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Mar 31st, 2020
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  1. [Icer]
  3. Debris. It was everywhere. Scattered remnants of masonry and stone hid beneath the snow, waiting to ensnare hapless victims and leave them prone to the elements. But a few awkward footfalls did little to deter the creatures shambling towards the run-down buildings on the central island of the Planet of Ice. Erratic and uneven footprints were the only warning sign of the oncoming threat, the wind scattering the pungent medicinal scent of vapors that streamed and crystalized out of various holes and tubes still attached to the experiments. Discolored eyes searched aimlessly through the snow. Seeking. Hunting. They were growing restless, violent.
  5. Then, a pause. One of the experiments halted, it's enhanced sense of smell detecting something new- life, and nearby. Without warning, a guttural and ear splitting feral scream ripped through the din of the wind, alerting all in the area to a terrifying, inhuman presence. They have found a mark.
  7. [OOC: This will result in lethal combat. Coordinates: 241,52,4]
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