Fuel-air explosives

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  1. The strategists at the Pentagon deduced that if enough damage could be inflicted on Godzilla in a short span of time, the monster’s powers of regeneration could be overwhelmed.  There would be no chance for the creature to regrow its cells and organs before mortal wounds could be inflicted.  
  2. But what conventional weapon could inflict such damage?
  3. The answer was something called a fuel-air explosive.
  4. The six Tomcats that dropped out of the sky toward Godzilla each carried a fuel-air explosive canister--basically, a container filled with a flammable mixture of petroleum and chemicals fitted with a timer and a parachute.  A fuel-air explosive was designed to drop slowly over a target, then explode above it at a predetermined altitude.  
  5. The weapon provided what is known in military parlance as a “double whammy”--it smashed its target with the force of a gigantic hammer, and it covered the area around the target with a layer of burning chemicals that could not easily be extinguished.  
  6. It was not a compassionate weapon.  Dr. Birchwood felt it was so cruel that he had reservations about using it.  But he also understood that the lives of thousands were at stake, especially if Godzilla came ashore on the densely populated West Coast.
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