WarpedRealm release 1.23

Aug 27th, 2022
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  1. Release 1.23 Changes:
  2. - Refactored TabCompleteFilter (TCF) handling
  3. - Added /vp claimall, /vp claim, /voteparty claimall and /voteparty claim to TCF
  4. - Added permission to vp claimall to claim all vote rewards
  5. - Fixed tomes not working in offhand
  6. - Tomes now ONLY work in the offhand
  7. - Heavily optimized player data handling in memory
  8. - Optimized worth value loading of ~300 items
  9. - Optimized RTP world handling
  10. - Fixed raining and day/night cycle in Gaia dungeon
  11. - Prevented frostlich getting random armor on some spawns
  12. - Added global message for bosskills
  13. - ...fixed that message triggering on every damage tick
  14. - Increased Simultaneous queue slots in crafting stations to: Arcane forge 1, Forge slots 5, Altar slots 5
  15. - Fixed weird </bold> in crafting station item preview
  16. - Fixed hex colors not working in custom item titles
  17. - The placeholder system for all custom items has been completely rewritten because of version updates, if theres any issues with placeholders please let me know
  18. - Fixed shortened number format being slightly broken
  19. - Optimized a bunch of anticheat flags
  20. - Added new "Ethereal Leaves" Material
  21. - Added Loottable from Ethereal Leaves (Drops from all leaves broken by a player with a set chance)
  22. - Fixed quests not showing up in the quest gui
  23. - Fixed Ignis spawn being a minute off
  24. - Fixed frost lich sometimes not having a skin
  25. - Fixed frost lich cooldowns and abilities overlapping each other sometimes
  26. - Slightly increased gained money of the dungeon bosses
  27. - Slightly increased RTP radius
  28. - Fixed gem placeholder in item lore being broken
  29. - Decreased leaderboard update cooldown 2 hours -> 1 hour
  30. - Fixed Frostlich shield range being too little
  31. - Added the new Material to the custom crafting section in the wiki
  32. - Reordered the forge item order
  33. - Increased forge item lines 2 -> 3
  34. - Increased claim run-out time
  35. - Claims now dont run out of the owner of the claim has reached a minimum of 10k claim blocks total yet (or 5k bonus claim blocks)
  36. - Fixed itemlore placeholder handling being broken after the last update
  37. - Fixed a few npcs at spawn still turning when players are close
  38. - Fixed PP handling when having limited access to styles and effects
  39. - Saved a few claims from players that cant log in that ran out, if you see any claims from "xMorose" those are just preserved ones from others
  40. - Started preparation of a new big chunk of quests that ill hopefully release next week, added 2 more quests to the nether in the meantime
  41. - Added new Dryad armor set to the forge
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