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  1. Diagnostic Essay
  2. Focus: Is being a teen easier or harder than 50 years ago?
  4.         Each generation of teenagers face their own difficulties. Fifty years ago, teenagers faced vastly different problems than the teenagers of today. Teenagers fifty years ago did not have technology even remotely similar to the technology we have now. It is safer to be a teenager and almost everything is more accessible.
  6.         Technology has made just about everything in a teenage life easier. Fifty years ago, teenagers had responsibilities — washing dishes, doing the laundry, other basic household chores. They had to do those chores by hand; no dishwasher, no laundry machine, no vacuum. Even if you did have those devices they were scarce, expensive, and unreliable. Fifty years later, those devices are in almost every single home in Canada. They are now inexpensive enough to purchase once they are worn out and reliable because of technological advances. Our teenage lives are much easier because of the dearth of difficult chores. Not only do those advances affect household chores but they also affect our communication, particularly with other teenagers. Fifty years ago, there was no Internet. Mobile phones were unusable and telephones were expensive to use. Nowadays most teenagers have cellphones and can use telephones at their leisure to contact anyone locally. The Internet has also made communication easier.
  8.         Being a teenager now is easier because of health advances. Advanced vaccines prevent you from contracting viral illnesses. In the recent past, vaccines were not as effective. Hospitals did not have the tools required to treat patients effectively. Therefore, teenagers back then would have longer hospitals and lower survival rates when accidents (or non-accidents causing injury) happen. It is much easier today — shorter stays in the hospitals. Lower prices for hospital stays and treatments also make it easier for teenagers not to feel bad about their family spending money to keep them safe.
  10.         Accessibility has made being a teenager easier. Teenagers now have access to information that was not previously accessible (or not easily accessible). The Internet has made finding information much easier. Libraries are also more up to date with the latest information. Years ago, information was harder to access. You had to go to libraries or learn from word-of-mouth. Advanced vehicles have made transportation more accessible. Buses, trains, airplanes, cars, and bikes makes going places much easier for teenagers.
  12.         Because of technology, heath advances, and accessibility, being a teenager now is much easier than being a teenager fifty years ago.
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