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  1. It has now become possible to buy jewelry made by “Diamant” in Canada. The representatives of the foreigncomp any “TroykaLTD” - the official distributor of “Diamant” products in Canada, believe that ...
  2. ... jewelry made by the Russian brand is competitive in the Canadian market because they offer both high quality and reasonable prices. “Diamant” collections express non-material
  3. philosophical values, a positive perception of the present and the future, and these beliefs are shared by our Canadian customers. Our first foreign clients tend to choose elegant silver jewelry models with semi-precious stones. The gold jewelry has also received very positive reviews: the new limited collection of gold products sold out almost instantly.
  4. The businessmen from Canada highly appreciate the convenience of a partnership with Russian
  5. manufacturers and the jewelry produced by the brand will soon [IS CURRENTLY?] become available in the shops of Toronto.
  7. According to the reports of the United Nations, Canada is one of the happiest and wealthiest
  8. countries in the modern world. It is a modern, industrial and rapidly developing country with
  9. unlimited opportunities and an extremely high standard of living. It is considered one of the richest countries in the world, so the potential of exporting goods to Canada is enormous.
  11. "Diamant” is a modern international company and the largest jewelry factory in Russia. In 2012 the head office was opened in Bern, the capital of Switzerland. Diamant is planning on opening a network of factory outlet stores in Europe. Annually, more than 5 million items produced by “Diamant” are sold in Russia.
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