed to do was to get Chance to drink it, he’d become impossibly aroused, and together they’d find relief. Verena had included some instructions on how to use the potion, but it couldn’t have been that hard.
  147. Yuuka put her glass down and asked, “So Chance, could you tell me a little bit about yourself?”
  149. “Why?” he asked.
  151. “Don’t be so suspicious,” she scolded. “It’s going to be a while before our food gets here, so we might as well chat.”
  153. “S-sorry… So what did you want to know?”
  155. “Let’s see… What made you decide you wanted to work with computers for a living?”
  157. “There’s not much to know,” Chance confessed with a shrug. “We didn’t have enough money to afford a computer back when I was young, so I always found them very cool. I’d take every opportunity I could to use one, so I became obsessed with the one we eventually got. When the time came to figure out what job I wanted, working on computers was the obvious choice.”
  159. “So are you enjoying working for my IT team?”
  161. “Usually, although dealing with the viruses some of the mamono get on their computers is getting kind of old.”
  163. Yuuka chuckled and said, “I can see how that’d get to be an issue.”
  165. “So what about you?” Chance asked. “Did you always want to be a C.E.O.?”
  167. “Of course not. I wanted to be a princess when I was a kid.”
  169. “Really?” Chance asked as he raised an eyebrow in curiosity.
  171. “What’s with that look?”
  173. “I just can’t picture you dressing up like Cinderella or Snow White.”
  175. “Then you’d be happy to hear that I’d rather dress like Orihime or Kaguya-hime,” Yuuka said with a smile. “Unlike my father, my mother was born and raised in Japan, and she made sure I heard all of the wonderful stories that she heard growing up. I loved hearing them almost as much as she enjoyed telling them, and I guess I just wanted to be like the princesses in those stories.”
  177. “And then what happened?”
  179. “Don’t you think that’s a bit too personal a question to be asking your boss?” Yuuka teased with a sly grin.
  181. “Y-you’re right! I-I’m sorry!” Chance quickly apologized. He then awkwardly took a sip of his water, and Yuuka laughed at the sight. She then took a sip from her own glass, and she pondered on whether she should continue her story.
  183. After a moment of contemplation she admitted, “There was a boy.”
  185. “A boy?” Chance repeated, unsure if he should be inquiring any further.
  187. Yuuka stared into space as she continued, “I met him at Victoria Park, and I was instantly smitten with him. He was a few years younger than me, but that didn’t really matter much. We would play together almost every day, and I can’t remember ever being happier. I even remember him swearing that he’d be my loyal knight, and that he’d be by my side forever.”
  189. “And I’m guessing he didn’t?”
  191. “Of course he didn’t. He was like… seven at the time. Kids that age don’t even realize what ‘forever’ really means. Of course, that didn’t stop the heartbreak when he stopped showing up at the park after a couple of weeks. I started focusing on my studies to cope, and I eventually got into business like my father.”
  193. “I see,” Chance said before he remembered something. He scratched his head and asked, “Victoria Park wouldn’t be that one next to Albert Street would it?”
  195. “It is actually. How’d you know?”
  197. “A friend of mine lived near there, so we’d go play at that park sometimes.” Chance chuckled and asked, “Isn’t that a weird coincidence?”
  199. “Certainly,” Yuuka agreed before a silence fell over the table.
  201. “T-that apartment building you live in sure looked snazzy,” Chance awkwardly said after a moment. “I’m a little disappointed that I couldn’t check out your apartment before we took off.”
  203. “Really? If that’s the case, you’ll have plenty of time to look around later,” Yuuka purred. She smirked as Chance began to squirm in his seat as he caught what she was implying.
  205. “I wouldn’t want to impose or anything…”
  207. “Why would you think it’d be an imposition?”
  209. “W-well… Y-you probably don’t want your employees snooping around your place, and invading your privacy.”
  211. “Nonsense,” Yuuka scoffed. “I’ve come to enjoy your company Chance. You’re not just my employee, you’re my friend. And my door’s always open for friends.” She smirked as she thought that her legs would be open for him as well. She couldn’t help but stare at Chance as her thoughts naturally turned to some of the many sexual acts they’d do together later.
