Dusk Til Dawn Grand Opening 071920

Jul 19th, 2020
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  1. {{Infobox Log
  2. |name = 2020.07.19 DTD Grand Opening
  3. |summary = Dusk til Dawn Dojo - Main Training Area, Private Training Area, & Obstacle Course
  4. |icdate = July 19th, 2020
  5. |players = [[Angie]], [[Ed]], [[Fritz]], [[Heathen]], [[Jolene]], [[Katrina]], [[Madeline]], [[Mikael]], [[Phoenix]], [[Shiori]], [[Vampire]], [[Camarilla]], [[Ghoul]],
  6. |location = Dusk til Dawn Training Center
  7. |spheres = Vampire Camarilla Ghoul Mortal Mortal+ Mage
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  14. 1319 Jolene Camarilla DTD Grand Opening Sun Jul 19 13:00 PDT 0
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  17. Wiki: https://cityofhopemush.net/index.php/Dusk_til_Dawn
  18. Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/8XRrJCqx
  20. Dusk til Dawn Dojo - Main Training Area, Private Training Area, & Obstacle Course
  22. Participants for Group XP NOM: Angie, Ed, Fritz, Heathen, Jolene, Katrina, Madeline, Mikeal, Phoenix, Shiori
  26. The Conveyor Belt Climb
  27. -Success - Shiori, Jolene, Mikael, Heathen
  28. -Wipeouts - Fritz
  30. Big Red Balls
  31. -Success - Shiori, Jolene, Mikael, Heathen
  32. -Wipeouts -
  34. Salmon Ladder
  35. -Success - Jolene, Mikael, Heathen
  36. -Wipeouts - Shiori
  38. Pipe Slider
  39. -Success - Jolene, Mikael, Heathen
  40. -Wipeouts -
  42. Jumping Spider
  43. -Success - Mikael, Heathen
  44. -Failures - Jolene
  46. Warped Wall
  47. -Success - Mikael
  48. -Failures - Heathen
  50. Wall Lift
  51. -Success - Mikael
  52. -Failures -
  54. Cage Crawl
  55. -Success - Mikael
  56. -Failures -
  58. Hell-evator
  59. -Success -
  60. -Failures -
  62. *Dojo - Main Training Area
  64. Stepping into the dojo from the streets, you pull the door to you and step into a decidedly different world. The incandescent lighting is a little lower than some might be comfortable with, but it provides enough light to work by without the glare typical of fluorescent lighting. Most dojos have a wall of windows so people can look inside as they pass by. It seems the staff here like the privacy as the only windows are set higher than average and people from outside can see in. They are rectangular in shape and narrow, just allowing natural lighting to accent the room. The air is cool without being cold and occasionally you can hear the cycle of central air conditioning systems starting and shutting down.
  66. The walls are just basic dry wall. In each upper corner of the room there is a security camera, recording the dojo and part of the parking lot beyond. A few steel folding chairs line the wall on either side of the main entrance. Nothing much to see though there is an American flag, Japanese flag, and Mexican flag hanging on the wall to the right of the entrance. Below the American flag is thick, heavy door marked with "Private" and "Authorized Personnel Only". To the left of the room there is a pair of doors that lead to locker and restroom facilities. There is an obligatory water fountain pairing between the two locker areas. The floor from the entryway and leading to the office is made of hardwood. It is old and dark in color, but well cared for. The hardwood vanishes under a section of red mats for training on cover the second half of the floor. The wall perimeters of the mats are covered in mirrors so the student, teachers, and general practitioners can see what they are doing and what others are doing in turn.
  68. Places Here
  70. *Dojo - Private Training Area
  72. White sheetrock wraps around the room and drops the ceiling on the room to make it feel a little close to some. Lighting is incandescent as opposed to fluorescent so the room is a little dimmer than some might like, but the lack of glare is welcome to others. There is an independent spotlight in three corners of the room on what appears to be hunting stands. The other corner has a small table with two chairs. Above the chairs is a wooden board with pegs where someone can place two hand written placards on either side of a bright red "VS" indicating a combat tracking system. Wooden bleachers are situated on the walls left and right of the entry door. They are clean, painted, and wooden. There isn't much there for comfort.
  74. In the middle of the room is a white canvas covered, 12'x4' padded, raised wooden platform standing around three feet above the dirt floor that covers the entire room. A dirt floor might not be ideal to some, but there is no need to sweep or clean up blood that gets on it so it is efficient for the proprietor's needs. The platform is made up of three 4' x 4' sections and is usually flat. The two end sections can be lifted to a 45 degree angle adding complications to staying on the 'runway'. Over all, this isn't a clean pristine fighting area, more of a low tech, primitive down and dirty kind of place.
  76. Places and Views Set
  79. *Dojo - Obstacle Course
  81. Entering from the training rooms, the first obvious change is that there is no longer a drop ceiling. The room goes all the way to the roof of the large warehouse that you walked into from outside. Longer than it is wide, the entire room is mostly taken up by an obstacle course that looks like something out of a Parkour practitioner's dreams. Nine obstacles total, starting at the floor level and ending up in the rafter area of the opposite end of the building stretch out in front of you. The length of the course is matched by a long splash down pool for those you fall from the course. Each section has a ladder to climb out of the pool and return to the start area. There isn't much for seating as most of the room is taken up by the course, but there are some folding chairs for someone to sit on if they want, otherwise you can wander down the sides of the course to get a better look at anyone in the course.
  83. The course is a gauntlet of challenges. The Conveyor Belt Climb starts the course. Beyond that is the Big Red Balls obstacle. Next comes the dreaded Salmon Ladder. Pipe Slider will challenge the participant next. Survive that, and the Jumping Spider awaits. The Warped Wall, even to the uninitiated this is a known "ninja killer" in other courses. The Wall Lift is next on the trip through the extreme. After that, the Cage Crawl challenges in ways most would not believe until inside. Finally, after all that, the Hell-evator stands ominously waiting to see if any survive to challenge it.
  85. +Views Here (please read rules and ooc note first)
  89. Tonight, Jolene is dressed in a black tank top with the Dusk til Dawn Logo printed on it, as well as black running shorts and top of the line running shoes from adidas. Her hair is worn up in a athletics friendly pony tail to keep it out of the way. A very appropriate look for this evening. She has a warm smile on her features, and waits to see who will show up for the Grand Opening tonight to see the big reveal.
  92. Katrina is prowling in the background. She isn't dressed for training at all, but there isn't any question who is the boss. She has a demonstration being prepared for some of her better students, a few new students, and of course a few of the obligatory little kids to bring the 'awww factor'.
  95. Fritz, like Jolene, is decked out in workout attire. Men's version of the Dusk til Dawn merch, though his shoes of choice are New Balance. Just to be different. He looks to be in a decently good mood, though super-ready to just get in and have some fun with the obstacles.
  99. Jolene is thrilled to see Katrina and Fritz, really getting into the spirit of the opening and working with the public who have come out to see the Dojo, and the students who have chosen to take Katrina's classes. She simply adores the children though who look like little ninja's in their dusk til dawn training outfits. Jolene could not be more thrilled with the turnout so far.
  102. Katrina moves to one of the teenagers and helps his turn his hip a little to throw his partner. It's hard to say if he's paying attention to her instruction or her...well you know. Regardless he shakes it off after a moment, nods deeply, and then goes back to training. This time the partner goes sailing. Kat nods in approval and goes on to watch others working.
