renault sisters (shitpost 2)

Jun 29th, 2017
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  1. >You'll never get accosted by three beautiful mares
  2. >They'll never tell you that a cute colt like you shouldn't pass the evening all by himself
  3. >That you could be somewhere else right now, like in a bed
  4. >In their bed
  5. >With them
  6. >You'll never shiver when Twingo's wingtips would trace their way along your back, before pulling you in against her side
  7. >While Megane presses herself against you from the other side, her snout nuzzling against your thigh while using her magic to bring your hands against both their necks, they'd be cooing contently at the contact
  8. >And Clio would stand in front of you, luring your gaze and keeping it prisoner in her indigo pools, her smirk dripping with smugness knowing that getting what they want would be so easy
  9. "I-I don't know if I--"
  10. >"Shhh,"
  11. >"It's okay, we won't hurt you~,"
  12. >"Unless you want us to..."
  13. >"And I'm sure you'll love it,"
  14. >"I know I will~,"
  15. >"Girls!"
  16. >They'd shut up when the alpha's voice would order them to
  17. >But their smirk and longing eyes wouldn't leave their faces
  18. >"What they meant to say, is that we'd love to invite you at our place."
  19. >"We could drink some cider and talk some more,"
  20. >"Get to know each other~,"
  21. >"Then you could fuck us silly and fill our tight--"
  22. >Clio's right hoof would stop the pegasus', an angry glare silently telling her to shut up
  23. >"So, what do you say?"
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