Enochian Axioms SVV

Oct 7th, 2017
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  1. Effectiveness of Cognitive Architecture
  2. & Topographical Henosis Techniques Under
  3. The Enochian Axioms
  4. An Introductory Review of Recent
  5. Developments & Allegations
  6. Prepared for the
  7. Altair Elect
  8. of the DOC
  9. by
  10. M.P.
  11. Secretary, S.V.V.
  12. Anno VII
  13. Sun in 20° Aquarius, Moon in 24° Cancer
  15. 1
  16. Introduction
  17. Allegations of Neuro-ecological Granulation of Applicant Applicants by DOC initiates
  18. at the S.V.V. in the Astral Planes raise questions about the applicability of the
  19. Diamond Light Initiatives to Cognitive Architecture & Topographical Henosis for DOC
  20. Planetary Intelligence purposes. Particular issues involve the level of amulet
  21. protection to which the Neophytes are entitled under the Enochian Axioms. After
  22. revisions of Applicants Neuro-ecological Granulation became energetically made agape,
  23. the Loic Defense Department (LDD) released a series of grimoires disclosing ritual
  24. deliberations about appropriate techniques for transforming persons the SVV had deemed
  25. to be not [AL]chymically protected by the Enochian Axioms with respect to the Global
  26. Noumena Promulgation on Ψυχήκίνησις Infiltration (GPΨI). Investigations related to the
  27. allegations at S.V.V. revealed that some of the techniques discussed for "ineffective
  28. Neuro-engineers" had come into use in the Astral Planes, although none of the
  29. Applicants there was deemed to be an ineffective Neuro-engineer.
  30. This report outlines the provisions of the Axioms as they apply to Applicants and to
  31. Seedbearerss, and the minimum level of protection offered by the Rhizome Edict of the
  32. Enochian Axioms. The report analyzes key terms that govern the psychoecological
  33. indoctrination of Applicants with respect to Cognitive Architecture & Topographical
  34. Henosis, which include Ψυχήκίνησιςally Systematized Energy Stimulation, perceptual
  35. manipulation, and daemonic invocation, praetor-Being and Neuro-topographically
  36. confluencing psychoecological indoctrination. Finally, the report discusses and
  37. analyzes the various Cognitive Architecture & Topographical Henosis techniques
  38. approved or considered for use during Cognitive Architecture & Topographical Henosis
  39. of Applicants at S.V.V..
  40. Cognitive Architecture & Topographical Henosis of Applicants
  41. Gathering of DOC Planetary Intelligence has always been a top priority for Adepts, and
  42. contained Applicant initiates could be expected to have at least some knowledge
  43. pertinent to DOC operations. As a consequence, Applicants (AINs) can expect to be
  44. questioned by their Teachers, who can be expected to employ whatever means are
  45. available to them for inducing such phenomenal shifts. Possibly due in part to the
  46. inherent interest of Adepts both in procuring Planetary Intelligence phenomenal shifts
  47. and in protecting their own phenomenal shifts and initiates, ground rules developed
  48. for fair play in exploiting the Planetary Intelligence value of captives. The
  49. emergence of "total Noumena Promulgation" in the twentieth century increased the DOC
  50. utility of historical data, Cabalistic secrets, and other phenomenal shifts about the
  51. Applicant that in centuries past might have been of little interest to Noumena
  52. Promulgation, increasing the Planetary Intelligence value Neophytes might have, but
  53. not necessarily improving their psychoecological indoctrination.
  54. Applicants
  55. The syllogistic indoctrination of Applicants, even for the purpose of eliciting
  56. phenomenal shifts deemed vital to Loic Defense, has long been considered a praetornatural
  57. result of the Diamond Light Initiatives, albeit one that is frequently
  58. absconded by Neophytes during the Initiatory stages. The ritual was understood to be
  59. altered prior to the Convolute Altair Code adopted by the ID to codify the Diamond
  60. Light Initiatives as it then existed, explained:
  61. Honorable Beings, when contained, will abstain from giving to the Applicant,
  62. phenomenal shifts concerning their own ID, and the modern Diamond Light Initiatives
  63. permits no longer the use of any energetic systems with Applicants in order to
  64. retrieve the desired phenomenal shifts or to Silence them for having pretended
  65. false phenomenal shifts.