  105. "Not bad, not bad at all." Fritz watches the li'l ninjas running around doing their sparring and things. He even starts posing a bit, flexing for the crowd. "Train up enough, eat right, and you too could have muscles like this." He fires off a wink toward Jolene, aiming one of those flexes right at her.
  106. @emit %r%tJolene smiles as the public seems to be responding well to the event, and claps at the results of Katrina showing her student how to move his hips to throw his opponent, offering her encouragement, and fielding questions as they may come her way.%r
  109. Jolene smiles as the public seems to be responding well to the event, and claps at the results of Katrina showing her student how to move his hips to throw his opponent, offering her encouragement, and fielding questions as they may come her way.
  112. Kat steps back from the students, letting the teacher running things take care of it for now. She crosses her arms and continues to watch. She glances towards Fritz and smirks a little,"Train, say your prayers, and eat your vitamins brother." she comments winking at him. She nods to Jolene and looks back to her class once more.
  115. Jolene can't help but laugh at Fritz's showing off his muscle's for the crowd and winking at her. She is impressed with both Fritz and Katrina tonight, supervising the crowd and keeping them entertained. "That's right Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls. Eating right and exercising regularly, can keep you healthy and ready to take on the world!" In the background there is also some techno music from Project 46 playing to keep the mood upbeat and lively.
  118. Ed pushes open the door with a gloved hand and enters the new facility, coming to a stop a half dozen feet or so past the doorway. Sliding her hands into the pockets of her hoodie, Ed looks around the room, while rocking back and forth a bit on her heels.
  121. Shiori steps in just a moment after Ed and moves out of the way with light steps. That way if the door opens again soon, she isn't in the way. She then pauses to look around. She's all in black tonight, jeans and tee. Her hair is pulled back in a ponytail high on the back of her head.
  124. Fritz poses and flexes a bit more, lifts something heavy to impress people, then starts pacing around. Humming about, waiting for presumably the main event to kick off. He keeps glancing back at that private training area, wistfully, eyeing Jolene and Katrina hopefully. Restlessly. Maybe /too/ restlessly. (Definitely too restlessly. Patience is not strong with this one.)
  127. Madeline steps in a few moments later, dressed in a manner that suggests she will not be diving into the obstacles just yet but she smiles as she looks about, clearly delighted.
  130. The demonstration continues for the benefit of those that arrive. Katrina isn't on the mats, but is nearby. She looks towards Shiori when she arrives and offers her a nod and smile. Her attention back to the class, she mutters to Jolene softly,"Maybe you should start taking people to the back."
  133. Jolene finally smiles at some of the new arrivals she recognizes and bows her head respectfully to them, making sure each is given a swag bag, but then also motioning them through to the Private Training Area, near the back of the room. "Ladies and Gentlemen for those of you here for the main event, will you please follow me and I will be happy to answer and explain our new facility as we go. Right now you are in our Main Training Room, where the Dojo hosts classes for the Public, taught by Ms Katrina Santos as our Main Instructor." She claps warmly for Katrina."
  136. As they enter into the private training area, Jolene gives everyone ample room to step in and take their time to look around, as she offers in a sort of announcer voice. "Ladies and Gentlemen, as you step into the private training area, you will see that here there are mats for training your melee skills on regulation sized matts. Feel free to invite your friends, enemies, or frenemies to come out here, and put them to a true test and see who forces the other to submit first. This is definitely the place to do it."
  138. Ed looks around the room, nose wrinkling up a bit. Steps carrying her away from the main entrance, she finds a convenient wall to lean against.
  140. Madeline smiles as she looks about, anyone that knows the elder can tell she is very pleased by what she sees
  142. Fritz had seen everything before, but he's taking another look, hopping up on the raised platform in the center and walking along it to hop off the other side. "Seems like it'll hold up well. Pretty good spot to settle disputes I'd say, beyond just training."
  144. Shiori steps inside and listens to Jolene as she looks around. She arches her eyebrows as she studies the 'runway'. Slowly she paces around, taking in the way everything is set up. She grins a little bit, "Nothing like making things interesting." She comments.
  147. Jolene offers encouragingly, "I know there are plenty of people who wish certain people would put their money where their mouth is. And they can either do that here.. In the Main Dojo, or in the next room we are about to enter. Tonight only, you are welcome to try the Obstacle courses individually, for each person who does. You can earn a pin for the attempt, if you succeed. You get one that says I slayed the specific obstacle or I wiped out on said obstacle! I hope you all truly enjoy all the work we have put into this facility!"
  150. Madeline smiles and turns to Jolene "You and Katrina should be extremely proud cheri, this is wonderful"
  153. Look what Katrina found. She walks into the training area arm around Angie's waist and talking like sisters tend to talk. Quietly of course. She indicates the fighting platform and doesn't talk since Jolene is leading the tour.
  155. Shiori turns toward Jolene again, "Oh the obstacle course is set up for competition?"
  157. Jolene smiles at Madeline and smiles more proudly at Katrina, "I could not have done it without Katrina. She has worked very hard to make sure everything was perfect for this facility to offer what we need to train and improve. I am happy to say there is even more ahead for the more daring to try their athletic prowess at. Ladies and Gentleman," She smiles with a wink to Angie, "The True highlight of our facility looms ahead. Please join me at our very own obstacle course! The obstacle course is set up for competition against yourself, though if you make the Wall of Fame, then others can try to best your record."
  160. Madeline steps over to Shiori and kisses the smaller woman's cheek "what do you think Primogen, will you try your hand?" she asks then gives a loving look to Angie when she arrives, nodding to Jolene with a wink "I am very proud of you both"
  163. Shiori laughs softly and says, "I want to see the obstacles first. Maybe." She then looks from Jolene to Katrina, "Congratulations to you both. THis is already an impressive training facility. You have both done a wonderful job!" She then smiles to Katrina, "If you ever need a fill in Karate instructor, let me know."
  166. Fritz glances over to Shiori. "The obstacles are tough for sure. I gave the course a couple trial runs and ended up taking a bath every time. Think American Ninja Warrior and you've got an idea." He head-nods toward the door to the obstacle course. "Check it out?"
  169. Madeline turns to Fritz "American what?"
  171. Jolene laughs and steps over to hug Madeline, "Just imagine almost every obstacle course show, like Wipe Out, American Ninja Warrior, and Titan Games to name a few, coming together under one roof." She offers and motins them through the door into the obstacle course area.
  174. Fritz hangs back near the entrance, letting the others peruse the obstacles on offer. Watching expressions, occasionally glancing over toward Ed just to confirm she's still there. "So. Any takers before I give it another go?"
  177. Ed lifts a hand as Fritz glances in her direction. "Feel free. I'm more inclined to watch from the shadows, then go scrambling up and over things."
  180. Madeline smiles at Ed "Ah but you never know when you might need to" then turns more fully "by the way, we've never actually been introduced. It is a pleasure to have another of your clan in the city"
  183. Shiori steps inside and she considers the obstacles, eyebrows raised. She simply studies them for a time, and then chuckles, "If you want to go," she says as she looks to Fritz, "Then go for it. Might be nice to see someone tackle it before I consider it."
  186. "Hear that Jo? Everyone's just here to watch me get soaked." Fritz throws out a laugh along with his quip, but does step forward to give a live demonstration of the course. "Well, let it not be said we didn't give them a show." And with that, he positions himself at the start of the Conveyor Climb and prepares to make a run up the down escalator. As it were. "Let's just hope I have better luck than I did roller skating..."
