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anime grill guide for SL

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Aug 8th, 2017
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  3. Someone else write a guide on human heads, I don't know shit about them. A lot of the bodies are covered here, though.
  6. ///HEADS///
  7. PHILO SOPHIA HEAD + BODY: L$1,280 (~$5.12)
  9. Body + head, but there's little dedicated clothing for the body, and few texture mods for the head. Pros are that the body isn't really terrible, and the head animates smoothly using new bones that LL just introduced. Head shape is pretty customizable.
  11. ZERO STYLE ANIME HEAD : L$600 (~ $2.40)
  13. Not a lot of mods, but good, clean shape. Expressions are extensive.
  15. M3 anime head/M3 Venus head: L$500 (~$2.00)
  18. Lots of texture mods for these + Kemono body avatar. The shapes are a bit ugly but they are easy to use and good for beginners.
  20. MOKYU AHS2 HEAD: L$500 (~$2.00)
  22. Its pretty okay. I dont' have this one personally, but I've seen people wearing it. Older Mokyu heads lead me to believe it has a boatload of features. There are some mods for Mokyu heads, but not a ton.
  25. ///BODIES///
  27. KEMONO: L$900 (~$3.60)
  29. Fairly good petite body with tons of mod options, including third party chest, leg, and foot addons. Has a stupid issue of using joint deforms, and is not fitted mesh, so a significant amount of sliders won't work, nor will they be useful for getting non-kemono clothing to fit it. Comes with animal parts+head by default, so if you just want to be a kemono, you can be a kemono with no additional purchases.
  30. +FITTED MESH TORSO: L$550 (~$2.20)
  32. Third party mod that allows more shape customization, but does not have a ton of clothes for it.
  34. AVATAR 2.0: L$600 (~$2.40)
  36. Previously great alternative to kemono, but recent updates have broken 95% of all dedicated products for it, while providing not a lot of additional function. Now comes with a fitted mesh backside and legs (though the chest and upper body is not) which is why things don't fit anymore. Can wear some amount of clothing for the normal LL avatar. Has an okay amount of skin mods to fit other anime heads, but also comes with a semi-realistic head to start you off. Alpha sections are not great for fitting other clothing to it. If you use this and you absolutely don't need to adjust your ass/legs, I would honestly tell you to go for the non-fitted older version in the box, since you can use the shape to make fitmesh clothing fit on it instead, or use a lot of older third-party clothing items.
  38. NAUHA: L$900 (~$3.60)
  40. A fitted mesh, default-skin mapped avatar that is generally similar to the default avatar but much smoother. The hands and feet are not good, and the shoulders can bother some. The head gives people nightmares, but you can replace that. However, it has a good range of customization, is cheap, can be modified, and is very lightweight compared to many other bodies. It is older and won't get updates, so I would try the demo and make sure it's what you want.
  42. BELLEZA : Options ranging from $L1,799 to $L4,499 (~$7.20-$18.00)
  44. Very smooth and well-rigged body. Depending on the version you get, it has plenty of chest options. There are three separate bodies: Isis, Venus, and Freya, going from thinnest to thickest. The cons are that it can be expensive to get ALL options (you might not need all of them though), and the bodies are extremely high-poly, so too many of them around can drag down performance.
  45. Fairly decent amount of clothing, but not as much as Maitreya or Slink Physique.
  46. Probably the best body to tHICC with but still works fine slim.
  48. MAITREYA : L$2,750 (~$11.00)
  51. Most widely used mesh body. Is not as nicely shaped as Belleza, nor does it have as many options/features. It isn't low poly like Slink physique or Nauha, but it is a bit better than Belleza. Has a lot of clothes for it. If you like shopping for the latest clothing at fashion events, this is your body.
  53. SLINK PHYSIQUE or SLINK HOURGLASS: L$1250 + L$875 for hands + L$675 for one shape of foot = L$2800(~11.20)
  56. +
  58. +
  60. OR
  62. (most shoes)
  63. OR
  65. Fairly decent mesh body. Hourglass is more shapely, regular Physique is similar to the LL avatar in terms of shape. A lot of clothing exists, but not as much as for Maitreya. Performance-wise, much lower poly than Maitreya, and has features that Maitreya does not. Since Slink is older, there are lots of slink-exclusive appliers out, like nails or tattoos, that were made in the era where other bodies didn't really exist and still work with modern slink avatars.
  68. TMP (The Mesh Project). It's worth going to pick up the free nude body, but otherwise do not ever spend money here.
  69. No-mod bodies or heads that don't have support.
  71. ///MISC. COSTS/// (no examples)
  73. ANIMATION OVERRIDERS: ~L$350 (~$1.4)
  74. You need these to walk and stand nice, boy.
  76. HAIR: ~L$100 - L$375? (~$0.40-$1.50)
  77. Make sure you try to get MESH hair, not older sculpted hair. And try to go for modifiable hair if you can.
  79. CLOTHING/OUTFITS ~FREE - A LOT, budget out L$2000 cause you'll find you may or may not be able to get something you loved to work with your outfit (~$8.00)
  80. Try to look for clothing specific to your body, and ALWAYS TRY DEMOS!!!!
  82. ///////////////////////////
  83. If you're going for a Kemono body avatar, I would recommend about $20-$25 of lindens. You may have some left over, you may not, depending on what you get.
  85. For an LL UV mapped body, like Maitreya, Belleza, or Slink, I would say $30-$40 is enough to complete an avatar.
  87. Keep in mind that if you want more outfits or looks, you'll already have a lot of items (body, head, maybe skin), so it might cost you $5-$10, or even less.
  89. To get the most out of your money, try demos, and ask friends for their advice before getting stuff. Others can recognize overpriced fullperm asset flips and will steer you towards original, quality products instead.
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