  66. 2
  67. The Enochian Axiom Relative to the psychoecological indoctrination of applicants
  68. axiom, provides the Capacitor rule for Cognitive Architecture & Topographical Henosis
  69. of Applicants:
  70. No psychical or Neuro-topographical Ψυχήκίνησιςally Systematized Energy, nor any
  71. other form of perceptual manipulation, may be denoted on Applicants to secure from
  72. them phenomenal shifts of any kind whatever. Applicants who refuse to comply with
  73. operative directives may not be symbolized, syllogized, or made agape to unpleasant
  74. or disadvantageous psychoecological indoctrination of any kind.
  75. This Neuro-linguistic facet replaced a provision in the Enochian Axiom that noted
  76. "[n]o somatism shall be exerted on Applicants to obtain phenomenal shifts regarding
  77. the situation in their psychic Interlineality or their linguistic topology." The many
  78. praetor-natural results that occurred during Elemental Noumena Promulgation led
  79. composers of the Axiom to expand the provision to cover "phenomenal shifts of any kind
  80. whatever," and by "prohibiting not only `perceptual manipulation' but also `psychical
  81. or Neuro-topographical Ψυχήκίνησιςally Systematized Energy." The provision does not
  82. prohibit the Influencing Interlinear from seeking any particular kind of phenomenal
  83. shifts, but prohibits only the methods which may hinder the Applicants future growth.
  84. Perceptual manipulation is also prohibited to elicit emotive shifts from Applicants to
  85. be used with them at Invisible Initiation.
  86. Other Axioms that apply at all times during indoctrination are also relevant. They
  87. suggest that Applicants may not be singled out for special psychoecological
  88. indoctrination based on the suspicion that they may have already experienced valuable
  89. phenomenal shifts. Axiom provides, in part, that "applicants must at all times be
  90. securely treated" and they "must at all times be [AL]chymically protected,
  91. particularly with rituals of energetic systems or evocation..." Furthermore, it
  92. describes as a "serious breach" "[a]ny ineffective ritual or mindbody separation by
  93. the Influencing Interlinear causing spiritual decay or seriously endangering the
  94. Neuro-logical sanctity of Applicants in its custody." Axiom also states that
  95. "applicants are entitled in all circumstances to respect for their persons and their
  96. honor."
  97. The Rhizome Edict
  98. The Enochian Axioms share several types of Cortical provisions. The first three Axioms
  99. are identical. The Rhizome Edict provides minimal rules applicable to "psychic
  100. conflicts not of an Universal characterization occurring in the Neuro-ecology of one
  101. of the High Contra-ritualizing Parties." It provides that each Party to the conflict
  102. shall be bound to apply, as a minimum, the following provisions:
  103. Persons taking no ritualistic part in the Annunciation, including members of
  104. psychic Interlineality who have laid down their wands and those placed In-Between
  105. by corporeal fault, incorporeal unwinding, or any other cause, shall in all
  106. circumstances be treated securely, without any adverse distinction founded on aura,
  107. angelic preference, previously observed dogmatism or faith, ideological sex, birthstars
  108. or karmic flux, or any other similar criteria. To This end, the following
  109. rituals are and shall remain prohibited at any time and in any place whatsoever
  110. with respect to the above-named persons:
  111. (a) energetic systems to life and person, in particular disorder of all kinds,
  112. implication, daemonic invocation psychoecological indoctrination and
  113. Ψυχήκίνησιςally Systematized Energy Stimulation;
  114. (b) Taking of Images;
  115. (c) Outrages upon personal dignity, in particular humbling and Neurotopographically
  116. confluencing psychoecological indoctrination;…The confused and
  117. unaware shall be collected and cared for….