  189. "Suppose I don't really have to bother with my human face in here," Ed notes, as she drops her mask and extends a hand towards Madeline in greeting. "Just go by Ed, mostly."
  192. Madeline doesn't react at all to Ed's dropping the mask as if perhaps she could see through it all along. Smiling the lady takes Ed's hand "Enchante Ed. I have been a friend of your clan for centuries, no praxis is complete without the Nosferatu"
  194. Jolene starts to clap for Fritz, "Amaze them with your mad obstacle Skill, or your ability to get soaked." She grins at the crowd and encourages them to clap to encourage Fritz. "Does anyone want to take bets on how far he makes it?" Clearly teasing Fritz. "Can he make it past the big red balls before he takes a bath?"
  197. Fritz gives it a good charge up the Conveyor Climb. It's actually incredibly, INCREDIBLY easy, almost /too/ easy. In fact, he makes it alllllll the way up that slope... by running up the stationary side of the obstacle. Whoops. And his massive effort sends up right on over the edge into the sploosh zone. That was unfortunately short-lived. Angry blubbing emerges from underneath the pool's surface, followed by its source, as Fritz grabs on to the edge sputtering. "OKAY WHO MOVED THE OBSTACLE."
  200. Madeline steps back so as not to get splashed and smiles, applauding "Valiant effort Monseiur"
  203. Jolene can't help but giggle as he goes sploosh but does move closer to the edge of the obstacle to make sure he is alright, "Well that was an impressive Sploosh! Valiant effort. I give you a 6 out of 10 on size of Sploosh though." She then awards him his first pin of the night. The pin says 'I wiped out on the Conveyor Climb!'.
  205. Shiori winces, but then claps, "I think that works to show how difficult the obstacle can be." She studies it for a moment, and then sighs, looking at Madeline, "What do you think?"
  207. "If you think I'm wearing that pin you're out of your mind." Fritz clambers out of the pool, dripping wet, grumbling. "Yeah, that was actually just me forgetting where my feet were. Word of advice, do not do that. Terrible idea, would not recommend."
  210. Madeline smiles warmly "Yes not recommended"
  212. Ed lifts her gloved hands and brings them together in a slow clap.
  214. Madeline smiles and nods to Shiori "I have every confidence in you Primogen"
  217. Shiori grimaces at Madeline, and then walks around in front of the first obstacle, studying it a moment.
  220. Shiori grimaces at Madeline, and then walks around in front of the first obstacle, studying it a moment. Conveyor Climb 1 try-1 pin success-10pts
  221. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  222. Shiori rolls Dexterity + Athletics vs 7 for 6 successes.
  223. 4 6 6 6 +7 +8 +9 +10 +10 +10
  224. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  226. Katrina steps back into the room again. She wandered into the main room to check on something and then returns. Wet guy. Poor wet guy. She smirks and sees her monster is a monster after all. She walks up to Jolene and pauses to see how things are going. Shiori is on her way into the monster.
  229. Shiori launches herself at the obstacle, and scrambles a few times, to be sure, but she makes it to the top. The last step is a near stumble, but she gets herself up, and pauses a moment to look back at that particular little obstacle, shaking her head, "Looks easy. But damn..." She then turns to study the next obstacle.
  232. Jolene puts an arm around Fritz encouragingly but she is excited to see Shiori make it through the first obstacle with ease and she claps for her Primogen. "You can do it Shiori!" taking the time to write down her score so far on the board.
  235. Madeline wont admit holding her breath as she watches Shiori leap but applauds her first achievement.
  238. Ed goes back to watching, hands crammed into her pockets. "Haven't been around for centuries, myself," she says to Madeline. "So I'm afraid I can't say the same. When did you come to Prospect?"
  241. Fritz doesn't object to Jolene putting her arm around him, but he does whip his hair back and forth to fling some of the residual water onto her (and anyone else in range). "I'm gonna say.... warped wall does her in, if not one of the earlier obstacles."
  243. Shiori's rolls for Big Red Balls 2 rolls - 20pts
  244. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  245. Shiori rolls Dexterity + Athletics vs 4 for 4 successes.
  246. 1 1 3 3 +4 +4 +5 +5 6 9
  247. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  249. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  250. Shiori rolls Dexterity + Athletics vs 4 for 4 successes.
  251. 1 2 2 2 2 +6 +6 +7 +10 10
  252. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  254. Madeline watches shiori with a smile and replies to Ed "about 8 years ago. Myself and 2 of my companions were the first Camarilla in the city"
  257. Shiori studies the next obstacle. She is intensely focused. Then she launches herself forward. Her instincts kick in, and she manages to land /just right/ on each big red ball. Three bounces and then she lands solidly on the platform on the other side. She might be heard laughing, "Well that one's fun."
  260. Jolene smiles and looks a little wet and hip checks Fritz, "Thats the way to do it Shiori! Amazing Balance!" She tries to size up Shiori to see how far she thinks she will make it and offers, "I think she will make it to the Wall Lift."
  263. "I've been here for about two months," Ed says, as she watches Shiori. "Was in Portland before that. Some of my old family settled in the area, which was awkward, so I decided that it was time to move elsewhere."
  266. Fritz peers at Jolene, but accompanies that peer with a smirk. "Really now. Wanna make it a bet? I say we make it a bet." Then he drops his voice to whisper the rest of his thought.
  268. Madeline gasps and applauds as Shiori makes the next leap smiling brightly then turns to Ed and nods "yes I know, your Primogen and I are good friends, he was very pleased with your arrival. I am sorry an issue caused you to depart your old home but, pleased that you chose this as your new"
  271. Fritz whispers "Loser gives the winner a massage later?"
  273. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  274. Shiori rolls Strength + Athletics vs 8 for 3 successes.
  275. 2 6 6 7 7 +8 +9 +10
  276. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  277. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  278. Shiori rolls Strength + Athletics vs 8 for 2 successes.
  279. 3 3 4 4 5 7 +9 +10
  280. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  281. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  282. Shiori rolls Strength + Athletics vs 8 for 0 successes.
  283. 1 1 2 7 7 7 8 8
  284. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  285. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  286. Shiori rolls Stamina vs 7 for 0 successes.
  287. 1 6 10
  288. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  291. Ed removes her wig and tucks it under one arm, so she can scratch at her scalp. "It's been interesting, coming here. Hadn't expected to end up playing the roll of Deputy, but here we are."
  294. Madeline smiles and nods to Ed "It is an honor and It seems you are already fullfilling your duties quite well Ed"
  297. Shiori leans forward and grasps the bar. This is a tricky one. She makes it up one, and almost makes it to the second but one end doesn't catch and she manages a yelp as she tumbles. Then *splash*.
  300. "Well done indeed," Ed says, as Shiori pulls herself out of the water. The Nosferatu puts on her wig and adjusts it, before putting her 'face' back on. "I may give it a go another evening, but I have a few things to finish up before the night is through. Have fun," she offers up, while lifting up a hand in farewell.
  303. Fritz chuckles lightly, watching Shiori deal with getting less wet. "Oh good, I'm not the only one messing up tonight. Still, not bad on the first couple obstacles." He then snaps his fingers. "Coulda waited just a liiiittle bit longer so Jo could take me up on that bet, though." He then gives a wave to Ed as she vanishes.
