Vardis vs 2B

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  1. 2B
  2. was in the middle of polishing her weapons whenever her attention was claimed by her Pod hovering down next to her. "Alert. Threat detected. Intercept immediately." Her head lifted and she immediately turned, eyes scanning the Colosseum for potential threats before her Pod began to give her the information. And a picture and location to go along with it. "Understood." 2B replied and stood up, quickly leaping out of the stands and into the Colosseum grounds. She kicked up a bit of dust before she stood and launched off her spot, running full speed towards her objective. Closing in fast. Objective in the open. "Target Located. Moving to Engage." she spoke, her sword levitating from her back and spinning in front of her before she grabbed it and leaped into the air above Vardis. Her sword lifted over head and she came down, swinging with all her might. And the cliche noise to let him know that he was indeed the center of attention for this attack.
  4. Imperial Knight Vardis
  5. She. Vardis heard the running, turned, and saw the incoming, and she swayed to the side, twirling as she drew her power sword to riposte. "Shameful. Even an ork has more honour then that". Reached up to her ear and spoke something in the voxcaster, as she swayed back to put distance between herself and her sudden opponent. "Have at you then!" Vardis was a defensive fighter, used to fighting enemies far larger than she was, so she was quite at a disadvantage right now. Held in her right arm, the one handed sword gleamed with a pale blue edge, and her left arm was looking ready to punch. Small mechanical whirrs could be heard as her fist retracted into her arm, ready to thrust out to enhance her next strike.
  7. 2B
  8. The android watched as their swords clashed, the metal clanking together and sending a bit of sparks out. 2B landed on the ground and stood up straight, watching her target. "You've been marked as a threat. You must be eliminated." she spun her sword in front of her before she dashed forward, covering the ground before them in a matter of just a second. That quick dash was followed up with a quick horizontal strike of her blade, followed by a diagonal up swing, and then an overhead strike. She was going to attack as quickly as possible. Lets see if she was as dangerous as she was informed. "Defend yourself or be destroyed." she spoke calmly. Most fights weren't much of a challenge so she was looking forward to fighting someone who could match. Hopefully.
  10. Imperial Knight Vardis
  11. "A threat then? I am a stalwart defender of The Imperium and its people. Whatever your targeting system is, it is clearly miscalibrated". Vardis moved to parry, but in comparison she was rather slow, still used to the brutish strikes of the orks, and so it caught her left arm instead, but that would bounce off as her left arm was not made of flesh. A patch of fabric fluttered away to reveal her arm made of grey metal. Unfortunately, the rest of her was quite vulnerable to steel. Still fighting defensively, Vardis recovered and blocked, and blocked, catching up to the pace of the other, before moving to strike with her fist, aiming for a shoulder in hopes of disabling a limb. That fist would suddenly extend forwards as she struck with more force than a physical human could muster. It was enough to severely dent terminator armor, and breach a hole in anything less! She followed up by immediately striking with her pommel, aiming to push that blade aside to give her another opening.
  13. 2B
  14. watched the cloth tear away to reveal the grey metal, making her hold on her sword tighten slightly. "A machine. You're a threat to humanity. You must be eliminated." she kept up her pace, despite being parried and blocked. Her sword knocked away before she watched that fist jut outwards towards her. The android took in a quick breath before holding it and stepping to the side, an after image of her replacing her where she once stood. 2B was not to the left side of the Knight and was already readying up another strike. A quick spin into a downwards strike to try and strike at her shoulder and disable a limb. This person was too powerful to keep alive. 2B needed to eliminate all threats to her mission.
  16. Imperial Knight Vardis
  17. "It is a mechanical replacement. I am quite flesh and blood. I bleed like any human". Vardis gripped her sword in both hands, one on each edge of the blade, and thrust it high in the sky, parrying that downwards strike and sending her sword back. She had been on the defensive long enough. She twirled, bringing her sword around in a vicious, but predictable circle, intending to force them to dodge, whereupon her legs would swirl out and seek to send her opponent crashing to the floor. She cared little about her honour in this fight, for her opponent had already forsaken theirs in taking her by surprise. If this android had thermal sight, she would quite clearly see that only that one arm was cold metal.
  19. 2B
  20. did not possess such vision. Nor did she really need it. As her sword was parried she had her sword knocked away and she landed upon the ground, making her quickly adjust to the new position. A wide sweep? Predictable. Her right hand shot up quickly, the sword smacking against the other's blade and knocking it up and away from her, rendering her safe. Though 2B was caught by the sweeping kick, her legs being knocked out from underneath her. She'd tumble and crash to the ground before doing a quick get up. A flurry of windmill kicks to try and knock Vardis' feet out from underneath her and put them on even ground. If not this left the android open for an attack.