  213. “A-are you ok Yuuka?” Chance asked nervously. “You’re looking a little red in the face…”
  215. “It’s probably the wine,” Yuuka cooed, oblivious to how uncomfortable she was making her prey.
  217. “But you haven’t been drinking wine…” Yuuka hummed absentmindedly in response, and continued to stare at her future boy toy. She wanted him so bad that she had forgotten her plan, and was wondering if she should fuck him on the floor, or lure him into fucking her on the table. However she was unable to come to a decision before Princess interrupted her reverie with an exaggerated cough. They both turned to find the cu sith standing next to the table, flanked by two werewolves in French maid uniforms carrying plates full of food.
  219. “Pardon my interruption, but your dinner is ready,” Princess declared as the werewolves placed their dishes on the table.
  221. “That was fast,” Chance commented as he examined his chicken. It looked like it had been sautéed with garlic and tomatoes, and garnished with bits of fried egg and crayfish. He noticed that Yuuka’s dish looked just as appetising with her fish smelling like it had been stewed in cider, and her potatoes that were practically drenched in cheese.
  223. Princess puffed up with pride when she announced, “Miss Hisakawa is a V.I.P. customer, so the cooks know that her meals are to be their first priority!” She shot Chance a nasty look before adding, “Even if her company is less than refined.”
  225. “Hey!”
  227. “Never mind her Chance,” Yuuka ordered before turning her attention back to Princess. “It looks delicious as usual. Could you send Jacques my regards?” Chance cut a small piece of his chicken, and ate it.
  229. “Oh wow… This is delicious!” he praised after swallowing.
  231. “Then I’ll go tell our chef that his food is enjoyed by both beautiful youkos, and classless men who dress like they’re homeless,” Princess said before bowing. The two werewolves bowed as well before the three of them left the table.
  233. “I’m starting to think that I should have dressed up…” Chance mumbled once Princess was out of earshot.
  235. “I don’t think that would have helped,” Yuuka said as she began to cut up her fish. “She’s like that with everyone before she warms up to them.”
  237. “And how would I manage that?” Chance asked before eating some more of his chicken.
  239. “It helps if you feed her little bits of meat from your meal.” They both laugh before they continue eating. They continued their conversation as they ate, but Yuuka kept an eye on how much water Chance was drinking. Once he drained his glass, Yuuka asked, “Would you like some wine?” Chance eyed the bottle of Merlot suspiciously, and Yuuka sighed in annoyance. “What’s with that look? I can assure you that your food will taste even better when paired with some wine.” Chance still seemed unsure about the wine, so Yuuka grabbed the bottle. She opened it, and let it breathe for a moment before pouring herself a glass of the red wine. She then took a sip, and flashed Chance a reassuring smile. However the potion hidden in the wine began to take effect. She began to notice that her heartbeat had quickened, and that she was starting to feel hot under the collar. Yuuka also realised that she’d probably have to pay for a replacement chair when she noticed how wet her nether region had gotten. “See? It’s completely safe,” the youko lied.
  241. “Sorry,” Chance apologized as he poured his own glass of Merlot. “I know you’re trying to treat me, but I’ve been a little on edge since someone tried to spike my drink a while ago.”
  243. “So I’ve heard,” Yuuka blurted.
  245. “Where’d you hear that?” Yuuka was going to say that she had Gale follow him around, but she caught herself before she could.
  247. “I think Ling Ling told me,” she answered after a brief, nervous silence. Chance thought over his boss’ response, and shrugged before returning to his meal. Yuuka breathed a sigh of relief as she began to ponder on what had happened. She didn’t normally blurt out sensitive information unless she was incredibly drunk, but that wasn’t possible since she’d only had a sip of wine. Those thoughts quickly vanished when she noticed Chance grab his glass. Her heart raced even faster as he raised the glass to his lips, and she felt as if she was ready to pounce on her unsuspecting employee. She was so close!
  249. After taking a sip, Chance said, “That stuff tastes… pretty… good…” before suddenly collapsing on the table. Yuuka stared at him for a moment as her mind registered what had just happened. Eventually the realization hit her, and she began to snarl.
