Nov 29th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. This post has been written by new Community Manager, Crrool
  3. After seeing the announcement Oengus would shut down, duncte123 and I started looking into options of taking over Oengus. Having talked it over Gyoo we've agreed to continue Oengus under new management. The question that remained at that point was financing.
  5. With agreement of Gyoo, ESA (European Speedrunner Assembly) has agreed to take over hosting responsibilities and costs for the platform. Donations Oengus receives will continue to be used to cover the costs of running the server and to support the development and maintenance of the platform
  7. What will this mean for Oengus? First off, Oengus will keep running for the foreseeable future. The existing database will be transferred to the new server. If you're an existing user you'll receive one or more e-mails to update you further on this process.
  9. On the website, not much will change. Oengus will stay in use and will keep functioning in much the same way it does now. Duncte123 will take over the development and maintenance of Oengus and I'll be working as the community manager for Oengus. We already have several ideas for potential improvements of the tool and to make the platform as a whole more sustainable in the future.
  11. In the end, I'd like to thank Gyoo for creating a tool that has helped the speedrunning community so much already, and I hope we'll be able to keep building on the work he has done.
  13. Cheers,
  14. Crrool & Duncte123
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