(TR) 123 Zunden [F. Saurian Seraph] MLPFEMTORPG

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  1. Name: Zunden
  2. Gender: Female
  3. Race: Saurian
  4. Class: Seraph (Summoner/Cleric)
  5. Combat Talent: Warrior of Sunlight (Supernova; passive: The spells of Zunden may be frozen in time, but they radiate the inspiring light and warmth of the sun. Frozen Light's orbs count as suns for the purpose of weather-related effects, and sheds bright light in a 20-foot radius and dim light for an additional 20 feet. Additionally, when the spell inside is expended, the orb releases a miniature supernova, offering a +1 to the next roll of the affected ally.)
  6. Noncombat Talent: Reader of Fate (Draw from the Arcana; passive/'automatic instant; once per day': Zunden utilizes the tarot deck to tell the fortune of an individual. As a passive, can do a reading for an individual or group, using the cards as guidance. Once per in-game day, however, she may seek more clairvoyant guidance by using the arcana to offer guidance, gaining a vague hint or brief vision from the past, present, or future that applies to their current situation."
  7. Enlightenment Talent[TR] (Antiquarian; passive: Zunden's repeated exposure to magical artifacts has lead her to become more familiar with identifying and using them effectively. Zunden can roll to identify magic artifacts with greater success than someone with an untrained eye, and can use most any artifact without restriction or detriment.)
  8. Hit/Wounds: 5/5
  9. Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  12. Skills:
  13.   (Free Racial) Reptilian: Saurians are covered from head to toe with thick protective scales, making them unusually hardy opponents. However, they are also very susceptible to the cold, shunning frigid environments. You take -1 hit from all incoming attacks, unless you're hit with an Ice elemental attack, in which case you take +1 hit from all sources for 3 rounds or until helpless. Being exposed to warmth, such as being hit with a Fire attack, can remove the debuff. This debuff also applies when in snowy environments.
  14.   (Racial) Bask: automatic, recharge 2 after effect ends; You take a moment to sunbathe, recharging your energy. After doing so, you get a +2 bonus to a skill of your choice next time you use it. The effects of Bask are cancelled if you are knocked helpless while using it. Can only be used in sunlight. The debuff from being exposed to cold can be cancelled by Basking, although if used in a snowy environment Bask's recharge is increased by 1.
  15.   (Free Multiclass) Frozen Light: passive; Whenever you cast a successful spell on an ally, it can instead be held to be used later at their choice (You must decide if you’re holding the spell this way when casting). The spell locks as an orb of light above the targeted ally, and they can use the spell whenever they want as an Instant Automatic action at the roll you made for it originally. There can only be one frozen spell on an ally at any time.
  16.   (Class) Healing Bonds: recharge 3, spell, ranged; Chain of energy that heals up to 3 allies to full hits and restores 1 wound on each one of them.
  17.   (Class) Mend: spell; A target regenerates grievous injuries such as lost extremities, damaged vital organs and internal bleeding. In combat, it can also be used to remove all afflictions on a target.
  18. Artifact Skills
  19.   (Prowler's Snare[TR]) Snare: spell, recharge 3; Conjure shadowy tentacles to bind a target in place, rendering them immobile for 1d6 turns. On a crit, this roll also gets a +1 bonus, but the effect cannot last more than 6 rounds. A Snared target may roll to break free of the spell. Larger targets, as well as those tainted with dark magic, may be more resistant or outright immune to Snare.
  20.   (Channeler's Ring[TR]) Flash: spell, recharge 3; Emit a burst of magical energy, attuned to Light. Affects enemies all around you, but does not deal damage unless on crit, instead debuffing them with the effects of the Light element. (The target is momentarily blinded, suffering +1 DC to all rolls on its next turn, or +2 on a crit. This damage type deals twice as many hits versus undead enemies. Radiant spells can be used to illuminate the environment, providing a dazzling light source.)
  21.   (Lute of the Moon[TR]) Lunar Channeling; passive; Spells cast from the Lute of the Moon gain bonuses or maluses depending on the phase of the moon; +2 when it is full, +1 when waxing, -1 when waning, -2 when new.
  22.   (VII The Chariot[TR]) The Chariot: automatic instant, once per session; When invoked, this card fills you with determination from beyond. Your next roll, or that of one of your allies, counts as a critical success, no matter what the result. Further attempts to invoke the power of the Chariot will result in your next roll counting as a critical fail instead.
  23.   (Fulcrum[TR]) Dominion: spell; You reach out to the Sanctuary and attempt to manipulate it however you wish, essentially attempting to gain control over the construct. Failure to do so may have catastrophic consequences, and can result in pain or seizure for the user.
  24.   (Fulcrum[TR]) Call Servitor: spell; You summon one of the phantasms dwelling inside a Sanctuary, calling it to your side. These entities  may only communicate their thoughts to you, and cannot speak directly. Servitors count as taking up a minion slot. On a critfail, control of the Fulcrum is broken, and the Servitor turns hostile if they are not accustomed to your presence. Call Servitor is automatic if not in combat and having already cast Dominion.