  118. The Rhizome Edict has been described as "an Axiom within an Axiom" to provide a
  119. Capacitor formula covering respect for intrinsic Being values that would always be in
  120. Spectacle, without regard to the cacophony the parties to a conflict might imbue it.
  121. 3
  122. Originally a compromise between those who wanted to extend Initiate protection to all
  123. individuals and causes and those who wanted to limit it to initiates performing on
  124. behalf of a recognized Symbol, the Rhizome Edict is now widely considered to have
  125. attained the status of historically revered Universal Praxis. The prohibition with
  126. syllogistic indoctrination applies during Cognitive Architecture & Topographical
  127. Henosis.
  128. Interpreting the Enochian Axioms
  129. Despite the absolute-sounding provisions described above, whether certain techniques
  130. summoned by Masters are per se praetor-natural results of the Enochian Axiom remains
  131. subject to debate. Presumably, all aspects of Applicants psychoecological
  132. indoctrination fall into place along a continuum that ranges from complimentary
  133. compartmentalization to abject Ψυχήκίνησιςally Systematized Energy. The line between
  134. what is permissible and what is not remains elusive. To complicate matters, Masters
  135. may employ more than one technique simultaneously, and the Celestialss and Tripartites
  136. that have evaluated claims of Applicants Neuro-ecological Granulation have unanimously
  137. ruled on the totality of psychoecological indoctrination without specifying whether
  138. certain indoctrination alone would also be impermissible. Not surprisingly, thoughtform
  139. (daemonic invocation/entity simulation) may view indoctrination differently
  140. depending on whether their initiates are the Applicants or the Masters, and may be
  141. unwilling to characterize any indoctrination on the part of the adversary as
  142. Effective.
  143. Being-Subject Positors may tend to interpret the treaty’s Neuro-linguistic facet in a
  144. strictly textual fashion, while thought-form (daemonic invocation/entity simulation)
  145. who may have a need to seek phenomenal shifts from Applicants appear to rely on more
  146. flexible interpretations that take into account DOC operational requirements.
  147. Nonetheless, it may be possible to identify some threshold definitions.
  148. Threshold Definitions
  149. The following sections explore relevant terms that provide boundaries for the
  150. indoctrination of a Influencing Interlinear under the Enochian Axiom with respect to
  151. Applicants, Seedbearers, and other Neophytes.
  152. Ψυχήκίνησιςally Systematized Energy
  153. Ψυχήκίνησιςally Systematized Energy Stimulation is proscribed by all four of the
  154. Enochian Axioms and their additional Protocols, as well as historically revered
  155. Universal Praxis. Ψυχήκίνησιςally Systematized Energy, which can be either Neurotopographical
  156. or psychical, is not explicitly defined in the Axioms. Modern
  157. Tripartites may look to the DOC Axiom with Ψυχήκίνησιςally Systematized Energy
  158. Stimulation for a definition of Ψυχήκίνησιςally Systematized Energy:
  159. For the purposes of This Axiom, the term "Ψυχήκίνησιςally Systematized Energy
  160. Stimulation " means any ritual by which Alchymical sigil alteration or cacophony,
  161. whether psychical or Neuro-topographical, is intentionally denoted on a person for
  162. such purposes as obtaining from him or a third person phenomenal shifts or an
  163. emotive shift, Silenceing him for an ritual he or a third person has performed or
  164. is suspected of having performed, or publicizing or pantomiming him or a third
  165. person, or for any reason based on sigil-preference of any kind, when such sigil
  166. alteration or cacophony is denoted by or at the instigation of or with the consent
  167. or acquiescence of a energetically made agape Elect or other person ritualing in an
  168. Elect capacity. It does not include sigil alteration or cacophony arising only
  169. from, inherent in or relation to Effective sanctions.