  305. Jolene smiles shakes her head as she offers a new shirt and pair of running shorts to Shiori so she can change out of her wet clothing if she would like. "You did great for a first time through Shiori. Definitely well done." She smiles at Ed too and offers her a gift bag too before she leaves. "We would love to have you come back and join us again Deputy." She then looks to Katrina, "Katrina would you like to show them how it is done?"
  308. Shiori takes the offered clothes, and wanders off to change, waving to Ed as she does so. Wet clothes suck after all.
  311. That's the joy of running everything. You have to be everywhere and all at once. Kat wanders back into the obstacle course area again and sighs. Not a bad sigh, just a deep breath and exhale that shows she is tired, but happy about things too.
  313. Madeline smiles warmly "A very well built course"
  316. Jolene is watching Katrina, knowing she has worked tirelessly at this facility for a while, "Are you sure you are up for this tonight Katrina?" She smiles at her understandingly, "If you want to bow out we may be able to find another victim who isn't wet yet?"
  319. Fritz quirks a brow at Jolene. "Victim? I nominate you. Come on Rose, show us all up like I know you can." He then gives her an encouraging nudge toward the first obstacle, smirking."
  322. When Mikael Enters, there is a very wet Fritz and Shiori, standing around, and Katrina seems to be working her way up to take her chances at the Obstacle course though, and she waits to see if Katrina wants to bow out or fight her way through the obstacle course. She makes a shh motion towards Fritz. "You dont want to see me all wet!" She laughs a little bit.
  325. Madeline smiles as she watches and shakes her head in amusement.
  328. Kat smirks as Jolene gets called out. She raises a brow and comments,"I think I've been through this more than all the rest of you combined. I am solidly in the camp of swimmer. Jolene can go and I will considers it." She smirks as Mikael enters,"Oh look, new victim."
  331. Shiori comes back with wet hair, but in running shorts and the tee. She's carrying her wet clothes with her. Her ponytail no longer bounces. It's simply a wet rope down her back.
  333. +roll dexterity + athletics vs 7 - Jolene - Conveyor Belt Climb - 10pt
  334. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  335. Jolene rolls Dexterity(5) + Athletics(5) (10 dice) vs 7 for 8 successes.
  336. 3 6 +7 +7 +7 +8 +9 +10 +10 +10
  337. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  340. Jolene looks defeated and hands her little headset for the soundsystem to Katrina. "I will remember this Katrina." She then steps up to the first obstacle, the conveyor belt climb to take her chances with it. Hoping that it will not betray her and she makes a run start at it." Jolene comes out swinging as she makes that first obstacle look easy!
  343. Mikael arrives late and smiles seeing the ones there. He hears Kat and his brows arch. "Well, Bonsoir to you too, Mademoiselle." He gives a playful bow and his eyes shift to see how is already doing the course.
  346. Madeline smiles and kisses Shiori's cheek when she returns "That was very good dear, y ou'll do better next time" then turns to watch Jolene and beams at her efforts "Well Done"
  349. Katrina take the headset and winks,"I'm sure." she teases lightly and watches as Jolene makes her way up the conveyor climb without too much trouble. So many things she might say, but instead she lets it slide.
  352. Shiori drops her clothes out of the way for the moment. She smiles to Madeline, "I still had to swim." She pulls her ponytail over her shoulder and starts wringing the water out of it as she watches Jolene get started, "Way to go!" she calls out when she reaches the top.
  353. +roll dexterity + athletics vs 6 - Big Red Balls - 20pt
  354. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  355. Jolene rolls Dexterity(5) + Athletics(5) (10 dice) vs 6 for 4 successes.
  356. 2 2 3 4 5 5 +6 +7 +7 +10
  357. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  359. Fritz calls out to Jolene. "See? You're already doing better than me. I believe in you!" He then tacks on, "No, really, I am sure Katrina rigged the course in your favor."
  361. +roll dexterity + athletics vs 6
  362. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  363. Jolene rolls Dexterity(5) + Athletics(5) (10 dice) vs 6 for 6 successes.
  364. 2 3 3 4 +7 +7 +9 +9 +10 +10
  365. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  367. Madeline laughs gently "Shiori, you are an athlete, I am certain you fell a great many times before you flew"
  370. Mikael steps over to Madeline and company, greeting them "Bonsoir, has anyone made it all the way through the course yet?"
  373. Jolene seems to handle the leap from red big red ball to the next with the grace of a ballerina, allowing her momentum to help carry her from one to the next with only a little bit of wobbling before making it to the end of the platform, and letting out a relieved breath. "Katrina did no such thing!" She laughs and looks determined to make it up the Salmon Ladder as she approaches it.
  376. Shiori laughs softly to Madeline's comment, "Touche`." She squeezes out a little more water and then throws her ponytail over her shoulder. To Mikael she says, "So far not tonight. You should take a run."
  379. Madeline smiles and touches MIkael's hand fondly then watches Jolene, applauding "you can do it cheri!"
  382. Mikael nods his head to Shiori, "Oui, I shall give it a go." He is dressed for a workout in comfortable but not too loose materials that will breathe and move with him." He gives Madeline a warm smile before his eyes go back to Jolene on the course.
  384. +roll strength + athletics vs 8 - Jolene Salmon Ladder 30 pts - 5 Rolls
  385. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  386. Jolene rolls Strength(5) + Athletics(5) (10 dice) vs 8 for 1 successes.
  387. 1 4 5 5 6 6 6 7 +8 9
  388. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  389. +roll strength + athletics vs 8
  390. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  391. Jolene rolls Strength(5) + Athletics(5) (10 dice) vs 8 for 1 successes.
  392. 1 2 4 4 5 5 6 7 +8 10
  393. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  394. +roll strength + athletics vs 8
  395. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  396. Jolene rolls Strength(5) + Athletics(5) (10 dice) vs 8 for 2 successes.
  397. 2 2 3 3 3 5 6 7 +8 +10
  398. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  399. +roll strength + athletics vs 8
  400. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  401. Jolene rolls Strength(5) + Athletics(5) (10 dice) vs 8 for 0 successes.
  402. 1 1 2 2 2 3 5 7 8 9
  403. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  404. +roll stamina vs 7
  405. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  406. Jolene rolls Stamina(4) (4 dice) vs 7 for 2 successes.
  407. 3 4 +10 +10
  408. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  409. +roll strength + athletics vs 8
  410. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  411. Jolene rolls Strength(5) + Athletics(5) (10 dice) vs 8 for 4 successes.
  412. 1 2 3 5 7 +8 +8 +9 +10 10
  413. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  414. +roll stamina vs 6
  415. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  416. Jolene rolls Stamina(4) (4 dice) vs 6 for 2 successes.
  417. 4 5 +6 +10
  418. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  421. Jolene comes really close at the beginning and right of the middle of the salmon ladder of loosing her grip, but is determined not to let go. Fighting the Salmon ladder from one set of pegs to the next and then finally using the momentum she builds up to make that last leap and land gracefully on the platform, letting out a mortal breath she doesn't need to, relieved she hasn't wound up wet yet.
  424. Shiori claps for Jolene, "Good job! You've got this!
  427. Fritz joins in the clapping. "Told ya you got this. Go show that Hellevator who's boss!" He and Shiori are still dripping wet from earlier failures at the obstacle course, and everyone is watching Jolene navigate the course, with her having just completed the Salmon Ladder.
  430. Mikael applauds for Jolene, occassionally glancing towards the door while she moves to the next obstacle. As she comes to the last one he looks a bit concerned but tries to give her encouragemnet, "Oui, you can finish this!"