  251. “GALE!” she screeched before looking down to see the dormouse sleeping in her potatoes. A memo had been stuffed down Gale’s panties, and Yuuka grabbed it unceremoniously. They were the instructions for how to use the potion that Verena had made, and the enraged, horny youko read through them in earnest. She had been too busy fantasizing about her night with Chance to bother reading them, and she now feared that there might be something in them that caused this. “Stupid potion! Why couldn’t you just work like a roofie?! Mix potion into food or drink… Note: Please do not mix with alcohol or carbonated drinks. I have yet to test how the potion would react to these substances. However, considering the volatility of the components, I believe the reaction would be detrimental to your plans…” Chance slurred something, and Yuuka looked up to find him slipping in and out of consciousness. Her thoughts were also getting a little hazy, which was why she didn’t notice Princess approach with the werewolf maids.
  253. “Is everything ok Miss Hisakawa?” Princess asked, her worry evident on her face. Gale also gave a worried little snort.
  255. “I messed up… But why didn’t the potion knock me out too?” Yuuka asked aloud. Gale replied with a snore. “My lust? So you’re telling me that’s why the potion isn’t affecting me?!”
  257. “It smells like the aphrodisiac’s affecting you just fine Miss Yuuka,” Princess said as she covered her nose with a blush. Yuuka could smell it too. Her love juices were practically flowing out of her, and had already soaked through her dress and ruined the chair. Her dress was also beginning to feel constrictive, and she fought the urge to rip them off of her. “Is there something we can do to help?”
  259. “I-I need to go home!” Yuuka said as she got out of her chair. “I’ll pay for everything later! I’ve got to go now!”
  261. “Very well. I shall inform the valet that you are coming,” Princess said before the werewolves approached Chance. They picked him up off the table, and began to carry him towards the exit. Yuuka and Princess followed them, but they soon realized that something else was wrong. The werewolves had begun to pant, and they stopped moving not long after.
  263. “Was gon on?” the first werewolf slurred.
  265. “Dun no, but I feel so hawt…” the second answered drunkenly.
  267. “U know wut else iz hawt? Dis guy.”
  269. “I wanna fuck him so bad…”
  271. “Lez do it!” Yuuka felt a twinge of anger and jealousy before she ran after the werewolves.
  273. “Sorry, but he belongs to me!” the youko snapped as she effortlessly pulled Chance away from the other beast girls. Oddly enough, the werewolves didn’t seem to mind as they began to make love on the floor. Yuuka was confused about what was going on, but the mystery was solved when she realized that her body was feeling even more aroused than it had before. With this boost in arousal she also began to feel more energetic and focused. She also had to fight the urge to join the werewolves on the floor, but Princess thankfully distracted her.
  275. “What’s going on Miss Yuuka?” the cu sith asked. “Why are my most well behaved serving girls having sex on the floor?!”
  277. “It’s the wine,” Yuuka explained. “It reacted with the potion, and almost knocked Chance out cold. It didn’t seem to affect me because my libido was already on overdrive, and now my body has too much sexual energy to shut down! And to top it off, Chance seems to be giving off a pheromone that is making everyone drunk and horny!”
  279. “I do admit that he’s smelling better than he did earlier,” Princess cooed as her tail began to wag. She quickly stopped when she realized what she was doing, and asked, “I-is there anything I can do to help?”