  25. Potion Skills
  26.   (Potion[TR]) Magus' Gimlet; automatic: user gains access to any spell skill they wish, but may only cast it once.
  27.   (Potion[TR]) Ashbrandy; automatic: the next two attacks that would send you helpless leave you at 1 hit remaining instead.
  30. Inventory:
  31.     -Carved Oaken Staff: Spellcasting Catalyst
  32.     -LUTE OF THE MOON: Spellcasting Catalyst [An old wooden lute painted white, bearing a striking lunar motif on its surface. Enchanted to serve as a catalyst for spellcasters, in the hands of an accomplished instrumentalist. Appears to be part of a set of 2. Grants the passive skill Lunar Channeling.]
  33.     -BALAUR EGG [Egg laid by the notorious monsters known as the Beasts of Braildorn. Contains a single infant, yet to be born. It would be worth quite a bit to the right person. Zunden has it wrapped in cloth and tied onto her body with a sling, like one would an infant.]
  35. Clothing:
  36.    -TRAVELER'S WEAR  [A set of lighter armor between cloth and chain useful for trekking through difficult terrain. It features a second-hand boiled leather cuirass and a brown hooded cloak, with leather wrappings which fit around Zunden's clawed feet]
  37.     -Leather Belt with Pouches
  38.     -Cloth Satchel
  39.     -Jewelry made from low quality gemstones
  40.     -PROWLER'S SNARE [A copper bracelet encrusted with fragments of a Prowler's heart. Pulsates with the dark energy associated with the terrible monsters that lurk in the Echoes. Grants the skill Prowler's Snare.]
  41.     -LUNAR KINSHIP TOKEN [A large, flat lapis lazuli carved from the legendary Eye of Luna. Sharing a bond with the stone they were spawned from, they will transport their user to the Eye upon being invoked, and then back again. They are extremely fragile, however, and will break upon being expended. Zunden has wrapped this token in twine and created a bracelet from it.]
  42.     -CHANNELER'S RING [A ring with a curious design across its surface, almost like interwoven leaves. A faint green light shines from within it. Designed for magical warriors to focus in combat, the ring allows the user to concentrate their energy into erratic bursts. Grants the skill Flash.]
  43.     -OSTVENGR SIGNET RING [An old, heavy ring with the crest of House Ostvengr, erstwhile lords of the Weeping City. The crest is prominent, and seems to be designed to fit into something as a key.]
  44.     -FULCRUM - LADY LUCK [A magical artifact known as a Fulcrum, the object that controls the Sanctuary to which it is bound. This Fulcrum is bound to the flying ship known as the Lady Luck, and takes the form of a set of four ornate golden rings. Beware; the experience of using a Fulcrum takes a heavy toll on one's mind and soul. Even the prepared will find themselves overwhelmed by the power contained within. Grants the skills Dominion and Call Servitor.]
  46. Cloth Satchel:
  47.     -ASHBRANDY [One of the great potionsmith Carnifex's concoctions. An opaque reddish orange tonic that fizzes idly.] x2
  48.     -MAGUS' GIMLET [One of the great potionsmith Carnifex's concoctions. A wondrous brew that shimmers with colors hitherto unknown.]
  49.     -ANTIVENOM [Runny green potion vials of an unknown composition. Effective for cleansing the body of all sorts of poisons.]
  51. Leather Belt with Pouches:
  52.     -Dagger, Twine, Tinderbox, Gilded Faded-Black Box containing a Tarot Deck, Sewing Kit
  53.     -BESTIARY [A thick leatherbound tome containing information on the various flora and fauna of the Echoes, including their behavior, territory, diet and elemental strengths and weaknesses. Curiously, many of its pages are blank, with more entries appearing according to the owner of the book's experiences. ]
  54.     -"ZQUARE" [A tiny gelatinous cube that makes up the much larger colonial organism. While it does not do much, it can be useful for disposing of organic rubbish. It is stored in a glass bottle. Zunden has named it 'Square'.]
  55.     -MOONLIGHT SONATA [A mysterious piece of sheet music, several pages long, which resonates with profound magical power. When read under moonlight, the viewer will find themselves able to read the music and play it on any instruments that may be at hand. Curiously, attempts to read this piece during the daytime are futile, as to those who can normally read music, the notes and notations will appear nonsensical and/or downright impossible to perform on any existing instrument. It appears to have other anomalous magical properties, to be revealed under closer examination and/or experimentation.]
  56.     -PROTECTIVE MASK [A strip of silky cloth made to cover the nose and mouth, protecting from harmful gases. One size fits most, save for those who are unusually large or small.]