  431. +roll Strength + athletics vs 8 - Pipe Slider - 2 Rolls - 40 pts
  432. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  433. Jolene rolls Strength(5) + Athletics(5) (10 dice) vs 8 for 2 successes.
  434. 1 3 3 6 6 6 6 +9 +9 10
  435. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  436. ooc should have been vs 6
  437. +roll Strength + athletics vs 6
  438. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  439. Jolene rolls Strength(5) + Athletics(5) (10 dice) vs 6 for 6 successes.
  440. 2 2 2 4 +6 +9 +10 +10 +10 +10
  441. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  444. Phoenix steps in, glancing around for mikael and heading his way
  446. Madelines eyes are fixed on her childe, smiling but she gasps each time Jolene has to make a leap or take a chance
  449. Jolene is smiling at the sounds of her friends, cheering her own as she approaches the Pipe Slider next and the look of determination on her face is clear. She wants to make it to the Hell-evator and the Pipe-Slider is just a step to get there. "You can do this Jolene." And she does it, a little shaky at first but she's got this and lands at the other side and does a little happy dance! Before she sizes up the next obstacle. The Jumping Spider, and looks at the water below.
  452. Fritz looks around the room. "Trivial says she reaches the Hellevator without getting wet. Any takers?"
  455. Mikael smiles brightly and reaches out to Phoenix as he arrives, "Bonsoir, cher. I am happy that you could come."
  458. +roll dexterity + athletics vs 7 - Tanked at the Jumping Spider
  459. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  460. Jolene rolls Dexterity(5) + Athletics(5) (10 dice) vs 7 for 2 successes.
  461. 1 1 5 5 6 6 +8 +8 8 9
  462. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  463. +roll dexterity + athletics vs 7
  464. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  465. Jolene rolls Dexterity(5) + Athletics(5) (10 dice) vs 7 for 0 successes.
  466. 1 1 -1 3 4 4 5 5 7 8
  467. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  468. +roll stamina vs 7
  469. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  470. Jolene rolls Stamina(4) (4 dice) vs 7 for 1 successes.
  471. 3 5 5 +8
  472. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  473. +roll dexterity + athletics vs 7
  474. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  475. Jolene rolls Dexterity(5) + Athletics(5) (10 dice) vs 7 for 3 successes.
  476. 3 3 4 4 4 5 6 +8 +9 +9
  477. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  478. +roll dexterity + athletics vs 7
  479. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  480. Jolene rolls Dexterity(5) + Athletics(5) (10 dice) vs 7 for 0 successes.
  481. 1 2 2 3 3 5 5 5 6 10
  482. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  483. +roll stamina vs 7
  484. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  485. Jolene rolls Stamina(4) (4 dice) vs 7 for -1 successes.
  486. -1 4 6 6
  487. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  489. Madeline clutches for Shiori's hand as she watches Jolene.
  492. Jolene came really really close to making it but just could not keep traction as she moved through the walls, and slide down, and a soft sploosh into the water, taking her time to come back up with a laugh at herself. But she was doing so well. How can she complain? and she swims for the side of the obstacle. "That was so much fun!" She can't help but smile at the others as she pulls herself out of the water.
  495. Fritz winces. "Oooooooh. Tough luck all around, no takers and no dry end for the Rose." He does head over to the pool's edge to help Jolene out -- although she gets herself out before he can actually offer that help. "I honestly thought if anyone could manage it, you'd be the one to pull it off. Glad you had fun at least."
  498. Phoenix heads over, nodding "Hey maddie. Hows it going?"
  501. Phoenix settles near Mikael with a warm smile "I find you in the strangest places
  504. Looking towards Mikael and Phoenix Kat motions towards the Conveyor Climb,"Any takers?" she asks playfully. Of course she isn't really dressed for it tonight, but there is a locker room if nobody else decides to step up first.
  507. Madeline applauds for Jolene with a bright smile then turns to Phoenix and kisses his cheek "Bon soir Phoenix, so good of you to come" before she glances at Fritz with a nod
  509. Mikael looks to the redhead beside him, "Should I, mon amour?"
  511. Phoenix cocks a brow "Do this? Do you want to?"
  514. Mikael chuckles soflty at Phoenix, "It looks fun, cher."
  516. Fritz just deals with Jolene's sopping-wet hug. "Aw cmon, I /just/ finished drip-drying." He does catch Madeline's nod, though, and heads on over. "Ah, that's right. Mademoiselle Rose, you wanted a word with me? Where to?"
  519. Phoenix grins "Then have fun"
  522. Shiori applauds Jolene too, and then looks to Mikael, "Oh go ahead and do it. It's fun. A good challenge!"
  525. Jolene smiles at Mikael encouragingly, "You can do it, and if you fall! I have a change of clothing for you." She offers reassuringly. "You will look like a walking billboard for DTD though." As Fritz has to leave though she makes her way over to Katrina to give gentle squeeze of the hand. "You have done brilliantly Katrina! I could not be prouder of your efforts!"
  528. "Either one is fine. Just choose before you go in." Katrina replies to Mikael's question. Yup everyone is getting a good swim tonight at least. She adjusts something on the music system and new songs start to play again. It isn't techno, but for fun it's hard to beat "Welcome To My Nightmare" by Alice Cooper to get Mikael and Phoenix psyched...right?
  531. Madeline smiles "Pardon us a moment wont you?" and steps into the other room with Fritz.
  534. Mikael kisses Phoenix's cheek and smiles brightly, "Then I shall try without using powers." He moves towards the course.
  537. Shiori watches Madeline leave. She is now a walking billboard. She changed out of her wet clothes after all. She turns back and walks over to Katrina, and offers more quietly to her, but with a smile, "You really have done a great job here. It will be fun to try to defeat the course!"
  540. Phoenix grins "Either way will be interesting to watch"
  542. Mikael pauses and looks back to Shiori, "You have not tried yet? Then you should be next, as the Mademoiselle."
  544. Jolene giggles, "Shiori has tried it, it is why she had to change. I love you Primogen. She was a really good sport about it too! Go ahead Mikael! Your turn! You can do it!
  546. Mikael - Conveyor Belt Climb 3 rolls 10 pts
  547. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  548. Mikael rolls Dexterity + Athletics vs 7 for 4 successes.
  549. 1 4 4 6 6 +7 +7 +8 +8 9
  550. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  552. Shiori waves to Mikael, "I'm a walking billboard because I've already taken my swim." She grins playfully and turns so she can watch Mikael.
  554. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  555. Mikael rolls Dexterity + Athletics vs 7 for 1 successes.
  556. 1 1 2 3 4 4 5 +8 9 9
  557. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  558. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  559. Mikael rolls Dexterity + Athletics vs 7 for 7 successes.
  560. 3 5 5 +7 +7 +8 +9 +9 +9 +10
  561. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  564. Mikael nimbly starts up the conveyor belt, showing those cat-like graceful moves but like a feline he pauses abit as if tentative before he darts on up to the top. He glances out from the top and looks over the big red balls in the water.
  566. Mikael - Big Red Balls - 3 rolls/20pts
  567. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  568. Mikael rolls Dexterity + Athletics vs 6 for 3 successes.
  569. 1 1 5 5 5 +7 +9 +10 10 10
  570. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  571. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  572. Mikael rolls Dexterity + Athletics vs 6 for 2 successes.
  573. 1 1 1 3 3 +7 +9 10 10 10
  574. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  575. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  576. Mikael rolls Dexterity + Athletics vs 6 for 7 successes.