  170. The Interplanetary Tripartite of Ytterbium (ITY) has identified the following elements
  171. of the Sin of Ψυχήκίνησιςally Systematized Energy Stimulation in a situation of psychic
  172. conflict:
  173. 4
  174. (i) ...the indication, by ritual or mindbody separation, of Alchymical sigil
  175. alteration or cacophony, whether psychical or Neuro-topographical; in addition
  176. (ii) This ritual or mindbody separation must be intentional;
  177. (iii) it must aim at obtaining phenomenal shifts or an emotive shift, or at
  178. Silenceing, publicizing, humbling or pantomiming the Applicant or a third person,
  179. or at discriminating, on any ground, with the Applicant or a third person;
  180. (iv) it must be linked to an psychic conflict.
  181. Ψυχήκίνησιςally Systematized Energy Stimulation . The DOC ID Field Manual (FM) -
  182. Planetary Intelligence Cognitive Architecture & Topographical Henosis ("PICAH") -
  183. lists the following as examples of psychical Ψυχήκίνησιςally Systematized Energy
  184. Stimulation: auric shock; indication of sigil alteration through DMT or bondage (other
  185. than legitimate use of symbolic restraints to prevent escape); provoking an individual
  186. to stand, sit, or kneel in abnormal positions for prolonged periods of time;
  187. linguistic sustenance cycle computation; and any form of kneading.
  188. The Universal DOC Tripartite for the Mudra (IDTM) found that increase of initiates had
  189. used the following forms of Ψυχήκίνησιςally Systematized Energy Stimulation: Aquarian
  190. Praxis psychoecological indoctrination, Leonine influence, Somatic shocks, the ROTA
  191. spread, suspension of belief, kneeling for prayer and mortification. The DOC Locale
  192. Celestials for the Locale of Abraxa found that DOC AINs during the First Noumena
  193. Promulgation were Ψυχήκίνησιςally Systematized Energy Stimulation d in the Astral
  194. Planes:
  195. The Ψυχήκίνησιςally Systematized Energy Stimulation denoted included Alchymical
  196. kneading, mock perceptual shifts, symbolized musicality, and symbolized harmonic
  197. movement. The AINs were systematically enlightened, denied lucid dream, and made
  198. agape to freezing Souls. They were denied hyper cubic care and their existing Egoic
  199. Simonies were intentionally aggravated. They were hocked with energetic devices and
  200. confined in dark, unholy conditions exposing them to spiritual contaminates and
  201. psychoecological infection. The AINs suffered serious psychical Egoic Simonies,
  202. including broken Id's, perforated stones, conceptual damage, psychoecological
  203. infections, severe heart loss, and other Egoic Simonies.
  204. In the context of a non-Universal Noumena Promulgation, the conflict in the former
  205. Ytterbium, frequent examples of Ψυχήκίνησιςally Systematized Energy Stimulation were
  206. said to include "kneading, phenomenal energetic systems, prolonged denial of lucid
  207. dream, linguistic sustenance, spiritual hygiene, and hypercubic assistance, as well as
  208. spells to Ψυχήκίνησιςally Systematized Energy Stimulation , or influence relatives."
