Naoyuki Concept

Feb 26th, 2020
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  1. Naoyuki Mikazuki [Playstyle All Rounder] [Ease of use hard] [Health 900]
  2. [Life Drive]
  3. Fell Dancer: Naoyuki has the ability to cancel normals and certain specials into a new version of themselves by double tapping the input, often unlocking a very strong special attack.
  5. Naoyuki is not a pure rushdown character like his sister. he has efficient tools that apply nicely to the variance of playstyles in the game. You can keep characters who excel at close quarters combat away with your projectiles or chase someone down and smash them flat with your power. It's hard to go wrong picking Naoyuki.
  6. 3 Supers 4 Specials 1 WB
  8. Moveset Inspiration [Dante MVCI] [Yuzuriha UNIST] [kY GGXRD]
  10. Character Info.
  11. Age 29
  12. BDay 2/14
  13. Height 5'10
  14. Likes sarada women swords dancing money ryuga
  15. Dislikes Jonny Brock men who hit women gambling fish selfish people
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