Reports of chemical weapon attacks in Kafr Zita 28/08/2014

Sep 1st, 2014
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  2. "On Aug 28 and at around 10:00 PM regime helicopters dropped a barrel-like bomb containing this (0:36) container, which in turn was stuffed with these canisters, containing liquid and solid substances. The liquid substance is the concentrated (95-97%) sulphuric acid, while we couldn't identify the solid powered-like substance. Not very from the impact site we found these (1:17) cylinders which we have not yet identified their content as they didn't leak or emit anything. (1:37) On the same day and two hours later, at around 12 AM regime helicopters dropped this chlorine-filled barrel (the yellow one) on the village of Al Sayyad close to Kafr Zeita, causing many casualties. Close to this barrel we found this (1:57) container which was stuffed with canisters similar to the ones dropped on Kafr Zeita. We identified the content of the black canister only, namely the concentrated sulfuric acid."
  5. Doctor Hasan al-Araaj: "On Aug 28 regime helicopters dropped a chlorine-filled barrel bomb on Al Sayyad, causing around 50 casualties (40 in previous videos), and victims showed symptoms of severe cough, foaming at the mouth, headache, vomiting. Among those casualties only four were critical, but they pulled through and left the hospital yesterday. On the same day a container was dropped on Kafr Zeita, but didn't explode (more accurately the chemicals didn't react or were not released). We found two cylinders in the impact site and a number of canisters stuffed inside a container."
  8. "Hama Media Center reported around 40 cases of suffocation in the town of Al Sayyad الصياد in northern rural Hama when regime's helicopters dropped two barrel bombs, one of them containing the toxic chlorine gas. The attack targeted the caves used by civilians as shelters."
  11. "Regime helicopters dropped chlorine-filled barrel bombs on the residential areas ...... on the village of Al Sayyad الصياد close to Kafr Zeita."
  12. He then continues to talk about a chemical attack on that tool [lace on the same day on the town of Halfaiya حلفايا to the south. He also says that in the village of Al Sayyad sheep were affected in the attack.
  15. "On Aug 28 Regime forces dropped new type of barrel bombs on Kafrzeita north of Hama. We found two metal containers inside the bomb encased inside another metal container.These two containers are filled with plastic canisters filled with liquid and solid substances, we could identify the liquid substance, which is the concentrated sulfuric acid. After searching the impact location we found two cylinders marked by the word "oxygen", but we don't know what they are filled with."
  18. At around 10 PM regime's helicopters dropped this barrel bomb filled with chlorine gas. Unlike previous times, this time long with the chlorine-filled cylinder (the yellow one) plastic containers were dropped and which contained liquid and solid substances. 1:00 this black canister is filled with concentrated sulfuric acid, 95%, while we couldn't identify the content of this other (1:13) canister due to lack of labs.
  21. We received many casualties resulting from the toxic gas attack, critical injuries were rushed to hospitals near the Turkish border or to hospitals in Turkey. The toxic gas caused severe burns, 3nd and 3rd-degree burns, damage to the lungs, Acute pulmonary hemorrhage. It looks like it is NOT the chlorine gas used previously. Symptoms include: foaming at the mouth, severe cough, bulging eyes, difficulty in breathing, vomiting. We administered atropine for the critical injuries, while some are under intensive care.
  24. .... the barrel bombs dropped contain metal and plastic canisters, some filed with liquids while some others with powder-like substance. Luckily these substances didn't interact with each other. The markings on this cylinder denote that it is an oxygen cylinder, but it is not, it is filled with an unknown substance. 1:13 this canister contains think sulfuric acid, while we couldn't identify the rest of the substances. 1:24 these town containers were filled with liquid substance. All of this was stuffed inside a barrel-like bomb, but without explosives.
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