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  1. Xander: Prince Ryouma, I need to have a word with you.
  2. Ryouma: What?
  3. Xander: My siblings...No, something has been troubling my soldiers. Whenever one of our own is speaking with Corrin, you always happen to be right beside them.
  4. Ryouma: ...
  5. Xander: And whenever you aren't around, someone else from Hoshido...What is the meaning of this? When we united, did you not say that you would dare to walk the path of peace if possible? Was that a lie?
  6. Ryouma: It was not a lie.
  7. Xander: Then why? Why does it seem like you are having us monitored? (shit translation sorry)
  8. Ryouma: I have decided that we would trust your ilk (he just says you guys but in a ruder way than Xander). However, many do not think so in Hoshido's troops. Therefore I had to have you followed. It's not my true feelings (It was not a decision that stemmed from my true feelings). If you're offended, I apologize.
  9. Xander: What is the reason for not trusting us?
  10. Ryouma: It's because of Nohr kidnapping Corrin as a child. That time too, Norh secretly plotted against us...
  11. Xander: !!
  12. Ryouma: Of course, the one who plotted that was King Garon. The one who we are fighting against now. And also, your father. I know how painful it must be to point your sword against him. I thought I knew, but...
  13. Xander: Understood. I'll tell the Norhian troops to pay them no heed.
  14. Ryouma: Prince Xander...
  15. Xander: It seems that what we need right now is time. I'll bear with these small slights against us.
  16. Ryouma: ...I'm sorry.
  18. B-support
  20. Xander: Prince Ryouma, lately, when I speak to Corrin, it appears that no one from the Kingdom of Hoshido is monitoring us. Is that quite alright?
  21. Ryouma: ...I gave the order to cease.
  22. Xander: But why? I do not mind. I managed to smooth things out with my troops as well.
  23. Ryouma: I'm grateful to hear that. However, I came to the realization that the root of the issue does not lie with your people.
  24. Xander: Then...?
  25. Ryouma: Certainly, we are still concerned for Corrin. However, acting upon those feelings and treating our long-awaited alliance with suspicion is an issue deep within our own hearts. It is something that we must overcome ourselves.
  26. Xander: I see. Then I do not, mind, but...
  27. Ryouma: What is it? Is there something amiss?
  28. Xander: It seems as though you're pushing yourself.
  29. Ryouma: I am?
  30. Xander: That's right. It seems to me you're tied down by that mentality of "we must." Pushing yourself is something you should set aside for battle, not for these times of relaxation. If you're still concerned, then continue monitoring us. If that would improve the morale of the Hoshidan troops, we would be thankful as well.
  31. Ryouma: ...Understood. Perhaps it is as you say, Prince Xander. I will receive those words gratefully.
  34. A-support
  36. Xander: ...Prince Ryouma. When I talk to Corrin recently, I see not a trace of Hoshidan troops, but is that alright?
  37. Ryouma: Yes, of course.
  38. Xander: We've had this talk before, but, if still you are concerned, then don't mind us and--
  39. Ryouma: I understand. I did not give the command to stop. All I have told my siblings and my troops were, "do not mistake the enemy."
  40. Xander: Is that so...
  41. Ryouma: Prince Xander, I offer you my gratitude. We had forgotten the most important thing. The enemy is not your people, or even our own hearts. It is the enemy that we are fighting now, the Invisible Kingdom.
  42. Xander: ...Prince Ryouma, those words hit us hard as well. The people of Nohr are also often led astray by their own emotions. Not lending our ears to Corrin, at first. is a good and recent example. I will not forget who the true enemy is. And... if we are to fight alongside one another until the end, I hope that our kingdoms will maintain these relations when the fighting is over.
  43. Ryouma: Yes... However, there is a condition.
  44. Xander: What is it?
  45. Ryouma: "Hoping" is unacceptable. We must make it so. With our own hands.
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