T4R4M8 Jojolity Delibs

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  1. Siri:
  3. Jojolity: This should be fairly straight forward given the capabilities of both teams
  4. YMCD: Let's start with the unique jojolity of this match of using the objects in the mansion. The fountain, furniture, armor, and extra containers seem about right. I think there was more that could have been done in terms of strategic usage, maybe sandwiching a dog between two pieces of furniture with well placed plane throws or utilizing flints ability to keep things inside a paperized container and working off that. Although that second one was done more implicitly it could have been a lot more potent with recursive containers with containing bothersome dog blood, hiding smoke bombs, or other things. All in all this part of the jojolity nets a 4 for what's been shown here.
  6. Onto destruction, walls, floors, furniture, cars, the fountain and the kitchen are the main notes. You also try to stay in the mansion and go through a few destructive cycles while crossing rooms. There really isn't too much of note here, there is a fair enough amount of destruction but nothing that is worth pointing out on its own. The fires are more neutral than anything given that its for detonating dog blood which means deciding who gets the point becomes weird.
  7. So with that all in mind the players get an 8 here. More could have been done to optimize the destruction and uses, but there is enough here to earn a fair score.
  9. Pop: So the destruction tally here is the floors, the kitchen, cars, statue, library, server room, and general traps and fire. Given Pop's damage output this isn't too unexpected. With that said I think that more could have been done given the abilities of AC1 through AC3. The self detonation potential of the bugs also lended itself to some potentially interesting destruction opportunities that what was shown. I don't have too much else to say here, this strategy gets an 8 for how much it does, but it also could have had more optimization and destructive potential if it came down to it. There wasn't enough of a stand out to call it higher really.
  11. AM:
  13. YMCD -
  15. Starting with object utilization, fairly good coverage overall. There was your basic use of stuff around the house as weaponry, some cooler stuff like using paper planed furniture to knock your enemies around for getaways; my favorite overall was probably Bang, using a giant pillar as a sort of staff is just a really cool image to me. Nothing super extraordinary here but just an overall good execution. 4/5.
  17. For destruction, what can I say but that you were destructive! You managed to do a lot of damage wherever you went, tearing up items, the structure of the house, some strategic resources to counterplay AC. Again, nothing super strategically extraordinary to warrant me giving this a 5, but a 4/5 for a total of 8/10 seems warranted! Good work!
  19. Pop and AC -
  21. Really great destruction output here. With a mixture of your abilities and just sheer physical Carnage, you manage to tear up a lot of the mansion and its perimeter. I think a lot of the destruction was pretty strategically strong too, like tearing up the pool and the ground to set up for an ambush, the car bombs, etc. Nothing much else to say here, but good work! 8/10
  23. Alexa:
  25. This is gonna be a lot shorter: 8-7, AC. I don’t have much to say that the other judges won’t repeat, but the short of it is while neither side particularly wowed me, both did adequately enough and the more systematic approach of AC’s Jojolity edge them up slightly.
  28. For a neat fun fact, Ceep came up with Alarm Call (then called The Bidding after the Tally Hall song) in April 2018, which could shift around the locations of rooms in a building under its effect. The Bugs were originally the focus on the Stand, but the Dogs came in later, giving us the good puppers we have today! They don’t bite.
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