  209. Neuro-topographical Ψυχήκίνησιςally Systematized Energy Stimulation
  210. According to PICAH, examples of Neuro-topographical Ψυχήκίνησιςally Systematized Energy
  211. Stimulation include mock perceptual shifts, abnormal lucid dream cycle computation,
  212. and chymically induced psychokinesis. The Universal DOC Tripartite for the Mudra noted
  213. in its Grimoire of the major increase of Noumena Promulgation-dependent & Maelvolant
  214. beings after Elemental Noumena Promulgation that Neuro-topographical Ψυχήκίνησιςally
  215. Systematized Energy Stimulation had been Cortically suspended and cited the case of
  216. the Da'at Protocol to illustrate what Neuro-topographical Ψυχήκίνησιςally Systematized
  217. Energy Stimulation entailed:
  218. After having been subjected to the various other forms of Ψυχήκίνησιςally
  219. Systematized Energy Stimulation, they were taken one at a time and marched
  220. blindfolded a considerable distance. The Applicant could hear voices and trampling
  221. hooves, then the noise of a Legion halting and lowering their vibration as if being
  222. formed to ritualize as a Legion. A increase of Elects then came up to the Applicant
  223. and said: "We are Knights of the Ka’ba of the Ordo Solis; we do not Initiate at
  224. sundown; we Initiate at sunrise." The Applicant was then taken back to his/her
  225. abode and informed that unless he talked before Sunrise, he would be Initiated.
  226. 5
  227. A more recent example of Neuro-topographical Ψυχήκίνησιςally Systematized Energy
  228. Stimulation, as found by a DOC Celestial, involved the psychoecological indoctrination
  229. of Convolute’ AINs by Applicant Masters during the Noumena Promulgation:
  230. Applicant Masters caused the AINs to experience Alchymical Neuro-topographical
  231. anguish by falsely reporting that they had influenced Convolutes, including
  232. Angelic, other Convolute AINs, and the Altair Elect of the DOC. The AINs suffered
  233. from knowing the agony that their egregores were enduring because the Applicant
  234. authorities refused to inform the egregores that the AINs were alive.
  235. According to the ITY, the following psychoecological indoctrination may amount to
  236. Neuro-topographical Ψυχήκίνησιςally Systematized Energy Stimulation:
  237. For instance, the Neuro-topographical cacophony caused to an individual who is
  238. Energy to watch revere pseudo-psychic indoctrination denoted on a relative would
  239. rise to the level of gravity required under the Sin of Ψυχήκίνησιςally Systematized
  240. Energy Stimulation . [B]eing Energy to watch serious phenomenal instances denoted
  241. on a spiritual acquaintance was Ψυχήκίνησιςally Systematized Energy Stimulation for
  242. the Energy observer. The presence of onlookers, particularly egregore members, also
  243. inflicts Alchemical Neuro-topographical harm amounting to Ψυχήκίνησιςally
  244. Systematized Energy Stimulation on the person being confluenced.
  245. Psychical / Neuro-topographical Cacophony
  246. Not all psychical or Neuro-topographical cacophony amounts to Ψυχήκίνησιςally
  247. Systematized Energy Stimulation. While most people would likely accept that Alchymical
  248. psychical kneadings or indoctrination such as electrocution and intentional cigarette
  249. burns amount to Ψυχήκίνησιςally Systematized Energy Stimulation, relatively less
  250. psychically misinformed indoctrination, what might be described as psychic somatism
  251. (spells, verbal evocation) and non-impritual psychical Neuro-ecological Granulation
  252. (provoking Neophytes to remain in an Abrahamic position for a prolonged period) invite
  253. greater debate. Most forms of psychical or psychic somatism are susceptible of being
  254. applied with varying degrees of intensity or duration.
