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  1. Title:
  2. Mischief Milkers! (Invader Zim & Grim Adventures)
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  9. Mandy and Gaz have been best friends for a long time in the sense that they are not ones to be messed with. They always ensure that everything goes their way and that other people should respect or fear them, or both. The years have been kind to them; too kind even, as if time and biology themselves bend to their wills. Their bodies have become extremely well-endowed, sporting massive breasts and asses that other women would kill for, and hypnotizing any men that glimpse at them. Despite their sizes, they have no trouble at all walking or running around, as Gaz had been working out and convinced Mandy to do it as well, in which she begrudgingly agreed.
  11. After graduating from their respective uni majors and throwing a party that they most definitely did not force or threaten others to join, they realize that they are short on cash. Though they can just easily strong-arm their parents into giving them money, or anyone else for that matter, they felt that they wanted to try something new; actual work. While Mandy plans to continue studies and start practicing law, Gaz wants to start her own indie game company. However, one of them caught wind of an ad for a new themed restaurant called Milkers, involving scantily-clad women serving food. The paycheck is disproportionately huge for its line of work, and Gaz thought it would be a good, if somewhat embarrassing way of earning a quick buck. Mandy initially rejected it in disgust, but then noticed that it provides free food to the workers and all tips are theirs to keep. The place is also just a few walks away from the dorm that they are staying together.
  13. At Milkers on their first day on the job, they've both already garnered a large amount of tips individually, and because of their buxom bodies, news have spread of them working there and many more people are coming to the place. The restaurant's owner already wants to give them a raise because of their work and crowd-drawing potential. Gaz seems to be hardest worker, carrying plates on both hands as well as one on the top of her breasts, though only out of wanting to be done with work very soon. Mandy on the other hand has always been kind of a slacker, carrying only one plate on the rounds. As their breasts and asses hypnotically jiggle while walking, some of the customers, mostly men but also a few women, suddenly leapt at them, becoming uncontrollably hungry and thirsty for the girls' 'meat' and 'milk', and it's not the ones that they are carrying on their plates. They started groping the two girls' bodies, pulling their uniforms, and squeezing their breasts into churning out milk as 'free refills', with one man drinking straight from the tap on Gaz. The girls felt utter embarrassment but also rage building up as they are being taken advantage of, while trying not to drop the plates in risk of losing their work.
  15. "Hey girls, there's nothing on the contract that says you can't beat up misbehaving customers!", suddenly shouted the owner from the back of the counter. The girls' look of humiliation on their faces is suddenly replaced with smug grins, and the people that groped them stopped touching them and forced themselves back a few inches. The two girls looked at each other and thought that a regular physical beating won't be enough for the misbehaving customers, and have their own plans, mostly of the sexual kind. The customers knew they've fucked up, and they've fucked up real good.
  17. Gaz is from Invader Zim, created by Jhonen Vasquez.
  18. Mandy is from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, created by Maxwell Atoms.
  19. Pics are commissioned by @InterruptingOctopus
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  22. boobs, milk, thicc, mandy, gaz, invader-zim, grim-adventures, cartoon-network, billy-and-mandy, nickelodeon, ass, sexy
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