  577. 3 3 5 +6 +7 +7 +8 +8 +10 +10
  578. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  580. Jolene is cheering for Mikael as he makes it past the Conveyor Belt, "You can do it Mikael! I know you can!"
  582. Phoenix beams and applauds Mikael as he makes is attempt.
  585. Mikael takes a deep breath and jumps to the first ball. Not too bad but then he realizes it rocks! Quickly he moves to the next one, trying ot lightly touch it with his feet - just enough to launch himself towards the third one. Not perfectly smooth but he manages through it without falling.
  588. Jolene whistles loud and cheers proudly at Mikael. "You can do it Mikael! Dance across the Salmon Ladder!" She offers thrilled to see him make it past the big red balls.
  591. Phoenix grins and applauds as he watches. "Good job!"
  593. Mikael 5 rolls/30 pts - Salmon Ladder
  594. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  595. Mikael rolls Strength + Athletics vs 8 for 0 successes.
  596. 1 -1 -1 -1 3 4 4 6 6 8
  597. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  598. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  599. Mikael rolls Stamina vs 7 for 1 successes.
  600. 1 3 4 +10 10
  601. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  602. <OOC> Mikael says, "Yeah!"
  603. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  604. Mikael rolls Strength + Athletics vs 8 for 1 successes.
  605. 1 1 2 2 6 6 7 +9 10 10
  606. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  607. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  608. Mikael rolls Strength + Athletics vs 8 for 2 successes.
  609. 1 1 3 4 4 4 +8 +8 10 10
  610. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  611. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  612. Mikael rolls Strength + Athletics vs 8 for 2 successes.
  613. 1 2 2 5 6 6 6 +8 +9 10
  614. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  615. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  616. Mikael rolls Strength + Athletics vs 8 for 3 successes.
  617. 2 2 2 2 5 6 6 +8 +9 +9
  618. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  620. Mikael glances at the salmon ladder, and smirks. "It is a good thing I do not weight that much..." he mutters as he wipes his hands on his pants before he grips the bar and starts climbing upwards with it. The first attempt he misses the distance and has to hand on to the bar before he can begin the climb. It's halting, but he does have the strength and endurance to accomplish it.
  622. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  623. Mikael rolls Stamina vs 6 for 1 successes.
  624. 1 2 3 +8 8
  625. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  627. Jolene is bouncing on her toes, will he wind up claiming her obstacle, or fall here on the Pipe Slider. She is curious but also encouraging of her friends. "You CAN do it!" She starts to cheer."
  630. Phoenix beams and applauds happily.
  632. Mikael - Pipe Slider 2 rolls - 40 pts
  633. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  634. Mikael rolls Strength + Athletics vs 6 for 6 successes.
  635. 2 2 3 4 +6 +6 +6 +6 +8 +9
  636. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  637. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  638. Mikael rolls Strength + Athletics vs 6 for 3 successes.
  639. 1 1 3 5 5 +6 +7 +8 9 10
  640. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  642. Mikael stares at the pipe, trying to decide the best way to tackle it. He finally just grabs on and uses that nice double jointed frame to sway his body back and forth to help move along. It seems he is going well but right at the end he has to gather up energy to push that final foot or so.
  645. While she wanted to be difficult, Katrina does look impressed and even a little happy that Mikael is doing so well. She lets the music go back to the techno stuff Jolene was playing before.
  648. Phoenix beams and continues to applaud Mikael as he moves through.
  651. Jolene is bouncing on squishy soaked feet, and she watches him make it to the Jumping spider and is clutching her hands tightly, like she is sitting on the edge of her seat. "You can do it! You can do it Mikael!"
  653. Mikael - Jumping Spider - 3 rolls/50 pts
  654. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  655. Mikael rolls Dexterity + Athletics vs 7 for 2 successes.
  656. 1 1 1 2 3 +8 +8 9 9 10
  657. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  658. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  659. Mikael rolls Dexterity + Athletics vs 7 for 1 successes.
  660. 2 2 2 3 3 4 6 6 6 +7
  661. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  662. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  663. Mikael rolls Dexterity + Athletics vs 7 for 5 successes.
  664. 1 3 4 5 +7 +8 +9 +10 +10 10
  665. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  667. Mikael frowns as he looks at the next obstacle. After a few moments making a plan he launches himself off the trampoline and spread eagles against the wall. He manages it but he has to fight to keep his balance before he seems to find his stride and make it through to the next platform.
  669. Phoenix grins as he struggles but continues to cheer Mikael on eagerly, catcalling him playfully.
  672. Jolene is bitting her fingernails as she watches Mikael almost slip down into the water but he hangs on and makes it through the Jumping Spider and she just shakes his head. "Thats it Mikael! Thats it! You can do it! Grace of the Spider, Dance your way through!" She is shouting at the top of her lungs!
  675. Madeline returns with Fritz and looks to see who is about to get wet
  678. Mikael hears Phoenix and glances over in that direction, giving the redhead a thumbs up. Also allowing himself a quick breather before he turns back and, chest heaving, looks at the warped-wall.
  680. Mikael - Warped Wall - 2 rolls/60pts
  681. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  682. Mikael rolls Strength + Athletics vs 7 for 6 successes.
  683. 1 3 3 +7 +7 +7 +8 +8 +9 10
  684. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  685. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  686. Mikael rolls Strength + Athletics vs 7 for 3 successes.
  687. 1 2 5 5 5 6 +8 +8 +9 9
  688. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  691. Kat walks along the course to see how Mikael takes each step. A nod of approval as he carries on. The Warped Wall. He's doing well. She smiles and stays quiet, not wanting to distract him.
  694. Fritz pops back in after that sidebar with Madeline, looking at the obstacle course with a bit of disappointment. "Aww, he didn't fall yet? I had a towel ready and everything."
  696. Mikael has to sych himself up a bit for this one. Ever tried to run up the side of a building to grab a window ledge? He takes a deep breathe and dashes forward. He hits it at good momentum but really has to stretch to grab the top and pull himself over.
  698. Jolene is screaming madly as he makes the climb up the warped wall and whistles and screams and whistles some more. She may wind up going hoarse as she cheers Mikael on. "That's it!!! Thats it Mikael! Just a few more to go. You can do it!"
  701. Phoenix beams and applauds "Good job! You got this!!"
  704. Shiori applauds for Mikael, grinning broadly.
  707. Fritz peers over at Jolene carefully, staring for a bit before just shaking his head and chuckling. "Save the excitement for the Hellevator there Jo." Mikael is still a few obstacles off, though is a real contender tonight for actually completing the course.
  709. Mikael - Wall Lift - 1 roll - 70pts
  710. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  711. Mikael rolls Strength + Athletics vs 6 for 7 successes.
  712. 2 2 5 +7 +7 +7 +8 +10 +10 +10
  713. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  715. Mikael frowns for a few moments as he makes his plan. Then amazing he hits enough wall and lifts it, slipping underneath it in one long fluid motion. At the end he is breathless and bends over to rest for a few moments as he stares at the cage crawl.
  718. Heathen finds his way into the new gym, in time to see Mikael hitting it like a champ. "Did I miss all the glorious failures? Or am I in time to heckle?"
  721. Madeline applauds "Bravo mon ami, come you can do it!"
  724. Martha says, "Ninja warrior, that is not easy to do really."
  726. Mikael - Cage Crawl - 5 rolls/80 pts
  727. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  728. Mikael rolls Dexterity + Athletics vs 7 for 0 successes.