  22. Imperial Knight Vardis
  23. She was fast. That feint would have put any non-warboss ork on the ground ripe for the kill-stroke. By the time she had her sword in position she was already back up on her feet. Hm. It seemed like swordplay would only get her so far, already resolving to pull out her gun. While weaving her way through the barrage of sweeping legs, one caught her on the head and sent her reeling, dazed. In retaliation, her bolter pistol came out of its holster. The gloves were truly off now, and she fired off a random barrage of heavy ordinance, her metallic hand dissipating the kickback from the weapon effortlessly. The weapon only had a limited amount of ammunition, and ran out quickly. Her mechanic hand whirred, and a smaller hand emerged out the bottom and began reloading it for her.
  25. 2B
  26. 2B's kicks were quick and precise. Every kick had a target and only one connected. Not what she had planned, but the one that matter struck it's target. She felt her foot connect and watched her opponent stagger back before she righted herself and hopped backwards, giving them some space. "Alert. Projectile weapon detected." 2B lifted her sword quickly and pointed it at the other. The Pod was quick to move to her side and begin shooting bullets of it's own, aiming to match each shot with one of its own. Though it missed a few. That's where 2B came in, slicing a few that nearly hit her. What she hadn't accounted for was how heavy these rounds actually were. The first deflect forced her sword to halt, making her quickly readjust and take steps backwards as she deflected, wanting to soften the impact upon her blade before she finally did an upswing to knock the last shot away. Her sword was ringing. And it was cracked. She'd lift it up to look at it and then lowered it. It wasn't going to last too much longer. It had one powerful strike in it before it gave in. She'd lift up her sword above her head and then swing it down quickly, her sword glowing and shooting out a projectile arc wave straight towards the other.
  28. Imperial Knight Vardis
  29. Vardis was not deft enough with a blade to block shots like the android was. The best she could do was some nimble footing to make herself as difficult a target as she could. But one of the shots connected with her blade regardless, sending it flying out of her hand. "This is Vardis to the Wrath of Bothrin. Deploy mines immediately, two feet ahead of my position". That should give her some cover to recover her blad- that strike, she saw it coming after she spoke, but it was too late to dodge entirely. With a split second decision, she tried throwing herself to the ground, causing the energy to dig into her left shoulder as she fell, damaging the circuitry and ceasing the automatic reload of her bolter. Reaching out for her sword, she immediately pulled it into a defensive position should the android try to capitalise on it, rolling to prevent herself from being a still target as she clambered to her feet.
  31. 2B
  32. would take any moment she was given to win. Dirty or not. There was no honour with her. She was told to do a mission. She'd complete it without hesitation. As she watched the blade leave the other's hand and fly off she'd move to catch her before her Pod flew in front of her, stopping her on the spot. "Halt. Explosives detected." the Pod warned, only for those mines to land everywhere in front of her and around her. She'd cast her glance around before staring at the other. "Your little explosives won't stop me from completing my mission." she took one small step forward before leaping up into the air and over half of the mines before landing directly onto one, allowing her to after image dodge straight towards Vardis. No damage off the first, but this put the rest of the mines behind her. She wasn't perfect however. The one she appeared in front of tapped her sword and detonated, causing the android to fly forward with the explosion. That hurt. SHe'd grunt and fly towards the other at full speed now, sword raised and ready for a strike. One good strike before her sword shattered. She'd make the most, using all that momentum in a forward and precise strike, aiming to fly past her and strike as she did so. If she didn't get parried or blocked she'd follow through, aiming to completely sever the Knight's arm. If not she'd be left very open. Not being able to recover at the speed she was moving.
  34. Imperial Knight Vardis
  35. "You are impressive, i'll give you that". Vardis watched as she sailed up, the exchange of gunfire having stopped on both sides. She moved to intercept the coming blow, but her aim was off, and instead of grabbing the side of the blade, it dug into the shoulder closer than the previous strike had, right in the power source. Immediately, the surrounding air started growing hot and heavy. "You've killed us both!" That was the last thing either of them would hear as a tempest of orange energy engulfed them both as the arena was covered in a nuclear detonation, though spectators were left unscathed. The breaching of the internal core, small as it was, was still a walking bomb that was never meant to be penetrated. As the dust settled, neither of them would be standing.
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