Google reviews Exchange platform?

Jul 3rd, 2020
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  1. Google reviews Exchange platform?
  2. Anyone knows about a google reviews exchange platform?
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  14. Google reviews exchanged platform up.
  15. For example, I have 7 accounts, using different IPS and phones of friends.
  16. Anyone?
  17. I would be willing to exchange. Pls email me at chantalflorida at gmail
  18. I have 3 accounts, using different IPS and phones of friends.
  19. I also have 3 accounts. Please email me at chantalflorida (thats at gmail), and I will be happy to help you....we can help each other
  20. We are developing a platform for a reviews exchange.
  21. Google reviews and other social media platforms.
  22. It will be completed after 3 weeks.
  23. I will add my new website address.
  24. We are developing a platform for a reviews exchange.
  25. Google reviews and other social media platforms.
  26. It will be completed after 3 weeks.
  27. I will add my new website address.
  28. Oh, that's interesting. Pls keep me postes. How will it avoid google detection?
  29. I have more than 500 USA gmail old accounts, more than 9 -15 months.
  30. "Being selected as a finalist for the 2020 Microsoft Partner of the Year for Datacenter Migration recognizes 3Cloud's focus on delivering the ultimate Azure experience to our clients," explained 3Cloud’s CEO and co-founder, Mike Rocco. "Our team of architects and engineers wake up every day excited to provide our clients with a path to Azure that is secure, fast, and efficient. We love seeing our clients adopt the Microsoft cloud and spend their time focused on innovation."
  32. 3Cloud’s services extend to Artificial Intelligence (AI), analytics, cloud application development and ‘devops’ and automation. Being included in the finalists for the 2020 ‘Microsoft Datacenter Migration Partner of the Year’ underscores the company’s innovative approach and its expertise implementing Microsoft technology solutions.
  34. Yelp celebrated the victory: "Google has been found guilty of engaging in illegal conduct with the aim of promoting its vertical search services. Although the decision addresses comparison shopping services, the European Commission has also recognized that the same illegal behavior applies to other verticals, including local search."
  35. It's not a'grudge.' Extractive platforms competing with their ecosystem is the Achilles heel of the entire economy https://t.co/uLKSLC6vQy— Tim O'Reilly (@timoreilly) July 2, 2020
  36. The EU is also looking for an expert to monitor Google's algorithm. It certainly isn't hard to find areas where the home team wins.
  37. Wait until the EU realizes #Google issue much bigger than paid listings; domains(.)google ranks ahead of #GoDaddy pic.twitter.com/nKLrzKNUAc— The Domains (@thedomains) June 27, 2020
  38. The pretense of objectivity has been dropped:
  39. These reporters aren't ideologues. They're just right-thinking people who lean left. Somewhere along the line, they stopped pretending to be objective about Trump. ... People don't just disagree with each other. They can't imagine how a decent caring human being could disagree with their own view of race or the minimum wage or immigration or Trump. Being a member of the virtuous tribe means not only carrying the correct card in your wallet to reassure yourself. You have to also believe that the people carrying any other card are irrational, or worse, evil. They're not people to engage in conversation with. They are barriers to be ignored or pushed aside on the virtuous path to paradise. This intolerance and inability to imagine the virtue of the other side is the road to tyranny and chaos. It dehumanizes a good chunk of humanity and that in turn justifies the worst atrocities human beings are capable of.
  40. Google reviews Exchange platform
  41. The WSJ, typically a right-leaning publication, is differentiating their coverage of the president from most other outlets by attempting to be somewhat neutral.
  42. The news is fake. Even historically left-leaning people are disgusted with outlets like CNN.
  43. "I think the president is probably right to say, like, look you are witch-hunting me. You have no smoking gun, you have no real proof." - CNN supervising producer John Bonifield
  44. "When you do shitty reporting like CNN, the Washington Post, the New York Times & Rachel Maddow especially. When you do that & it is revealed to be bullshit, what you're doing is building up Trump. There's no greater way to build up Trump than to falsely report on him. There's no better way to build up Trump than to make him the victim." - Jimmy Dore
  45. "Rachel Maddow was given the facts, she ignored them, & she kept right on going. That's MSNBC, that's CNN, that's the New York Times, the Washington Post - they're all horrible. That's why we had the Iraq war. That's why we have the Syria war. That's why we are still in Afghanistan. That's why we had Libya. That's why we have the biggest income disparity since the gilded age. Meanwhile we are spending more on the military than the rest of the world." - Jimmy Dore
  47. And, since people need something to believe in, there are new American Gods:
  48. "A half hour of cable news delivers enough psychic trauma for a whole year. The newspapers are talking of nothing but treason, espionage, investigations, protests." ... "Stocks are rallying because of how little faith we have in the government. The Mega Blue Chip Corporation is the new Sovereign."
  49. Current Headwinds for Online Publishing
  51. I struggle to keep up with the accelerating rate of change. A number of common themes in the current ecosystem are:
  52. We are moving toward a world where more things are becoming fake (only accelerated by the demonetization of neutrality & the algorithmic boost associated with reliably delivering confirmation bias in an algorithmic or manual fashion)
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