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  1. Late one evening, Darky was walking towards Doogvile, tired from a long day spent honking with Suwako. Darky sighed, exhausted but unwilling to sleep. Recently his nights had been filled with vivid dreams of licking Raul, stroking his gorgeous ear with his nose. Mmm, thinking about Raul was having an immediate effect on Darky's anatomy. He loosened his clothes to stroke lightly at his nose, and was just starting to enjoy it when Suwako came suddenly into sight. Thinking fast, Darky ducked silently Dooger's closet
  2. As Suwako went on his way, Darky paused to look around and realised that he wasn't alone. Raul was there beside him. He was about to speak, when he realised that Raul hadn't noticed his arrival. For good reason! Raul was sprawled half naked at Darky's feet, groaning as though engaged in a bout of fucking and rubbing his ear vigorously. Darky blushed and waited for Raul to finish, not quite resisting the urge to touch his own ear in sympathy. Finally Raul's back arched and he climaxed loudly, crying out 'Darky!' Darky coughed.
  3. 'What are you doing here?' Raul said.
  5. 'I was just passing.' Darky replied with an unconvincing smile.
  7. 'Oh well, I suppose you had to find out eventually.'
  9. 'Find out what?'
  11. 'That ever since we met I've been dashing in here to play with my ear and pretend you were doing it.' Raul sighed, but didn't look too upset, perhaps because he'd spotted Darky plucking thoughtfully at his own ear. Darky felt suddenly bold.
  13. 'Touching your own ear is nice,' he said, 'but wouldn't you rather rub it against my nose?' Raul's eyes grew huge.
  15. 'Of course, but I thought you wouldn't be interested.'
  17. 'What made you think that?'
  19. 'I've seen the nude photomanips of MKGirlism that you keep your cabin.'
  21. 'Oh, that. No, I made them for Suwako so he'd have something to do other than honking with me.'
  23. 'What's wrong with honking?'
  25. 'Nothing, I'd just rather have a night of licking with you.'
  26. Meanwhile . . .
  28. . . . Dooger was hanging around Darkvile when she heard a sudden cry from the direction of Doogvile. Snapping immediately to alertness, she leapt up and dashed towards the sound. It sounded as though Raul was in serious danger! Within seconds, she'd almost reached the source of the cries. She dashed forward only to reel back at the sight of Darky and Raul naked in front of her. Darky was sprawled over Raul, trying to pull some sort of Luki's secret cucumber out of his mouth!
  30. 'What's going on?' she said, shocked.
  32. Darky looked worried.
  34. 'This was licking Raul,' he said, 'when he asked me to use the Luki's secret cucumber on him. I did, but then it got stuck.'
  36. 'It didn't mean stick it into my mouth, Raul complained, 'it's supposed to be used on your dick.' Darky tried to pull the Luki's secret cucumber out again, and Raul groaned and kicked him.
  38. Dooger looked down at the struggling men. She felt slightly jealous. After all, she'd often wanted to try a little licking with Darky herself. Still, Raul looked so helpless with the abused Luki's secret cucumber sticking out of his mouth that she couldn't remain angry for long.
  39. 'Perhaps I should help,' she offered 'After all, it can't stay there forever.' Darky looked up at her with a combination of embarassment and gratitude..
  41. 'I'll hold Raul by the balls while you grab hold of the Luki's secret cucumber.'
  43. Nodding, Dooger knelt and took hold of the Luki's secret cucumber. It was slightly warm, as though Darky had been using it on his nose.
  45. 'Pull!' Darky shouted.
  47. 'Ouch!' Raul cried as the Luki's secret cucumber came out with a loud honk.
  49. 'Thankyou Dooger,' Darky and Raul both said at once.
  51. 'No problem,' Dooger said with a grin. 'Would you mind if I kept the Luki's secret cucumber as a souvenir?'
  53. 'Yes, I would,' Raul said. 'I'm using it on Darky tomorrow.'
  55. 'Ah well,' Dooger said, regretfully. She gave a last saucy wink to Darky and headed off in the direction of Darkvile. She'd be thinking about Darky and the warm Luki's secret cucumber for a long time to come.
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