  281. “Make sure my limo’s ready, and get out of my way,” the almost feral youko lustfully growled. Yuuka then threw Chance over her shoulder and bolted out of the restaurant, leaving a confused kitsune-bi in her wake. When she reached her limo, Yuuka threw Chance into the back seat before following him inside. She laid down on the plush seat as she felt the vehicle begin to move. She heard some soft snoring, and turned to find Gale sitting next to Chance. “I know it wasn’t my most glamorous moment, but I think we did pretty well back there.” Gale snorted, and Yuuka frowned. “It might have gone better if you spent more time reading instead of eating cheese!” Gale mumbled something incomprehensible. “How dare you! Should I remind you that you… work… for… me…” Yuuka trailed off as she noticed the bulge in Chance’s pants. It had gone unnoticed in the panic at the restaurant, but now it attracted the youko’s full attention. She squealed excitedly as she dropped to the floor, and crawled between Chance’s legs. She thought her heart might explode from excitement as she undid his pants, and pulled them down to reveal her prize. His cock stood at attention, hard and throbbing. It bobbed slightly with the movement of the limo, and its head glistened slightly with pre-cum. Yuuka shed a single, happy tear at the sight of it, but she glared at Gale when she snored. “Of course I’m not going to let you taste test it! How could a penis ever be poison?” She turned back to Chance’s dick and said, “I’m never letting anyone else touch it. It’s. All. Mine!” Gale snored again, and Yuuka groaned in annoyance. “Of course I’m going to let him touch it! It’s his penis! Now can you shut up! You’re ruining the mood!” Gale snored apologetically, and Yuuka turned her attention back to Chance. She gingerly grasped Chance’s cock, and marveled at how firm and warm it was. Using her thumb, she began to spread the pooling pre-cum evenly over its head while becoming engrossed in the wet, sticky sounds she was making. She could feel Chance twitch in her hand, and she grew even more excited.
  283. “No… Stop…” Chance weakly protested. Yuuka obliged by quickly letting go of his dick, and put her thumb in her mouth to enjoy the taste of his pre-cum.
  285. After taking her thumb out of her mouth she asked, “What’s wrong Chance? Don’t you like it?”
  287. “Stop… Please… No…”
  289. “I’m sorry Chance. Tonight was supposed to be a reward for all your hard work. It can’t be much of a reward if you don’t like it,” Yuuka said as she lightly kissed his dick. “But believe me when I say that this is going to feel so much better!” She gave his cock one last kiss before opening her mouth wide, and forcing his cock inside. It wasn’t long before she felt his tip against the back of her throat, but Yuuka continued to choke him down until she reached his hilt. She then looked up, and spent a moment enjoying the look of pleasure on Chance’s face, and the feeling of his cock in her throat. The urge to have him fill her womanhood grew again, and Yuuka began to pull back so that Chance could slip out of her mouth. However Chance came with a tired grunt before she could remove his cock, and her mouth was quickly filled with his hot, sticky seed. She tried to drink it all, but she was overcome by the sheer volume of cum, and it streamed out of her mouth and stained her clothes. After the geyser of semen subsided, Yuuka swallowed the spunk that remained in her mouth. She sat on the floor panting after she finished, looking and feeling happier than she had felt for weeks. Gale gave an impressed sounding snort.
  291. “That’s one hell of a side effect,” the youko gasped. “And look, he’s still hard~! I want it~!” Yuuka tried to get up, but the limo came to a sudden stop and she crashed face first into Chance’s chest. She breathed in his scent before ripping open his shirt to kiss his bare chest. Gale mumbled something, and Yuuka answered with, “No~! We’ll just do it here~! Any where’s fine~! I just want him~!” Gale snored cutely. “R-right~! All the toys are up there~! And my nice, comfy bed~! C’mon Chance~! Let’s go~!” After opening the door, Yuuka pulled Chance outside and carried him the apartment complex, leaving behind a confused kitsune-bi behind with Gale.
  293. Yuuka quickly carried Chance through the lobby. A small crowd had gathered, however they luckily seemed more interested in the elven front desk attendant having sex with her male co-worker, saving the usually dignified youko a lot of embarrassment. She managed to enter the elevator unseen, entered her key into the panel, and waited as patiently as she could for it to carry the two of them to her penthouse apartment. Eventually the doors opened to reveal a well furnished apartment with a beautiful view of the city below, which Yuuka ignored as she rushed to her bedroom. She threw Chance onto her plush, king sized bed, and ripped off her cum stained dress before joining him. She kissed every inch of his exposed skin as she dragged her body over his, enjoying the feeling of his rock hard cock touching her chest, stomach, and groin. He was mumbling incoherently as she reached his lips, and she cooed as she kissed him.
  295. “And now for the man event~!” she squealed as she sat up so that she could take him inside of her. It was then that she felt the presence of someone else in her room.
