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Urupuruu Creation Myth

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Sep 2nd, 2012
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  3. In the beginning of time, before the world was born, there were three gods, and they were named Arupa, Myer, and Quotumo. Arupa, Myer, and Quotumo lived together in the realm of the gods, which is the sun. One day, Quotumo decided that they needed more than just the sun and empty space, and so the god raised forth a giant hammer and forged the moon from silver sunlight. Quotumo decided to live on the moon, away from the other gods where it could work in peace. Myer and Arupa became fearful of Quotumo for it was so far removed from the other gods. After much time had passed Quotumo forged an army from pure sunlight and marched against Myer and Arupa. When they discovered discovered Quotumo's treachery they cast the god down into a deep pit, and chained it there with it's army. The darkness swallowed them both, and corrupted them, and Quotumo became lord of the chasm, and the army of sunlight became the first demons. Myer and Arupa decided to plug the chasm up to prevent any of the demons from escaping, so they gathered dust and and stone and wood and fired it into a plate at a kiln. Then, the placed the world-plate on top of the chasm, and surrounded it with water that would flood the demons should they ever try and break the seal. Arupa and Myer were pleased, and Myer set about creating creatures to sit atop the plate and fight and demons that found their way out. After some time, Myer decided that Arupa was no longer needed, and banished Arupa from the Sun. Arupa went down to the World, and sat by the side of a great river, and formed it's own servants from the mud on the bank. These first puruu lived next to the great river for long years, until Arupa moved north to make more puruu and they forget that the god was there. They left the river and never came back, and left their god behind. One hundred and seventy years later, a puruu named Rupol heard the voice of Arupa in a strange floating forest in the north. The voice demanded that Rupol seal the chasm they lived by, in order to stop the demons from escaping. Rupol dug a large trench from the sea to the chasm and flooded it. With Arupa returned to them the Urupuruu began a great crusade to spread the god's message to other puruu. The crusade is now in the north, battling savages that have never heard the name of Arupa.
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