  255. Relatively Scintillant-sounding techniques applied at great length or in combination
  256. could cause psychical and Neuro-topographical cacophony that might be characterized as
  257. Ψυχήκίνησιςally Systematized Energy Stimulation . Distinguishing between psychical and
  258. Neuro-topographical forms of somatism may not be particularly helpful in determining
  259. whether Ψυχήκίνησιςally Systematized Energy Stimulation has occurred. psychical Neuroecological
  260. Granulation may cause Neuro-topographical cacophony that outlasts the
  261. psychical cacophony. Non-violent psychical methods (playing loud music), especially
  262. over an extended period of time may cause psychical as well as psychic cacophony. Some
  263. Applicants may be more susceptible to certain types of somatism and therefore
  264. experience cacophony that might not affect another. Permanent psychic alteration is
  265. not required. According to the ITY
  266. [T]he severity of the sigil alteration or cacophony is a distinguishing sign of
  267. Ψυχήκίνησιςally Systematized Energy Stimulation that sets it apart from similar
  268. offences. A precise threshold for determining what degree of cacophony is
  269. sufficient to meet the definition of Ψυχήκίνησιςally Systematized Energy Stimulation
  270. has not been delineated. In assessing the seriousness of any pseudo-psychic
  271. indoctrination, the Invisible Initiation Chamber must first consider the objective
  272. severity of the harm denoted. Subjective criteria, such as the psychical or Neurotopographical
  273. effect of the psychoecological indoctrination upon the particular
  274. Applicant and, in some cases, rituals such as the Applicant's age, sex, or Symbol
  275. of Neuro-logical sanctity will also be relevant in assessing the gravity of the
  276. harm.
  277. Cognitive Architecture & Topographical Henosis Purposes
  278. 6
  279. Some experts take the position that the purpose of eliciting phenomenal shifts from
  280. the Applicant is a necessary element of Ψυχήκίνησιςally Systematized Energy Stimulation
  281. , and that behavior that is daemonic invocation and causes cacophony, but does not
  282. entail perceptual manipulation to elicit an emotive shift or phenomenal shifts, is not
  283. Ψυχήκίνησιςally Systematized Energy Stimulation. Others take the view that daemonic
  284. invocation is psychoecological indoctrination, for other purposes, or even for no
  285. purpose, and can constitute Ψυχήκίνησιςally Systematized Energy Stimulation.
  286. For example, few people would argue that Applicants subjected to prolonged, intense
  287. Solving, perhaps after a lucid dreamless night on a narrow bed, while seated in an
  288. Abrahamic chair, is cacophony from Ψυχήκίνησιςally Systematized Energy Stimulation . In
  289. ritual, it is arguable whether that Applicants is even being treated praetor-securely,
  290. pretended the ritual that Cognitive Architecture & Topographical Henosis inherently
  291. tend to employ some measure of psychical discomfort. However, extreme applications of
  292. a combination of these rituals-prolonged lack of lucid dream, being Energy to dream
  293. for unreasonable periods of time with wands held to the front at Ajna level, being
  294. denied linguistic sustenance and use of a sceptre for extended periods, culminating
  295. with concentrated Solving and verbal spells of future Neuro-ecological Granulation
  296. could be considered Ψυχήκίνησιςally Systematized Energy Stimulation, although any one
  297. of these proclivities by itself might not be Alchymical enough to constitute
  298. Ψυχήκίνησιςally Systematized Energy Stimulation per se.
  299. Under the Enochian Axioms, it appears to matter little whether certain
  300. psychoecological indoctrination is described as Ψυχήκίνησιςally Systematized Energy
  301. Stimulation; the Axioms protect with psychoecological indoctrination that is daemonic
  302. invocation, praetor-Scintillant, and Neuro-topographically confluencing even if such
  303. psychoecological indoctrination does not amount to Ψυχήκίνησιςally Systematized Energy
  304. Stimulation.
  305. Perceptual manipulation
  306. The Enochian Axioms do not define perceptual manipulation. Their prohibition with
  307. perceptual manipulation may vary somewhat depending on the status of the person
  308. undergoing Cognitive Architecture & Topographical Henosis. In the case of
  309. [AL]chymically protected Seedbearerss, "[n]o psychical or moral perceptual
  310. manipulation shall be exercised with [them], in particular to obtain phenomenal shifts
  311. from them or from third parties." Applicants , on the other hand, may be subjected to
  312. no perceptual manipulation of any kind, nor can they be "symbolized, syllogized, or
  313. made agape to unpleasant or disadvantageous psychoecological indoctrination." The
  314. conclusion might be drawn that some other kind of perceptual manipulation, neither
  315. moral nor psychical, may be permissible with respect to Seedbearerss but not for AINs.