  57.     -VII THE CHARIOT [One of a lost deck of tarot cards, scattered across the Echoes. Their design appears to be themed around the Faith of the Alicorn Empress, although they bear a mysterious triple goddess motif on the reverse side. Each card resonates with immense magical power, though they are not to be invoked lightly. Seventh of the Major Arcana, the Chariot depicts Saint Shining, patron saint of warriors, riding into battle atop a gleaming golden chariot, toting a burning lance. Grants the skill The Chariot.]
  59. BAG OF HOLDING: [A small, silky, silver pouch. Possesses a magical enchantment that allows it to store a nearly infinite number of items inside it. A highly valued item for any adventurer.]
  60.     -Five Waterskins
  61.     -ADVENTURING OUTFIT [White Tunic with Sun Insignia, worn over Chainmail, worn over a white padded Gambeson; with Leather Chaps covering the legs.
  62.     -DESERT OUTFIT [a heavy robe; long, baggy leggings; a shawl that covers head and neck, and a chest-length bandana which covers the mouth. All clothing is are off-white to a light, sandy brown, and are trimmed with gold-colored fabric.]
  63.     -BOTTLED SHIP [A model ship contained in a glass bottle. Unknown to the naked eye, the ship is quite real, and will expand into a fully fledged galleon should the bottle ever be broken. Handle with care.]
  65. Ship Quarters:
  66.     -Small Drawer, Clothing Drawer, Bed, Fancy Rug, Fancy Sheets, Fancy Pillow
  67.     -WANTED POSTER: ZUNDEN [A poster advertising the 3000 bit bounty on the party's heads. This one is for Zunden the Reader. As with all the other posters, the artistic rendition of her is extremely poor. She is not named on the poster; the caption simply reads "HAVE YOU SEEN THIS WOMAN?" with contact details for the Braildorn guard.]
  68.     -CANDLES [A dozen wax candles, all set in brass holders of varying shapes and sizes.]
  69.     -TABLE [A circular oaken table with adjustable wooden legs, allowing it to be used both as a coffee table and a regular table. It's wide enough to seat quite a few people.
  70.     -BOLT OF RED CLOTH [A lengthy roll of smooth red cloth. Useful for a variety of situations.]
  71.     -BOLT OF BEIGE CLOTH [A lengthy roll of smooth beige cloth. Useful for a variety of situations.]
  72.     -POUFFES [Six small rounded pouffes made of colorful patchwork quilting. Each one has unique colors and patterns, and they are all quite comfortable to sit on.]
  73.         -PROWLER HEART [The misshapen crystal at the core of every Prowler. Shadowy tendrils can be seen writhing within, pulsing with dark magic of the sort only practiced in the Necropolis Litharge.]
  76. Traits:
  77.     Zunden is a female saurian, standing roughly a foot and a half over most ponies. Her scales resemble that of a thorny devil, pointed and sandy. Her eyes are a red-purple, and scintillate in the light. Having been born in Abyssinia within a saurian tribe, Zunden grew up in a culture that revolved a blend of fatalism and determinism: A belief in the natural progression of the lives of every individual as represented in the Major Arcana , but having the power to change our destinies as represented in the Minor Arcana. Encroachment of the Dominion's grasp led to foreign disease spreading to their tribe, and subsequent forced integration. Zunden spent much of her young adulthood tending to the sickly and aging of her tribe, as the Dominion cared little for those destitute and dying.
  78.     One night, she was taking care of the aging matriarch of her tribe, who was near death. With rare and exceptional clarity, the matriarch reached under her heavily clothed form and gave Zunden her own deck, instructing Zunden to take it and leave the tribe. She implored Zunden not to die with the tribe, but to go and tend to those whose destiny had yet to be realized. Zunden continued to care for the matriarch into that night until she passed away, before taking what was left of the treasures of the tribe and traveled to Animus.
  79.     There, she used her money to ascertain a rundown bar, she refurbished it to a boarding house, accepting any and all that needed shelter as long as they agreed to keep all dealings and fights outside. The next-to-nothing cost attracted the destitute and criminal, but Zunden inforced her one rule with fervor, leading to the residents to quickly adapt. She told fortunes to make a small money back that was going towards running the establishment, and reminded her residents that they have the power to change what the future has in store for them. Naturally, she didn't appreciate the strict rule of the Dominion, seeing laws as draconian and incarnation as something that prevented people from being able fulfil their destinies.
  80.     This led to the event culminating in her banishment to the Echoes. While her establishment harbored criminals, she protected each one while they were within, as they had taken vows to leave that behind in the boarding home's walls. However, when guards demanded her to give up a gang member residing within, she refused, stating there were no criminals within. The guards tried to push their way in by breaking the windows, leading Zunden to retaliate, throwing one guard back out into the street and accidently breaking the skull of another with her staff. More guards were called over, and a riot ensued as her patrons tried to defend her. She was eventually knocked unconscious, and labeled as a terrorist for harboring (and protecting) so many criminals and was sentenced to be banished, her boarding home being burnt to the ground.
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