  297. “So, like, that’s where you got to. I was totally wondering where you were my love,” an unfamiliar, but insincere sounding voice said. Yuuka growled. She had gone through great lengths to get Chance alone in her bed, and now she had one more unexpected complication to ruin her mood. Yuuka turned around, and glared at the sixteen year old succubus watching them from across the room. Or at least she looked sixteen. Despite her lust and rage, Yuuka could tell that there was something off about her. Perhaps it was the pitch black horns that pocked out from under her silvery white hair, which she kept in a ponytail that laid over her shoulder. Perhaps it was her pale skin, white wings with black protrusions, her red eyes, her not quite developed figure, or the black see-through lingerie she wore. Or perhaps it was the old person trying to act much, much younger vibe she was giving off. “Like, I’m not interrupting something am I? If I am, I’m totes sorry!”
  299. “Who are you, and why are you here?!” Yuuka barked.
  301. “Don’t you, like, know who I am?”
  303. “Aleena..? Why..?” Chance asked weakly as Yuuka got out of bed. Her hands were engulfed in ghostly blue flames as she approached the succubus.
  305. “Just answer the questions!” the youko ordered. “And be quick about it. I’ve been trained in magical combat, and I’m not in the mood for this!”
  307. “I see! So that’s why you don’t know me! You’re, like, one of the new kids, so you’ve never seen me like this!” the youthful succubus squealed with realization. “So anyways, Chance is, like, my favorite boy toy, and I thought he’d like to see me like this! It’s, like, not as adult as I usually am, but it’s def not as kiddie as I was last time.”
  309. “What are you talking about?” Yuuka snarled.
  311. “But it looks like another option has, like, presented itself. Want to make this a three-way party?”
  313. “Not a chance!” Yuuka shouted as she threw a pale blue ball of foxfire at the interloper. The succubus non-chalantly moved her head to the side, and the fox fire passed by her to hit the window instead. The fireball exploded brilliantly before quickly dissipating.
  315. “Is it because I look so young?” the succubus asked. “Don’t worry. I’m totes more experienced than I look! Besides we can, like, roleplay as two sisters who fall for the same guy so we, like, decide to share him. C’mon! It’ll be sooo hawt!” Yuuka’s response was to throw two more balls of fox fire. The succubus sighed as she easily dodged both projectiles.
  317. “He’s mine! And I won’t let anyone else touch him!” Yuuka roared.
  319. “Geez… Are all you new kids, like, so selfish?” the succubus asked, her annoyance beginning to show in her voice. “Back home they’d, like, at least consider the offer… Maybe I should, like, teach you a lesson?”
  321. “I’d like to see you try kid,” Yuuka scoffed.
  323. “Oh? What’s with the condescending attitude? Sure you’ve got power, but your technique is def newbie level. I bet you totes never even been in a proper magic duel before.”
  325. “You’re not going to win if you underestimate me like that,” Yuuka warned.
  327. “Really? Then, like, hit me with your best shot kid!”
  329. “With pleasure!” Yuuka screamed as she threw two more balls of foxfire at the succubus. They combined in mid-air to create a pale blue inferno which engulfed her foe.
  331. “Like OMG~! It burns~! How could I possibly win against such power~?” the succubus cried out in mock pain. “Sike!” The succubus snapped her fingers, and the foxfire changed into a pulsating, oily, black ooze. She pointed at Yuuka, and the slime launched itself at the shocked youko. Yuuka unsuccessfully tried to burn it away, and the slime engulfed her. It shot some tendrils to the ceiling, and lifted the hogtied youko into the air. She struggled as best she could, but she was completely restrained. Some of the slime had entered her mouth to keep her from speaking. “Told ya. You’ve got some power, but without any technique your opponents will just use it against you. But I, like, need to give you some credit. Most youko wouldn’t be able fight nearly half as well as you did in your state. I might, like, let you play with my pet after I’m done,” the succubus said as she walked past Yuuka, who began to struggle even more furiously. The succubus slipped into bed, and kissed Chance on the cheek. She giggled drunkenly and blushed as the pheromones began to take effect before whispering, “Like, are you having a good night my love?”
  333. “Had… Better…” Chance replied weakly.
  335. “Like, that’s totes too bad, but I’m, like, here to make it all better~.”
  337. “Why… are you… talking… like… that… Aleena..?”
  339. “Doesn’t it, like, make me sound totes like a cute teen?”
