o5. obituary

Jul 2nd, 2022
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  2. <div class="row justify-content-center">
  4. <div class="ui-accordion card" style="height:300px; width:900px; align-items: center;">
  6.     <div class="ui-accordion-content card-block">
  7.         <div class="row">
  8.         <div class="col-4">
  9.             <p align="center">
  10.                 <img src="" height="200px" width="200px"> <br>
  11.         <b>FULL NAME</b> <br>
  12.         birth date - death date</p>
  13.         </div>
  14.         <div class="col-8">
  15.             <p align="center"><em>epitaph if available</em></p>
  16.             Here's where you can put in a short description of how they died. Think about how the characters would want to remember them. When did they die? How did they die? Are you willing to put in some information about their life (that's publicly known)? Have they married? Do they have kids?
  17.             <p></p> <p></p>
  18.             An extra paragraph to add in. Include details about their family life (for better or worse -- there's some obituaries out there that's pretty brutal so get creative) and who they're survived by. We're not asking for their life story. This is meant to show up in a newspaper/website in your world (or how you perceive them). Have fun with it. This does scroll, I believe, but just be careful not to add too much information. Unless you want to include where characters can attend their funeral/memorial services.
  19.         </div>
  20.     </div>
  21.     </div>
  23. </div></div>
  24.  <p></p>
  25.     <p align="center"><a href="" class="btn mt-1 mb-1" style="background-color:#999;border:1px dashed #333;color:white;" target="_blank">credit</a></p>
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