Lunar Nights, Sunny Days Part 2

Jul 22nd, 2013
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  1. By the time you change and get changed you're already late for your first meeting. You dart into the room and see a long table full of ponies tapping their hooves. You clear you throat, announcing yourself. They immediately straighten up and salute you. After quickly making your way to your at the front of the table, you get the meeting under way. It takes about half the day before everything's done. You trudge out to the courtyard, a detail of royal guards close behind. The sky is orange quickly changing to dark blue as the sister's do their daily ritual.
  3. Your wife will be retiring for the evening. You don't necessarily have to as well. But you know she likes to unwind with you after a long days work. It doesn't take you long to reach Celestia's private study. You dismiss your guard's and step inside. Closing the door, you take a seat in your favorite seat just as your wife flutters in through the window. "Hello darling" she pants. Lowering the sun always takes it out of her. She comes over and lays down in front of you. You get up from your seat and lay down next to her.
  5. You stretch her wings out. She moans with relief. You begin massaging her wing and preening her feathers. She sigh with content. It's one of the reason's why she feel in love with you. Her head is flat on a cushion by the time you start on the other wing. She's in heaven now. She begins whispering sweet nothings in your ear cuddling up as best she can so you can still preen her wings.
  7. The intimacy is beginning to get to you. You love your wife you really do. And you want to show her how much you want her. You roll her onto her back. You lay on top of her and begin trailing kisses down her slender neck, all the while whispering feelings of amour. She pulls you up and kisses you deeply, wrapping her fore hooves around you. Things are going better than expected. Hopefully you can keep this train rolling. Your hands rubs she sides as she moans into your mouth. You break the break and drag your lips down her neck. She's completely yours in this moment. You discard the top of you royal clothes leaving you topless. The feel of her fur on your skin is intoxicating.
  9. Your lips reach her teat and nibble on them. She jumps in surprise but makes no motion for you to stop. You're happy you've never gotten this far with her before. Her small neglected teats perk up quickly to your efforts and she wraps her hind legs around you. "YES" you think. Your hands move to her crotch and NO!. She pushes you away. "Please not now"
  11. This moment.........shattered. You sit on your knees in shock as she curls up into herself. Her wings and flowing hair now cover her entire body, shielding her from anymore of your attempts. "Please i'm just not ready for that" She whispers, refusing to look at you. You stand, there's no need for you to be here now. You dress yourself quietly and excuse yourself. The moment if long gone now as the door closes with the loudest click you've ever heard. The air around you feels cold. The halls never seemed emptier. You make your way back out to the courtyard. You place your hands onto the railing and over look Canterlot. The rage inside has been boiling up to this point and you shout "Why!" into the night sky. You slam your hands onto the railing repeatedly until you are pulled away by several of your personal guard.
  13. You hand are bandaged by a nurse as you sit in your own personal study. You dismiss her after flexing your hands a few times to make sure you haven't broken anything. A maid slips in and asks if you want anything. With a dejected voice you tell her you dont need anything and that you're not to be disturbed for the remainder of the night. You slump into your chair and watch the logs in a nearby fireplace burn.
  15. It's past midnight when Luna walks in. "I heard about what happened" She tells you. You tense up. You knew it would get back to her eventually. They ARE sisters after all."Why are you here" you mumble. "Well you did miss dinner" She replies. You sit up in aggravation and slam your hands down on the hand rests"That was hours ago why are you really here?"
  17. Luna doesn't even flinch. "Celestia has gone to bed and things are slow during the night. I thought you could use the company." You growl in frustration. Not at her but the entire situation.
  19. Luna sits on the cushions next to the fire. "Luna I dont know what i'm going to do" You put you head in your head and hunch over. "Its so hard Luna, I wanted her and I too work. I thought we would be happy. But every time i try to show her how much i care she pushes me away. And each time i feel her becoming more distant." you continue, pouring your heart out to her. She sits up and turns around to face you. She opens her front hooves to you. You get up, walk over and embrace her. She wraps her from hooves around your back. Your hands go around her back an brush against her wings. You hear her moan slightly. You pull back just enough to look her in the eye. She's blushing. Her fur glows in the fire's light. She's stunning.
  21. Luna pushes you slightly onto your back. Her front hooves are on both side of your head. Then you see it. She's crying. "Why did you choose her?" Luna says before attacking your mouth with her's. The confession stuns you. You knew she cared but you didnt think it went this deep. Her tongue moves inside your mouth mingling with hers. You roll her over and break the kiss. "Give it to me. Everything she won't accept. I want it. I know your pain. The rejection, the hurt let us forget it all in this moment." She whispers. You kiss her this time, putting all you pain into it. You will give her what she wants of you, all of it.
  23. "I love you Anon" She says after you break for air. You don't respond you take to her body. kissing , biting , wherever your mouth take to.Luna yields to your touch, she craves it. Not like her. You mouth attacks her marehood. Luna moans in delight and tries to pull you more. Not like her. Luna flips you back onto your back and takes you into herself. Not.............Like.......HER.
  25. The fire has long gone out as you too lay in the darkness. And as Luna lays content on to of you, you wonder..........Has the fire gone out in your marriage?
  27. The End for now.
  29. so how was it everyone. I can write a sequal
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