  341. “Not… really… It sounds… forced…”
  343. “Really? Now that’s unfortunate… So my love, do you want me to make you feel better? Just open your eyes, and I’ll make sure this night ends on a high note~.”
  345. “Too… Tired…”
  347. “You say that, but our little friend here looks like he can go all night long,” Aleena said as she grasped Chance’s cock. He immediately came, and managed to cover his stomach and chest with his cum by the time he finished. Aleena then stared in horror as he began to go limp in her hand.
  349. “Good… Night…” Chance said before he finally lost consciousness.
  351. “No. No. No! No! NO!” Aleena shouted as she tried to keep his cock from going soft. She tried to use her hand, mouth, breasts, ass, tail, thighs, feet, and even her hair, but there was no reaction. Chance was asleep, and there was nothing she could do to wake him up. Now it was Aleena’s turn to get angry. The slime rotated Yuuka until she was facing the bed, and she found Aleena sitting on its edge, drunkenly glaring at her with her arms crossed. The ooze slithered out of the youko’s mouth when Aleena asked, “What did you do?” After Yuuka failed to answer Aleena said, “I know you slipped him something child, so tell me what it was.”
  353. “I-It was a potion I got a lich to make!” Yuuka confessed. “But it reacted with the wine, and a bunch of weird stuff happened!”
  355. “I see,” Aleena said as she turned to face Chance. “And I’m guessing that some of that ‘stuff’ involved making him cum like a firehose. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to have helped his semen production since he’s now completely dry after a couple shots.” She scooped up some of the semen on Chance’s stomach and licked it off her fingers before saying, “Which has become a serious problem for me. You see I was hoping on winning my game tonight, but that’s now impossible because of you. So how’re you going to repay me child?”
  357. “I-I can give you money,” Yuuka stuttered.
  359. “I don’t need it.”
  361. “W-what about power?”
  363. “Power? Are you trying to irritate me further? I already have more than enough power.”
  365. “T-then name anything you want! Whatever it is, I’ll get it for you!”
  367. “That’s the spirit, but it won’t be difficult to get,” Aleena said as she got up off the bed. She approached the restrained youko, and changed back into her normal form. Yuuka’s eyes went wide, and her tails and ears drooped as she recognized Aleena, the lilim queen of the city. “It’s actually the same thing you’ve been after all night: relief.”
  369. “R-relief?”
  371. “Yes. Sexual relief to be precise,” Aleena said as she pulled a large blob of ooze off of Yuuka. “It’s going to feel really good, but please try to remember that this is supposed to be a punishment. I might get a bit rough though. I feel like I’m in a particularly foul mood today for some reason.” Aleena began to massage the slime into her crotch until it grew into a ten inch long black cock. “So are you ready child?”
  373. “No…” Yuuka answered timidly.
  375. “Too bad~!”
  376.                     -----------
  377. Chance woke up the next day in a room he didn’t recognize, wearing pyjama’s he didn’t think he owned, and being watched by several kitsune-bi. They jumped off the bed, and floated out of the room when he sat up.
  379. “That’s odd…” he muttered as he rubbed his head, and tried to remember what had happened the night prior. Try as he might however, he couldn’t remember anything past having dinner with Yuuka. “So I probably got pass out drunk… Damnit…” He hoped that he hadn’t done anything to get himself fired, but he couldn’t help but wonder why he didn’t have a hangover. He decided to not worry about it, and got out of bed. He quickly found his clothes laid out on a nearby chair, and looking better then when he had bought them. After getting dressed, he decided he needed to find out where he was, and he began to explore the apartment. After marveling at the view outside for a moment, he found Yuuka sleeping on a couch in her underwear. Her hair was undone and tangled, but she looked incredibly peaceful. He caught himself staring at her beautiful sleeping face like the several kitsune-bi surrounding her, and decided to make himself useful. A couple of the kitsune-bi followed him into the kitchen, and watched him as he made breakfast. Eventually the smells of fried eggs, ham, toast, and coffee woke Yuuka up, and she yawned as she got off the couch. She and the remaining kitsune-bi followed the pleasant smells to the kitchen, and Yuuka winced as she sat down at her small table. She watched Chance ready a plate of food before he noticed her.
