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  2. <Odocoileus> Etta is in the cafeteria eating a bunch of food.
  3. <lurkd> Eben sneaks up from behind....
  4. <lurkd> 4df+2 stealth
  5. <asimov> lurkd: stealth: 5 (4df+2=+, 0, +, +)
  6. <lurkd> So sneaky.
  7. <Odocoileus> 4df+2 perception
  8. <asimov> Odocoileus: perception: 2 (4df+2=0, +, -, 0)
  9. <Odocoileus> She don't she shit! Just food
  10. <lurkd> Eben gets close enough till his chin is just about resting on her left shoulder....
  11. <lurkd> "HI!"
  12. <Odocoileus> She screeches and throws him over her shoulder!
  13. <lurkd> "Whaaa!"  *crash*
  14. <lurkd> He is ragdolled.
  15. <lurkd> Like throwing a starfish.
  16. <Odocoileus> "oh god even WHY!?"
  17. <Odocoileus> *eben
  18. <lurkd> *groan*
  19. <lurkd> "....ow..."
  20. <Odocoileus> "are you okay babe?!" She gets up and looks him over
  21. <lurkd> He'll live.  "I'm fine... its just pain."  He sits up on his elbows.
  22. <lurkd> ~Thats gonna leave a mark.  Landed on my keys.~
  23. <Odocoileus> "y-you landed in my food I am so sorry!"
  24. <Odocoileus> "oh god"
  25. <lurkd> "Huh?"  he looks and sure enough there is a  squashed mess all over him.  "...what was it?"  He  tries to scrape some off.
  26. <lurkd> '~'
  27. <Odocoileus> "d-donuts and some pie." ;-;
  28. <Odocoileus> "my brother called me fat and now I am stress eating."
  29. <lurkd> He gets a morsel on his finger and eats.  "Mmmm!  That is- was good.  But honey... you are not."
  30. <lurkd> "You do 10 times more pullups than me and can toss me over a table."
  31. <Odocoileus> She hugs him and nuzzles him. •́  ‿ ,•̀
  32. <Odocoileus> "Thank you"
  33. <lurkd> "I will make you pies and donuts... and cakes!  You deserve to be happy.  Plus with yer workouts, the calories are likely needed."  He kisses her on the forehead.  "I prolly need to take off this jacket now."
  34. <Odocoileus>  "I promise to wash it!"
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  43. <lurkd> "Thanks." He removes it and folds it inside out.  He also takes her plate if smashed food and puts it in the dirty bin.  "Ace usually pushes yer buttons like that?"
  44. <Odocoileus> "of course hes my big brother!" She laughs a bit. "But I also give him he'll sometimes too."
  45. <lurkd> "Oh?  What're some of his buttons? Not that I would ever use them... bit might be handy to know."
  46. <lurkd> He walks back over with a dish towel to clean off the splatter on the tabletop.
  47. <Odocoileus> "he sucks at ping pong. Absolutely horrid at the game. But he'll never turn down a challenge."
  48. <lurkd> "Interesting.  Well I'm sorry he got to you either way.  Glad I came when I did... but uh... I'll try not to sneak up on you.  But if you wanna wrestle or spar some time, I'm yer guy."  He kids about that last part.
  49. <lurkd> "On the mat I'll be ready."
  50. <lurkd> *fingerguns*
  51. <Odocoileus> She chuckles. "I will wrestle you any time babe." She winks and finger guns back at him
  52. <lurkd> "Heh..."  he grunts sorely as he sits across from her.  "So I was thinking of hiking in a few weeks at mount rainier in the spring."
  53. <Odocoileus> "really!? I have never hiked Rainier! Have you done it before?"
  54. <Odocoileus> She scoots closer to him and holds his hand with the biggest grin
  55. <lurkd> "No.  But I'd like to together.  Maybe we look fer venues out that way.  You prefer the country or... something traditional?  Something closer to home?"
  56. <Odocoileus> She blushes harder and blinks. "Y-you wanna do it on mount Ranier m-maybe?" She squeaks out "s-something real small."
  57. <lurkd> "M-maybe around the base of the mountain.  Granny Jean is a tough old bird, but she may need a rascal to get there."
  58. <lurkd> ^~^
  59. <Odocoileus> "remi could carry her  like a princess!"
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  61. <lurkd> "Um... she's extremely proud.  I don't know if she'd go fer that.  I seen her fight someone off fer trying to help her across the street when she was the young age of 75."
  62. <Odocoileus> "the the bottom mount Ranier it is then!"
  63. <lurkd> "In fact... I seen her fight most people in my hometown as a kid.  Even the preacher.  But yeah, we could scope a spot.  Family would be fine coming here?"
  64. <lurkd> Eben gets his phone out to text something.
  65. <Odocoileus> "yeah! Definitely!"
  66. <lurkd> "Excellent.  Also Liliya wants to cater.  I told her I'd run that by you."  Eben who is planning the wedding?  Just you?
  67. <Odocoileus> "liliya? Really?"
  68. <lurkd> Eben looks at his phone then furrows his brow a little, then shrugs and puts away.  "Well that's what she insisted."  He chuckles a little.
  69. <Odocoileus> "who were you texting just now? Wait when did you talk to liliya!?"
  70. <lurkd> He crooks his smile a little to a look of concern.  He shows her the text to Conny (in ic1).  "Well she wormed the news outta me and she insisted on catering."
  71. <Odocoileus> She is all sorts of crimson. "O-oh my we a-are telling people now?"
  72. <lurkd> " I wrong to?  S-sorry... I'm just so excited and I am terrible with secrets.  They just pour outta me.  I didn't know you wanted it kinda private.  Sorry."
  73. <lurkd> ;~;
  74. <Odocoileus> "nonononono! I am just shy about it. Plus I was wondering...d-do you want me to take your last name?"
  75. * DrTARS (uid403156@bots.and.bolts) has joined
  76. <lurkd> "Oh.... um... did you want to?  I don't have a preference."
  77. * lurkd is now known as lurkbusy
  78. <Odocoileus> "I would love to take your last name. Beretta Barnhart. It flows well."
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