#OpHiroshima - Dox of Time Warner CEO Jeffrey L. Bewkes

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  1. #OpHiroshima Engaged
  3. []
  5. Jeffrey L. Bewkes is the Chairman of the Board and CEO of Time Warner Inc. Time Warner is, incidentally, one of the foremost supporters of SOPA []. H.R. 3261, the bill know as the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)  would ultimately give the government the ability to censor the Internet.
  7. OpHiroshima was devised to gather any and all documentation and information on anything and everything that we can access. Government, political parties, corporations, law enforcement, you are all fair game [].
  9. Time Warner was singled out as one of the preeminent supporters and writers of the legislation known as SOPA. Time Warner lobbied Congress with a ludicrous $3,301,979 in 2011 alone []. They targeted Senators and Congressmen who were pro-SOPA, giving them significant donations, including $63,438 to Al Franken, the largest contribution he received. As CEO of Time Warner, you know why it has come to this.
  11. Jeffrey Bewkes, you make $20 million per year, yet your actions are that of a greedy man. You use your company's influence and throw your money around to manipulate aspects of politics that should be well outside your reach. You threaten to shread everything that the Internet represents by lobbying Congress for its destruction. We will not tolerate this.
  13. Name: Jeffrey Lawrence Bewkes
  14. Birthdate: May 25, 1952
  15. Age: 59
  17. Wife: Peggy Brim Bewkes
  18. Age: 60
  20. Address 1:
  21. 36 Rocky Point Road, Old Greenwich, CT 06870-2314
  22. Phone Number: (203)698-9112
  23. Property Value: $5,199,040 []
  25. Address 2:
  26. 940 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10028-0311
  27. Property Value: $4,005,000 []
  29. Time Warner Headquarters:
  30. Time Warner Inc.
  31. One Time Warner Center
  32. New York, NY 10019-8016
  33. Phone: (212)484-8000
  34. Fax: (212)489-6183
  36. Other Notes:
  37. Salary: $19,562,284 (2009) []
  38. Time Warner Value: $44 billion revenue []
  40. Other Contact Info:
  41. Email:
  42. Facebook:
  43. Twitter:
  44. Website:
  46. This information is all public domain. Utilize the phone numbers, faxes, email addresses, and social networking sites, and make sure Time Warner knows that not they, nor anyone else, has the right or authority to control the Internet.
  48. #OpHiroshima
  49. #Anonymous
  50. #ExpectUs
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