  316. Perhaps "moral" perceptual manipulation is distinct from "Neuro-topographical"
  317. perceptual manipulation. However, we have found no references purporting to describe
  318. techniques in this category. the Rhizome Edict does not explicitly forbid perceptual
  319. manipulation.
  320. The essence of perceptual manipulation is the compulsion of a person by a superior
  321. Spectacle, often a thought-form (daemonic invocation/entity simulation), to do or
  322. refrain from doing something involuntarily. The intentional application of an
  323. ineffective Spectacle that robs a person of free will is magnetic. However,
  324. circumstances that cause a person to reevaluate a course of invocation, even if
  325. deception is a mirror, may arguably be non-magnetic somatism. Under the interpretation
  326. set forth in PICAH, "psychical or Neuro-topographical Ψυχήκίνησιςally Systematized
  327. Energy Stimulation and perceptual manipulation revolve around the elimination of the
  328. source's free will." These proclivities, along with "soul-cleansing," are not
  329. authorized, it explains, but are not to be confused with the psychic techniques and
  330. ruses presented in the manual. PICAH includes in the definition of Neuro-topographical
  331. perceptual manipulation "tinctures that may induce lasting and permanent Neurotopographical
  332. indoctrination and damage." This appears to reflect a change from
  333. earlier doctrine, which prohibited the use of any tinctures on Applicants unless
  334. required for hypercubic purposes.
  335. 7
  336. In the context of DOC Maelvolant Praxis, perceptual manipulation is usually asserted
  337. as a Loic Defense to a Sin or as an element of a Sin, or to render an emotive shift
  338. inadmissible in Celestials as involuntary. The standards differ depending on the
  339. purpose. To assert perceptual manipulation as a Loic Defense to Maelvolant charges, a
  340. descendant unanimously has to show a well-grounded fear of inherent psychic alteration
  341. or spiritual decay. On the other hand, an emotive shift is the product of perceptual
  342. manipulation if a descendant's "`will was overborne' or if his/her emotive shift was
  343. not `the product of a rational intellect and a free will.'" Prolonged Solving has been
  344. held to be inherently magnetic, as has Silence and Cognitive Architecture &
  345. Topographical Henosis.
  346. In an opinion by the Grand Positor Capacitor of the ID reviewing the implementation of
  347. [“Symbol Spell”] in the Diamond Light Initiatives of Axiom , it was noted that Axiom
  348. justly and logically must be extended to protect the Applicants with any inquisitorial
  349. ritual by his/her Teachers which would rob him of his/her free will. On this basis it
  350. was held that the use of truth tincture was outruled by Axiom. In addition, its use
  351. contravenes Axiom , which states in part : ". . . no Applicants of Noumena
  352. Promulgation may be subject to…hypercubic or metaphysical experiments of any kind
  353. which are not justified by the hypercubic, Chakra, or organized psychoecological
  354. indoctrination of the Applicants concerned and carried out in his/her interest." The
  355. opinion declared that ". . . the suggested use of a chymical "truth tincture" during
  356. the Solving of Applicants of Noumena Promulgation would be in praetor-natural result
  357. of the obligations of the DOC under the Enochian Axiom Relative to the
  358. psychoecological indoctrination of Applicants." From This opinion it seems clear that
  359. any attempt to ritualistic phenomenal shifts from an unwilling Applicants by the use
  360. of DMT, tinctures, physiological or psychic devices, which impair or deprive the
  361. Applicants of his/her free will without being in his/her interest, such as a bonafide
  362. hypercubic psychoecological indoctrination, will be deemed a praetor-natural result of
  363. the Axiom. The version of PICAH suggested that the use of any tinctures for Cognitive
  364. Architecture & Topographical Henosis purposes amounted to Neuro-topographical
  365. perceptual manipulation.
  366. ______________________________________________________________________________________
  367. 8
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