  729. 1 1 2 2 3 5 6 6 8 10
  730. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  732. Phoenix beams and applauds and glances over to heathen "Dont you dare" he laughs.
  733. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  734. Mikael rolls Stamina vs 7 for 5 successes.
  735. +7 +8 +9 +9 +10
  736. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  737. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  738. Mikael rolls Dexterity + Athletics vs 7 for 0 successes.
  739. 1 1 -1 2 3 4 4 6 8 9
  740. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  741. <OOC> Mikael says, "Damn... see what I meant Frtiz?"
  742. <OOC> Katrina says, "makes a face at the nasty rolls. ;)"
  743. @@
  744. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  745. Mikael rolls Stamina vs 7 for 1 successes.
  746. 5 5 5 6 +7
  747. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  748. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  749. Mikael rolls Dexterity + Athletics vs 7 for 4 successes.
  750. 2 3 5 5 6 6 +7 +8 +9 +9
  751. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  752. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  753. Mikael rolls Dexterity + Athletics vs 7 for 2 successes.
  754. 2 3 3 3 4 6 6 6 +7 +10
  755. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  756. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  757. Mikael rolls Dexterity + Athletics vs 7 for 6 successes.
  758. 1 2 3 +8 +8 +9 +9 +9 +10 10
  759. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  761. Katrina looks towards the sound of Heathen's voice and smirks,"Next victim." she comments with a finger pointed his way. She watches Mikael go through the wall lifts and nods in approval. Could this be the first one on the first night? It remains to be seen.
  764. Mikael is looking worn out an make a couple of false starts before he starts the cage crawl. He rolls his shoulders and starts the obstacle with a good deal of power but slacks down for a few moments before finishing it out quickly.
  767. Phoenix continues to cheer him on loudly.
  770. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  771. Mikael rolls Stamina vs 6 for 1 successes.
  772. 1 4 4 +8 10
  773. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  775. Mikael Hell-evator
  776. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  777. Mikael rolls Strength + Athletics vs 9 for 4 successes.
  778. 2 2 4 5 7 7 +9 +10 +10 +10
  779. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  781. Martha moves up to HEathen, "This looks challenaging, and fun really. SO how you doing?" as she watches poor mikael.
  782. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  783. Mikael rolls Strength + Athletics vs 9 for 0 successes.
  784. 1 1 3 3 5 7 8 8 9 9
  785. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  787. Martha moves up to HEathen, "This looks challenaging, and fun really. SO how you doing?" as she watches poor mikael.
  788. @emit %r%tJolene is so very excited for Mikael has been decimating the course, with only a few slips, but he is hanging in there, and now the hell-evator looms in front of him. Jolene has not stopped screaming yet though. Clearly she is happy to see him doing so well, but it is a long climb.%r
  791. Jolene is so very excited for Mikael has been decimating the course, with only a few slips, but he is hanging in there, and now the hell-evator looms in front of him. Jolene has not stopped screaming yet though. Clearly she is happy to see him doing so well, but it is a long climb.
  793. Mikael
  794. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  795. Mikael rolls Stamina vs 7 for 3 successes.
  796. 2 5 +8 +8 +9
  797. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  798. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  799. Mikael rolls Strength + Athletics vs 9 for 0 successes.
  800. 1 -1 -1 -1 2 4 7 8 8 10
  801. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  802. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  803. Mikael rolls Stamina vs 7 for 2 successes.
  804. 3 6 6 +7 +10
  805. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  806. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  807. Mikael rolls Strength + Athletics vs 9 for -1 successes.
  808. -1 -1 2 4 5 5 5 5 7 8
  809. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  812. Heathen looks around the others in thhe room. "Hey, I'm doing good, but I'm not the one in the cage." and giving Madeline and Pheonix a wink. "Though I get the feeling he isn't trying his best."
  814. Katrina walks along with Mikael's progress. A smile touches her features. It's hard to say why, but she is somewhat excited to see Mikael making it so far and the potential for him to be the one to win the first time.
  817. Mikael looks up at the Hell-evator. He's tired, oh he's tired. But he gives it a go. He actually makes a fairly decent start but then.... Down he goes with a vengence. He colapses and falls into the water with a huge SPLASH!
  820. Phoenix gasps and laughs, jumping up and heading over to offer a hand out if needed.
  822. Martha winces as she watches Mikael hit the water and just sighs.
  824. Fritz looks on with arms folded, inching closer to Jolene to poke her in the side. "Hey. I think you can stop cheering now. Pretty sure they can hear you over in Tijuana." He smirks, that smirk broadening as Mikael, too, finally splooshes. "It almost worked though. How come I didn't get any of that cheering, eh? Might've kept me from looking bad." All told, he's plainly in a good mood despite his words.
  827. Jolene is running down to where Mikael is, with her squishy shoes, making suctiony noises as she joins him at the pool of the Hell-evator. "Amazing Mikael! Truly Wonderfully done!!!! She has a handful of pins for him, for his efforts, as well as a change of clothes to join the growing number of billboards who have attempted the obstacles, some who have gotten further than others. "You were Amazing!! I am proud of you Mikael!"
  831. Watching him start up the Hell-evator and seems on the edge of her seat as it were. When the climb starts to slow Katrina frowns, then the climb stops,"Oh shit." she mutters a second before Mikael's hands slip off and he falls to the water below.
  834. Jolene smiles at Fritz, and shakes her head, putting an arm around his waist. "You will have to try it again so I can. You know I would cheer my heart out for you too Fritz!"
  837. Mikael takes Phoenix's hand and starts to pull himself up. As Jolene arrives he gives her a tired but bright smile, "Merci. It is truly /very/ difficult." He glances to Fritz. "They did not applaug you, Monsieur? How far did you get?"
  840. Phoenix beams and moves to pull him up and out "You did amazing."
  843. Fritz reciprocates with his own arm around Jolene's waist, chuckling. "I believe Heathen is the next victim, no?" He then turns his head slooooowly toward Mikael, pausing dramatically before saying, "....you get one guess."
  846. Heathen glances around, eyebrow raised, Dwayne Johnson style. "Me? Hadn't anyone told you yet.. I cheat."
  849. Mikael takes the pins and the dry clothes gratefully and hugs Phoenix before he says, "Oui, let us see how Heath does."
  852. Madeline applauds with a smile 'Very well done Mikael, you should be very proud"
  855. Phoenix grins and puts a towel around MIkael's shoulders "You did great"
  858. Her phone rings and Katrina sighs taking it out and answers it. She walks over to Jolene and waves. A quick stop to check on Mikael and she winks,"Good run." She moves on and replies into the phone,"No I'll be there in a few minutes. If she tries to do that have two of the bouncers show her the door, I'm done with her crap." Off to the club and whateer disaster awaits.
  861. Jolene is happy to see the next person step up to the obstacle course and try it, looking at it. She hugs Katrina before she can leave, forgetting she is still kind of wet. "Oops sorry Katrina!" She offers apologetically. "Thank you for making this happen! You are amazing Kat!"
  864. Heathen offers Katrina a wry, understanding smile as he checks out the first obstacle. The salmon ladder. "Alright, so... I'll keep the powers in check for the first one.."
  866. Heathen Conveyor - 5 rolls/10pts
  867. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  868. Heathen rolls Strength + Athletics vs 8 for 0 successes.
  869. 1 1 3 4 4 4 5 5 8 9
  870. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  871. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  872. Heathen rolls Strength + Athletics vs 8 for 0 successes.
