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  1. <Ronaldo> Hi
  2. <CraZyHacKer> hi
  3. <Ronaldo> so now you became friend with somoon?
  4. <CraZyHacKer> yea
  5. <Ronaldo> :D
  6. <Ronaldo> Nice one Dude :P
  7. <Ronaldo> I hope he be with me too
  8. <Ronaldo> :/
  9. <Ronaldo> what did you do to change his mind :D?
  10. <Ronaldo> learn me :P
  11. <CraZyHacKer> i didn't do anything
  12. <CraZyHacKer> i speak something secret
  13. <Ronaldo> secret?
  14. <CraZyHacKer> yea
  15. <Ronaldo> Crazy just how you know he became friend with you?
  16. <CraZyHacKer> no i won't
  17. <Ronaldo> he told you that
  18. <Ronaldo> won't what?
  19. <CraZyHacKer> i won't say a friends secret
  20. <CraZyHacKer> we are good friends
  21. <Ronaldo> is it secret?
  22. <CraZyHacKer> maybe
  23. <Ronaldo> Crazy
  24. <CraZyHacKer> yea?
  25. <Ronaldo> wasn't he talking with you like he is hating you in channel?
  26. <CraZyHacKer> lol
  27. <CraZyHacKer> don't ask me!
  28. <Ronaldo> oke
  29. <Ronaldo> btw join his channel #Somoon
  30. <CraZyHacKer> banned
  31. <CraZyHacKer> is he talking with you?
  32. <Ronaldo> no
  33. <CraZyHacKer> he is away
  34. <Ronaldo> you just tried to lie with me...
  35. <Ronaldo> on**
  36. <CraZyHacKer> what?
  37. <CraZyHacKer> lie i did??
  38. <Ronaldo> he didn't become friend with you
  39. <CraZyHacKer> who told?
  40. <Ronaldo> that's why you are banned from his channel..
  41. <CraZyHacKer> i banned before
  42. <CraZyHacKer> not now!
  43. <Ronaldo> then join
  44. <CraZyHacKer> i was banned before
  45. <Ronaldo> he hates we both :(
  46. <Ronaldo> idk why :/
  47. <CraZyHacKer> no
  48. <CraZyHacKer> maybe you
  49. <Ronaldo> oke he hates me
  50. <CraZyHacKer> we talked a lot
  51. <Ronaldo> idk why :/
  52. <Ronaldo> now good?
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