  381. “Are you awake?” Chance asked with a smile.
  383. “Barely,” Yuuka grumbled as she rubbed her eyes. She didn’t know how long ago Aleena had finished punishing her, but she knew she hadn’t slept for long. Chance placed a plate full of food and a cup of coffee in front of her. She just stared at it for a moment before asking, “What’s this?”
  385. “Breakfast,” Chance answered before drinking some coffee of his own. “Think of it as an apology for anything I might have done last night.”
  387. “Don’t worry about it,” Yuuka said after taking a bite out of her own toast. “You didn’t do anything last night to apologize for.”
  389. “That’s good. I was just worried since I apparently blacked out last night.”
  391. “Well I can assure you that you didn’t do anything too crazy,” Yuuka said as she shooed away a kitsune-bi who was trying to sniff her coffee. “Aren’t you going to have some breakfast?”
  393. “I’d love to, but I’ve got to get home. The mail harpy doesn’t like it when I’m not there to pick up the mail,” he explained after draining his mug. “I keep telling her she can just put it in my mailbox, but she insists that she needs to give it to me in person.” He placed his mug in the sink.
  395. “If that’s the case, then I hope you have a good day then,” Yuuka said before sipping some of her coffee.
  397. “By the way, have you noticed these weird ghost girls?”
  399. “Yes.”
  401. “Ok, so it’s not just me. Do you know how they got here?”
  403. “No,” Yuuka lied with a blush. She didn’t want to explain THAT to Chance.
  405. “Ok… I guess I’ll be off then,” Chance said before he began to make his way to the elevator. “Catch you later!”
  407. “Goodbye,” Yuuka said while the kitsune-bi waved to him. She blushed as she felt a nostalgic feeling of déjà vu. “It couldn’t be…”
  409. Chance looked around when he reached the lobby. Nothing really seemed different from last night, except for the ghoul pestering her male co-worker for a blowjob behind the front desk. He also noticed a youthful looking lich he hadn’t been expecting to see.
  411. “Hey Verena,” he greeted. “What’re you doing here?”
  413. “I am here to see Miss Hisakawa about a great injustice that has transpired,” Verena answered in a bored monotone. “May I inquire as to why you are here?”
  415. “Sure. I guess I got pretty drunk last night, and Yuuka let me stay the night.”
  417. “Wasn’t that nice of her?” the lich asked with a slight edge in her voice. “That explains why she was so difficult to track down.”
  419. “Sorry about that,” Chance said. “So I’m guessing you’re in a hurry then?”
  421. “Yes.”
  423. “Then I better not keep you waiting then. I’ll see you at work!” Verena nodded slightly, and watched as Chance left the lobby before flying to the elevator at high speed. Meanwhile Yuuka was rubbing her temples while trying to remember why she had felt that familiar sensation when Chance had left.
  425. “He couldn’t be… The odds of that happening are… He did say he went to that park…” she muttered to herself. After a moment she said, “Fuck… GALE!”A kitsune-bi carried the sleeping dormouse to Yuuka, and Gale snored. “Cut the crap Gale. I need you to do something.” Gale snored inquisitively. “I need you to tell me everything you can about our dear Queen Aleena. And… And I need someone to look into Chance’s past. Like when he was a kid.” Gale mumbled something. “It’s just… Something’s come up, and I’d like to confirm some things. OK?” Gale snored again. “I am not getting defensive!” Suddenly the elevator doors opened, and Verena entered the apartment with a heavy, ghostly mist. “As if the day couldn’t get any better…” Yuuka moaned. “What do you want Verena?”
  427. “When you asked me to create your potion, you didn’t disclose that you were planning on using it on my test subject,” the lich answered.
  429. “What..?”
  431. “You even promised that you’d help me capture his heart if I helped you. Was that a lie as well?” Verena accused.
  433. “Y-you were talking about Chance?” Verena began to float towards Yuuka, and the kitsune-bi dispersed.
  435. “Correct. And now I shall bring you to justice for your lies,” Verena explained as the mist surrounding her turned into ghostly tentacles. “Are you prepared?”
  437. “… Fuck me…” was all Yuuka could say before the mist attacked.
  439. End
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