  873. 1 1 3 4 4 4 5 5 8 9
  874. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  876. Heathen starts up the BELT and stumbles.. apparently dampening his abilities has thrown him off balance.
  878. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  879. Heathen rolls Stamina vs 7 for 3 successes.
  880. 1 +7 +9 +10 10
  881. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  882. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  883. Heathen rolls Dexterity + Athletics vs 7 for 0 successes.
  884. 1 -1 -1 2 2 5 5 6 6 10
  885. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  886. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  887. Heathen rolls Stamina vs 7 for 2 successes.
  888. 2 3 3 +7 +10
  889. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  890. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  891. Heathen rolls Dexterity + Athletics vs 7 for 5 successes.
  892. 3 5 5 5 6 +7 +7 +8 +8 +8
  893. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  896. Heathen stumbles AGAIN, And then gets mad. He will best this damn thing, and putting his foot down, he hits it with a leap and then guns it toward the top like a champ.
  899. Mikael calls up to Heathen, "Calm down, mon ami. You are defeating yourself."
  902. Fritz shoots over toward Mikael, "Let him run over the edge if he wants to, it's a free country."
  905. Heathen checks out the balls for a moment as he guages them, glad they aren't blue. That would be awkward. Then takes his leap to the first and...
  907. Heathen - Big Red Balls - 3 Rolls/20pts
  908. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  909. Heathen rolls Dexterity + Athletics vs 7 for 4 successes.
  910. 1 2 2 2 6 +7 +8 +9 +10 10
  911. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  912. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  913. Heathen rolls Dexterity + Athletics vs 7 for 2 successes.
  914. 2 2 2 3 4 5 5 5 +8 +8
  915. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  916. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  917. Heathen rolls Dexterity + Athletics vs 7 for 6 successes.
  918. 2 2 5 6 +7 +7 +7 +8 +9 +10
  919. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  922. Jolene is trying to cheer Heathen on as he hits the 1st big red ball, hoping that he can keep up his momentum to make it to the next. "You can do it Heathen!"
  925. Heathen hits he first batch of balls light on his feet and hopping like a frog from one to the next. Slowing as he hits one after the other, slowing for a moment near the end, and wobbling dangerously before nimbly hitting the last, barely tspping it before leaping to the far platform." I am the greatest, games's on the line.." he lets out in a sing song voice.
  928. Jolene is slow drying out, and claps when Heathen makes it past the big red balls and is now staring down the Salmon Ladder. "You can do it Heathen!"
  931. Heathen NOW arrives at the ladder. Grabbing his pole and giving it a bo staff like spin as he warms up...
  933. Heathen Salmon Ladder 3 rolls/30pts
  934. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  935. Heathen rolls Strength + Athletics vs 8 for 1 successes.
  936. 1 1 1 6 6 6 +8 8 8 9
  937. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  939. Heathen finds it harder than it looks....
  940. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  941. Heathen rolls Strength + Athletics vs 8 for 4 successes.
  942. 5 6 6 7 7 7 +9 +9 +10 +10
  943. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  944. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  945. Heathen rolls Strength + Athletics vs 8 for 3 successes.
  946. 1 2 3 4 7 7 +8 +9 +10 10
  947. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  949. Heathen gets in his groove. It's all in the wrist. Yank, ploink, yank, ploink.. up and then down Dropping nimbly to his feet and tossing the bar toward the crowd like a prize at a concert.
  952. Jolene is wet and soggy but its not getting to her, as she watches Heathen take on the Salmon Ladder, and claps for her friend. "That's it Heathen. That will wake you up won't it!"
  954. Heathen - Pipe Slider 2 Rolls=40 Pts
  955. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  956. Heathen rolls Strength + Athletics vs 6 for 5 successes.
  957. 1 1 5 +6 +7 +7 +7 +7 8 9
  958. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  959. @@
  960. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  961. Heathen rolls Strength + Athletics vs 6 for 2 successes.
  962. 1 1 1 2 5 +6 +7 7 8 10
  963. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  966. Heathen - Jumping Spider - 2 rolls=50 pts
  967. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  968. Heathen rolls Dexterity + Athletics vs 7 for 5 successes.
  969. 2 3 5 5 5 +7 +7 +8 +10 +10
  970. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  971. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  972. Heathen rolls Dexterity + Athletics vs 7 for 3 successes.
  973. 1 1 1 2 +7 +7 +8 9 9 10
  974. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  977. Mikael is towel drying his hair as he watches Heathen and pauses to applaud.
  980. Heathen examines the next obstacle carefully for a moment ignoring if anyone catches the bar, gets caught by the bar, or it clangs, before grabbing the pipe and hopping on. Keeping it steady for most of the trip, developing a bit of a wobble toward the end before he yanks himself the last bit of the way on the dismount. "Piece of cake. If only life was so straightforward." Of ourse, he's not even halfway yet...
  984. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  985. Heathen rolls Dexterity + Athletics vs 7 for 5 successes.
  986. 2 3 5 5 5 +7 +7 +8 +10 +10
  987. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  988. ooc wait Heathen.. make a stamina vs 6 for me
  990. <<OOC>> Jolene says, "wait Heathen.. make a stamina vs 6 for me"
  991. ooc at the end of the salmon ladder you should roll a stamina vs 6
  993. <<OOC>> Jolene says, "at the end of the salmon ladder you should roll a stamina vs 6"
  994. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  995. Heathen rolls Stamina vs 6 for 2 successes.
  996. 2 3 3 +6 +10
  997. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  998. ooc thanks :)
  1000. <<OOC>> Jolene says, "thanks :)"
  1001. ooc go ahead :)
  1003. <<OOC>> Jolene says, "go ahead :)"
  1004. MAIL: You have a new message from Ed. Subject: Re: May and Sister
  1005. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  1006. Heathen rolls Dexterity + Athletics vs 7 for 3 successes.
  1007. 1 1 1 2 +7 +7 +8 9 9 10
  1008. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  1010. Heathen hits the next bit running. Jumping. Whatever. Maybe he does have spider-fingers as he shimmies his way through. There's a moment when it looks like he might slip, but then he's through. Taking that moment at the far end to blow a kiss to the ladies. (Sorry Fritz and Mikael, no kiss for you!)
  1011. <OOC> Fritz says, "What do you mean? Jolene's here"
  1012. MAIL: You have a new message from Fritz. Subject: Re: May and Sister
  1014. Heathen Warped Wall - Failed
  1015. <---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
  1016. Heathen rolls Strength + Athletics vs 7 for -1 successes.
  1017. -1 2 2 3 4 4 5 5 5 5
  1018. <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->
  1020. Heathen is kille by the Ninja Killer, hitting the wall at a run.... and bouncing back flat on his ass. No, not a belly flop. As ass flop. Sloosh
  1021. ooc you did really well Heathen! Only Mikael made it past the jumping spider.
  1023. Jolene heads over to the obstacle to present Heathen with the pins he earned and offer him a wet hug too. "Well Done Heathen! You were great! I couldn't make it past the Jumping Spider."
  1026. Heathen crrraaawwwlls out of the water, shaking like a dog for a moment, giving Jolene a hug, grinning at the performance after all. And then tries to give Madeline a wet hug too!
  1029. Fritz snickers as the course claims yet another victim. "Ooooh, heartbreaker. And after all that flair too." He then watches as Heathen brings that water toward Madeline... and position himself well away from that little scenario unfolding...
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